Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties


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SACRED to the memory of MARIA WILLIS, born September 23, 1784, in Gloucester County, Virginia., and died October 5, 1835. I know my Redeemer liveth. 
Willis, Anne R. (I004757)
70802 [Paxton.FTW]

The will of Robert Lovell, Sr., doubtless the father of the husband of Sarah Marshall, is of record in Westmoreland County. It is dated Jan. 15, 1725; probated Feb. 23, 1725; enumerates his children: 1, Elizabeth Lovell = Nichollson, 2, Mary = Harrison. 3, Robert, 4, Daniel, 5 James and 6 Ursula.
Father: Robert Lovell b. About 1678 in , Westmoreland, Virginia, USA
Mother: Ursula Nicholas b. About 1680 in , , Virginia, USA

===first wife
Anne Martin (Wife) b. About 1705 in , , Virginia, USA
Marriage: ABT 1725
Elizabeth Lovell b. About 1726 in , , Virginia, USA
John Lovell b. About 1727 in , , Virginia, USA
Robert Lovell b. About 1729 in , , Virginia, USA
Jacob Lovell b. About 1730 in , , Virginia, USA
Daniel Lovell b. About 1732 in , , Virginia, USA

Robert left Westmoreland County in 1758, and resided some years in Granville County, North Carolina. His Will, if any was not found.
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URL: http://vagenweb.org/hening/vol04-22.htm#page_438
URL title: Hening's Statutes at Large


in case judgment shall be given for the money aforesaid, such money shall be laid out for buying other books for their use.

An Act for appointing several new Ferries: And lessening the former rates settled for the Ferriage of Wheel-Carriages: And altering several Court days.

I. WHEREAS the ferries already appointed by law are not sufficient, Be it enacted, by the Lieutenant-Governor, Council and Burgesses, of this present General Assembly, and it is hereby enacted, by the authority of the same, That public ferries be constantly kept at the places herein after named; and that the rates for passing the said ferries, be as follows: that is to say,
New ferries established,
On Patowmack river, from Robert Lovell's, in the county of Westmoreland, across the river, to Maryland, the price for a man, two shillings and six pence, and for an horse, two shillings and six pence.
On Rappahannock river, from the warehouse landing, at the town of Fredericksburg, in the county of Spotsylvania, over the river, to the land of William Thornton, gent. the price for a man, three pence, and for an horse, three pence.
And from Roy's warehouse landing, in the county of Caroline, over the river, to Gibson's warehouse, in the said county of King George, the price for a man, four pence, and for an horse, four pence.
II. And be it further enacted, by the authority aforesaid, That the licences for keeping the said ferries, shall be obtained in the same manner, and the keepers thereof have such exemptions and advantages, and be under the like regulations and restrictions, as is, and are by law provided, for an in respect of the keepers of public ferries heretofore settled and appointed.
III. And for the encouragement of the keepers of the ferries by this act appointed, to provide convenient boats for the transportation of coaches, carts, and waggons, Be it enacted, by the authority aforesaid, That it shall and may be lawful, for the courts of the counties wherein such ferries shall be kept, to direct and appoint Rates for wheel carriages,
Wills of Westmoreland County, Virginia , Page 83
LOVELL, ROBERT, 15 Jan. 1725; 23 Feb. 1725/6. To dau. Elizabeth Nichollson 1 feather bed and furniture; dau. Mary Harrison 1 pair of sheets; son Robert land; son Daniel land; son James 1 negro; dau. Ursula Lovell land; son Robert 1 negro; grandchildren Anne and Lovell Harrison.
Spotsylvania County Records , Page 7
GRAYSON, AMBROSE, St. George's Parish, d. Sept. 6, 1742, p. Mar. 6, 1743. Wit. Robert Lovell, George Nix, Peirce Perry. Ex. brother Benjamin Grayson; my wife Alice Grayson; my son John Grayson. Leg. wife Alice; son John; son Ambrose; mentions other children, but does not name them. (Page 379)
1735-1743 King George County Deed Book 2 (Antient Press); pp. 312
Indenture made 1st August 1740 between MARY EDRINGTON of Westmoreland County Widdow and WILLIAM ROWLEY JUNR. of Parish Brunswick King George County .. for Twelve pounds current money of this Colony granted all her right of a certain Corn Mill and half an acre of land appertaining to the said Mill standing on the Dogue Run .. which half acre is now in possession of Mary Edrington & other half in possession of WILLIAM ROWLEY SENR. and commonly known by the name of Rowley's Mill .. Mary doth warrant and defend the land & Mill from just claim of her & her heirs .. also from her Father's heirs ..
Presence Robt: Lovell, Mary x Edrington
Jno: Edwards
At a court held 1st August 1740 .. Deed recorded.
1765-1773 King George County Deed Book 5 (Antient Press); pp. 782-783
Know all People .. Know Ye that I DANIEL LOVELL for natural affection
and divers other good causes .. grant ROBERT LOVELL SENR. and SARAH his wife during term of their natural lives .. the use of one Negro woman now in their possession and her increase .. the reversion of said negro woman and her increase to be equally divided amongst the following children of aforesaid Robert Lovell and Sarah his wife to wit WILLIAM LOVELL, SARAH LOVELL, MARY ANN LOVELL and MARKHAM LOVELL and my two children ANN MARTIN LOVELL and SAMUEL MOON LOVELL ..
Presence J. Murdock, Robt. Lovell Junr.,
Daniel Lovell
Wm. Thornton, () Marshall,
Wm. Chapman, James Triplett
At a court held 6th April 1769 .. Deed of gift proved .. admitted to record. 
Lovell, Robert (I004854)
70803 [Paxton.FTW]

Thornton Francis Marshall, born July 4, 1819, entered the
legal profession in 1842, was elected county attorney for Bracken
county in 1851 and re-elected in 1855. He served in the Kentucky state
senate in 1858, was a delegate to the Chicago convention of 1864, and,
like his father, was justly regarded as a pure and conscientious lawyer

368 THORNTON F. MARSHALL, b. in Augusta, Kentucky., July 11, 1819, = Anne ELIZA MACKEY. Mr. Marshall was educated at Augusta College; studied law with his father; was in the State Senate 1859-63; a Presidential Elector 1865; is an eminent lawyer, a profound statesman and an active Democratic politician. He has accumulated a good estate, and is still in active and successful practice. He and his wife were both born in Augusta, and still live there.
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Deeds: 2-3 June 1767. Lease & Release. Between Burgess Smith & Alice, his wife ... and William Kincheloe ... 400 a. ... part of Charles Burgess grant ... 15 June 1731 ... line bet. Burgess Smith and Burgess Ball ... cor. of lotts 18 & 19 ... cor. of lotts 26 & 27 ... cor. of lotts 25, 26, 27 & 28 ... £90 ... Signed: Burges Smith, Alice Smith Wit: Jos. Blackwell, John (X) Rector, Will'm. (X) Fitzgarril, Wm. Peake. Recorded 27 July 1767, proved by oath of Joseph Blackwell, John Rector, William Peake.

21-22 October 1768. Lease & Release. Between William Kincheloe & Molly, his wife and John Kincheloe ... 183 1/2 a. ... oak in dividing line between Burgess Smith and Burgess Ball ... a large rock marked K_ ... part of 400 a. sold to William Kincheloe by Burgess Smith, 3 June 1767, part of larger tract granted to Charles Burgess by grant, 15 June 1731 ... £55.1s. ... Signed: William Kinchiloe, Molly Kinchiloe. Wit: Jos. Hudnall, Ge. Bennitt, John Fishback. Rec: 24 Oct. 1768, ack. by grantors. 1771. B & S. Bet. John Rector & Catherine, h. w. and William Murry . . L62.16~. . . 157 A. . . dividing line bet. Ball & Smith . . car. to John Kincheloe's Lott . . part of larger tract (as bove)
(Thomas Glascock and Agnes, h. w. mentioned as grantors in body if deed?) . . Signed: John Rector. Wit: Thorn Marshall. Ret: 28 Oct. 1771, ack. by grantor.
22 August 1774. B & S. Bet. Thomas Glascock & Agnas, his wife of Leeds Par. .. and John Kincheloe .. £-60 .. l00a. .. cor. to John Leak [Lake?] .. oak in line of Edward Laurence .. Signed: Thomas Glascock, Agnas (X) Glascock. Wits: J. Markham, Richard Rixey, Jr., Samuel Grigsby. Rec: 22 August 1774, ack. by Thomas and Agnes Glascock 22 May 1775. B & S. Bet. John Monday of Leeds Par. and John Kincheloe, of same .. £-58 .. 103 a. .. Beg. at a Span. oak cor. to Wm. Turley .. in line of Edward Laurence .. to Wm. Turley .. same purch. of Thomas Glascock .. Signed: John Monday. Wits: John Barker, John
Macmillian, James (X) Toole (Tolle). Rec: 22 May 1775, ack. by Monday.
22 June 1778. B & S. Bet. Uriah Rector & Elizabeth, h. w. of Leeds Par and George Glascock of same .. £-70 .. on waters of Goose Creek,
part of purch. of John Rector, dec'd, of Burgess Ball .. sd. Glascock's land
..cor. of sd. Glascock, Wm. Turley & John Kincheloe .. Lick Branch .. line of
John Peyton Harrison .. 48 a. .. Signed: Uriah Rector, Elizabeth Rector.
Rec: 22 June 1778, ack. by grantors.
22 June 1778. B & S. Bet. Uriah Rector & Elizabeth, h. w. of Leeds Par. and Thomas Neavil .. £-81 .. on waters of Goose Creek .. part of tract purch. by John Rector, dec'd of Burgess Ball of Lan. Co. .. line of John Peyton Harrison and cor. of Geo. Glascock .. in line of John Kincheloe .. Lick Branch .. 154 a. .. Signed: Uriah Rector, Elizabeth Rector. Rec: 22 June 1778, ack. by grantors.

Marshall, Thornton Francis (I005165)
70804 [Paxton.FTW]

Washington, District of Columbia Marriages From 1806 to 1850, Surnames Beginning with L to R 
Family F03816
70805 [Paxton.FTW]

Will book G 1825 
Marshall, Mary Anne (I004780)
70806 [Paxton.FTW]

William Champe Marshall studied law with his father, served in the KY legislature for many years. He was a member of the state constitutional convention in 1850, was an ardent Whig and a brilliant and popular orator.

362 WILLIAM CHAMPE MARSHALL, lawyer, orator and statesman, b. in Augusta, Kentucky., August 9, 1807; d. May 2, 1873, = October 7, 1834, SUSAN MYERS, who died October, 1876, daughter of Thomas Myers (merchant) and Elizabeth Davidson, of Augusta, Kentucky. Mr. Marshall was educated at Augusta College; studied law with his father, and practiced in Augusta; represented Bracken County, 1834, 1840, 1841, 1842, 1844 and 1850; was a member of the State Convention in 1849; served as Commonwealth's Attorney, and as Mayor of Augusta. He was a brilliant speaker and a successful lawyer. 
Marshall, William Champe (I005139)
70807 [Paxton.FTW]

WILLIAM S. SULLIVANT, b. in Franklinton, Ohio, January 15, 1803; d. in Columbus, April 30, 1873, = April 7, 1824, JANE MARSHALL. He married his second wife, Eliza G. Wheeler, November 29, 1834, and his third wife, Caroline E. Sutton, September 1, 1851 
Swillivant, William Starling (I004936)
70808 [Paxton.FTW]
[Broderbund WFT Vol. 2, Ed. 1, Tree #4574, Date of Import: Apr 16, 1999]

P. 288 of VA will records...does not know where he came from..possibly not an Englishman. Evidently did something evil in his youth...
The Lager Diebolt Rausch Laub Genealogy Page

mm note - the following book has Martha Sherwood & Thomas Marshall's son William marrying Anne Hudson.

Title: Genealogy of the Willis Family
Author: Peggy Francis Rush
Publication: Heritage Books, Inc. - 1996, 1540E
Pointer Ridge Place, Bowie, Md. 20716 - 1996
Note: Complete Title: 'The willis Family of the Northern Neck in Virginia 1669 - 1737'

Name: Phillip Sherwood 1

Death: 4 SEP 1684 in Old Rappahannock County, Virginia

Note: According to 'The Phillip Sherwood Family' from Elroy Christenson's Family Records, the earliest record of Philip Sherwood is a notation in the Old Rappahannock County, Virginia Order Book 1, (1683-1686), pp. 173 - 174. "4 September 1685: Whereas Philip Sherwood late of this County dyed seized and possessed in Fee of a certain tract of Land Lying and bing on the north side of (the) Rappahannock River in the freshes therof which said land doth now lawfully come and Vest in Mary, Martha, sarah and Anne the four daughters and coheirs of the said Philip Sherwood and whereas Thomas Marshall who marryed Sarah one of the said cohiers did in right of his wife bring this action in this Court against Francis James who marred Mary the Eldest of the said daughters and shows that the said James did marry contrary to law and without the mutual consent of the said Sisters and coheirs make division of the Land aforesaid. But it evidently made appear that Mary and Martha the two eldest daughters of the sd Philip Sherwood were of full age and did Consent to the division of the land and seriously weighing the matter have ordered that the division of the sd land already made to continue good and firme untill such time as the youngest Sister, daughter of the sd Phillip Sherwood shall move for a new division thereof. It is believed that the land Phillip owned was located in Sittenburne Parish of Richmond County, Virginia.
RE: Eliz Williams b.c.1697 and Wm Marshall b.c. 1686 she cites documents:
Anne Baker letter of 14 jun 1996, "2GVF621-TQ", whatever that is,
Hardy (Colonial families of Southern states) p. 341,
Eaton: Hist Atlas of Westmoreland Co. VA p. 38, sheet 2 map,
Bristol Mines Creek area near the present border with King George County, Jan 1659 deed for 883 acres bought by Philip Sherwood on page 97 of old Rappahannock Deed Bk 1656-1664, Virginia. Patent Book 12, p.350 where Wm Marshall on 11 May 1726 got 400 ac new land on Wm Marshall's and the county lines in St George's Par, Spotsylvania Co. adj.to H Goodloe&R Baylor--which Isabel says places the land
also in proximity to Jael (Harrison) William's Johnson's home--which is evidence that his wife could well be Jael's dtr Elizath "betty" Williams;
Cavaliers and Pioneers Patent Book 7 page 225
Edwin Conway 1200 acres Rappa Co. Sittingbourne Parish, 28 Sep 1681. p 112
Beg on NW side of he Mouth of Prossers Creek outof Rappa River on the SW side right aginst plantaion of Mr Anthony Savage. and transport of 20 persons [ Phillip Sherwood is listed.]

===maybe this is Philip instead of Peter.
Cavaliers and Pioneers Patent Book 4 page 367
John Lewis & Robert Jones Gent 2000 acres Westmoreland Co, 28 June 1658 pg 178
At a small run on South side of Chapawansick Creek almost at the head [this is now day Stafford] transport of 40 persons. Peter Sherwood listed
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page 39. Howell Pryse hath proved right by testimonyes produced to 4450 acres of Land for the right and charge of the transportation of these persons assigned unto him vidzt [Peter Sherwood is listed]

Fleet, Beverley,
Charles City County court orders, 1655-1658
Baltimore: Genealogical Pub. County, 1961, 124 pgs.
Old Rappahannock Co Deed Book 1 - 1656-1662; Antient Press; pg 97
KNOW ALL MEN by these presents that I CHARLES SNEATH of County of Rappahanock have sould & do by these presents sell & make over unto PHILLIP SHERWOOD of the place aforesaid the lower half of a devident of land containing eight hundred eighty & three acres formerly granted unto the said CHARLES SNEATH by Pat- tent bearing date the 21st of April 1657 & do hereby warrant the sale of the said Land unto the abovesaid PHILLIP SHERWOOD his heirs & assignes for ever from me the abovesaid CHARLES & all persons whatsoever claiming from by or under them to the truth whereof Witness my hand & seal (missing) of January anno 1659
Old Rappahannock Co Deed Book 1 - 1656-1662; Antient Press; pg 153-154
KNOW ALL MEN by these presents that we THOMAS WRIGHT & JANE WRIGHT the Wife of the aforesaid THOMAS do for us for a valluable consideracon from JOHN WRIGHT & PHILLIP SHERWOOD make over all the title that we have unto a parcell of land made over unto us by conveyance from ROBERT CLARK being the one half of the land and house which now is dwelling upon ROGER RICHARDSON which devident of land I the said THOMAS WRIGHT do for me an assignes fully assigne over unto the abovesaid JOHN WRIGHT & PHILLIP SHERWOOD for them their heirs & assignes for ever to hold & enjoy the same according to the severall contents in that conveyance specified & made to me THOMAS WRIGHT bearing date the 6th day of August 1660. In Testimony the parties have sett their hands & seals this eight of October in year One thousand six hundred sixty one 1661
KNOW ALL MEN that we THOMAS WRIGHT & JANE WRIGHT the Wife of the aforesaid THOMAS do for a valluable consideracon from JOHN WRIGHT & PHILLIP SHERWOOD assigne over all the right & interest of a parcel of land about Two hundred acres as may appear by a conveyance at Large of ROGER RICHARDSON to me THOMAS WRIGHT which land aforesaid I THOMAS WRIGHT with the consent of my Wife JANE WRIGHT do by these presents assigne over the same unto JOHN WRIGHT & PHILLIP SHERWOOD their heirs and assignes and do for my heirs & assignes promise said JOHN WRIGHT & PHILLIP SHERWOOD fully may at all times hereafter hold & enjoy the same according to manner as is specified in the conveyance of ROGER RICHARDSON to me THOMAS WRIGHT bearing date the first day of May in year one thousand six hundred & Sixty In Witness whereof the parties have hereunto set their hands and Seals the Eighth day of Octor. in the year One thousand six hundred sixty and one 1661
in presence of us HENRY LUCAS, THOMAS WRIGHT
KNOW ALL that we THOMAS WRIGHT & JANE WRIGHT of the UPPER COUNTY of Rappahanock do by these presents appoint our trusty & loving friend (RY)MAN for us & in our names to be our true & lawfull attorney acknowledging two several' conveyances in Courte which (missing) over to JOHN WRIGHT & PHILLIP SHERWOOD as will appear by our hands & seals sett to the said conveyances confirming wht my said Attorney shall do I do hereby allow of as if we were personally present as Witness our hands & seals this 8th of October 1661
in presences of THOMAS WRIGHT
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URL: http://genforum.genealogy.com/cgi-bin/pageload.cgi?francis,sherwood::sherw ood::2417.html
URL title: Re: Phillip Sherwood family
Patent Book 7 ,p 112; 28 September 1681, Sittinburn Parish, Rappahannock County, Edwin Conway received 1200 acres for transporting 20 persons, one of whom was Phillip Sherwood. (This was under the headright system.) See also: Historical & Genealogical Notes p.207
James Hughes 2005-09-16 13:02:57
Family Tree Maker Online: GenealogyLibrary.com: Early Virginia Immigrants, 1623 -1666 , Page 296

Sherwood, John, 1639, by Edward Panderson, (???) Co. Sherwood, Mary, 1656, by Wm. Justice, Charles City Co. Sherwood, Jane, 1653, by Robt. Warren, Northampton Co. Sherwood, Hump., 1648, by Wm. Edwards and Rice Edwards, James City Co.

Contributed by: James Hughes

URL (Click on link) http://lvaimage.lib.va.us/cgi-bin/GetLONN.pl?first=11&last=&g_p=G4&collect ion=NN Grant
Title Stern, Francis.
Publication 15 December 1710.
Other Format Available on microfilm. Northern Neck Grants, reels 288-311.
Note Location: Richmond County.
Description: 50 acres being escheat land of Philip Sherwood.
Source: Northern Neck Grants No. 4, 1710-1712 , p. 11 (Reel 289).
Old Rappahannock Co Deed Book 3 - 1663-1668; pg 41-46
TO ALL XPIAN PEOPLE to whom this present Instrument of Weighting shall come Know Yee that Whereas there is 420 acres of land in Copartnership between JOHN WAIGHT {mm Wright} and PHILLIP SHERWOOD both of the County of Rappa. and on the North side of the Rappa River and knowne by the name of FORREST LAND the sd John Waight and Phillip hereby intending to Divide the same that each may enjoy his parte hereby Devided according to Law and the true intent and meaning of these presents Now Know Yee that I the abovenamed Jno. Waight of the County afsd for Divers good causes and consideracons him hereunto moving and more espetially for and in consideracon of the other Moyety made and convayed over to him by the sd Phillip Sherwood have given bargained and sold 210 acres of land of the above 410 acres unto the above said Phillip Sherwood begining at a red oake about Sixty poles from a Path that runeth through the sd land to Potomecke and runing from the sd Oake cross the sd Path S:S:E: 105 poles to a marked pockry that divides this land and the land of PETTER JETT thence E:N:E: 320 poles to a Chesnutt Oake thence N: N:W: 105 poles thence parrallell to the place where it began including all the plantacon (St housing wthin the sd hounds being 210 acres of land To Have and To Hold the same wth the apertenances thereunto belonging in as large and ample manner to all true and intents and purposes as the Law Cann or may Invest to him the said Phillip Sherwood his heires from him the said John Waight his heires In Witness whereof the sd Jno. Waight have hereinto sett his hand and seale this 23th of Aprill 1666
In presents of us ALEX. FLEMMING John Waight
Recognit in Cur Corn Rappa 2d Die Maii Ano 1666
I John Waight of the County of Rappa. doe authorize and Depute Robt. Davies of the same County my Lawfull Attorney for me and in my name to acknowledge a certaine Instrumt. of weighting made by me to Phillip Sherwood wch I acknowledge to be firme according to Law dated wth these presents Wittness my hand this 23th of ApII. 1666. Test WALTER Y., WILLIAMS John Waight
TO ALL XPIAN PEOPLE to whom this present Instrumt. of Weighting shall come Know Yee that whereas there is foyer hundred Twenty acres of land in Copartnership between SHERWOOD and JOHN WAIGHT both of the County of Rappa. and on the North side of the Rappa. River and known by the name of the FORREST LAND the sd PHILLIP SHERWOOD and Jno. Waight hereby intending to divide the same that each may Enjoy his parte hereby devided according to Law and the true intent and meaning of these presents Now know Yee that the above named Phillip Sherwood of the County abovesd for divers good causes & consideracons him hereunto moving and more espetially for and in consideration of the other moyety alike made over and convayed to him by John Waight have given granted bargained and sold two hundred and tens acres of land unto the sd Jno. Waight begining at a red oake being a North West Corner tree next the land formerly of Mr. WM. SMART deced being a North W: corner tree runing thence S:S:E: 105 poles to a red oake thence E:N:E: 320 poles to a pocickry thence N: N:W: 165 poles thence parrallell to the place where it begann being 210 acres of land To Have and to Hold the same in as Large and ample manner to all true intents and purposes as the Law can or may invest to him the sd Jno. Waight his heires and assigner In Witness whereof the sd Phillip Sherwood have hereunto sett his hand and seale this 23th day of Apll. 1666
In presents of us ALEX FLEMING Philipe Sherwood
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URL: http://users.adelphia dot net/~selenetawny/genealogy/fam762.html
URL title: Notes for Peter JETT:
Land Grants 1666-1679, Patent Book 6, page 23.
To all and whereas and now know yee that I the said Sir William Berkely, Knight, Governor General and give and grant unto Mr. Peter Jett: six hundred acres of land in the County of Rappahannock, from the north side the _______ in the freshets of the same county about three miles of a ______ North ____ side, and beginning at a red oake being the eastward corner tree woods nere that land called thee forest at Colemens whence running into ye north north land of major Underwood north east by east 270 poles thence ____ pole, thence by or nere a horse road going up the ridge at Potomack ____ to ____ south west by west 280 pole to another line of trees ____ nally south southward woods land, thence south west by south 40 poles ____ being due ____ ____ east 320 poles to the first mentioned tree. the said being due for transportation of twelve persons and to have and to hold and to bee held and yiedling and paying and provided and dated the 23rd of January, 1666 Francis Triplett Francis Curtis Alice Triplett Josias Wolding John Deane Thomas Larthrop Paul Woodbridge James Fortore John Symmons Will Maggott Walter Hart Sam'l Goodman

Rappahannock County, Va. D.B. #4, P. 105
May 24, 1667 Peter Jett to Sherwood

Know all men by these presents that I Peter Jett of the county of Rappa. for diver and good causes and considerations - hereunto moving, I have given, grant, bargain & sold, assigned and confirmed and do by these presents, for me, my heirs, executors and administrators, give, grant, bargain, sell, assign and confirm unto Phillip Sherwood of the same county, three hundred acres of land, being half of a patent containing six hundred acres, bearing date of 20th day of January 1666, and beginning at a marked poplar standing near line of a patent called the Forest Land, at Coleman's, whence by a line of trees that divide this land and my own, northeast and by east 270 and to a stake standing near a dead oak in the head of a white marsh, from whence north ___ northeast 180, intersecting the road to - a redoak, whence southwest to the place begun. To have and to hold the said land and the appurtenances and every _____ parcel thereof to him the said Phillip Sherwood, his heirs, executors and administrators, do hereby covernant, promise, grant and agree to give the said Phillip Sherwood, his heirs and assigns, by these presents, that the said Phillip Sherwood shall and at all times hereafter, and from time to time forever, quietly and peaceable have, hold, use, occupy, possess and enjoy the aforesaid premises and every part and parcel thereof, without the ____ hinderance, incumbrance, denial, eviction, ejection of me the said Peter Jett, my heirs, executors, administrators, assigns or any person or persons whatsoever claiming from, by or under me, my heirs or assigns, yeilding, paying, doing and dischareing the rent and service therefore due, and of right, accustum. I witness thereof, I the said Peter Jett and Mary Jett, she consenting hereunto, have set my hand and seals, this 24th day of May 1667.

Sealed and delivered in presence of us.
Alexander Fleming
Roland Payne
Peter Jett
Mary Jett
Old Rappahannock Co Deed Book 4 - 1668-1670; pg 55
KNOW ALL MEN by these pntes that I PETER JETT of the County of Rappa. Taylor for divers good causes and consideracons mee hereunto moveing have bargained and sold unto PHILLIP SHERWOOD of the same County Three hundred acres of land being the halfe pte of a Pattent cont. Six hundred Acres bearing date the 20th day of janry 1666 And Beginning at a marked Saplin standing neere a Lyne of a Patent called the FORREST LAND and running by a lyne of trees that divides this land and running No.E, by East 270 po. to a stake standing neere a redd Oake at the head of a white Marsh from thence No. No. West to the HORSE ROAD to a redd Oake whence So. West and by So. 40 po. thence wth the lyne of the FORREST So. So. East to the place begann To Have & To Hold the sd land wth appurtenes to him the sd PHILLIP SHERWOOD his heires yielding and paying the Rents & services therefore due & of right Accustomed. In Witness whereof I the sd PETER JETT and MARY JETT she consenting thereto have hereunto sett our hands & seals this 24th day of May 1669
This Conveyance wthin menconed was this day acknowledged by Mr. PETER JETT & his Wife MARY to the use & Behoofe of PHILLIP SHERWOOD his heirs to all intents & purposes therein specified & by them desired that the sd conveyance & acknowledgemt. bee recorded in the Cort Record for the County of Rappa
Recognr. Die 1st Martii 1669
Old Rappahannock Co Deed Book 7 - 1688 -1692; pg 6 - 7
THIS INDENTURE made the 26th day of February in yeare of our Lord 1688/9 and in the 4th year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord King James the second over England, Scotland, France and Ireland, Defr. of the Faith &c. Between JAMES ORCHARD of County of Rappa: of the one partie and FRANCIS TAYLER of the other partie Witnesseth that sd ORCHARD for a valuable consideration of One thousand pounds toba: and Caske pd. by the sd TAYLER to the sd ORCHARD as by a Bill bearing date with these presents Wrightings and in the hands of the said TAYLER and THO: SNEAD will appeare doth give grant bargain and sell unto sd TAYLER and THO: SNEAD heirs forever a parcell of land containing Eighty acres being a parcell of land reserved by JOHN MASON out of a Tract of land of 441 1/2 acres being the half part of a PATENT of 883 acres of land granted to CHARLES SNEAD deced, bearing date the 26th Apr: 1659 and by the said SNEAD to PHILLIP SHERWOOD as by a Deed bearing date the 2nd Jany. 1659 doth appeare and by the sd SHERWOOD sold to JOHN MASON as by a Deed bearing date the 31st day of January 1660 doth appeare and sold by the said MARTIN to ROGER CLOTHWORTHY and JOHN BRADWAY only this Eighty acres excepted as by Deed doth appeare Now Know yee that I JAMES ORCHARD doth for myself my heirs &c. for the consideration aforesd. doth bargain sell and estrange the land aforesd. being Eighty acres unto FRANCIS TAYLER and THOMAS SNEAD their heirs forever, Further I the sd ORCHARD do warrant the same of and from all persons that shall at any time lay any dame to the sd Eighty acres and will at all times defend the same from all claimes whatsoever As Witness my hand and Seale the 26th day of February 1688/9
Signed Sealed and Delivered in the presents of us
Recognitr in Cur. Comt. Rappa; 6 die Martii Ano 1688
MARY ORCHARD the Wife of JAMES ORCHARD doth give her consent & assent to the sale of the land within mentioned as Witness my name Subscribed the 6th day of March 1688/9
Old Rappahannock Co Deed Book 7 - 1688 -1692; pg 31 - 32
TO ALL XPIAN PEOPLE to whom these presents shall come Greeting. Know yee that I DAVID ROSIER of Sitternburne Parish in Rappa. County, Planter, and my Wife, SARA ROSIER, for and in consideration of Eight hundred pounds of gond sound merchantable Tobb: and Caske to conteyne the same in hand already reced, of FRAN: JAMES of the sd Parish and County, Planter, have bargained and sold unto sd FRAN: JAMES his heirs all our right and Interest in a parcell of land formerly belonging unto PHILLIP SHEREWOOD deceased, the Father of my Wife, which whole Divident of land is scituate in said Parish of Sittenburne and County of Rappa, adjoining to the land of WM. JETT of the sd Parish of Sittenburne and County of Rappa. and is estimated to be about three hundred acres more or less Know yee therefore by these presents that wee the above DAVID and SARAH ROSIER do hereby assigne and make over all our right and interest in the said land above mentioned from us our heirs unto FRAN: JAMES his heirs and the same to warrant and defend unto FRANCIS JAMES from all persons by or from us our heirs and admrs, unto said FRANCIS JAMES his heirs In Witness whereof we have hereunto sett our hands and Seales this Twenty fourth day of November One thousand Six hundred and Eighty eight
Acknow. in Rappa. Court the first day of May ano 1689 by SARA ROSIER and by DAVID ROSIER acknow. at a Court held for the said County the 3rd day of July and recorded the 10th said month and yeare
Old Rappahannock Co Deed Book 8 - 1688-1692; pg 228-229
KNOW ALL MEN by these presents that JAMES and ANN DABNEY of the County of County of Rappa in Virginia for a valuable consideration of One thousand five hundred pounds of Tobb: and Caske in hand paid from FRANCIS JAMES of the County abovesd do hereby sell unto FRANCIS JAMES his heirs Seventy five acres of wood land being in County of Rappa and on the North side of the River it being the Quarter part of Three hundred acres formerly taken up by PHILLIP SHEARWOOD late of the County deced, and now in possession of sd JAMES DANBY in right of his Wife the aforesd land bounding on the land of FRAN: TRIPLETT, JOHN ARRINGTON, WM. JETT and DAVID ROSSEN To have and to hold sd land with all hereditaments and priviledges appertaining to him said FRAN: JAMES his heirs and assigns and we also the sd JAMES and ANN DAUBNEY do hereby promise that the premises are free & cleare & shall always be more free and cleare by us the sd JAMES and ANN DAUBNEY our heirs to him sd FRAN. JAMES his heirs warranting the same to him against all persons whatsoever As Witness our hands and seals this 28th day of April 1690
Signed Sealed and Delivered in the presents of us
Recognitr in Cur Comt Rappa 4th die Martii 1690
KNOW ALL MEN by these presents that we JAMES & ANN DABNEY of County of Rappa in Virginia do for the valuable consideration of Three thousand pounds of Tobb and cask in hand paid do sell and make over unto FRANCIS STERNE of County abovesd from us our heirs forever Fifty acres of woodland being in County of Rappa on North side the River it being the quarter part of Two hundred acres formerly bought of PHILLIP SHARWOOD late of this County deced and adjoining to the land of FRAN: JAMES and on the corner side thereof the aforesd land To have and to hold with all priviledges and hereditaments belonging to him the said FRANCIS STERNE his heirs or assigns forever and also wee the sd JAMES and ANN DAUBNEY do hereby promise the premises are free & cleare and shall always be made free & cleare by us sd JAMES & ANN DAUBNEY their heirs by warranty the same As Witness our hands and Seals the 26th of
April 1690
Signed Sealed and Delivered in the prsents of us
Recognitr in Cur comt Rappa p DABNEY & Uxerem 4 die Martii 1690
1714-1720 Richmond Co VA Deed Book 7; Antient Press: (Page 37)
THIS INDENTURE made the first day of April! & in the first year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George by the grace of God of Great Brittaine France and Ireland, King, Defender of the faith and in the year of Christ one thousand seaven hundred and fiveteen, Between DAVID ROSSER of the County of Richmond. Planter, of one part and FRANCIS JAMES of WASHINGTON Parish in ye County of WESTMORELAND, Planter, of other part; Wittnesseth that DAVID ROSSER in consideracon of Five shillings in hand paid by FRANCIS JAMES doe by these presents bargain sell and make over unto FRANCIS JAMES all that parcell of land sittuate in Sittenbourn Pish in Richmond County by estimation Fivety acres be the same more or less being one fourth or quarter part of Two hundred and Twenty acres of land formerly belonging to PHILLIP SHERWOOD & part of COLEMAN;s Pattent, which sd. PHILLIP SHERWOOD dying & makeing noe disposition threof, the said Two hundred and twenty acres of land descended unto the said PHILLIP SHERWOODs four Daughters, & SARAH, one of the Daughters, dying wth out making any disposition thereof, the said fivety acres came & descended to and upon the said DAVID, as Son & heire to the said SARAH, and the reversions remainders rents & profitts threof; To have and to hold the premises during the terme of one whole year paying therefore the rent of one ear of Indian come on the Feast of the Nativity of our Blessed Saviour to the intent that by vertue of these p seats and of the Statute for transferring uses into possession the said FRANCIS JAMES may be in the actuall possession of the premisses & thereby enabled to accept a release of the inheritance thereof, In Wittness whereof the p:ties to these p.sents hath set their seales ye day & year abovesaid
Signed & Delivered in presence of
THOMAS PAISE DAVID his seal, his marker ROSER
AU a Court held for Richmond County the Sixth day of Aprill 1715 
Sherwood, Philip (I005229)
70809 [Paxton.FTW] Marshall, William Champe (I005151)
70810 [Shell shocked in World War 1] Marshall, Elmer Cleveland (I004599)
70811 [WFT Pedigree#2332 Beauford.FBK]

[Brøderbund WFT Vol. 1, Ed. 1, Tree #2332, Date of Import: Mar 10, 1999]

Abstracts from the Will of George Bayne , Bedford County , from the Superior Court Will Book A, Page 24, dated 4/30/1821, probated 4/14/1825.
Spotsylvania County Records , page 289
March 11, 1772. Benjamin Grymes, of Spts. County, Esqr., The Honble. John Taylor and Francis Thornton, Executors of the last will and testament of Honble. Presley Thornton, Esqr., Decd., and Wm. Fitzhugh, Esq., trustees of the estate of the sd. Benjamin Grymes, and Peter Presley Thornton, eldest son and heir at law of sd. Presley Thornton, to Lewis Willis, of Fredksbg., Esqr. Whereas, sd. Benjamin Grymes and Priscilla, his wife, by Indenture, dated (???) (???), 1767, conveyed to the Honble. Presley Thornton, Esqr., and Wm. Fitzhugh, Esqr., all the est. of the sd. Grymes for purposes therein stated, and amongst other things was a lot No. 61, in town of Fredksbg., which sd. lot the sd. Grymes and Trustees have disposed of to the sd. Willis for 50 curr. Witnesses, James Went, Geo. BAYN, John Talbert, Richd. Parker. May 22, 1772.
Orange County Virginia Families vol 3 , Page 12

1790 John Willis vs. Alex Waugh Sr. & Thomas.
(Buckner vs. Bayne rum & wine for funeral
James Hughes 2006-05-16 11:58:04
Records of Ante-Bellum Southern Plantations

Section 28, Carter, Robert (1728-1804), Agreements, 1776-1803

This section consists of twelve items, agreements, 1776-1803, of Robert Carter (1728-1804) with John Allison (concerning a lot at Brent, Westmoreland County, Virginia, and witnessed by Henry Willis), Daniel Connellee (concerning the construction of buildings at Old Ordinary, Westmoreland County, Virginia, witnessed by Solomon Nash and George Randell and bears receipts of Connellee witnessed by Benjamin Dawson), William Crouch (witnessed by William Askew), Robert Hall (witnessed by Benjamin Dawson and bears receipt of Hall witnessed by John Bailey Brown), Aaron Hardage (concerning Forest Quarter, Westmoreland County, Virginia, witnessed by John Bailey Brown and bearing affidavit of William Harrison), William Harrison, Thomas Hingson, Charles Jones (concering the construction and/or repair of outbuildings at Dickerson's Mill, Richmond County, Virginia), Samuel Male (witnessed by Sarah Fairfax (Carter) Chinn and bears receipt of Male witnessed by Sophia Carter), Cuthbert Marsh (bearing affidavit of George BEAN and Gideon Marsh witnessed by James Marsh and Spencer Marsh, and a note of Cuthbert Marsh), Richard Simpson (concerning his tenancy at Wolf Run, Fairfax County, Virginia, witnessed by George Randell), Daniel Sullivan (concerning the manufacture of wool and linen at Aries, Westmoreland County, Virginia, witnessed by George Gordon), William Wallace (concerning Mrs. Sarah Dudley and land in Northumberland County, Virginia, witnessed by Benjamin Dawson), and Zachariah Weaver.
James Hughes 2006-05-16 16:47:55
Lunenburg County VA, Wills 1746-1825, by Landon C. Bell; Part 2: HATCHETT - WREN

Slaughter, John 1-7-1818; 4-9-1818; W.B. 7/379
Mentions: Sons: Money L. Slaughter, William Slaughter
Daughter: Lowry Brag (wife of Jas. Brag)
Grandchildren: Lowry Brag's children, doesn't mention their names
Executors: Money L. Slaughter (son), George Bayne
Witnesses: Sam'l. Jordan, Thos. P. Slaughter, Chas. T. Smithson, Thos. Harding.
James Hughes 2006-05-16 14:57:46
Fredericksburg Court Record Search

Court Record Data
Context Extract
Defendant Adam Hunter (exor.); Abner Vernon (exor.); James Hunter (decd.)
Locality Stafford Co.
Plaintiff George Bayne
Administrative Information
Record title Bayne vs Hunters Exrs
Year recorded 1792
Collection CR-DC-L
Record ID 386-80
End Notes
Preserved by Virginia Circuit Court Records Preservation Program
Processed by Margaret Anne Crickman
Extracted by Barry L. McGhee
Extracted on 10/21/2002
James Hughes 2006-05-16 18:20:03
1790 / 1800 Virginia Tax List Censuses

1. Bean, George Chesterfield 1801
2. Bean, George Northumberland 1801
3. Bean, George, Jr Northumberland 1788
4. Bean, George, Sr Northumberland 1788 
Bayne, George (I025667)
70812 {Levi,JohnB,Benj,John,John} Dent, Frederick Levi (I009301)
70813 {Peter,Peter,John,John}

=== ?

DIED MARCH 26, 1803 
Dent, Jonathan (I009374)
70814 {see EFSM Vol. VI for Dyson children}
Charles County Land Record Book O#3, 1765-1770; Page 78. CC, Jun 28. 1766 from Mary Dyson of CC and Maddox Dyson of Frederick County, planters, to Bennett Dyson of CC, planter, for 100 £ and for other good causes, part of 3 tracts of land, the one, Swann Hill, and the other, Nevitts Desire, and the other, Concord, lying in CC on the east side of the main Branch of Piles fresh, containing about 77 acres. Concord contains about 7-1/2 acres. Signed Mary (m her mark) Dyson, Maddox Dyson. Wit - Jno Winter*, Robt Horner*. Recorded Jul 24, 1766.
1642-1753 Rent Rolls Charles County MD Hundred - Newport: Rent Roll page/Sequence: 374-12: SWAN HILL: 200 acres; Possession of - 100 Acres - Norris, Henry: 100 Acres - Dyson, Thomas: Surveyed 2 May 1665 for Edward Swan in the woods adjoining to the land of John Compton called BOSWELL {mm note: spelling is BOSWELL}: Other Tracts Mentioned: BOSWELL; ; ; Conveyance notes - {mm Note; not identified to a specific Hundred. Location identified by watercourse or nearby tract.}, 100 Acres - John Wilson from Henry Norris; 28 Oct 1712,100 Acres - John Dyson from Thomas Swann; 15 Mar 1738, Thomas Dyson Jr. from Thomas Dyson Sr., 9 March 1742., George Dyson from Thomas Dyson Sr., 9 March 1742, ,
1642-1753 Rent Rolls Charles County MD Hundred - Piccawaxen or Wm&Mary: Rent Roll page/Sequence: 298-74: NEVITTS DESIRE: 200 acres; Possession of - 200 Acres - Bayne, Walter : Surveyed 10 July 1665 for John Nevitt Adjoining to the land of Edward Swan: Conveyance notes - Walter Beane for Ebsworth Beane, Joseph Allen from Ebsworth Bayne, 22 Feb 1715.,25 Acres – Thomas Dyson from Samuel Amery (sp?), 2 June 1732, 150 Acres – John Allen from John Nevitt, 1 April 1734, Thomas Dyson Jr. from Thomas Dyson Sr., 9 March 1742., George Dyson from Thomas Dyson Sr., 9 March 1742, John Wilson from Joseph Allen, 30 May 1746

=== Contributed by Ralph D. Smith

1776 - The 1776 Census of Sugarland Hundred, Frederick Co., Md. (which later in 1776 becomes part of the new Montgomery Co., Md.) shows this household:
--Dyson, Matdox, age 32
--Dyson, Bennett, age 8
--Dyson, Aquely, age 6
--Dyson, John, age 3
--Dyson, Jean, age 40 [formerly the widow of John Swann]
--Dyson, Mary, age 1
--Dyson, Mary, age 56
--Swann, Thomas, age 15
--Swann, Ann, age 10
--Clark, Nester, age 38
--Prilley, a Negro, age 56.
Source: Brumbaugh, Vol. 1, pp. 201-2.

Aug. 1777 - Maddox Dyson is in the 3rd Company of the Upper Battalion of Montgomery Co., troops in the Maryland Militia.
Source: Clements and Wright, "The Maryland Militia in the Revolutionary War," pp. 192-3 
Dyson, Maddox (I039100)
70815 {Theoph,Gideon,Benj,John,John} Dent, Pamelia Anne (I009298)
70816 {Wm,Thos,John,John} Dent, Thomas (I009336)
70817 {Zach,Benj,John,John}
Charles County Maryland Will Book WDM-15, 1825-1833; {Abstract by Mike Marshall}; Page 300.
Zachariah Dent Sr., Will, June 21, 1828; December 27, 1828
I, Zachariah Dent of CC, being weak in body, but of sound and disposing mind, memory and understanding;
To son William S. Dent, 1 dollar.
To son George R. Dent, 1 dollar.
To son Zechariah Dent, the plantation whereon he now lives being a part of a tract "Burches Reserve", part of a tract "Chesham" and part of a tract "Boarman Manor". Also negroes James and John now in his possession.
To son Zachariah Dent, negroes Peggy and Teresa, provided he pay my daughter Catherine Swann, 110 dolllars.
To daughter Catharine Swann, negroes Stephen, William, Harry, Anne, Warren, and Blackman. Also 1 walnut chest.
To daughter Elizabeth Sophia Dent, my dwelling plantation whereon I now live, being part of "Turners Forest" and also part of a tract called "Church Over". Also negroes Mary, Henny, Mark, Mariah, Juliana and Emily. Also 1 desk, 1 bed and furniture, 1 cart and 1 yoke of oxen, 1 bay mare, 1 bay colt, all the meat, corn crop of tobacco and wheat in the house or field and all the money that I may have at my death.
To son Zachariah Dent, daughters Catharine Swann and Elizabeth Sophia Dent, all the rest and residue of my estate.
Item: It is hereby expressed that all the above property bequeath be retained by my wife Elizabeth Dent during her life for her use except negroes Peggy and Tresey which shall be delivered to my son Zachariah at my death.
Joint Executors: son Zachariah Dent and Benjamin Swann
Signed: June 21, 1828 Zechariah Dent
Wit: Theophilus Dent, George Smoot, John Farrand 
Dent, George Reed (I009331)
70818 •HENRY LANHAM, died prior to October 6, 1778
James Ateshison and John Power signed as kin
Prince George's County Inventory, TT(1):91 Recorded: October 6, 1778 
Lanham, Henry (I108216)
70819  Perry, Daniel KY CAMPBELL CO.   263 1830
1850 Census Kenton Co. 728-735

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I am a Perry researcher interested in information on Margaret Anne Perry, who married William Marshall in Kenton County. She was the daughter of George W. Perry and an unknown mother. I am trying to figure out who is her mother and when she died.

Also, William Marshall's daughter by Hester Pickett, Catherine Marshall married a cousin of Margaret Perry, Benjamin F. Perry. Catherine's full name was Nancy Catherine Marshall.
Any info will be appreciated
Dewayne F. Perry
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Perry, Margaret Anne (I000835)
70820 ¦ + 5 William Hatch Dent B 18 Jun 1787 Charles Co MD
¦ ¦ ¦ M c1814? Charles Co MD = Katherine Brawner
¦ ¦ ¦ D 1 Feb 1818 Charles Co MD
¦ ¦ ¦
¦ ¦ = Katherine Brawner B 10 Oct 1789 Charles Co MD
¦ ¦ ¦ D 24 Apr 1860 Coudersport, Potter Co PA
¦ ¦ ¦
¦ ¦ + 6 ? Henry Hatch Dent B 8 Feb 1814 Bryantown, Charles Co MD
¦ ¦ ¦ R by 1838 to Washington DC
¦ ¦ ¦ M lic: 14 Sep 1841 Washington DC = Anna Maria Adlum
¦ ¦ ¦ R 1850 to St Louis MO
¦ ¦ ¦ R by 1860 to Coudersport, Potter Co PA
¦ ¦ ¦ D 19 Nov 1872 Baltimore County, Maryland
¦ ¦ ¦

Charles County Maryland Will Book HBBH-13, 1808-1817; {Abstract by Mike Marshall}; Page 126.
Mary Dent, Will, January 4, 1811; August 20, 1811
I, Mary Dent of CC, being sick and weak in body, but of sound and disposing mind, memory and understanding;
To mother {Judith Poston Dent} the use or profits of my part of the land in North Carolina, and after her death equally divided between my brothers and sisters with the following exception, the part which would go to my sister Lucinda Dyson, shall go to her children.
To mother, negroes Tom & Cupid; to to serve 10 years and Cupid 15 years and then set free, but in the event of my mothers death before the expiration of their time servitude, then the negroes may eliect whom they will serve the remaining time, either my brother Williiam H. Dent, my sister Priscilla Ann Dent, Catharine Emelia Judith Dent, Julianna Chapman Dent or either of the children of my sister Lucinda Dyson.
To mother, the use of the money (free from interest) due me by Zephaniah Waters on bond on which suit is now brought being 100 dollars, until my sister Julian Chapman Dent arrives to the age of 20 yrs.
To mother, all and singular the residue of my property and that she cause to be made for my sister Juliana C. Dent a gold Locket, with a lock of my hair in it to cost 20 dollars.
Signed: January 4, 1811 Mary Dent
Wit: Meverel Morran, William Good, William Matthews
Charles County Maryland Will Book HBBH-13, 1808-1817; {Abstract by Mike Marshall}; Page 289.
Judith Dent, Will, September 30, 1811; March 23, 1814
I, Judith Dent of CC, being in perfect health of body and of sound mind, memory and understanding;
To daughter Priscilla Ann Dent, Catharine Amelia Judith Dent, and Juliana Chapman Dent, my carriage and harness during their single lives.
Item: all the remainder of my property to my children equally; Priscilla Ann Dent, William Hatch Dent, Catharine Amelia Judith Dent, and Juliana Chapman Dent and daughter Lucinda Dyson's children. Daughter Lucinda Dyson's children portion to be retained by my son William Hatch Dent until they arrive to lawfull age or any part of thereof to my daughter if he should think it necessary of her subsistence.
Executor: son William Hatch Dent and daughter Priscilla Ann Dent
Signed: September 30, 1811 Judith Dent
Wit: William Good, William Matthews. 
Dent, William Hatch (I020213)

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