Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties


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Elizabeth {Arnold}. Wren, Jno D-5 1213 6 Feb 1777
(B&S 13 b fr est Wm. Wren (b) adj. Thornley & Strother) 
Wren, Judith {Unproven} (I004421)

Enlisted as a Private on 15 November 1861(Union)
Enlisted in Company A, 23rd Infantry Regiment Kentucky on 16 Dec ember 1861.
Killed Company A, 23rd Infantry Regiment Kentucky on 19 Septembe r 1863 in Chickamauga, GA. 
Wilkes, John P. (I026749)

f80v - Patrick LANGHEE , inv. [8] Jun 1705. 
Langhee, Patrick (I087592)

Father: William PETTUS b: ABT 1737 in , Hanover, Virginia
Mother: Susannah GRAVES b: ABT 1741 in , Hanover, Virginia 
Pettus, Barbara (I032267)

February 23, 1764, William Nash and Mary Bradford 
Family F34321

Folio 194 JOSIAS BEALL 11/08/1816 11/18/1816
"being in a sound and disposing mind, memory and understanding ..."
Bequeaths to:
1. James Alexander Beall --brother
-to make the conveyance of certain lands lying on the north side of
Pamunkey also known as Stoddart's road as reference to a bond may
appear for which the testator has James's bond for $20.00 per acre for the
said land and whereas the house and lot whereon he now resides and
which lot he cultivates on Pisscattaway Creek is adjacent and convenient
to the said land, the testator thus bequeaths the said land to James
-to have the residue of the estate of whatever kind
-named executor of the will and testator desires to be buried next to his
deceased wife.
2. James Augustus Beall
-nephew (son of brother James)
-to have the testator's silver watch which is now in the possession of
his brother James.
3. Ann E. Higdon
--wife of James Simms Higdon
-to have the sum of$100.00
4. Mary Ann Higdon
--daughter of James Simms Higdon and Ann E. Higdon
-to have the sum of$50.00
5. Ann Gash (?) --wife of Frederick Gash (?)
-to have the sum of$50.00
6. Lilly Rose (?) Gash --youngest daughter of Frederick and Ann
-to have the sum of$100.00
Witnesses: John H. Manning
Solomon Groves
Ignatius Manning
Then came: Ignatius Manning
Note: the testator signed the will in his own hand
Prince George's County, Maryland Liber T#1

Folio 608 DOROTHY MARLOW, widow of Samuel Middleton Marlow 09/05/1805 10/08/1805
"being weak in Body ..."
Bequeaths to:
1. Elizabeth Fendall Marshall --niece (wife of Dr. William Marshall)
-to have the sum of $100.00
2. Elizabeth Beall McPherson --niece (daughter of brother Samuel Hanson)
-to have the sum of 30 pounds current money and the sum is to be deducted from the claim against her deceased husband's estate
3. Charity Fendall --niece (daughter of brother Samuel Hanson)
-to have the sum of $25.00
4. Samuel Hanson Beall --son of John Fendall Beall
-to have the sum of 5 pounds current money
5. Samuel Hanson --brother
-if testatrix's claim against Zachariah Cox can be recovered that to have I/5th part
6. Anne Middleton Beall --daughter (wife of Josias Fendall Beall)
-to have the remainder of the estate
7. Josias Fendall Beall --son-in-law
- named executor of the will and instructed that testatrix desires a "Tomb Stone be planted at the head of the grave of my Deceased Husband, Son, Grand Child and my own with Suitable Inscriptions"
Robert A. Beall
Mildred Tench (mark)
Sarah Langley (mark)
Then came: Robert Augustus Beall
Note: the testatrix signed the will with her mark
Prince George's County MD Will Book Liber T No. #1; 1803-1808;
Folio 527 JOSIAS BEALL, near Piscataway 05/12/1801 01/12/1803
'being aged and infirm ..."
Bequeaths to:
1. Robert August Beall --son
-to have all of testator's part via tract of land called "Strife" whereon testator now lives with all the adjoining lands called "Sexington Coalpit" and "High Gate" and also
to have "The Vineyard" and 2 parts and "The Meadow" in Charles County
-to have the land which testator formerly purchased from George Dixon near Mattawoman with the stock of horse, cattle, sheep, and hogs
-to have his choice of one of testator's Negroes
-to have silver quart tankard, silver pint tankard with testator's name on the bottom gold watch, small sword, silver soup ladle, 6 silver table spoons, 6 silver tea spoons. 1 pair of silver tea tongs, large looking glass in the hall, walnut writing desk, and scrutoire thereon, close stool and pot, copper kettle in testator's kitchen and instruments for surveying and plotting land
--these being special legacies in consideration of his more particular attention to testator as well as on account of his increasing family
--and all the above exclusive of his portion of the rentainder of the personal estate
-to have the remaining fourth part of testator's printed hooks and many of-testator's books are lent to his sons in Montgomery County
-Robert, Josias and James all named executors of the will
2. John Bradley Beall -son
Ann Fendall Beall --daughter (?)
Benjamin Bradley Beall --son (?)
-each to have 1/7th part of the lands in Prince George's. Charles and Montgomery Counties
-whereas John Bradley Beall has been some years absent and "1 know not whether he be alive or Dead" --if he does not return before the year 1805 then his share to be devised to David Fendall Beall and his sister Ann Elizabeth Beall in equal division
-Ann to have a 1/2 pint silver cup with her name on the bottom, 1 good leather trunk with a lock and key, 1 good feather bed and furn„ l sixth part of testator's china and tea ware
-Benjamin Bradley to have I fourth part of the printed books and it is testator's intention that the books be divided into 4 parts according to value on them, pine hook case that stands in the parlor
3. Josias Fendall Beall --son
James Alexander Beall --son
-to have the remaining part to be divided as conveniently as possible, and should any disputes arise to be settled by some judicious person and testator's son Robert -Josias to have testator's silver mounted hanger, oh pint silver cup, and one fourth of testator's printed books as a special legacy
-James Alexander to have riding saddle, and bridle a good trunk, Lock and key and one fourth of testator's printed books as a special Legacy
4. David Fendall Beall
-should John Bradley Beall not return within the specified time then to divide his part with Ann Beall
5. Josias Bradley Beall --grandson (son of Robert)
-to have Negro boy "Benjamin" son of "Margery"
6. William Marshall Beall --grandson (son of Robert)
-to have Negro boy "Nathaniel Lewis" son of "Margery"
7. Robert Augustus Beall --grandson (son of Robert)
-to have Negro boy "John" son of "Cassy"
-should any of testaler's grandsons die young, then their Negro to any future chiId of testator's son Robert and his wife Elizabeth
8. Susanna Eliza Beall --daughter of Benjamin Bradley Beall
-to have Negro girl "Harriet Cassandra" daughter of "Milly"
9. Ann Elizabeth Beall
-to have I good bed and furn„ being the one on which she usually lays Witnesses; Charles Dement
John B. Boswell
William Boswell
Then came: Charles Dement and John B. Boswell
Note the testator signed the will in his own hand
Charles County, Maryland Land Records 1801-1803; Liber IB-5 {Abstract by Mike Marshall}; Page 364.
At the request of Josias Fendall Beall the following Deed was recorded April 28, 1803
Indenture made March 15, 1803; Benjamin Bradley Beall of Prince George's County, Maryland in consideration of 5 shillings current money paid by Josias Fendall Beall and James Alexander Beall of Montgomery County, Marylad and Ann Fendall Beall of Prince George's County, Maryland and for divers other good causes and considerations him thereunto moving have sold all his right to tracts of land lying in CC called "Pickley" and "Smallwood's Addition" late the property of Josias Beall deceased. Signed Ben B. Beall in the presence of and acknowledged before William Marshall, Francis Clement Dyer JP's of Prince George's County, Maryland
Certified by John Read Magruder Jr., Clerk of Prince George's County, Maryland Court on April 5, 1803.
March 15, 1803; Mary Beall wife of Benjamin Bradley Beall relinquished her right of dower

Contributed by Shirley Middleton Moller

CCLR IB7:467
Letter of Attorney Recorded 13th day of October Anno Domini 1807
Virginia Loudoun County Sst
David Fendall Beall and Elizabeth his wife of the State and County Aforesaid
For Sufficient causes and Valuable considerations them thereunto moving have made ordained constituted and in our Stead and Place put and deputed Robert Augustus Beall of Prince Georges County Maryland as our true and lawful attorney irrevocable for us and in our name to make over and convey by a good and lawful deed of Conveyance unto Josias Fendall Beall of Prince Georges County Maryland James Alexander Beall of Montgomery County and Ann Fendall Beall of Prince Georges County Aforesaid their heirs and Assigns forever all the right title and estate which we the Said David Fendall Beall and Elizabeth his wife holds in and to the lands devised to the said David Fendall Beale by the last Will and Testament of Josias Beall of Prince Georges County aforesaid deceased
Signed sealed and acknowledged David F Beall
in presence of Elizabeth Beall
Edwd McDaniel
Charles County, Maryland Land Records 1808-1810; Liber IB-8 {Abstract by Mike Marshall}; Page 406.
At the request of Joshua Mudd the following Deed was recorded February 13, 1810
Indenture made September 8 1809; Josias Fendall Beall and Ann Fendall Beall of Prince George's County, Maryland and James A. Beall of Montgomery County, Maryland in consideration of $1000 paid by Joshua Mudd of Charles County have sold part of a tract called "Prickly" which Josias Beall late of Prince George's County, Maryland died possessed of. Signed Josias F. Beall, Ann F. Beall, James A. Beall in the presence of and acknowledged before William Marshall, Basil Bowling
September 8 1809; Eleanor Beall wife of James A. Beall relinquished her right of dower
Certified by John Read Magruder Jr., Clerk of Prince George's County, Maryland Court.
Charles County, Maryland Land Records 1808-1810; Liber IB-8 {Abstract by Mike Marshall}; Page 408.
At the request of Joshua Mudd the following Deed was recorded February 13, 1810
Indenture made September 30, 1809; John S. Higdon and Ann E. Higdon his wife of Prince George's County, Maryland in consideration of $50 paid by Joshua Mudd has assigned all the right title and interest of them to a part of tract of land called "Prickly" lying in Charles County which Josias Beall late of Prince George's County, Maryland died possessed of. Signed John S. Higdon, Ann E. Higdon in the presence of and acknowledged before William Marshall, Basil Bowling
September 30, 1809; Ann E. Higdon wife of John S. Higdon relinquished her right of dower
Certified by John Read Magruder Jr., Clerk of Prince George's County, Maryland Court.
Charles County, Maryland Land Records 1808-1810; Liber IB-8 {Abstract by Mike Marshall}; Page 409.
At the request of Joshua Mudd the following Deed was recorded February 13, 1810
Indenture made September 8 1809; Josias F. Beall and Ann F. Beall of Prince George's County, Maryland and James A. Beall of Montgomery County, Maryland in consideration of $10 paid by Ann E. Higdon wife of John S. Higdon of Prince George's County, Maryland have sold a tract called "Smallwood's Addition" lying in Charles County which Josias Beall late of Prince George's County, Maryland died possessed of. Signed Josias F. Beall, Ann F. Beall, James A. Beall in the presence of and acknowledged before William Marshall, Basil Bowling
September 8 1809; Eleanor Beall wife of James A. Beall relinquished her right of dower
Certified by John Read Magruder Jr., Clerk of Prince George's County, Maryland Court. 
Beall, Josias Fendall (I001770)

Frances was living in the household of her sister, Elizabeth, an d brother-in-law, John Henderson, in 1880. 
Botts, Frances Moss (I026733)

From the 1880 census, it appears that the district of St. Loui s where he lived was enumerated twice. In the first one, he wa s apparently alive. In the second, his occupation is listed as " dead." 
Gaines, John Edward (I026799)

From: James Hughes []
Sent: Monday, January 24, 2005 2:00 PM
Subject: Re: Hurst Records

familytreemaker Selected U.S./International Marriage Records, 1560-1900 from Yates Publishing CD#403

Marriage Year: 1780

The gender of Robert Marshall is male.

Birth Year: 1750
Birth Location Code: MD

Spouse: Mary Anne Hurst
Birth Year: 1750

Source Number: 1371.027
Source Type: Family group sheet, FGSE, listed as parents
Number of Pages: 1
Abstracts of Wills in Fairfax County, Virginia , Page 29 ===>>> daugher was not named in fathers will
HURST, John.

10 March 1787. 21 Dec. 1789.

Wife: Sybil. Sons: James, William. Daughters: Jane Williams, Susan Fenley,

Elizabeth Thrift, Sarah Dulin, Bathesheba. Gr. dau: Elizabeth Marshall.

Exrs: wife, son James, Jeremiah Williams. Wit: Aaron Alby, Mary Sewell.
Mary Hurst was the daughter of John Hurst, Sr and probably his first wife, Elizabeth Summers.
Mary m. William White and their daughter, Elizabeth, m. James Marshall who d. 1815 in Fairfax County, Virginia.

The estate of Wm Hurst had an error in it, and that caused a mix-up. Because of the ages, Mary Hurst had to be a daughter of John Hurst, Sr.

On pp. 97-102 of Deed Book E there is a deed from Thomas Pearson to "John Hurst, Elizabeth his wife and John their son," September 22, 1740, for land on Four Mile Run in Fairfax/Loudoun Co, Virginia 
Hurst, Mary Anne (I020980)

Govenor of Maryland 1727 - 1731 and resigned due to ill health. Sailed back to England May 18, 1732 and died while on the voyage June 1, 1732 and was buried at sea.

Calvert, Benedict Leonard, late of the Co. of Surrey, Great Britain,22nd April, 1732; 10th Nov., 1732.
To the Free-school, called "King William School,” Annapolis, 1/3 of personal estate; shd. there be no master for sd. school for space of one year, the trustees of sd. school are directed to pay to the vestry of St. Ann's Parish, Annapolis, the money unapplied to sd. school, which money is to be expended in purchase of a farm for a glebe in the name of sd. vestry.
To sisters Charlotte Brerewood and Jane Hyde, £50.
To Mrs. Theodosia Lawrence, £40 per annum for so long as she may have been in employ of testator.
To servts. Robert Young and Margaret Hands, £10 each, if living with testator at time of death.
To the Poor of Annapolis, £10.
To goddau. Elizabeth, dau. of Charles Calvert, commissary general of Province, personalty.
To sister The Lady Baltimore and to bro. Charles, Lord Baltimore, each a mourning ring. Charges pd. on acct. funeral of late bro. Edward Henry Calvert not to be charged to or pd. by sister-in-law Margaret Calvert. Shd. bro. Hon. Cecilius Calvert at time of testator's death not have right and title to an immediate poss. of £10,000, residue of personal estate is bequeathed to sd. bro.; otherwise residue of personal estate is to be divided among all child. born at or after the date hereof of bro.-in-law John Hyde, of Kingston Lisle, in the Co. of Berks, and sister Jane (except the eldest son) which shall be living at time of testator's death.
To exs., bro. Cecilius and Edmund Jennings, of Annapolis, £150.
Test: George Plater, John Ross, Thomas Doughty. 20, 496.
Benedict Leonard Calvert Esq. 12,233 A AA £51.0,2 £189,7,5 May 1734
The amount of the accounts also included £71.10.4 sterling.
Received from: John Gibson, Mr. Phillips Smith, Mr. Samuel Hyde, Rev. Mr, Williamson of Kent County) per Mr. Thomas Baldwin, James Hollyday, Esq. Rev. Mr. Nicholls (of Talbot County) per Col. Mathew Tilgman Ward, Col. Richard Tilgman Mr, George Attwood remitted to Mr. Samuell Hyde, Phillip Lee Esq. Samuel Ogle Esq. Co1., John Ward remitted to Mr. Hyde, Samuel Hyde, Capt. John Carpenter Mr. John Brick Dr, Samuel Stringer Mr. Joseph Evett, Mrs. Rebecka Lawson, Mr. John Gibson Mr. Vaches Denote Mr. Patrick Craggy, Mr. Francis Smith, Mr. Humphrey Meredith, Mr. Amos Woodwind, Richard Tootell, Mr. John Reynolds, Mr. John Wolfe, Mr. John Smith, Col. Richard Tilghman of a protested (bill drawn by Rev. Mr, Hugh Jones, Benjamin Tasker, Esq., John Ross, Esq.
Payments to: Free School of City of Annapolis, Thomas Richardson, Samuel Minskie, Col. Benjamin Pearce, Phillip Lee, Esq,, Henry Whitehead, balance of subscription to building a chappell in Chester Town (Kent County) per James Harris, Esq., Richard Bennett, Esq., John Ross, Esq, Col. Richard Tilghman paid to John Ross, Esq., Charles Calvert, Esq., Samuel Ogle, Esq,, John Gibson.
Legatees: Poor of St. Ann's Parish, Rector &Visitors of the Free School in Annapolis (1/3).
Executor: Edmund Jennings, Esq.
Benedict Leonard Calvert 35,57 A AA £13.9.1 Sep 4 1753
Hon. Benedict Leonard Calvert, Esq. The amount of the accounts also included £140.0,0 in sterling.
Received from: Richard Lee, Edward Sprigg, Zachariah Maccubbin, Mr. Zachariah Maccubbin, Mr. John Campbell (of Cecil County), MM Brooke & Dent, Mr. John Hall.
Payments to: Mr. William Hammond (of Baltimore County).
Legatees: Mrs. Theodosia Lawrence (lately Mrs. Humphreys (wife of Rev. John Humphreys)), accountant.
Executor: Edmund Jenings, Esq.
Edward Henry Calvert 15.570 AA £388.18.2 Aug 6 1730 Aug 6 1730
Cited as Hon. Edward Henry Calvert, Esq.
Appraisers: Vachel Denton, James Donaldson.
Creditors: Benedict Leonard Calvert, Robert Gordon.
Next of kin: Benedict Leonard Calvert.
Executrix: Mrs. Margaret Calvert.
Contributed by Shirley Middleton Moller
25 Oct 1752 Lease
To: Hugh Conn, Eleanor Conn, Jane Conn of PG Co.
From: Benedict Calvert, Esq., of the City of Annapolis
For and in Consideration of the Rents and Covenants hereafter mentioned; Grant Set and Farm lett to the said Hugh Conn, Eleanor Conn and Jane Conn all that Tract or Parcel of Land lying in the County afsd being pt of a Tract of Land called Semans Delight. Yeilding and paying therefor yearly and every year during the Natural lives afsd unto the sd Benedict Calvert his heirs or assigns to his or Their Agent or Receiver for the Time being or to whom he or They shall appoint to Receive the Rent of Twelve Hundred pounds of Nett and every way well conditioned Tobacco Signed Benedict Calvert, Wit: Rich Burdus, Thos John Ponson
Recorded 28 Nov 1752 
Calvert, Benedict Leonard (I027192)

Granville was in Company E of the 3rd Battalion, Missouri Infant ry and later in Company C of the 6th Battalion, Missouri Infantr y (CSA). He is believed to have died while in service. 
Botts, Granville (I026774)

He and his wife are buried in the Bethel Cemetery 
Gaines, John Dragg (I026798)

He died as an infant. 
Botts, Joshua (I026690)

He move to Parks, Arkansas with his father where he married. The y moved to Va lley Mills, Texas and to Los Angeles, CA where th ey both are buried. 
Gaines, Redmond Grigsby (I026782)

Henry Leak and Elizabeth Ward m. 7 Jun 1705.
Richard Rakestraw and Elizabeth Ward m. 23 Sep 1705.
Gover, Robert, A. A. Co., 6th May, 1700 ; 7th Sept., 1700.
To dau. Rachel and unborn child at majority, entire estate.
Extx.: Wife Eliza:. In event of death of child. afsd., sd. wife to have entire estate until the year 1710, at which time it is to pass to brothers Samuel and Ephraim and their hrs.
Test: Robt. Wood, Jno. Stephens, Jno. Cole Speagle, Thos. Hughs. 6. 393.
Robert Gover, Jr. 20.92 I AA £246.14.8 Oct 5 1700
Appraisers: Robert Wood, John Stevens.
List of debts: Sam. Gover, John Witheshead.
Robert Gover the younger 23.42 A AA £266.14.7 £33.6.6 Apr 29 1703
Received from: Thomas Perrin, widow Groom, Micajah Perry & Co., William Jones. Payments to: Thomas Hughes, widow Bennett, Dr. Ren, Kingsbury.
Executrix: Elisabeth Ward (relict), wife of John Ward.
Robert Gover the elder 23.55 A AA £246.14.8 Apr 29 1703
Received from: Capt. John Hyde.
Payments to: Micajah Perry & Co., Thomas Hughes.
Executors: Samuel Gover (Quaker), Ephraim Gover (Quaker), Elisabeth Ward (widow of Robert Gover, Jr.) wife of John Ward (Quaker) 
Gover, Elizabeth MNU (I055680)

Hodgkin, Mary - Skinner, Walter June 10, 1791 
Family F40421

it appears Susan did not mary Peter Posey, she married someone else, probably a Povey. Peter Posey was born 1803 so there is a generation missing here.

Joseph Morton, 5 1826, Charles County film WK 246/247-1 WDM 15 203
Sons John, Thomas, Alexander, James, Richard
Child.. Of daughter Ann Wood
Dau Mary Sarah
Dau Susan Povey: bought from Isodore Gardiner ?Newbradford?, ?Gater Range Eland?,
?Foxes Raed? lying south of the road leading from James Anderson to James Canters
Son William, executor All land except that to daughter Susan Povey
Aug 23, 1826 
Morton, Susannah (I078503)

James Howard 27.44 CH {Apr 26 1743 }
Folios 444 and 445. Continued to folio 448
James Howard 20.260 A CH £552.8.2 £80.8.3 Jun 27 1744
Sureties: William Sanders, Alextius Sems, William Mcferson.
Received from: John Lancaster.
Payments to: John Lancaster, executor of Raphel Neale, Dr. John Harris, Dr. Gustavus Brown, Dr. Francis Parnham, William Clary, George Tarvin, Daniel Dulany, Esq., Walter Hanson, Col. George Dent, executors of Anne Ebenethy, Mr. Francis Hamersley.
Representatives: widow (unnamed), children: Sarah, Mary Anne Howard.
Administratrix: Anne Howard. 
Howard, James (I010969)


The first mention in public records of James Smoot, son of Thomas and Jane (Batten) Smoot, was in November 1681, when he received 230 pounds of tobacco for the performance of some public act, believed to be for service in one of the early Indian wars. Inasmuch as he was of sufficient age to bear arms in 1681, he was apparently born prior to 1665. On April 15, 1687, he patented 160 acres of "Smoot's Chance", lying in Charles County. On February 21, 1689, at Port Tobacco he contracted a debt of 800 pounds of tobacco with Edward Ford; in 1693 he was named as an heir in the will of James Lambert. He, however, died or left the county shortly afterwards, for about 1694 Edward Ford appointed William Stone his attorney to collect the debt of James Smoot, at which time the latter is referred to as late of Charles County. No further record of him exists or neither a marriage nor children have been proved. His land "Smoot's Chance" was later held by John Wilder and John Baptist Boarman.
Henry Aspeanwall (gentleman) 8.105 I £99.19.8 Oct 11 1683
Appraisers: John Ward, Nathaniell Barton.
List of debts. William Thomas, Edward Rookewood, William Wells, Cuthbert Musgrove, Richard Martin, Mr. John Stone & Mr. Francis Hemsley, James Smoote, Richard New.
Lambert, John, Chas. County, 25th Jan., 1693/4; 7th Feb., 1693/4,
To Eliza:., dau. of John Gourly, Prudence., dau. of Nicholas Cooper, and to James Smoote, personalty.
Thomas Witchell of Portobacco and William Dent of Nanjemoy, joint exs. and residuary legatees of estate, real and personal.
Test: Wm. Hall, Anne Hide. 2. 246.

=== Contributed by Ralph D. Smith

Nov. 27, 1683-Jan. 8, 1683/4 - John Goosy vs. James Smoote in a plea of trespass on the case. Sheriff's return: Concordantur.
Source: Charles Co., Md. Circuit Court, Liber K, p. 278.

concordant - being of the same opinion]

=== who is the james smoot? abstract error for John Smoot brother of lydia smoot?

Contributed by: James Hughes

URL: http://www.usgennet.org/family/smoot/md/charles/charles-1.html
URL title: Smoot, Smoote, &c., of Charles County, Maryland
4 Dec 1728 - 15 Dec 1728 Maryland Probate Records. 13.352. L126.4.5. Estate of John SMOOT deceased. Charles County. Appraisers: George DENT, John COURTS. Creditors: Mark PENN, Elizabeth HANNAY. Next of kin: Lidia SMOOT, James SMOOT. Administrator/Executor: John GROVES (his wife, who is joined with him in the administration, is "not capable of riding at this time")
Newman, places this inventory in April, not December, and with James SMITH [sic] and Lydia SMOOT as kinsmen, and Mark PENN and Alexander HANNA as creditors. He also includes the name (Posthuma) of John GROVES' wife and identifies here as "Posthuma GROES, relict and administratrix," and that Mark PENN and William HAWTON were bondsmenhttp://www.usgennet.org/family/smoot/book/050.html 
Smoote, James (I017761)

Jan. 20. 1718 John Turner Pheby shippy Richmond county 
Family F06241

John and Tho. Each fined for not going to church in Wicco par 21 Aug 1718. 6.279.
George Bledsoe. Will. d 23 Jany 1704/5. p 15 Aug 1705.
To wife Eliz all est she brought with her.
To son John Bledsoe land adj Mr Tho Damerone Sr.
To son George.
To son William.
To son Abraham land adj Mr John Nickless and next the school house.
To son Thos 3 yrs at school, he and 21.
Friends Mr James Waddy, Mr John Nickless and James Richardson to divide est among children.
Exors sons Abraham and Wm.
Signed George Bledsoe.
Wit Jas Richardson, John Nickles, Tho Dameron Junr.
Proved by oaths of Nickless and Dameron Jr.
Re-rec 22 Feb 1710/11 by Jno Burnes 17.16. 
Bledsoe, Thomas (I055354)

Oct. 1693 - Maryland Provincial Court, held at the City of St. Mary's.
"Upon reading the petition of John Barron servant to Mr. Carbey [sic] praying his freedom and for that Col. Henry Jowles his material evidence? not being here, humbly prayeth summons may issue for him to appear here next Court granted by the Court and the consideration of the petition is refered till next Court."
"To the Honorable the Justices of the ProvinCial Court, the humble petition of John Carberry showeth that John Barron now servant to ye petitioner came into this province an indented servant and was sold unto Henry Jowles and from the said Jowles ran away to Carolina. from whence, to the vast charge and trouble of the said Jowles. he was brought [back] and for his runaway time by Calvert County Court was adjudged to serve till Apr. 21, 1694. for which time the said Barron was sold by the said Jowles to Cuthbert Scott, late of St. Mary's County, after whose decease, the said Barron refused to serve the executrix of the said Scott and in order to obtain his freedom, presented his petition to St. Mary's County Court where, after a due hearing, he was adjudged to serve till the aforesaid Apr. 21, 1694 as by the record hereunto annexed may appear, notwithstanding in contempt of the judgments of Calvert and St. Mary's County Courts still continues at all Courts since and now at this
Court he gives your petitioner perpetual trouble and vexation to the unknown prejudice of your aggrieved petitioner as well by the great loss of time and service of the said John Barron at the vast cost and charge your petitioner is daily put to, to defend himself against the most unreasonable and frivolous of the said Barron .... [Y]our petitioner humbly prays the order of this Honorable Court that the said Barron by service or otherwise be adjudged to satisfy your
petitioner for the lost time of his service and charges [that] your petitioner has been at by the illegal and unreasonable proceedings of the said Barron."

"At a Court held at New Town [St. Mary's Co.] Nov. 15, 1691."
"Amongst the records of the St. Mary's County Court was this : Came Elizabeth Scott, widow, and made appear to the Court here that John Barham [sic], her servant, hath 2 years to serve the 21st day of April next. Therefore it is ordered by the Court here that he serve the time aforesaid. Recorded in Liber 9, folio 87. True copy."
"Which said petiton and order of St. Mary's County Court being read, heard, and fully understood and examined by the Court here. It is ordered that in case the said John Barron at the next Provincial Court does not his petition
and obtain a Judgment of this court for his freedom that then the said John Barron to be adjudged by this Court to such satisfaction to his said master John Carberry as well for his loss of time as other charges and expenses he? has been? at, intending to answer his complaint, to be made either by servitude or otherwise as this court then shall consider .,
Source: Maryland Provincial Court, Judgment Record, Book D.S.C., p. 329.
Apr. 17, 1701 - William Hayden and John Barrow [sic] appraise the St. Mary's Co., Md. inventory of Peter Gray.
Source: Skinner, V. L., Jr., "Abstracts of the Inventories
and Accounts of the Prerogative Court of Maryland, 1699-1704," p. 9.

Apr. 21, 1694 - Maryland Provincial Court. St. Mary's County. These are to certify that John Baron a Frenchman shoomaker [sic] hath been my servant and now may go where his occasions call him in Maryland he being free therefore to do and at his request have testified the same under my hand this April 21, 1694. Signed John Bta. Carberry. Recorded May 8, 1694.
Source: Archives of Maryland, Vol. 717, p. 680.

Sep. 6, 1701 - The St. Mary's Co., Md. Administration Bond of John Barron by Mary Sissell, administratrix, sureties James French and George ~Ietcalfe. Bond filed Nov. 23, 1701.

Source: Maryland Prerogative Court, Testamentary
Proceedings, Liber 19A, p. 31.
Comment: In the usual case, an administratrix with a different surname is the decedent's widow who has remarried (or perhaps his widowed mother who has remarried, his married sister or a married dau.) But Mary Sissell/Cecill was the dau. of James French (her surety) and the widow of both Robert Thompson and Thomas Cissell (d. Oct. 1700-Mar. 1701) and Mary was administering Thomas Cissell's estate at this time.
Sissell/Cecill biographers do not suggest any relationship between Mary (or Thomas Cissell) and John Barron, or offer any reason why Mary would be the administratrix of his estate.

Sep. 8, 1701 - The St. Mary's Co., Md. Inventory of John Barron.
Inventory value: 14/15/6.
Appraisers: John Sanders and John Marritt.
Source: Skinner, V. L., Jr., "Abstracts of the Inventories
and Accounts of the Prerogative Court of Maryland, 1699-1704," p. 28.

Sep. 11, 1702 - The St. Mary's Co., Md. Administration Account of John Barron.
Assets: 13/11/6 (payment received from Jeremiah Sparke.)
Payments made by the estate: 15/1/0 (payments to Mr. Guibert and Richard Voules.)
Administratrix: Mary Cecill.
Source: Skinner, V. L., Jr., "Abstracts of the Inventories
and Accounts of the Prerogative Court of Maryland, 1699-1704," p. 53.
Comment: If the figures given by Skinner are being interpreted correctly, John's estate was insolvent.

=== Contributed by Ralph D. Smith
(1) The new 1758 "Higdon's Chance" record you found and I posted under John Higdon, Jr. also goes under the John Barron who d. 1701 in St. Mary's Co. I just posted Barron's 1706 patent of "Dogwood Fortune" there. This corrects a mistake in my Barron book. Because one John Barron d. 1701 in St. Mary's Co. and another John Barron d. 1719 in Charles Co., I assumed (wrongly it turns out) that the 1706 patent belonged to the John who d. 1719. Your new 1758 "Higdon's Chance" record shows that it was patented to the John Higdon who died intestate with no heirs. That is John Higdon who d. 1701. The John Higdon who d. 1719 left a will and names 2 sons in it. I was further thrown off because the land was in Charles Co. It not infrequently happens (because the patent process took so long) that a patent is not finally issued until after the man is dead.

Charles County Circuit Court
Land Survey, Subdivision, and Condominium Plats
MSA S1195: (Certificates, Patented, CH)
Index by Reference

Reference: Patented Certificate 533
Date: 1775/12/12
Description: Higdons Chance, John Higdon Jr, 280 Acres
Storage Location: 01/25/03/23
Image(s): Direct Scan(s):
MSA S1195-544, p. 1 From SL 21,605 (File Size: 256 kb)
MSA S1195-544, p. 2 From SL 21,605 (File Size: 295 kb)
MSA S1195-544, p. 3 From SL 21,605 (File Size: 228 kb)
MSA S1195-544, p. 4 From SL 21,605 (File Size: 244 kb)

http://plato.mdarchives.state.md.us/msa/stagser/s1500/s1529/cfm/dsp_unit.c fm?county=ch&qualifier=S&series=1195&unit=544&p_ds_value=4&p_ms_value=0

Aug. 28, 1758 - By virtue of a special warrant out of His Lordship's Land Office bearing date Dec. 2 last granted unto John Higdon, Jr., of Charles Co. to resurvey a tract or parcel of escheat land called "Dogwood Fortune" lying and being in Charles Co. aforesaid (originally granted unto a certain John Barron for the quantity of 210 acres who died seized thereof intestate and without heirs by which means the same became escheat unto His Lordship as it is set forth in the said Warrant) with liberty to add any contiguous vacancy. These are therefore to certify that I have resurveyed and laid out for and in the name of him the said John Higdon, Jr. the aforesaid parcel of land according to the ancient metes and bounds, viz., Beginning at a locust standing where a boundary of "Bowlings Plains" formerly stood the original beginning of the said "Dogwood Fortune," running thence ..., then to the beginning, containing 230 acres, and have left out thereof 99 acres lying within elder survey and have added thereto 140 acres of vacancy, now called "Higdon's Chance," and bounded as follows: Beginning at the aforesaid locust post a boundary of "Bowlings Plains" and the beginning of the said "Dogwood Fortune," running thence ..., to the first beginning, containing and now resurveyed and laid out for 280 acres to be held of Calvert Mannor. William Hanson, Deputy Surveyor.
Source: Charles County Circuit Court; Land Survey, Subdivision, and Condominium Plats; MSA S1195: (Certificates, Patented, CH). Index by Reference. Reference: Patented Certificate 533.
John Barron 21.160 I SM £14.15.6 Sep 8 1701
Appraisers: John Sanders, John Marritt.
1642-1753 Rent Rolls Charles County, Maryland Hundred - Newport: Rent Roll page/Sequence: 377-11: DOGWOOD FORTUNE: 210 acres; Possession of - 210 Acres - Barron, John : Surveyed 1 April 1705 for John Barron beginning at a bound Red Oak a bound tree of a tract of land called BOWLINGS PLAINE: Other Tracts Mentioned: BOWLING PLAINE; Conveyance notes - {mm Note; not identified to a specific Hundred. Location identified by watercourse or nearby tract.}
Dogwood Fortune, 210 Acres; Certificate
Developer/Owner: Barron, John 1706 Patent Record DD 5, p. 231 0 0 MSA S 1587-1183

Dogwood Fortune, 210 Acres; Patent
Developer/Owner: Barron, John 1706 Patent Record PL 2, p. 76 0 0 MSA S 1587-1184 
Barron, John (I063695)

John Hobbs On 14 Aug. 1741, he bought 200 acres of "Martin's Luck" from Thomas Worthington, merchant, the deed being witnessed by Henry Ridgely and Charles Griffith (Anne Arundel Deeds, Liber RB#1, folio 88). He sold this tract on 4 Nov. 1742 to Dr. Joshua Warfield, as witnessed by John Howard and Caleb Dorsey (Anne Arundel Deeds, Liber RB#3, folio 196).

Prince George's County, Maryland Land Records 1749-1752; Liber PP {Abstract by Mike Marshall}; Page 119. At the request of Richard Isaac, Jr., the following Deed was recorded June 27, 1751
Indenture made April 6, 1751; James Green Martin, wheelwright, in consideration of 10 pounds sterling money and 5 pounds current money paid by Richard Isaac, Jr., a tract called "Martin's Fancy" containing 50 acres beginning near a road called Odell's Road and facing the Piney Branch of the eastern branch of Potomac River. Signed James Green Martin in the presence of John Beall, Jr., John Holmes and acknowledged before James Edmonston, Mordicai Jacob and at the same time Rachel Martin, wife of James Green Martin relinquished her right of dower.
HOBBS, JOHN, SR., Frederick Co. 1 Jan, 1766; 2 Apr, 1768
Wife: Elizabeth.
Children: Leonard, Nicholas, Greenbury and Charles. Tract "Here I Begin, on Bush Creek.
Exs: Elizabeth and Leonard Hobs.
Wit: Thomas Babbit, Francis Davis, James Green Martin.
8 Sep, 1768: Leonard Hobbs refused to administer. 36. 616

1761-1763 Frederick County MD Land Records {Patricia Abelard Andersen}
545. Col. Thomas Cresap recorded bond 18 July 1763. I James Marten of FC, trader, am bound for 300 pcm Va. dated 22 July 1755, the condition ofthe obligation is that the above bounden James Martin will well and truly maker over unto Thomas Cresap, that tract ofland'on the south Branch of the Potomack River on the west side ofthe aforesaid branch, whereon a certain John French dwells, being the 62 lot of land as distinguished in the plat. Signed James Martin before C. Wyatt, Samuel Plumb by his mark, Elizabeth Penn by her mark. Duty paid John Damall.
Prince George's County, Maryland Land Records 1763-1767; Liber TT {Abstract by Mike Marshall}; Page 86. At the request of Richard Henderson the following Deed was recorded September 8, 1763
Indenture made September 6, 1763; James Green Martin, carpenter son and heir at law to Jane Martin late of PGCo in consideration of 30 pounds current money paid by Richard Henderson merchant of Bladensburg has sold a tract which the said Jane Martin bought of James McLair [sic Macclain] on or about July 27, 1744 called "Widows Purchase" being part of a tract called "Cranfords Adventure" containing 50 acres. Signed James Green Martin in the presence of and acknowledged before Mordecai Jacob, Christopher Lowndes and at the same time Rachel Martin wife of James Green Martin relinquished her right of dower
1765-1768 Frederick County MD Land Records {Patricia Abelard Andersen}
283-284. James Martin recorded 31 Oct. 1765, made 28 Oct. 1765, between Joseph Chapline of FC, for £2.. 10, lott in Sharpsburg #51,20 perches in breadth and 40 perches in length. To pay annual rents. Signed Joseph Chapline, before Jos. Smith, Saml Beall, Junr. Receipt. Ack & reI. of dower by Ruhamah Chapline
1767-1770 Frederick County MD Land Records {Patricia Abelard Andersen}
437-439. James Martin recorded 18 August 1768, made 1 August, between Christian Orndorft, and James Martin, who for £33 ..8..9 paid by Christian Orndorff, sells lot in Sharpsburgh #7, 103 ft. by 206 ft. William Orndorfto pay rents, signed James Martin before Jos Smith, Jas Smith. Receipt. Ack.

1768-1770 Frederick County MD Land Records {Patricia Abelard Andersen}
704. Timothy Whitehead recorded supersedeas against William Burton, Samuel Swearingen and James Green Martin, for 10 shillings 9 pence debt and for 2 shillings 6 pence constables costs before Justices of Frederick County debt to be paid by 10 February next. Made 20 June 1769 before David Lynn.
In the spring of 1772, William Scott is styled as "of Winchester" when he entered into a lease on the first piece of property he had purchased. He leased those 76 acres to HENRY BAKER, also of Winchester. The witnesses to this transaction were JOHN LOLURY, JAMES GREEN MARTIN, Sr., and JOHN LUPTON. On the next page a release of the same property is recorded between WILLIAM SCOTT and his wife, RACHEL to HENRY BAKER for consideration of £70. [Frederick Co. VA Land Rcds, Bk. 15, pp. 300-301; rec'd 4 Mar 1772.]

Thoas wrote his will November 23, 1777 and it is recorded Loudoun County, Va., Will Book B, page 319-320,

In the name of God Amen I Thomas SQUIRES of Loudoun County planter being in good health and Body and of sound and perfect mind and memory (thanks be to God for it) but considering the uncertainty of this transitory life do make and declare this to be my last Will and Testament in manner and form following (that is to say) First and principally I commend my Soul into the Hands of Almighty God who gave it in hopes of a Joyful Resurrection at the last day, my Body I commend to the Earth to be decently buried at the discretion of my Executor hereinafter named and as for such worldly Estate which God of his exceeding bounty has been pleased to bless me with my Debts funeral charges and other expenses being first there at duly paid and satisfied I order and dispose of the same as follows viz Imprimus I give and Bequeath unto my loving wife Ann the Plantation whereon I now dwell and the same to be entirely at her disposal in as full and effectual manner as I myself can do at the present and further I bequeath unto her on Negro boy name John Roszell for and during the term of her natural life and after her Decease to be sold and produce to go among my Children likewise two of my Feather Beds and furniture at her choice, likewise her choice of any two of my horses her choice of two Cows and Calves, Six Ewes, two breeding Sows, all my Geese, Item I give and bequeath unto my loving Daughter Sally Thirty pounds Virginia currency Item I give and bequeath unto my loving Daughter Mary Wife to William Hancocke Five shillings having provided for her before: Item my Will my Will and desire is that all the rest and residue of my estate as well Real as Personal may be sold as soon as conveniently maybe after my decease allowing twelve Months Credit for the same, and the produce thereof to be equally divided amongst all my children (the above said Mary excepted) and I do hereby nominate and appoint my said loving Wife Ann whole and Sole Executrix of this my last Will and Testament, hereby revoking and disannulling all former Wills by me at anytime heretofore made declaring this and this only to be my last Will and Testament. In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this twenty third day of November in the Year of Our Lord God One Thousand Seven Hundred and Seventy seven.

Signed sealed published and declared by the Testator as and for his only last Will and Testament in presence of

James Grn Martin


Stephen TOLEE

Thos s SQUIRES (S.S.)

At a Court held for Loudoun County February the 14th 1780 This Will was Proved by the oaths of James Green Martin, Henry POTTEN and Stephen TOLEE the Witnesses thereto and ordered to be Recorded And on the motion of Ann SQUIRES the Executrix therein named who made oath according to Law, Certificate is granted her for obtaining a Probate thereof in due form she giving Security Whereupon the said Ann with Joseph MOXLEY and Henry LOYD her Securities entered into and acknowledged their Bonds the Penalty of Thirty Thousand pounds, Conditioned as the Law directs.

By November 11, 1783 Ann (Tolle) Squires was married to John Piles On that date John Piles and Ann his wife, "Executrix of the last will and Testament of her late husband Thomas Squires" sued John Spencer and Manlove Tennant, in the Loudoun County courts to collect Sixty pounds and Eight Shillings plus forty Shillings in Damage." 
Martin, James Green (I108137)

John Ward and Elizabeth Phillipps m. 5 Xber 1706.
Richard Rakestraw and Elizabeth Ward m. 23 Sep 1705. 
Rakestraw, Richard (I099900)

Killed in a Duel 
Botts, Archibald (I026815)

Lancaster, Henry (1773-1817)
Son of William and Mary Polly (Webb) Lancaster
Spouse: Sarah Hannah Booth, d/o Thomas and Hannah (Jackson) Booth
Lineage: Henry>William>Robert>(?Richard>Robert)
· 1773*Orange County, Virginia, Vital Records
Henry Lancaster, (b. Jan. 31, 1733, Orange County, Virginia-d. Aug. 9, 1817, Burlington, Boone County, Kentucky)
Sarah Hannah Booth, (b. 1773, Orange County, Virginia-d. Jan. 20, 1851, Boone County, Kentucky)
· 1797*Mason County, Kentucky, Marriage, Kentucky Vital Statistics, by Annie Walker Burns
Henry Lancaster married Sarah Hannah Booth on May 12, 1797, Mason County, Kentucky.
Conflict of date, May 13, 1797, Mason County, Kentucky
· 1799*Tax List, Bracken County, Kentucky
November 22, 1799... Henry Lancaster, listed
· 1805/06*Boone County, Kentucky, move
Henry and Sarah moved in the winter of 1805/06 from Bracken County, Kentucky, and settled on Mud Lick Creek, Richwood, Boone County, Kentucky.
· 1810*Census, Boone County, Kentucky (B2-60B-17) (22010-30010)
Henry Lancaster, listed head of household, (26-45 yrs)… 2-m (under 10)... 2-m (10-16 yrs)
3-f (under 10)... 1f (26-45 yrs)
· 1812*Boone County, Kentucky, Militia
Henry Lancaster served in the war of 1812, Kentucky Mounted Volunteer Infantry.
· 1817*Boone County, Kentucky, death
Henry Lancaster was killed on August 9, 1817, as he entered the Boone County Court House to conduct business concerned with his office as Constable and Justice of the Peace. The Court House was undergoing repairs. A broad axe fell and struck him with such force that he died instantly.
· 1830*Census, Boone County, Kentucky (#240-10) (2001-01112001)
Sarah Lancaster, listed head of household, (50-60 yrs)… 2-m (0-5)... 1-m (15-20)... 1-f (5-10)
1-f (10-15)... 1f (15-20)... 2-f (20-30)
· 1850*Census, Boone County, Kentucky (pg. 164) living next door
Sally (77=1773) Lancaster, listed head of household... Lucy (40=1810) Lancaster
(Note* Elizabeth (7=1843) Pitcher... John (4=1846) Pitcher, listed next on census?)

Children of Henry and Sarah Hannah (Booth) Lancaster
(1) James Mallory Lancaster, (1797-1838), married Rachel Glackin
(2) William Lee Lancaster, (1799-1865), married Melinda Lampton
(3) Hickerson Mallory Lancaster, (1801-1828), married Eliza F. Brown
(4) Mary Ellen Lancaster, (1802-1836), married Andrew Price Glackin
(5) Joseph Lancaster, (1805-1877), married Hannah Burt, Mary Anne Aldridge
(6) Elizabeth Lancaster, (1806-1848), married William Butts
(7) Lucinda "Lucy" Lancaster, (1809-1886, d. Tazewell County, IL), never married
(8) Sarah Booth Lancaster, (1812-_____), married
(9) Robert Jackson Lancaster, (b. 1815-1901), married
(10) Melinda Lancaster, (1818-1844), married

Henry B. Lancaster b. 1/3/1773
Sarah Hannah Booth, d/o Joseph Booth b. 1740 d. 1824 and Sarah Lee b. 1732 d. 1777. Conflict in wedding date probably due to application for license and actual date of marriage (unknown) 5/12 or 5/13/1797. Child (8) Sarah Booth Lancaster married William Pitcher 6/24/1830. 
Lancaster, Henry (I005793)

LANCASTER, Thomas & Margaret GREENE, 18 May 1826, m by EG, b Joel Decoursey, Campbell Co., KY 
Decoursey, Joel (I100860)

LAWSON, Anne. 23 Oct. 1760. Rec. 20 Nov. 1761.
Winford Lawson and her dau. Mary Lawson. James Hathaway, Elizabeth Hathaway, Mary Lawson, William Hataway, Sr. Saarh Biscoe, John Biscoe, Henry Lawson. Ex. Em. Hathaway, Sr. Wits: Geo. Currell, James Currell. W.B. 16, p. 176. 
Lawson, Anne (I087838)

Lived in Franklin County, Virginia in 1830 
Triplett, Sarah Hedgman (I026679)

Lived in Shenandoah County, Virginia, 1819 moved to Fayette County, Te nnessee. afte r his wife's death, he moved to Parks, Scott Co. , Arkansas to be with his son James Foster Gaines. 
Gaines, Cornelius T. (I026841)

M. Council of State

Alexander Lawson Botts per POCHAHONTAS, alias Matoaka, AND HER D ESCENDANTS: Through Her Marriage At Jamestown, Virginia, In Apri l, 1614, With John Rolfe, Gentleman. By R. A. Brook, 1887, Gene alogical Publishing, Baltimore County, Maryland, 1979, page 48.

Alexander Lithgow Botts per The Rhodes Family in America, Howar d J. Rhodes, page 396.

Both Lithgow and Lawson are allied family names.

Source: David Botts 
Botts, Alexander Lithgow (Lawson) (I026835)

M. FOSTERS KATHERINE and John Seamons 17 July 1728.
M. JONES, ELIZABETH and John Seamans, 30 November 1729.
M. SEAMONS, JOHN and Katherine Fosters 17 July 1728..
M. SEAMONS JOHN and Elizabeth Joness 30 November 1729.
B. SEAMANS, MARY daughter of John and Elizabeth Seamans, 16 December 1730. 
Seaman, John (I033012)

MAHUE, Elisha Lloyd b. December 2, 1787 son of Elisha & Elizabeth (see Mayhew) (p. 382) 
Mayhew, Elisha Lloyd (I103082)

Malinda was enumerated in the household of her son, Harding, i n 1880. 
Sherrill, Malinda (I026766)

Marriage bond record states she was the daughter of William P. G aines and Euphama and her residence was Loudoun County, Virginia . W.A. Gaines vouched for her age. 
Gaines, Martha Ellen (I026803)

Marshall, F. B., 2/11/1866 - 8/20/1955 Father, h.o Mary E. Marshall 
Marshall, F. B. (I026248)

Marshall, Mary E., 11/27/1872 - 3/26/1912, w/o F. B. Marshall 
Marshall, M. E. MNU (I026249)

Darcey, John Hardey, Rebecca Nov. 21, 1786
Darcey, Mary Wellen, William Jan. 30, 1793 
Family F07959

Mason was a book merchant in Louisville in 1880. His wife, "Carr ie," was enumerated with him and there were no children in the h ousehold. 
Sherrill, Mason W. (I026765)

may be a sister of this George Shepard
Spotsylvania County, Virginia Will Book B: Crozier
SHEPARD, GEORGE, St. George's Parish, d. Jan. 10, 1750, p. Oct. 1, 1751. Wit. John Holloday, Benjamin Holloday, Robert Gregory. Ex. wife, Elizabeth (Note. The executrix's bond gives her name as "Elizabeth May Angelick Shepard") Leg. sons, George, Robert, James and John; daughter Ann; wife, Elizabeth. (Page 78) 
Shepherd, Rosanne (I082006)

McConchie, Alexander .78C/Robert Knox's Qtr. 85-99L. D 10-538, 1792.
John Knox of Charles Co. MD to him 364 a. on Summerduck. D 13-380, 1796.
He and Anne McConchie give son Robert 238 a. on Summerduck. D 14-33, 1794.
John & Betsey Knox sell him 50a. on Rappahannock at mouth of Rocky Run."
Date: Sat, 10 Feb 2007 10:49:57 -0800
Subject: Re: [MDCHARLE] Fw: More McConchie questions
Amanda, Linda, Norma,
I have the following. It seems to cover what Amanda is talking about.

Charles County Gentry : A Genealogical History of Six Emigrants, Thomas Dent, John Dent, Richard Edelen, John Hanson, George Newman, Humphrey Warren, all scions of armorial families of old England who settled in Charles County, Maryland, and their descendants showing migrations to the South and West Washington D.C.; Newman, Harry Wright, 1940, 335 pgs.

The will of the bachelor son, Judge Warren Dent, was probated in Charles Co., on Dec 3, 1794. He named his nieces Eleanor Bowie, Jannet Dent, and Mrs. Anne Harrison. All property from the estate of his late sister, Grace Harrison, he left to his nephew William Dent Harrison, and nieces Anne Warren Harrison and Rebecca Harrison. He devised "Blue Plains" which he purchased from John Maddox to his nephew Robert Hanson Harrison, and the plantation where Samuel Ratcliffe lived to his niece Mrs. Anne Harrison. The residue was devised to his brother George whom he named as executor.
On Oct 14 1782, George Dent was granted letters of administration on the estate of Elizabeth Harrison, late of Charles Co., with Thomas Hanson Marshall and Dr. John Parnham as bondsman.
On Nov 28, 1794, George Dent of Charles Co., conveyed land to Thomas Dotey, of Fauquier Co., VA. On Nov 30, 1796, George Dent and Elizabeth his wife, and William Dent and Jenet his wife all of Fauquier Co., VA., conveyed 84 acres of land to Alexander McConchie, of Fauquier Co. Consequently sometime before 1794 George Dent settled in Fauquier Co., VA. On Mar 24, 1797, he conveyed "Chosen" and "Huckleberry Plains Enlarged" to John Colby, of Charles Co., MD. No wife waived dower. On Jan 7, 1798, he deeded "Warren's Discovery" to Robert Cain of Charles Co. No wife waived dower. A few months later he conveyed "Hatton's Point" to John Maddox, and on Nov 10, 1801, he transferred another portion of "Warren's Discovery" to William Thomas of St. Mary's Co.
George Dent died shortly after this conveyance, inasmuch as on Mar 25, 1802, "Elizabeth Dent widow of George Dent of William late of Fauquier Co., VA., deceased", deeded to William Thomas, of St. Mary's Co., land in William and Mary Parish, Charles Co., that had been granted to Bridget Legate on May 1, 1676.
The inventory of personal estate of George Dent in Charles Co., was filed at court on Aug 10, 1802, by his administrator William Dent, and displayed a value of $4648.50.
The distribution of his estate in Charles Co., was made on May 31, 1803, and divided among the following representatives: William Dent, Anne Thomas, Elizabeth Knox, John Shumate, and Janet his wife, Rebecca Dent and Grace Dent.
The inventory of his personal estate was not taken in Fauquier Co., until Jul 2, 1803, and was appraised at A3982.2.6. It was signed by John Hooe and Stanton Slaughter. His widow on Oct 19, 1804, married Enoch J. Brown, according to a license issued in Fauquier Co. , Va.
On Aug 12, 1816, William Dent, Janet Dent, Rebecca Dent, and Samuel Hanson and Anne his wife, all of Charles Co., and described as heirs of George Dent, deceased, deeded "Brawner's Chance" to Catherine Norris, Henry Speake, and Leo Speake, all of Charles Co.


1850 Census

Fauquier Co.
Household 647
Alexander McConchie 58 D:1/24/1878 died at age 87
Catherine Ann [Martin] 38 wife D: 3/1860 died at age 47
Eliza E. 19 dau D: 6/25/1880 Hus: Alex. Willingham
William 17 son
Robert 16 son M: 5/30/1861 Mary Brown
John 12 son
James H. 8 son M: Martha Brown
Margaret "Mary" 6 dau D: 12/15/1876
Hus: Elijah F. Groves

Fauquier Co 1850
Household 711
William A. McConchie 50
Elizabeth Ann [Martin] 40
Catherine Virginia 20 B: 10/28/1829
John Wesley 18 D: 11/18/1893 Drown
M: Mary Va. Brown
Lemuel A. 16 Wife: Mary J. ?
Jane E. 14 2nd wife to
James Henry Humphrey
See Notes:
Robert 12
Elizabeth Harrison "Betti" 10
Alfred 8
Thomas 6
Emily L. twin 4
Eugenia Lavonia twin 4
NOTES:Sarah Udora was not born yet she was born January 2, 1852. Mary Ann McConchie not in this household census because she married James Henry Humphrey on December 21, 1847, they are in their own home.
Mary Ann d/o Wm. A & Eliza McConchie was the first wife of Jas. Henry Humphrey. Jane E. the sister Of Mary Ann McConchie was the 2nd wife of James Henry Humphrey.


1860 Bealton, Fauquier Co Census
Page 225
Household 682
Alexander McConchie 68
Cath. 47
Robt. 22
John 20
James H. 18
Mary 16
Ellen ADAMS 17 Who is this?

Page 160 1860
Household 186
James H. Humphrey 35 Overseer for Hollington, G_____?
Jane E. [McConchie] 25 2nd wife/sister to:
[1st wife Mary Ann McConchie]
Luther S 11 son to 1st wife, Mary Ann
Francis Marion 9 " " " "
Henry Calvin 7 " " " "
[my great grandfather]
Page 161 1860
Household 193
John W. McConchie 28 School Teacher died of
Paralysis at Rapp River 11/18/1893
Mary V. 24 wife
Howard J. 1 son [he was informant of
father's death]

Page 161 1860
Household 194
William A. McConchie 60 Farmer
Elizabeth [Martin] 45 Wife d/o Francis Martin
& Nancy West]
Robert 22 son
Elizabeth 20 dau/School Mistress
Alexander 17 son see note below
Thomas 15 son
Lavonia 13 dau/twin
Emma L 13 dau/twin
Sally 8 dau
NOTE: It was reported as Alexander on the census, yet he was reported on 1850 Census as Alfred. I was told his name
is Alfred Alexander McConchie

1860 Fauquier White Sulphur Springs Census/SW Revenue District
Page 179
Household 343 Married 1853
Geo. W. McConchie 27 Overseer
Mary J. 25 Wife
Betty G. 6 dau.
Silas M. 3 son
Mary E. 1/12 dau.
NOTE: George is gone between the time this census was taken and 1870. I along with Amanda have been trying to find out if he is the son they call William on the 1850 Census living with Alexander & Catherine McConchie his parents. He shows up with the name George W only on the 1860 census. Could his middle name be William and used it while at home?
Mary his wife has him noted on her tombstone. But there is no grave site for him. Thought maybe he was in the Civil War and was killed and his body was never returned home [MIA]
EVINS, Francis, Charles Co. 31 Aug, 1771; 3 Dec, 1771
Wife Fabe.
Five children: Bonet. Cloey Paterson, Alexander, Jesse, Elizabeth Wheler Evins,
Grandson Francis Ry.
Wit: Elander McConky (Alexander McConchie), John Evens, John B. Meek, 38.450 
McConchie, Alexander (I041187)


CAPT. JOHN METCALFE, (2-1), of "Longbranch," Fauquier
Co., Va., and later of Kentucky, b. 1724; d. 1799. He raised a company
of troops in Fauquier Co., of which he was made Captain, and
served with distinction in the Revolutionary War. In 1784 he removed
to Kentucky, and located near Russell's Cave, Fayette Co.
He died in Nicholas Co., Ky. He m. (first) Sabina Farrar, of Maryland;
(second) Mary O'Brine, of Virginia; (third) Sarah (Dent)
Chinn, wid. of Eli Chinn, of Fauquier Co., Va., and dau. of Robert
Dent, of Prince George Co., Md.

mm note, no Robert Dent on Maryland FTM CD 206 Probate Records
Issue by third marriage:
3-14- Thomas.
3-15. Bela.
3-16. Sarah.
3-17. Lucy.
3-18. Rhoda Dent, m. 1814, Andrew S. Hughes, of Nichols Co.,
Ky., and had issue: Bela Metcalfe, of Denver, Colo. 
Dent, Sarah (I089380)

Mills Wilkes served in the War of 1812 from 17 Aug 1812 to 4 Ma r 1813 in Uriel Sebree's Co of Inf., Scott's 1st Regt. of Ky. Vo l. Militia. He was severely wounded in the battle of Frenchtown , (River Raisin Massacre). Indians later attacked the camp wher e he was convalescing, and killed many of the injured, includin g a soldier who was next to him. With the aid of a friendly Indi an he escaped to Fort Malden at the mouth of Detroit River, an d was eventually returned to Kentucky in a carriage. His seriou s injuries resulted in much suffering the rest of his life.

On 15 Apr 1855 Mills' and Lucy's house and all the contents wer e consumed by fire.

In June 1865, Mills and Lucy were driving into Burlington with t heir eight-year-old grandson, Samuel Haywood Wilkes. Their hors e became frightened while crossing a stream and backed off the b ridge, spilling them into the water. Lucy was killed instantly.

Mills and Lucy were among the original members of the Burlingto n Baptist Church in Boone County: "On Sunday, May 14th of this y ear (1843), Mills Wilkes was ordained the first deacon of the ch urch, who continued to discharge with singular fidelity the duti es of the office until August, 1866. He not only a good man an d Christian, but a good and faithful deacon." 
Wilkes, Mills (I026725)

Moved to Clay County, Missouri in 1837, then to Platte County, Missour i in 1838 Info rmation on Eliza Jane Gaines provided by J.R. Hop kins 
Gaines, Eliza Jane (I026788)

Moved to Parks Arkansas then to Gravelley, Yell County, Arkansas. D uring the war she moved to Paris Texas where she is buried. 
Gaines, Jane (I026779)

Moved to Parks, Arkansas then to Gravelly Arkansas. Where they b oth are burie d. James is the brother of John Caviness who marr ied Jane Gaines, sister to Ma ry. 
Gaines, Mary Anne (I026783)

Name: Duane Boggs
Email: duaneaboggs@live.com

I am working on a THEORY that this Charity might have married Joseph Flint about 1737. Joseph Flint was reportedly an associate of Thomas Cresap, husband of Hannah Johnson, at the time of "Cresap's War" (PA-MD border dispute in the 1730s). Joseph Flint and Thomas Cresap both moved to Western Maryland ("Oldtown"). Joseph Flint, in his 1784 Will, left property to a Michael Cresap, who I believe was born about 1775, son of Michael Cresap and thus grandson of Hannah (Johnson) Cresap. Thus, Joseph Flint would have been leaving property to his wife's great-nephew????
Just a THEORY for now.

Charity Johnson, sister of Hannah (Johnson) Cresap, was tried in November 1730 for bearing a bastard child, and I suspect this MIGHT have been Ann. So while Ann might have been Charity (Johnson) Flint's daughter, my current working theory is that she was only a step-daughter of Joseph Flint (and thus Joseph did not leave her anything in his will, probated in 1784)
Johnson, Daniel, planter, Baltimore Co., 12th Sept., 1715 ; 30th Jan., 1715.
To wife Frances, extx., personalty, some of which was purchased of Wm. Cook, and dwelling plantation during life.
Should unborn child be a boy, he to enjoy same at her decease in fee simple.
To Jno. Low and hrs., water mill on n. side Susquehanna R., and personalty.
Residue of estate, real and personal, equally divided among all child. and wife of testator, excepting wife of no Low, who is to have no part.
Extx. is empowered to dispose of tract "Rycraffs Choyce for benefit of estate. Should wife not be contented with her legacy and child 's portion and claim her thirds, sd. legacy to be divided with other estate, as law directs;
wife of John Low to have no share in same.
Test: Mary BelIshair, Thos. Russell. 14. 212.
Danniell Johnson 15.203 A BA £43.17.7 Oct 23 1736
Payments to: Daniell Dulany, Esq., accountant (1/3).
Payments to (daughters, their portions): wife (unnamed) of Edward Evans, wife (unnamed) of Richard Touchstone, Charity Johnson, wife (unnamed) of Robert Cannon, wife (unnamed) of William Cannon, wife (unnamed) of Thomas Cresap.
Executrix: Frances Foy.

=== Contributed by Ralph D. Smith

1790 - Charity Flint is in the 1790 Census of Washington Co., Md., as follows: 1-0-3-0-5.

1800 - Widow Flint is in the 1800 Census of Washington Co., Md., as follows: 00000-00002-05. 
Johnson, Charity {Unproven} (I072280)

Name: jerusha whitaker
Email: jrwhitaker@knology.com
Note: Have been searching for the children of Jacob wray and Mary Ashton. I only see 2 dau. listed. I am trying to find the sons of this couple. Family lore has it Jacob, James, and Ussery were their sons. Ussery is my line and b. in Brunswick co. va, l784 
Wray, George (I046767)

Name: William Lewis Breckinridge
NPFX: Rev.
Sex: M
Birth: 22 JUL 1803 in Cabell's Dale,Lexington,Fayette Co.,KY
Death: 26 NOV 1876 in Cass Co.,MO
Burial: Cave Hill Cemetery,Louisville,Jefferson Co.,KY
Ancestral File #: 15V5-FH3 1
Change Date: 3 NOV 2001 at 23:00:00

Father: John Breckenridge b: 2 DEC 1760 in Augusta Co.,VA
Mother: Mary Hopkins Cabell b: 22 FEB 1769 in Buckingham Co.,VA

Marriage 1 Frances Caroline Prevost b: 24 AUG 1806 in New Orleans,St Bernard Par.,LA
Married: 10 MAY 1824 in Fayette Co.,KY
Joseph Cabell Breckinridge b: 11 MAR 1825 in Louisville,Jefferson Co.,KY
John Bartow Breckinridge b: 27 OCT 1826 in Cabell's Dale,Fayette Co.,KY
Robert James Breckinridge b: 2 DEC 1828 in Cabell's Dale,Fayette Co.,KY
Marcus Stanhope Prevost Breckinridge b: 17 OCT 1830 in Cabell's Dale,Fayette Co.,KY
William Lewis Breckinridge b: 12 NOV 1832 in Fayette Co.,KY
Lewis Green Breckinridge b: 19 SEP 1834 in Danville,Boyle Co.,KY
Frances Provost Breckinridge b: 12 OCT 1836 in Cabell's Dale,Fayette Co.,KY
Mary Hopkins Breckinridge b: 1 FEB 1839 in Louisville,Jefferson Co.,KY
Stanhope Prevost Breckinridge b: 30 APR 1841 in Louisville,Jefferson Co.,KY
Theodosia Prevost Breckenridge b: 11 AUG 1843 in Louisville,Jefferson Co.,KY
Cabell Breckinridge b: 22 NOV 1846 in Louisville,Jefferson Co.,KY
Laetitia Porter Breckenridge b: 24 AUG 1849 in Louisville,Jefferson Co.,KY

Marriage 2 Sarah Anne Tompkins b: 8 APR 1809 in Cabell's Dale,Lexington,Fayette Co.,KY 
Breckenridge, Cabell (I004291)


Nathaniel was the third son of John II and Vickdorany Pigman. Records in the Land Office (HR) in Annapolis prove that Nathaniel Pigman was Matthew Pigman's brother. The date of 1735 has been given for this birth and accepted by the DAR, although no proof of this has been found. We believe he was born not later than 1733, for the following reasons: In 1756 he was on the Rock Creek Parish vestry list of bachelors and in 1758 he paid a tax of 5 shillings on property in Prince George's P.E. Parish as "a bachelor of 25 and up" on Rock Creek (Scharf, 1968). In 1762 Nathaniel married Anna (Nancy) Waters in Anne Arundel (Now Howard) County. The exact date is not known, but it was after 28 October because on that date Nathaniel sold 25 acres of DICKERSONS LOTT RESURVEYED to Surrat Dickson for L20 and no dower was waived, indicating that he was unmarried at that time.

There is some question as to the parentage of Nancy. Newman in his "Anne Arundel Gentry, 1st Ed.", states that she was the daughter of John and Charity (Ijams) Waters. There seems to be a preponderance of evidence, however, that she was the first child of Joseph and Mary (Plummer) Waters, born 27 August, 1735 (AA Trinity Parish Register, 2nd Book). Nathaniel and Nancy named their first son Joseph Waters Pigman, 4 February, 1765 (Fred Rock Creek Parish, Original Record). On 30 October, 1765, Nathaniel was on a Testamentary Bond for Joseph Waters, Mary Waters, Executrix (AA Testamentary L 41 F 224). Joseph's birth is recorded as 27 January, 1711, the son of Samuel and Jan (________) Waters (PG Queen Anne Parish).

VEIRS, DANIEL SR., Frederick Co. 26 Jan, 1766; 16 Oct, 1766
To wife, land called "None Eatton," lying in Frederick Co., 109 A.; at her decease, to sons John and William.
To son Daniel, 40 A.
To son Nehemiah, 50 A., being pt. of resurvey on "Dublin," the plantation whereon he now resides. Desire plantation whereon I live, called Rumpunch" and 10 A. out of the resurvey called Dublin," lying on the west side of "Rumpunch' afsd., and 46 A. out of the resurvey on Rumpunch.
Residue of estate to daus. Anne and Elizabeth.
Ex: Son Daniel.
Wit: Serratt Dickason, Nathaniel Pigman, Wm. Cahill. 35. 209
Montgomery County Land Records, 1777-1781; Liber A1, Page 389. Nov 10, 1779 from William Ridgely Farmer of M, to Nathaniel Pigman of M, for 2114 £ 13 shillings, part of a tract of land called Samuels Chance, lying near the head of Hawlings River, laid out for about 61 acres. Signed - William Ridgely Farmer. Wit - Sam. W. Magruder*, Henry Gaither*. Keziah, wife to the sd William Ridgley Farmer, relinquished her right of dower to the within mentioned land. Recorded Nov 12, 1779.
Montgomery County Land Records, 1777-1781; Liber A1, Page 592. Nov 27, 1780 from Nathanial Pigman of M, to William Gaither of M, for 10 £ sterling, part of a tract of land called Samuels Chance, lying near the head of Hawlings River, laid out for about 61 acres. Signed - Nathaniel Pigman. Wit - Edwd Burgess*, Henry Gaither*. Ann, the wife of sd Nathaniel Pigman, relinquished her right of dower to the within mentioned land. Recorded Jan 2, 1781. 
Pigman, Nathaniel (I033076)

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