Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties


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56351 Children
Mary Ankrom b: 14 AUG 1778 in Frederick County, MD
Richard Ankrom b: 28 JAN 1781 in Frederick County, MD
Elizabeth Ankrom b: 27 AUG 1782 in Frederick County, MD
Delilah Ankrom b: 20 APR 1784 in Frederick County, MD
Margaret Ankrom b: 22 FEB 1786 in Tyler Co, VA
William Ankrom b: 7 FEB 1787
Rachel Ankrom b: 10 JAN 1789 in Tyler Co, VA
Jacob Duckett Ankrom b: 26 OCT 1791 in Tyler Co, VA
Julia Anne "Julian" Ankrom b: 31 JUL 1793 in Tyler Co, VA
John Ankrom b: 24 APR 1796 in Tyler Co, VA
Cassandra "Cassey" Ankrom b: 30 JAN 1801 in Tyler Co, VA 
Clarke, Elizabeth (I046853)
56352 Children
Mary Anne Beall b: 1771
Rebecca Beall b: 1775
Tombstone Inscriptions from the Original Church Yard of All Saints' Parish, Frederick, Maryland
BEALL: "In memory of William Murdock Beall who died on the 5th of November 1823 in the 82nd year of I his age" and In memory of Mary Ann Beall Daughter of W M Beall and Mary his wife I who died on the 29th I November 1817 in the 46th year of I her age"
.. In memory of Mary Beall wife of William M Beall who died on the 26th of April 1810 in the 68th year of her Age
Richard Wood 42.13A FR £22.3.0 Dec 10 1749 Dec 20 1749
Appraisers: Henry Ballenger, Daniel Mathews.
Mentions: Mary Tannehill.
Administrator/Executor: Absalom Hayworth. 
Tannehill, Mary (I021307)
56353 Children
Mary Anne HOUSE b: 5 Apr 1838
Newton Jasper HOUSE b: 1 Feb 1840 in Mo.
Arthur Curtis HOUSE b: 9 Aug 1843 in Boone County, Kentucky.
Christopher Felix HOUSE b: 14 Jan 1845
George Mason HOUSE b: 26 Feb 1848
Jacob Templemann HOUSE b: 30 Sep 1836 in Boone County, Kentucky. 
House, Eli (I005989)
56354 Children
Mary BEATTY b: 1 NOV 1766 in Frederick County, Maryland
Michael BEATTY b: 9 OCT 1768 in Frederick Co., Md.
James E. BEATTY , Jr. b: 30 SEP 1770 in Frederick Co., Md.
Elizabeth BEATTY b: 6 AUG 1772 in Frederick Co., Md.
Lydia BEATTY b: 5 JUL 1774
Edward BEATTY b: 1 JUN 1776
Jonathon BEATTY b: 22 JUL 1778
Nancy Ann BEATTY b: 5 MAR 1780
Ruth BEATTY b: 1 APR 1782
Anna BEATTY b: 10 DEC 1784
Barbara BEATTY b: 20 AUG 1786 in Fayette Co., Ky. 
Von Raymer, Elizabeth (I071300)
56355 Children
Mary Chelf
Joel Chelf b: 1787
Thomas Chelf b: 1789
James Chelf b: 1794
Isaac Chelf b: 1796 
Chelf, Isaac (I006091)
56356 Children
Mary E. MARLOW b: 1816
Sarah Anne MARLOW
Elizabeth MARLOW b: 16 Jul 1818 in Nelson Country, Kentucky 
Mobberly, Elizabeth (I018177)
56357 Children
Mary Elizabeth Clore b: 13 FEB 1846 in Boone County, Kentucky
Melissa Clore b: 1847 in Boone County, Kentucky
Sarah Frances Clore b: 18 AUG 1849 in Boone County, Kentucky
Missouri A. Clore b: 12 FEB 1852 in Kentucky
James Alonzo Clore b: 1854
Permelia Kennie Clore b: 1856 in Boone County, Kentucky
Artemizia Clore b: 1858 in Boone County, Kentucky
William Levi Clore b: 4 SEP 1860 in Kentucky
Bird Smith Clore b: 1863 in Kentucky
Harriet Elizabeth Clore b: 3 APR 1865 in Hebron, Boone County, Kentucky
B. C. Clore
Original Patent Land Records, Randolph County, Illinois 1814-1974 by Lola Crowder

p 32
Clore, Isaac Apr. 13, 1838 47B
Sec.22 T7 R6 70.62 acres
June 30, 1837 47B
Sec.22 T7 R6 79.70 acres
Apr. 12, 1838 64B
Sec.15 T6 R7 40 acres

1850 Census of Kentucky
Disk 1, p 1431, Boone County, District 2, p 223, Dwelling 1200, Family 1200
Isaac Clore 40 M Va Carpenter $1500
Maria " 37 F Ky
Mary E. " 4 F Do
Melissa " 3 F Do
Sarah L. " 1 F Do
John Foley 23 M Ireland Laborer
Thomas Pendergras 23 M Do Do

1860 Boone County, Kentucky Slave Schedules
Owner Age Sex Color
Isaac Clore 20 M B
" 17 F B
Isaac Clore was born 15 SEP 1810 in Madison County, Virginia, and died 15 FEB 1884 in Boone County, Kentucky. He was the son of 2. Levi Clore and 3. Mary "Polly" Yager. He married Maria Anderson 17 NOV 1844 in Randolph County, Illinois. She was born 1 AUG 1823 in Kentucky, and died 15 MAY 1884 in Boone County, Kentucky.

Children of Isaac Clore and Maria Anderson are: i. Mary Elizabeth Clore was born 13 FEB 1846 in Boone County, Kentucky, and died 31 JUL 1883. She married Jacob William Rouse 21 FEB 1865 in Boone County, Kentucky, son of Henry Rouse and Mary Anne Crigler. He was born 15 JAN 1839 in Boone County, Kentucky, and died 27 JUN 1916 in Boone County, Kentucky.
ii. Melissa Clore was born 1847 in Boone County, Kentucky. She married Jed V. Davis 19 OCT 1865.
iii. Sarah Frances Clore was born 18 AUG 1849 in Boone County, Kentucky, and died AFT. 1929. She married William Washington Tanner 29 SEP 1869 in Hamilton County, Ohio. He was born 21 JUN 1847 in Kentucky, and died 26 JUN 1935 in Boone County, Kentucky.
iv. Missouri A. Clore was born 12 FEB 1852 in Kentucky, and died 7 FEB 1940. She married Joel Robert Tanner 5 OCT 1871 in Boone County, Kentucky. He was born 1846 in Kentucky, and died 7 JUN 1885 in Boone County, Kentucky. She married Jacob William Rouse 25 MAR 1891 in Boone County, Kentucky, son of Henry Rouse and Mary Anne Crigler. He was born 15 JAN 1839 in Boone County, Kentucky, and died 27 JUN 1916 in Boone County, Kentucky.
v. James Alonzo Clore was born 1854, and died 17 JAN 1856.
vi. Permelia Kennie Clore was born 1856 in Boone County, Kentucky, and died 23 OCT 1911 in Boone County, Kentucky. She married Samuel W. Helm, son of Lewis Helm and Fanny Clore. He was born ABT. 1844 in Kentucky.
vii. Artemizia Clore was born 1858 in Boone County, Kentucky, and died AFT. 1930. She married Walter O. Hofer 12 MAR 1874.
viii. William Levi Clore was born 4 SEP 1860 in Kentucky, and died 22 AUG 1940 in Kenton County, Kentucky. He married Mary Alice Wilhoit 15 APR 1882. She was born 24 MAR 1859 in Indiana.
ix. Bird Smith Clore was born 1863 in Kentucky, and died 1933. He married Stella Riggs 15 DEC 1889 in Ludlow, Kenton County, Kentucky, daughter of John Mason Riggs and Sarah "Sallie" Stansifer. She was born 8 NOV 1870 in Constance, Boone County, Kentucky, and died 11 JUL 1959 in Kenton County, Kentucky.
x. Harriet Elizabeth Clore was born 3 APR 1865 in Hebron, Boone County, Kentucky, and died AFT. 1930. She married John T. Aylor 24 AUG 1884 in Hebron, Boone County, Kentucky. He was born ABT. 1863 in Kentucky.
xi. B. C. Clore. 
Clore, Isaac (I006146)
56358 Children
Mary Jane Carter b: 27 NOV 1827 in Kentucky
Eliza Anne Carter b: 12 MAR 1832 in Kentucky
James Madison Carter b: 29 OCT 1834 in Kentucky
Frances Wilhoit Carter b: 17 JUN 1837 in Kentucky
Thomas Jefferson Carter b: 30 NOV 1839 in Kentucky
Benjamin Allen Carter b: 3 SEP 1842 in Kentucky
Andrew Marion Carter b: 4 AUG 1845 in Kentucky

Boone Co. 1850 Census District 2, pg 164, household 324, Blacksmith
Lived next to Samuel Lampton 
Carter, James Cloud (I005738)
56359 Children
Mary Jane DANNER b: 18 Nov 1851 in Shenandoah Valley, Hardy County, Virginia
Emeline Francelia DANNER b: 28 Mar 1854
Rebecca Louisa DANNER b: 3 Jan 1856
Marion Harvey DANNER b: 16 Oct 1857
Marietta Isadore DANNER b: 24 Jun 1864 
Danner, Samuel H. (I007307)
56360 Children
Mary Jane JAMISON b: 1815 in Frederick Co, MD
Teresa JAMISON b: in Frederick Co, MD
Susannah JAMISON b: in Frederick Co, MD
Catherine JAMISON b: in Frederick Co, MD
Mary Anne JAMISON b: in Frederick Co, MD 
Mudd, Louisa Jane (I017548)
56361 Children
Mary ORME b: 24 Jan 1752 in ,,Prince George's, MD.
MOSES ORME b: 30 Oct 1755 in Prince George's, Maryland
Samuel Taylor ORME b: Dec 1757 in ,,Prince George's, MD
James ORME b: 1759 in ,,Prince George's, MD
Brown, Virlindar, widow, Prince George's County, 23rd April, 1741 11th Jan., 1741.
To granddaus. Priscalla and Virlindar Taylor, son Samuel Taylar, dau.-in-law Mary Taylor, personalty.
To Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas Grant, Sr., 150 a. near Rock Creek.
to son Samuel, afsd., ex., residue of estate.
Test: Wm. Neal, Eliz. Neal, F. Waring. MCW 22.434
Prince George's County, Maryland Land Records 1772-1774; Liber BB 3 {Abstract by Mike Marshall}; Page 427. At the request of Thomas Gantt, Jr. the following Deed was recorded April 12, 1774
Indenture made April 7, 1774; between Thomas Burnes, Mary Burnes his wife and Moses Orme of the one part and Thomas Gantt, Jr. of the other part. Whereas Mary Throne by her last will and testament did devise to her daughter Mary Throne now wife to Thomas Burnes part of a tract called "Taylorton" containing about 70 acres and whereas the said will does not direct what part of a tract the land shall be laid off to her daughter and whereas Moses Orme intermarried with Virlinder Taylor daughter of Samuel Taylor and has since the decease of Mary Throne purchased from the coheirs of Samuel Taylor all their right and estate to the aforesaid tract called "Taylorton" and Moses Orme being desirous that Mary Throne's will should be complying with and likewise thinking it was the intention of the divisor that the said 70 acres should be laid off to her daughter out of that part of the land which was purchased from Samuel Taylor by John Wight, grandfather to the divisor aforesaid for which reason he the said Moses Orme has made himself a party in this deed with Thomas Burnes and Mary Burnes his wife that the right and title to the above 70 acres of land may be the better secured. Wherefore the said Thomas Burnes, Mary Burnes his wife and Moses Orme in consideration of 109 pounds 4 shillings sterling money of Great Britain paid by Thomas Gantt, Jr. has sold by these presents the aforesaid tract called "Taylorton" containing 70 acres and beginning at a bounded white oak standing near the mouth of Taylor's Branch and bounded on the 7th line of that part of the tract called "Taylorton" which was bought by Thomas Gantt from Samuel Taylor and uxor. Signed Thomas Burnes, Mary Burnes, Moses Orme in the presence of and acknowledged before John Harrison, Alexander Howard Magruder and at the same time Mary Burnes wife of Thomas Burnes relinquished her right of dower
Prince George's County, Maryland Land Records 1780-1784; Liber FF 1 {Abstract by Mike Marshall}; Page 333. At the request of Matthew Eversfield the following Deed was enrolled June 13, 1783
Indenture made June 2, 1783; Moses Orme, (heir at law to the late Moses Orme and Verlinda Orme his wife, deceased) James Wilson and Priscilla Wilson his wife, John Thomas and Ann Thomas his wife in consideration of 150 pounds currency paid by Matthew Eversfield has sold by these presents part of a tract called "Taylorton" alias "Taylor's Rest" and containing 51 ĺ acres. Signed Moses Orme, James Wilson, Priscilla Wilson, John Thomas, Jr., Ann Thomas in the presence of and acknowledged before John Smith Brookes, John Brown and at the same time Ailcey Orme wife of Moses Orme, Priscilla Wilson wife of James Wilson and Ann Thomas wife of John Thomas, Jr. being by us privately examined out of the hearing of their husbands freely relinquished their right of dower 
Taylor, Verlinda (I017959)
56362 Children
Mary Weaver b: in Culpeper County, Virginia
Elizabeth Weaver b: in Culpeper County, Virginia
Ephraim Weaver b: in Culpeper County, Virginia
Mathias Weaver b: in Culpeper County, Virginia
Charles Weaver b: in Culpeper County, Virginia
Nancy Weaver b: 1783 in Culpeper County, Virginia 
Weaver, Daniel (I005750)
56363 Children
AQUILLA BLANDFORD b: ABT 1772 in Charles County, Maryland

Children of William Blandford and Joanna Pidgeon are:
Mary Ann Blandford, born Abt. 1782 in Charles Co, MD; died Unknown; married Lewis O'Bryan September 27, 1800 in Nelson Co, KY.
ii. John Pidgeon Blandford, born Abt. 1774; died Unknown.
iii. Aquilla James Blandford, born Abt. 1776; died Unknown.
iv. Christina Blandford, born Abt. 1778; died Unknown.
v. Nathaniel Blandford, born 1779; died Unknown.
vi. Jenny Blandford, born Abt. 1780; died Unknown.
vii. Alice Blandford, born Abt. 1785; died Unknown.
viii. Mildred Ann Blandford, born 1787; died Unknown.
ix. Sarah Blandford, born 1790; died Unknown.
Charles County Land Records 1786-1790; Liber D#4; Page 531, Jul 17, 1789 from William Blandford (Blanford) & Joannah, his wife, of CC, to Thomas Waters of CC, for 4000 lbs of crop tobacco, a tract of land called New Branford, lying in CC near the Cool Springs and also all the Back Rents due for the rents of the afd land, Signed - William Blaford [sic], Joannah (X her mark) Blanford. Wit - John Morton*, Alex" McPherson*. Recorded Jul 21, 1789. 
Pidgeon, Johanna (I017391)
56364 Children
Milly VAULX b: ABT 1733
Mary "Molly" VAULX b: ABT 1735
Katy VAULX b: ABT 1737
Kenner VAULX b: ABT 1738
Elizabeth VAULX b: ABT 1740
Sally VAULX b: ABT 1742 
Ball, Mary (I023828)
56365 Children
Milton Carl Price b: 17 MAY 1875
Alonzo Bartlett Price b: 26 APR 1878 
Price, William Albert (I005717)
56366 Children
Minette STEPHENS b: 9 JUL 1887 in Boone Co Ky
Frances STEPHENS b: 1 OCT 1888
Floyd STEPHENS b: 27 AUG 1894
Lee M STEPHENS b: 26 MAR 1891 
Stephens, Richard T (I006639)
56367 Children
Minnie O. Ryle b: ABT. 1878 in Kentucky
Hogan M. Ryle b: ABT. 1881 in Kentucky
Stanley C. Ryle b: ABT. 1891 in Kentucky

Vol. 3, E.D. 3, Page 17, Line 93
Marshall, Harvey
White, b. Aug., 1816, Age 83, b. in Kentucky
Boone, Mag. Dist. 2, Petersburg
Ryle, Moses, SL, May, 1846, 54, Kentucky
-- Agnes, D, May, 1849, 51, Kentucky
-- Luly [sic], GD, April, 1875, 25, Kentucky
-- Minnie, GD, Sept., 1877, 22, Kentucky
-- Hogan, GS, May, 1880, 20, Kentucky
Ryle, Susie, GD, Jan., 1884, 16, Kentucky
-- Stanley, GS, July, 1890, 9, Kentucky

1. Agnes MARSHALL was born 2 MAY 1849 in Boone Co Ky, and died 9 MAR 1925 in Boone Co Ky. She was buried in Belleview Cemetery, Boone Co Ky. She was the daughter of 2. Harvey P MARSHALL and 3. Harriet Elizabeth CLORE. She married Moses S RYLE 27 JAN 1870 in Boone Co Ky, son of Hogan RYLE and Elizabeth AKIN. He was born 17 MAY 1845 in Boone Co Ky, and died 24 MAR 1913 in Boone Co Ky. He was buried in Belleview Cemetery, Boone Co Ky.

Children of Agnes MARSHALL and Moses S RYLE are: i. Adah RYLE was born 2 JUN 1871 in Boone Co Ky, and died 3 MAR 1932 in Boone Co Ky. She married Lawrence L POPE 16 APR 1896 in Boone Co Ky, son of Samuel POPE and Susan Anne JONES. He was born 1869, and died 18 JUL 1945 in Kenton Co Ky.
ii. Hubert RYLE was born 4 AUG 1874 in Boone Co Ky, and died 29 APR 1937 in Carlton, Boone Co Ky. He married Desie B STEPHENS 12 SEP 1895 in Boone Co Ky, daughter of Lewis Lunsford STEPHENS and Hetha Anne STEPHENS. She was born 5 AUG 1877 in Boone Co Ky, and died 11 APR 1939 in Carlton, Boone Co Ky.
iii. Lulah RYLE was born 25 APR 1875.
iv. Minneola (Minnie) RYLE was born 23 SEP 1877, and died 22 OCT 1949 in Kenton Co Ky. She married Lonnie L CLORE 15 JAN 1927 in Boone Co Ky, son of Lewis L CLORE and Georgia Anne CLORE. He was born 19 JUN 1876 in Boone Co Ky, and died 12 SEP 1953 in Kenton Co Ky.
v. Hogan RYLE was born 24 MAY 1880 in Boone Co Ky, and died 11 MAY 1962 in Boone Co Ky. He married Effie BEEMON 20 DEC 1911 in Boone Co Ky, daughter of Perry BEEMON and Mabell STEPHENS. She was born 16 MAY 1884 in Boone Co Ky, and died 23 NOV 1962 in Boone Co Ky.
vi. Susie RYLE was born 24 JAN 1884 in Boone Co Ky, and died 1 OCT 1964 in Boone Co Ky. She married Elbert SCOTT 1910 in Boone Co Ky, son of Elijah Ryle SCOTT and Lucy Jane MORROW. He was born 2 OCT 1878 in Boone Co Ky, and died 14 MAR 1957 in Kenton Co Ky.
vii. Stanley C RYLE was born 4 JUL 1890 in Boone Co Ky, and died 8 JAN 1940 in Boone Co Ky. He married Lillian KELLEY 1919 in Boone Co Ky. She was born 1894, and died 13 FEB 1986 in Kenton Co Ky. 
Ryle, Moses S. (I005457)
56368 Children
Moriah Mildred Terrill b: ABT 1824 in Boone County, Kentucky.
Harvey Terrill b: 19 MAY 1825 in Boone County, Kentucky.
Hannah E. Terrill b: 29 MAR 1827 in Boone County, Kentucky.
Richard Terrill b: 22 JAN 1829 in Boone County, Kentucky.
Susan Terrill b: 13 NOV 1830 in Boone County, Kentucky.
Tudor Terrill b: 12 MAY 1836 in Boone County, Kentucky.
John F. Terrill b: 17 APR 1838 in Boone County, Kentucky.
Arthur Terrill b: 23 SEP 1840 in Boone County, Kentucky. 
Parker, Elizabeth Winslow (I000761)
56369 Children
Moses David HOUSE b: 4 Aug 1835 in Boone County, Kentucky.
Charles Wesley HOUSE b: 14 Aug 1836 in Boone County, Kentucky.
Martha Jane HOUSE b: 6 Apr 1838 in Boone County, Kentucky.
Margaret Anne HOUSE b: 6 Oct 1839 in Boone County, Kentucky.
Sarah Higgins HOUSE b: 8 Jan 1841 in Boone County, Kentucky.
Mary Eliza HOUSE b: 14 Oct 1842
Curtis Smullin HOUSE b: 24 Apr 1844
James Benjamin HOUSE b: 30 Dec 1845 
House, Benjamin G. (I005993)
56370 Children
Moses DAVIS b: 1763
Rachel DAVIS b: 1764
Isaac DAVIS b: 1766
Lydia DAVIS b: 1768
Joshua DAVIS b: 1770
A history of Henry County, Virginia, with biographical sketches of its most ... By Judith Parks America Hill 
Moreland, Sarah (I014465)
56371 Children
Moses Fray CRIGLER
Ephraim Dutton CRIGLER b: 1818
Aaron Henry CRIGLER
Nancy Margaret CRIGLER
Sarah Alcinda CRIGLER
Mary Katherine CRIGLER
John Nicholas CRIGLER
Silas Jeremiah CRIGLER
Nancy Margaret CRIGLER
William Albert CRIGLER
Robert Lewis CRIGLER b: 18 Dec 1834 in Boone County, Kentucky.
Martha Virginia CRIGLER
Harriet Elizabeth CRIGLER 
Crigler, Nicholas (I005292)
56372 Children
Nancy C. Piper
Hannah Anne Piper b: ABT 1798
James Hays Piper b: ABT 1800 in Rockbridge Co.,Va
Contributed by: James Hughes

URL: http://www5.familytreemaker.com/cgi-bin/texis/find/search30/?query=virgini a+wills+david+piper&db=online&areas=10&head=online&booknum=&category=&word s=virginia+wills&first=david&last=piper&cmd=context&id=37c2220430#hit1
URL title: Family Tree Maker Online: GenealogyLibrary.com: Abstracts of Wills in Fairfax County, Virginia , Page 11

4 Jan. 1754. No date of probate.

Legatees: Elizabeth Key (sister), Mary Love (dau. of Thomas Love), Charles Love (son of Thomas Love), Anne Love (sister). Sarah Hays, Martha Bozman, Betty Bozman (children of husband).
Exrs: Thomas Love and David Piper.
Wit: John Farguson, William Hays and John Hays. 
Hayes, Mary (I025635)
56373 Children
Nancy CRISLER b: 1 OCT 1780
Phebe "Pheobe" CRISLER b: 10 MAR 1784
David CRISLER b: 30 MAY 1787
Margaret CRISLER b: 2 OCT 1789
John CRISLER b: 6 SEP 1792
Fannie CRISLER b: 19 MAY 1795
Anna CRISLER b: 31 MAY 1798
Rhoda CRISLER b: 10 JUN 1801
Catharine CRISLER b: 27 MAR 1804
Rebecca CRISLER b: ABT 1805

1. Elizabeth WAYLAND was born ABT 1757 in ,,Virginia. She was the daughter of 2. John WAYLAND and 3. Catherine BROYLES. She married David CRISLER ABT 1780, son of Theobald CRISLER and Rosina GAAR. He was born ABT 1742.

Children of Elizabeth WAYLAND and David CRISLER are: i. Nancy CRISLER was born 1 OCT 1780. She married CONRAD. He was born ABT 1778.
ii. Phebe "Pheobe" CRISLER was born 10 MAR 1784.
iii. David CRISLER was born 30 MAY 1787. He married Nancy BEAN. She was born ABT 1790.
iv. Margaret CRISLER was born 2 OCT 1789.
v. John CRISLER was born 6 SEP 1792.
vi. Fannie CRISLER was born 19 MAY 1795. She married BLAKE. He was born ABT 1793.
vii. Anna CRISLER was born 31 MAY 1798. She married FEATHERS. He was born ABT 1795.
viii. Rhoda CRISLER was born 10 JUN 1801. She married Daniel BARLOW 26 MAY 1825 in Boone Co.,KY, son of Christopher BARLOW and Catherine FLESHMAN. He was born 1775/1780 in Culpeper Co.,VA, and died in Boone Co.,KY.
ix. Catharine CRISLER was born 27 MAR 1804. She married MITCHELL. He was born ABT 1800.
x. Rebecca CRISLER was born ABT 1805. 
Crisler, David (I007010)
56374 Children
Rebecca DAWSON
Ellen DAWSON b: 12 Apr 1782
Benoni DAWSON b: 1785
George DAWSON b: 26 Sep 1787
Nicholas DAWSON b: 1792
Mackall DAWSON b: 1795
Henry DAWSON b: 1805 
Dawson, Thomas Brook (I006668)
56375 Children
Nancy Maccubbin b: ABT 1768 in Baltimore Co, Maryland
Rebecca Maccubbin b: ABT 1748 in Baltimore , MD
Deborah Maccubbin b: 1759
Mary Maccubbin b: 6 FEB 1761 in Baltimore , MD 
Norwood, Sarah (I031351)
56376 Children
Nancy McMillion b: 4 Nov 1762 in Fauquier County, Virginia
Joseph McMillion b: 15 Oct 1764 in Greenbrier County, (West) Virginia
Mary McMillion b: 18 Dec 1766 in Greenbrier County, (West) Virginia
Elizabeth Margaret McMillion b: 18 Nov 1768 in Greenbrier County, (West) Virginia
John "Jack" McMillion III b: 26 Dec 1771 in Greenbrier County, (West) Virginia
Martha "Patsie" McMillion b: 18 Mar 1773 in Greenbrier County, (West) Virginia
Hannah McMillion b: 23 May 1775 in Greenbrier County, (West) Virginia
Daniel McMillion b: 10 Jun 1777 in Greenbrier County, (West) Virginia
William McMillion b: 18 Dec 1779 in Greenbrier County, (West) Virginia
Jane "Jennie" McMillion b: 25 Feb 1782 in Greenbrier County, (West) Virginia
Catherine "Katy" McMillion b: 15 Jan 1784 in Greenbrier County, (West) Virginia
Sarah "Sally" McMillion b: 25 Jan 1786 in Greenbrier County, (West) Virginia

Children of Martha PALMER and John MCMILLION are:1. i. Nancy MCMILLION was born 4 NOV 1762. She married Benjamin HAMRICK.
ii. Joseph MCMILLION was born 15 OCT 1764. He married Jane HANNAH 22 JUL 1791 in Greenbrier County, WV by S. Weeks, daughter of James W HANNAH and Eliza GILLIAN. She was born 15 OCT 1764 in Loudoun County, VA, and died 9 JUL 1855 in Greenbrier, County, VA.
iii. Mary MCMILLION was born 18 DEC 1766. She married Patrick CONSTANTINE. She married Jonathan KIDD 28 APR 1793.
iv. John "Jack" MCMILLION was born 26 DEC 1771, and died 1848 in Greenbrier County, WVA. He married Rachel HUTCHINSON 11 JAN 1793 in Greenbrier County, VA by J. Kobbs. She was born 1776, and died in Greenbrier Co, VA.
v. Martha (Patsie) MCMILLION was born 18 MAR 1773. She married William MCCLUNG. He was born 1 APR 1777 in Greenbrier County, VA, and died 10 AUG 1866 in Greenbrier County, WV.
vi. Daniel MCMILLION was born 10 JUN 1777, and died 1826 in Greenbrier Co, VA. He married Nancy LEWIS 19 SEP 1805 in Greenbrier County, WV by Jno.Pinnell, daughter of George LEWIS and PHOEBE.
vii. William MCMILLION was born 18 DEC 1779, and died 1826 in Greenbrier Co, VA. He married Margaret BLAIR 14 MAY 1801 in Greenbrier County, WV, by Jos. Osborne. He married Elizabeth Betsey PERKINS 3 MAY 1804 in Greenbriar County, VA, daughter of Henry PERKINS.
viii. Jane "Jennie" MCMILLION was born 25 FEB 1782. She married John MCMILLION, son of Joseph MCMILLION and Jane HANNAH. She married James HUMES 24 MAY 1805 in Greenbriar County, VA. She married John MCMILLION 15 JUN 1815 in Greenbriar County, VA, son of Joseph MCMILLION and Jane HANNAH. He was born NOV 1794 in Greenbrier Co, VA, and died 13 JUL 1857 in Greenbrier Co, VA.
ix. Catharin "Katy" MCMILLION was born 15 JAN 1784.
x. Sarah "Sally" MCMILLION was born 25 JAN 1786 in Greenbrier County, VA, and died 1862 in Gallia County, OH. She married Nicholas KIRE OCT 1811 in Greenbrier Co. VA. He was born in Greenbrier Co, VA, and died 1856 in Gallia County, OH.
xi. Patty MCMILLION.
xii. Elizabeth Margaret MCMILLION was born 18 NOV 1768. She married David WILLIAMS 1788 in Greenbriar County, VA, son of David WILLIAMS and Elizabeth Margaret MCMILLION. He was born in Nickname is Long Dave, and died 21 JAN 1837 in Greenbrier Co, VA. She married David WILLIAMS 1788 in Greenbriar County, VA, son of John WILLIAMS and Mary MCCOY. He was born in Augusta County, VA, and died 21 JAN 1837 in Old Salem Church Cem. Williamsburg Dist.. 
Palmer, Martha (I048999)
56377 Children
Nancy UTZ b: 16 Mar 1812 in Rockingham County, Virginia
Mary Anne UTZ b: 17 Mar 1814 in Rockingham County, Virginia
Wirinda UTZ b: 25 Aug 1816 in Rockingham, Virginia
Susannah UTZ b: 1821
William UTZ b: 1822 in Rockingham, Virginia.
Lidia UTZ b: Abt. 1830 in Madison, Virginia

ended up in Preble Co. Oh 
Utz, Lewis (I005931)
56378 Children
Nancy Willett b: 1786 in Nelson County, Kentucky
Mary Willett b: 1788 in Nelson County, Kentucky
Susan Willett b: 14 MAR 1792 in Nelson County, Kentucky
John Willett b: 1794 in Nelson County, Kentucky
Samuel Willett b: 8 SEP 1796 in Nelson County, Kentucky
Griffith Willett b: 5 OCT 1798 in Nelson County, Kentucky
Richard Willett b: 28 DEC 1800 in Nelson County, Kentucky
James Willett b: 1802 in Nelson County, Kentucky
George W. Willett b: 8 OCT 1804 in Nelson County, Kentucky
Elizabeth Willett b: 1806 in Nelson County, Kentucky
Mary Eliza Willett b: 1808 in Nelson County, Kentucky

x. George E. (2) WILLETT was born 17 Apr 1757 in Prince George's County, Maryland, English Colonies, and died 6 Jul 1811 in Nelson County, Kentucky. He married Elizabeth SANDERS Abt 1780, daughter of Samuel SANDERS and Anna GORDON. She was born 1768 in Virginia, English Colonies, and died 25 Mar 1815 in Nelson County, Kentucky. 
Sanders, Elizabeth (I035743)
56379 Children
Nathaniel Wickham b: AFT. 1755 in Montgomery County, Virginia
John Wickham b: BET. 1755 - 1770
Joseph Wickham b: BET. 1755 - 1770
Mariam Wickham b: ABT. 1756 in Fredrick County, Maryland
Mary Wickham b: 1756 in Frederick County, Maryland
Robert Wickham b: 1762 in , Frederick, Maryland, USA
Elizabeth Wickham b: ABT. 1765 in Montgomery County, Virginia
Sarah Wickham b: 10 JUL 1770
Frederick County LandRecordAbstracts -Liber L, 1767-1770
581-582. Simon Nichols recorded 19 Nov. 1768, made 16 Nov. 1768 between Nathaniel Wickham, son and heir of Nathaniel Wickham of FC, for £17..6..8 sells part oftract called Crampton, beginning at 2nd line of said land, M&B given for 49 3/4 acres. Signed Nath Wickham before David Lynn. Receipt. 
Wickham, Nathaniel (I010560)
56380 Children
Owen P. Tanner b: 1840 in Kentucky
Jasper P. Tanner b: ABT. 1843 in Kentucky
Jacob L. Tanner b: ABT. 1849 in Kentucky
Lewis A. Tanner b: ABT. 1851 in Kentucky
Ephraim D. Tanner b: ABT. 1855 in Kentucky
Charles C. Tanner b: ABT. 1860 in Kentucky 
Tanner, Llewellyn (I005662)
56381 Children
Owen Presser b: ABT. 1864 in Kentucky
Verinda Presser b: ABT. 1866 in Kentucky
Perry Presser b: ABT. 1869 in Kentucky
Lizzie Presser b: 30 AUG 1867

1850 Census pg 123 
Presser, William M. (I005484)
56382 Children
Penelope Payne b: 20 APR 1785 in Fairfax County,VA USA
William Payne b: 1787 in Fairfax County,VA USA
Benjamin Payne b: 1789 in Fairfax County,VA USA
Theodosia Payne b: 1791 in Fairfax County,VA USA
Alexander Payne b: 3 AUG 1795 in Fairfax County,VA USA 
Coe, Mary (I052662)
56383 Children
Peter NEALE b: ABT 1700
Edward NEALE b: ABT 1700
Presley NEALE b: ABT 1700
Ursula NEALE b: ABT 1700

1709, Sep 21. Chirsto. NEWALE, gentleman and Jane his wife, late Jane ROGERS, widow of Richard ROGERS, gentleman, dec'd and one of the dau of Peter PRESLY, Sr. gentleman, late dec'd of St. Stephen's Parish--to Peter PRESLY, now elder of same parish, gentleman, for 264 acres--on N. W. side of Chincahan Creek part of 1000 a. granted by _____ to Richard RUSSELL, dated Septe. 25, 1657--deserted and taken up by James POPE by deed dated 12 Oct, 1660 for a valueable consideration, by sd. POPE, made over unto Wm. PRESLY, and Peter PRESLY, the father (and donor of the hereby granted land to sd Jane by deed dated Apr 24, 1662 sd 264 a. bounded by the land of sd Peter PRTSLY party to these presents and land of the late Ebenezer SANDERS, dec'd (son of Mrs. Mary THOMAS dec'd and Dr. Edward SANDERS) , now in the occupation of John COCKRILL who married the widow of sd SANDERS.
1687-1699 Order Book Part 2 - Northumberland Co Va; Hamrick: Pg 783
Northumberland County Court August 18 1697
Upon the motion of Mrs. JANE ROGERS and Mr. THOMAS BANKES, Executors of Mr. RICHARD ROGERS deceased, a Probate is granted them of the Last Will and Testament of the said deceased, the Will being proved by the oaths of Capt. RODHAM KENNER, ELEANOR GREENE and JANE MUCKAUTION Witnesses thereto and is recorded.
Upon the motion of Mrs. JANE ROGERS anc Mr. THOMAS BANKS Executors of Mr. RICHARD ROGERS, Mr. JOHN CRALLE, Mr. THOMAS BUSHROD, HENRY DAWSON, Mr. CHRISTOPHER NEALE and WILLIAM PARKER or any four of them being first sworn by the nearest Justice are by the Court appointed to appralse the Estate of the said deceased ROGERS, And ordered that the said Executors exhibit an Inventory thereof to the next Court upon their oaths.
1687-1699 Order Book Part 2 - Northumberland Co Va; Hamrick: Pg 814
Northumberland County Court February 19, 1698
CHRISTOPHER NEALE and JANE his wife Executrix of Mr. RICHARD ROGERS deceased was arrested at the Suit of Mr. RAWL. TRAVERS assignee of ZECHARY NICHOLS for three thousand one hundred and two pounds of Tobacco and they have failed to appear and answer the said Suit. Order is therefore granted the said TRAVERS Assignee as abovesaid against Capt. WILLIAM JONES Sheriff for the said sum according to Law.
An Attachment is Awarded the Sheriff against CHRISTOPHER NEALE and JANE his wife Executrix of Mr. RICHARD ROGERS for three thousand one hundred and eighty pounds of Tobacco with Costs returnable to the next Court.
1699-1706 Order Book Part 1 - Northumberland Co Va; Hamrick: Pg 354
Northumberland County Court - 17th of Aug't Anno 1705
Capt. RICHARD {sic Christopher} NEALE & JANE his wife the Surviveing Exec'x of M'r_RICHARD ROGERS dec'ed this day p'sented a further Inventary or List of the s'd ROGERS his Estate upon Oath & the same is Admitted to Record. 
Presley, Jane (I025874)
56384 Children
Phoebe MUIR b: Abt. 1783 in ,Fayette County, Kentucky
George MUIR b: Abt. 1800 in ,Fayette County, Kentucky
Sarah "Sally" MUIR b: 27 Jul 1786 in Boone's Station, Fayette County, Kentucky
Benjamin MUIR
Nancy MUIR

Sons Horatio and Esley Muir are not sons of George, however they may be sons of Samuel, George or Robert who moved to Ky too 
Ferguson, Anne (I021934)
56385 Children
Pollie Belle Hicks
Elizabeth Hicks b: 1872
Samuel Conroy Hicks b: DEC 1876 in Union, Boone County, Kentucky

Marriage 1 Unknown
Married: 13 FEB 1854 
Hicks, Harvey A. (I005466)
56386 Children
Priscilla Willett
Anne Willett
Susannah Willett
Mary Willett
Edward Willett
Sarah Willett
Elizabeth Willett
Rachel Willett
George Washington Willett
folio 187 RICHARD SIMMONS, planter 04/02/1782 04/19/1784
"being weak of Body ..."
Bequeaths to:
I . William Simmons --grandson
Samuel Simmons --grandson {sons of son Samuel, deceased
Richard Simmons --grandson
-to have 100 acres of land to be taken out of a tract of land called "Landover" and laid off between the dwelling house wherein testator now resides and the dwelling house of testator's son Jonathan.
2. Jonathan Simmons -son
-to have 100 acres of the land called "Landover" to be laid off on that part of the said tract now occupied by Jonathan Simmons in such a manner as to include all the buildings now occupied by Jonathan
-named executor of the wit[
3. Robert Simmons --son -to have 120 1/2 A acres of land to be taken out of the tract of land called "Landover" and being the remainder of the tract and including those building s not given to testator's
son Jonathan,
-to have Negro boy "Jacob"
-to have 1 feather bed and furn, and 1 iron pot and frying pan
4. Thomas Gantt
-should there be any dispute arising over the land left to the above, then to be decided by Gantt
5, Richard Simmons --son
Elizabeth Willett --daughter
Nancy Willett --daughter
Susanna Orme --daughter
Sarah Miles --daughter
-the remainder of the estate to be divided between him and Jonathan and also three grandsons above named and daughters
Witnesses: James Waring
John Sandsberrie
Then came: the two above. named subscribers to the will
Note the testator signed the will with his mark 
Simmons, Elizabeth (I035728)
56387 Children
Rachel PRICE b: 13 Mar 1778 in Baltimore County, Maryland
Benjamin PRICE b: 1777 in Baltimore County, Maryland
Thomas PRICE b: 11 Apr 1775
Melinda PRICE b: 11 Apr 1775
Mary PRICE b: Abt 1779
John PRICE b: Abt 1780
Mordecai PRICE b: Abt 1788
Joshua PRICE b: Abt 1791 
Hatfield, Mary (I043721)
56388 Children
Rachel Utz b: 16 AUG 1763 in Culpeper (now Madison) County, Virginia
Johannes Utz b: 14 APR 1766 in Culpeper (now Madison) County, Virginia
Absalon Utz b: 5 MAY 1768 in Culpeper (now Madison) County, Virginia
Georg Utz b: 8 NOV 1770 in Culpeper (now Madison) County, Virginia
Hanna Utz b: 20 APR 1773 in Culpeper (now Madison) County, Virginia
Solomon Utz b: 19 JUN 1775 in Culpeper (now Madison) County, Virginia
Moses Utz b: 19 JUN 1777 in Culpeper County, Virginia
Maria Barbara Utz b: 22 NOV 1782 in Culpeper County, Virginia
Maria Utz b: 19 JUN 1790 in Culpeper County, Virginia
Susanna Utz b: 19 JUN 1790 in Culpeper County, Virginia 
Weaver, Margaret (I005598)
56389 Children
Reason Price b: 5 DEC 1785 in Nelson County, Kentucky
Anne Price b: 12 SEP 1789 in Nelson County, Kentucky
Priscilla Price b: 1792 in Nelson County, Kentucky
Mary Price b: 1796 in Nelson County, Kentucky
William Price b: 1800 in Nelson County, Kentucky
Richard Price b: 1805 in Nelson County, Kentucky
Prince George's County, Maryland Land Records 1774-1780; Liber CC 2 {Abstract by Mike Marshall}; Page 522. At the request of George Willett the following Deed of Gift was recorded November 12, 1778
I Mary Willett, widow in consideration of the love goodwill and affection which I have and do bear towards my loving children George Willett, John Willett, Rachel Willett, Mary Willett and James Willett as also the sum of 5 shillings current money has given to them by these presents Negroes Hannah and Minta; and all my other personal estate whatsoever belonging after my decease and if any of my children should die before they reach the age of 21 or the day of marriage in that part belonging to be equally divided among the survivors. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this November 9, 1778, Mary Willett in the presence of David Craufurd, Samuel Willett and acknowledged before David Craufurd 
Willett, Rachel (I035749)
56390 Children
Richard Bland Lee b: 31 Jul 1754 in Leeslyvania, Prince William County, Virginia
Henry "Lighthorse Harry" Lee b: 19 Jan 1756 in Leesylvania (near Dumfries) VA
Charles Lee b: 1758 in Alexandria, Virginia
Theodorick Lee b: 3 Sep 1766 in Leeslyvania, Prince William County, Virginia
Edmund Jennings Lee b: 20 May 1772 in Westmoreland Co. VA
Anne Lee b: 1776 in Leesville, Westmoreland Co. VA
Daniel Lee b: 1777 in Carter's Grove, Leesylvania, Westmoreland Co. VA 
Grymes, Lucy Ludwell (I033818)
56391 Children
Richard G MARSHALL b: 1791
Mildred E H MARSHALL b: 1793
William MARSHALL b: 1795
Martha MARSHALL b: 1797
Catherine MARSHALL b: 1799 
Marshall, William (I012567)
56392 Children
Richard Scott Blackburn b: ABT 1760
Thomas Blackburn b: ABT 1765
Julia Anne Blackburn b: 1768
Catherine Blackburn b: ABT 1770
Sarah Blackburn
Mary Elizabeth Blackburn b: in In the Bermuda Isles
Contributed by: James Hughes

The Thomas Blackburn mentioned as nephew of William Scott was the son of Col Thomas Blackburn and Christian(aka Christina) Scott(probably sister of William and Gustav Scott). Could nephew of William Scott be the same Thomas Blackburn that sold land to Robert III Marshall in PWC?

URL: http://www5.familytreemaker.com/cgi-bin/texis/find/search30/?query=fairfax %2C+virginia+wills++scott&db=online&areas=10&head=online&booknum=&category =&words=fairfax%2C+virginia+wills&first=&last=scott&cmd=context&id=37c1eda 730#hit1
URL title: Family Tree Maker Online: GenealogyLibrary.com: A Geanealogy of the Glassell Family , Page 596
(+) In the name of God, amen, I, William Scott of the County of Fairfax and Commonwealth of Virginia, of perfect strength of mind and memory do make and ordain this my Last will & Testament in manner following; Imprimis, I commit my Soul to God in humble confidence of his mercy, through our Lord Jesus Christ at whose awful tribunal I fully expect to appear at the great day when the secrets of all hearts shall be disclosed.

Item, it is my will and desire that my body may be decently interred in the family burying ground at Dipple where there may be a tomb errected over my Grave with a proper inscription on it, and if it should so happen that the grave yard should not be enclosed at my death, I desire it may be decently paled or walled in at the expence of my estate.

Item, I desire that a tomb may be erected over the grave of my dear and honored father and mother, properly inscribed, [if I should not have it done in my life time agreeable to my mother's request], at the expence of my estate. Item, I bequeath all the real and personal estates I die possessed of or may have a right to after the payments of my just debts, inclosing the grave yard, and erecting the above mentioned Tombs to my dear brother Gustavus Scott of Dorchester County, Maryland, and his heirs forever, incumbered with the legacys after written which I desire may be paid in four years after my demise by him my said brother Gustavus Scott, one hundred pounds current money Virginia to my sister Hellen Bullett, 100 like money to my sister Christian Blackburn and twenty pounds like money pertannum to my sister Catherine Brown during her natural life. It is my intention that the above legacies to my sisters above mentioned should be absolutely at their own disposal & not subj! ect the debts or controul of their husbands.

Item, I bequeath the following legacies also to be paid by my brother Gustavus Scott out of my estate in five years after my death, one hundred pounds current money of Virginia to my nephew John Scott son of late brother the rev'd John Scott deceased & 100 apiece to each of his daughters namely Elizabeth Scott & Margaret Scott in like manner and to be paid in like manner, also 100 Current Money of Virginia to my nephew Thomas Blackburn Son of Colo Thomas and Christian Blackburn to be paid in like manner by my said brother Gustavus Scott out of my estate.

Item, I request that an elegant ring with a lock of my hair under the stone of it, be presented to miss Anne Martin Daughter of Thomas Bryan Martin Esq, as a pledge of my friendship for her.

Lastly I appoint my much esteemed friends, Gustavus Scott, Thomas Blackburn & Cuthbert Bullett Esqrs Executors of this my Last will and Testament written with my own hand. I hereby revoke all wills proceeding this date.

Witness my hand and Seal this fourth day of July one thousand seven hundred and eighty five.

Strawberry vale July 4th 1785. [Signed] WM. SCOTT. [L. S.]

A Copy. Teste P. WAGENER, C.
James Hughes 2006-05-22 14:39:22
NPS Form 10-900

The Grayson family was a neighbor of the Blackburns in Dumfries, where the Grayson patriarch Benjamin was a contemporary of Richard Blackburn. His son Spence Grayson became an Anglican minister who served as rector of Cameron Parish in Loudoun before the Revolutionary War. During the Revolution Spence was the minister in his brother William Graysonís Continental Regiment. Unlike the Blackburns, members of the Grayson family remained in the area that would become southwest Loudoun County, although Spence Grayson himself was serving as rector of Dettingen Parish in Prince William shortly after his purchase. In 1787 Spence Grayson was appointed head of a committee reviewing ministersí qualifications, acting under the auspices of the Anglican diocese, which, two years later, reorganized itself as the Protestant Episcopal Church.
After Blackburns death the land passed to his son Thomas, who in turn gave parcels to each of his two daughters and in 1785 sold 2,328 acres to Spence Grayson. The land on which Unison is located was part of the parcel Thomas Blackburn deeded to his daughter Sarah and her husband
COB 1772-1774

18 May 1772, page 28
Licence is granted Thomas Forbes to keep an Ordinary at the Falls of Potomack who with Richard Thompson & Thomas Blackburn ackd. a Bond for the same

James Hughes 2005-06-24 10:02:50
Fredericksburg Court Record Search

Court Record Data
Context Extract
Deed John A. Washington &c to Bushrod Washington - Prince William Co. - 1824
Defendant Jno. A. Washington (exor.); Bushrod C. Washington (exor.); Bushrod Washington (decd)
Family Richard S. Blackburn, son of Col. Thomas Blackburn decd.
Locality Prince William Co.; Jefferson Co.
Marriage John A. Washington -mr- Jane C. Blackburn, daughter of Richard S. Blackburn
Marriage Bushrod C. Washington -mr- Anna Maria T. Blackburn
Plaintiff George Atkinson
Tract sale of Rippon Lodge - on Neabsco Creek
Administrative Information
Record title Atkinson vs Washingtons Exors.
Year recorded 1831?
Collection CR-SC-H
Record ID 6-4
End Notes
Preserved by Virginia Circuit Court Records Preservation Program
Processed by Margaret Anne Crickman
Extracted by Barry L. McGhee 
Blackburn, Thomas (I018824)
56393 Children
Charles County Maryland Will Book WDM-15, 1825-1833; {Abstract by Mike Marshall}; Page 511.
Teresa {Theresa} Spalding, Will, June 3, 1832; Marc 30, 1833
I, Teresa Spalding of CC, being weak in body, but of sound and disposing mind, memory and understanding;
Whereas my late husband Basil Spalding did by his will make disposition of his property, but by reason of the same not being properly executed was deemed insufficient in law to pass the same, which said will was in the hand writing of Basil S. Elder of the city of Baltimore and sworn to him on or about the fifteenth of November eighteen hundred and twenty eight and written at the request of the testator, now I do ratify and confirm the said instrument of writing as the testament and last mill of my late husband Basil Spalding believing the distribution of his property therein made to have been his will and devise and it is my request and desire that my children in every respect stand to and abide by the devise and bequest therein contained.
I give and bequeath unto my two sons John Spalding and Basil Richard Spalding all my estate both real and personal and mixed whether derived by my deceased husband or my deceased son William Spalding.
To daughter Ann French wife of D'Arey A. French for the use of herself and children, John B. French, Ambrose M. French, William D. French, Teresa S. French and Lucretia S. French, 2000 dollars one year after my death and 300 dollars annually thereafter.
To brother Ignatius Brawner of Frederick County, 100 dollars to be applied to the credit of a note due from him or his son Joseph Brawner.
To executor, 500 dollars to promote charitable institutions or divide it amony their indigent relations.
Executors: sons John Spalding and Basil Richard Spalding
Signed: June 3, 1832 Teresa Spalding
Wit: William McPherson, John F. Spalding, John W. Carroll

Charles County Maryland Will Book WDM-15, 1825-1833; {Abstract by Mike Marshall}; Page 295.
Basil Spalding, Will, no date; November 15, 1828
I, Basil Spalding of CC, being at this time of sound disposing mind, memory and understanding;
To wife Theresa Spalding 4000 dollars in such portion or installments and at such time as she may require as also a decent and comfortable support and maintenance.
To my daughter Mary Clements, having retired to the Monestary at Mount Carmel, I have given her what I consider a just and ample provision which I trust she will be content.
To daughter Ann French, 3500 dollars to be paid in installments of 500 dollars/year
To John French and Ambrose French sons of daughter Ann French, three tracts of land called "Amendment", "Berry's Amendment", and "Hopewell" lying on the head of Piney Branch and containing 325 acres.
To daughter Elizabeth Spalding, 10,000 dollars to be paid to her in installments of 1000 dollars/year if she live single, or 2000/year if she marries, but should she embrace a religious state and go to a monastery or nunnery to live, in that case 1000/year for 5 year.
To two little daughters of my niece Catharine Boswell, negro Sarah which was lately sold by the sheriff as the property of George Boswell and now in possession or the said Catharine Boswell.
To three sons John Spalding, Basil Richard Spalding, and William Spalding all the rest residue and remainder of estate and property real personal and mixed.
To daughter Elizabeth shall have free use of my dwelling house and a decent and comfortable support and maintenance exclusive the of legacy bequeathed to her.

On the back of the aforegoing will it is thus written: CC Sct November 15, 1828, then came Basil S. Elder and made oath that he prepared the aforegoing instrument of writing. Test Wm D. Merrick Regr of Wills
We and each of us the legal heirs and representatives of Basil Spalding deceased being of lawful age Ö. Do hereby covenant and agree one with the others that the draft of a will or instrument of writing shall have the same effect to convey the property both real and personal the property designated for them. And we all agree that John Spalding, Basil Richard Spalding and William Spalding, sons of the deceased shall administer the estate. Given under our hand and seals at Pleasant Hill, Charles County Maryland, September 18, 1828.
In the presence of us:
Basil S. Elder Theresa Spalding John Spalding
Francis Neale D'Arey A. French Basil R. Spalding
Christianna F. French William Spalding
Elizabeth T. Spalding Mary Clements

Witness to: Mary Clements, William Mooney, Lewis Molter 
Brawner, Theresa (I057857)
56394 Children
Robert BEALL b: 1732
John BEALL b: 1734
Elizabeth BEALL b: 1736
James BEALL b: 1736
Mareen MENUM BEALL b: 1738 in Montgomery County, Maryland
Shadrack BEALL b: 1745 in Prince George Co. MD
Margaret MARGERY BEALL b: 1751
Francis BEALL b: 1755
Losson LAWSON BEALL b: 1758 in Prince George Co. MD
Children of Elizabeth CAMERON and John BEALL are:
1. i. Robert BEALL was born 1732, and died 1796. He married Elizabeth Somers STEPHENSON.
ii. James BEALL was born 1736.
iii. Elizabeth BEALL was born 1736.
iv. Mannion (Mareen) BEALL was born 1738. He married Frances LEWIS.
v. John BEALL was born BEF 1741.
vi. Mary BEALL was born BEF 1744.
vii. Shadrach BEALL was born 1745, and died 1798. He married Agnes.
viii. Lawson (Losson) BEALL was born ABT 1746.
ix. Margaret BEALL was born 1749.
x. Francis BEALL was born ABT 1747.

Prince George's County, Maryland Land Records 1749-1752; Liber PP {Abstract by Mike Marshall}; Page 33. At the request of Reverend John Eversfield the following Deed was recorded March 10, 1749/50
Indenture made March 10, 1749/50; John Beall son of Robert Beall, planter in consideration of 12 pounds current money paid by John Eversfield, Rector of St. Paul's Parish, has sold a tract called "Godfathers Gift" containing 25 acres lying near Bladensburg and adjacent to "Jacksons Necessity". Signed John Beall son of Robert Beall in the presence of and acknowledged before Thomas Gantt Jr., Mordecai Jacobs and at the same time Elizabeth Beall wife of John Beall relinquished her right of dower.
March 10, 1749 received of the Rev. John Eversfield one shilling Sterling as an alienation fine by order of Benjamin Tasker Esq. agent of the Right Hon. the Lord Proprietor of Maryland. John Hepburn 
Cameron, Elizabeth (I018267)
56395 Children
Robert LASHLEY b: Abt 1704 in Prince George's County, Maryland
John LASHLEY b: Abt 1706 in Prince George's County, Maryland
Elizabeth LASHLEY b: Abt 1708 in Prince George's County, Maryland
Joseph LASHLEY b: Abt 1710 in Prince George's County, Maryland
Mary LASHLEY b: 25 MAR 1717 in Prince George's County, Maryland
John Chapman 25.150 A PG £49.17.4 £49.17.4 Sep 15 1704
Payments to: Mr. Jonathon Matthews, Maj. Barton, Charles Williams, John Ray, Simon Nicholls, John Candle, John Gerard, Christopher Thompson, Shed Willson.
Administratrix/Executrix: Alice Lashly, wife of John Lashly.
From: JOHN CHAPMAN of P. G. County, planter
To: WILLIAM HOLLYDAY of P. G. County, gent.
Price: 12,000 lbs. tobacco
Property: The 365 acre tract "Bower" in P. G. County, which was surveyed 15 December 1698, being part of the surplus lands in the 600 acre tract called "Churtsey" which was granted to JOHN CHAPMAN, 25 May 1700.
Ackn'd: JOHN CHAPMAN and wife ALCE, 14 March 1701 Recorded: 7 May 1702, Vol. A, p. 434
Prince George's County Land Records, Folio 115: Indenture, 31 Jul 1704
From: John Lashley, planter of Prince Georges County and Aloe Lashly
To: Thomas Wainwright, merchant of the City of London in the Kingdom of England
For valuable consideration already paid a 150 acre parcel of land called Cobreth's Lott in Prince George's County near the westernmost branch of the said county; bounded by land of George Plowden, Collington Run, land of Christopher Thompson and the main road
Signed: John Lashley (mark) and Alce Lashley (mark)
Witnessed: Robert Bradly and John Wight
Memorandum: 22 Aug 1704 John Lashly acknowledged deed before same witnesses 
Williams, Alice (I015567)
56396 Children
Rosannah Glore b: ABT. 1770 in Culpeper (now Madison) County, Virginia
Nathan Glore b: 1772 in Culpeper County, Virginia
Samuel Glore b: 19 JUL 1776 in Culpeper County, Virginia
Solomon Glore b: 19 JUL 1776 in Culpeper County, Virginia
Delilah Glore b: 26 JUL 1777 in Culpeper County, Virginia
Reuben Glore b: ABT. 1781 in Culpeper (now Madison) County, Virginia
Eleanor "Nellie" Glore b: 10 FEB 1781 in Virginia
Simeon Glore b: 1782 in Culpeper County, Virginia
Mary Glore b: 1783
Nancy Glore b: ABT. 1784 in Culpeper (now Madison) County, Virginia
Euphrey "Ufa" Glore b: 1786
Phoebe Glore b: in Virginia
Elizabeth "Betsy" Glore b: 23 DEC 1793 in Madison County, Virginia 
Crisler, Margaret (I005544)
56397 Children
Sally Summers b: 6 JUN 1777
Thomas Summers b: 8 JAN 1779
Elizabeth Summers b: 12 SEP 1780
Susannah Summers b: 9 JUN 1782
Edward Summers b: 29 OCT 1783
John Summers b: 19 AUG 1785
Simon Summers b: 17 JUL 1787
Nancy Summers b: 17 JUN 1789
William Adams Summers b: 9 DEC 1790
Samuel Summers b: 23 MAR 1793
Polly Summers b: 25 OCT 1795
Penelope Summers b: 28 JAN 1798
Louis A. Summers b: 1 JAN 1800
Simon Summers b: 3 MAR 1802
Jane Summers b: 2 JUN 1804 
Dulin, Elizabeth (I046983)
56398 Children
Samuel Jackson BEALL b: 1829
Harvey BEALL b: 1833
John BEALL b: 1836
Frances N. BEALL b: 23 MAR 1836
James BEALL b: 1838
Mary BEALL b: 1838
Lloyd BEALL b: 1841
Andrew BEALL b: 1843
Elizabeth BEALL b: 1847
William BEALL b: 1849 
Key, Elizabeth (I020477)
56399 Children
Samuel MORELAND b: 18 Dec 1769 in Charles County, Maryland
Theophilas MORELAND b: Bef 1770
Female MORELAND b: Abt 1770
Mildred Anne MORELAND b: Abt 1772
Female MORELAND b: Abt 1774
Female MORELAND b: Abt 1778
Male MORELAND b: Abt 1780
Eleandor MORELAND b: 2 Apr 1780 in MD
Susanna MORELAND b: Abt 1782
Chloe Tiller MORELAND b: Abt 1784

Name: Eleandor MORELAND
Birth: 2 Apr 1780 in MD
Death: 1 Nov 1856 in Fleming Co, Kentucky
Marriage 1 James SHIELDS b: 27 Aug 1777 in MD
Married: Abt 1803 in Charles County, Maryland 
Darnall, Mary (I018973)
56400 Children
Sarah "Sally" Clore b: 25 JUL 1806 in Madison County, Virginia
Joel Clore b: ABT. 1810
Malinda Clore b: ABT. 1810 in Virginia
Lucinda Clore b: 14 JUL 1812 in Kentucky
Urial Clore b: 8 NOV 1814 in Kentucky
Berryman Clore b: 8 FEB 1817 in Boone County, Kentucky
Howard Clore b: 23 MAR 1819 in Boone County, Kentucky
Simeon Clore b: 13 FEB 1821 in Boone County, Kentucky
Whitfield Clore b: 13 SEP 1822 in Boone County, Kentucky 
Clore, Israel (I005373)

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