Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties


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71551 William Marshall married Lucy Greene Clay (1717-1809) d/o Thomas and
Elizabeth Marston Greene after her husband Henry Clay died . Henry and Lucy Greene Clay were the parents of Rebecca Clay who married John Marshall , s/o William and Anne Marshall
Contributed by: James Hughes

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URL title: Letter from Agnes Carter about Marshall Family
The proof that John Marshall was married to Rebecca Clay through the Clay family

Halifax County ,Virginia
Court OrderBook 21,1802-1803
Book 23 p150 May Court 1804

Charles Clay, Samuel Clay, Thomas Clay, Samuel Clay Jr., the only child of Abia Clay dec'd, Mastin Clay, John Marshall and Rebecca his wife, formerly Rebecca Clay; and Thomas Jones; Theodorick Hall and Frances his wife formerly Frances Jones; Charles Jones; Rebecca Jones, Sally Jones, Elizabeth Jones and Richard West Jones, Children of Richard Jones dec'd and Lucy Jones his wife formerly Lucy Clay now also dec'd, by Thomas Jones their next friend and Elijah Clay plaintiffs against Henry Clay, executor of Henry Clay deceased.... The Commisioners appoinmted by a decree passed in this Court on the 24 March 1801 to make sale of three slaves to wit: Joe, Lydy and Eady and other property in the bill mentioned and make division of the proceeds of the said sale among the respective legatees as in the said decree is directed this day made their report in execution thereof as followsto wit: In obedience mentioned therin to the following person to wit:

Liddie and Eady to Col. Charles Clay for the sum of L 132.19
Joe to Henry Clay for 103.
Sundry Articles of household furniture 26.
From which is deducted L3 for atty fees 3.

Distribution of the money,etc.............to the above

Submitted by Jodie Gee 
Clay, Rebecca (I000148)
71552 William Marshall married Lucy Greene Clay (1717-1809) d/o Thomas and
Elizabeth Marston Greene after her husband Henry Clay died . Henry and Lucy Greene Clay were the parents of Rebecca Clay who married John Marshall , s/o William and Anne Marshall
Contributed by: James Hughes

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Marshall, Lucy VA POWHATAN CO. 059 1783 TAX LIST 
Green, Lucy (I000928)
71553 William Marshall Will 26 September 1760 Accomack Co, VA.
To Eldest son William Marshall.
To Son John Marshall.
To son Daniel Marshall plantation purchased of Charles Dickerson, being 300 acres
To son Solomon Marshall plantation where John Whaly lives, also 50 acres adjcent which I bought of Kendall Toles.
Daughter Mary Welburn, wife of Francis Welburn.
Son Charles Marshall.
Daughter Elizabeth Marshall.
Daughter Leah Marshall.
Son George Marshall.
Son Levin Marshall.
Son Solomon to have the plantation where I live 15 years from this time, he to keep my 2 youngest sons George & Levin until they are of age.
To son William plantation where I live at the end of 15 years.
Wife Elizabeth. Sons Daniel & Solomon Exrs.
Witt: Daniel Marshall, Peter Marshall, Sr., Nehemiah Holland..
William died in January 1761.
William's will was probated on 27 January 1761 at Accomack Co, VA.

Children of Elizabeth UNKNOWN and William MARSHALL are:

i. Mary "Molly" MARSHALL was born in Accomack County, Virginia, and died c. 1767 in Accomack County, Virginia. She married Francis WELBOURNE, son of Daniel WELBOURNE and Barbara DRUMMOND WELBURN WATT CORBIN. He was born before 1733 in Accomack County, Virginia, and died 1769 in Accomack County, Virginia.
ii. William MARSHALL was born in Accomack County, Virginia, and died c. 1787 in Accomack County, Virginia.
iii. John MARSHALL was born in Accomack County, Virginia, and died c. 1766 in Accomack County, Virginia.
iv. Daniel MARSHALL was born in Accomack County, Virginia, and died c. 1774 in Accomack County, Virginia.
v. Solomon MARSHALL was born in Accomack County, Virginia, and died c. 1766 in Accomack County, Virginia.
vi. Charles MARSHALL was born in Accomack County, Virginia, and died c. 1779 in Accomack County, Virginia.
vii. Elizabeth MARSHALL MURRER was born in Accomack County, Virginia, and died in Accomack County, Virginia.
viii. George MARSHALL was born in Accomack County, Virginia.
ix. Levin MARSHALL was born in Accomack County, Virginia, and died in Accomack County, Virginia.
x. Leah MARSHALL was born in Accomack County, Virginia. 
Marshall, William (I071562)
71554 William Marshalll s/o Alexander married 3 times (1) Anne
(1)Robert MArshall died young
(2)Elizabeth b. 1731 marr Henry MOODY
(3)Anne b. 1733 marr Abner Lockett (2) Joseph Gooch
(4)John MARSHALL b. 1735 marr Rebecca CLAY ca 1769 went to Orange Co NC
Contributed by: James Hughes

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URL title: The Gooch family of Caroline County, Virginia & Granville County, NC
Rachel is clearly dead by 1794, when Joseph Gooch marries Anne Marshall the widow of Abner Lockett. This marriage is documented by a prenuptial agreement made in Mecklenburg County, Virginia where Anne resided. The Lockett family were neighbors of Joseph Gooch in Amelia, thereby explaining Joseph's association with a woman who lived in a different county. Anne is believed to be the same woman who was born on the 28th of January in 1733 to William and Anne Marshall as recorded by the Bristol Parish Register [ref: pg. 340]. In addition to the detailed pre-nuptual agreement between Joseph and Anne there is another interesting document dated 1804 in which Joseph places a slave named Jenney intrust for Anne. The instrument reads, "...provided she the said Anne do live with said Joseph her Husband asa wife & not depart from his House without a Lawful cause, but if he the said Anne sould depart from said Joseph her Husbnd & not dwell with him as a wife without a Lawful cause then it ! shall be the duty of the aforesaid trustee [James Smith Sr.] at the death of said Joseph to cause the sadi Negro Jenny & her Increase to be equally divided between his three sons to wit Daniel , Amos & William..." [ref: Granville, 11 Sep 1804]. Anne must have died by 1806 when Joseph marries again. To date, no record of Anne's death has been found, though she clearly owned property. On the 26th of July 1780, Joseph Gooch took out a bond in Granville county to marry Sarah "Sally" Harris, the widow of John Hawkins of Granville County. Sally survived Joseph Gooch and in 1811 the heirs of Joseph Gooch, his sons Amos, Daniel, and William, sell to Sally Gooch 92 acres, probably the same 92 acres that Joseph Gooch is tax upon before his death. This sale is not a simple transfer of land, but complicated by the fact that the Gooch men purchase this tract from Howell Frayzur (sic) who is probably Sally's son-in-law and then this same tract is transfered directly to Sally [ref: DB V, pg. 174, 189]. This process of transfer may reflect some debt owed by Sally to Frazier. 
Marshall, Anne (Susanah) (I000938)
71555 William Masters b: Bef 1755 All Saints Parish, MD d: 1793 in Surry County, NC Masters, William (I010156)
71556 William may be the son of a a first wife since he was born bef 1673 and Margaret Nelson was born 16 years later. Perhaps the 1713 record is a last request from his mother Mary who died about 1712 and this bequest was recorded later in court.
WARDER, WILLIAM, Charles Co. 8 June 1773; 2 April 1774
To wife Mary Warder, extx., all of my estate during her lifetime.
To dau. Anne Warder, bed, pewter, heifer and 7 shillings,. 6 pence,
To son Phillip Warder,, heifer.
To Thomas Baker, 1 shilling.
To son William Warder, 1 shilling.
To dau. Anne Milstead, 1 shilling.
To dau. Charity Robertson, 1 shilling.
To dau. Mary Ratliff, 1 shilling.
To grandson James Warder, 1 shilling.
To grandson Henry Warder, 1 shilling.
To son Joseph Warder, ex., tract, "Lumber Street," 100 acres and residue of estate after his mother's death.
Wit: William Fairfax; Elizabeth Fairfax; George Dunnington,
The probate was taken in the presence of James Warder, heir at law and he did not object. MCW 39.602
William Warder 120.152 CH £47.5.3 Jul 14 1774 1775
Appraisers: Edward Millstead. Zephaniah Franklin.
Next of kin: James Warder, Philip Warder.
Executors: Mary Warder, Joseph Warder.
Walter Warder 107.380 CH £78.7.4 Sep 17 1771
Appraisers: William Nelson, John Wade.
Creditors: John Craigh for John & James Jamieson.
Next of kin: William Warden, William Warder.
Administratrix: Mary Warder.

=== Contributed by Ralph D. Smith

May 1744 - The Charles Co., Md. administration account of William Milstead, Jr.
Sureties: William Warder, Thomas Capenter.
Payments received from (among others) William Robinson, James Gray, Samuel Burgess, William Muncaster.
Source: Skinner, V. L., Jr., "Abstracts of the Administration Accounts of the Prerogative Court of Maryland, 1737-1744," p. 185.
Charles County Circuit Court, Land Records, Liber D#2, Page 36 Apr 1713; Recorded at request of Mary Warder:
9 Jan 1712/3; Deed of Gift from Mary Warder of Portobacco to her son William Warder; cattle and hogs; /s/ Mary Warder
Charles County Court Records, November 1741 Court, Liber T#2, Page 292
The Justices here do describe the following main Roads, and do appoint the several persons hereafter named overseers of sd Roads for the ensuing year according to the several precincts and divisions following, viz -
From Walter Hanson's old Plantation to Pickawaxon Church, from sd Hanson's to Allens Fresh, from Aliens Fresh to Keeches Bridge, from Allens Fresh to Benjamin Gwinn's Gates from Philpot's Gates across Pickawaxon main Road to Popes Cr, and the road that strikes out of Pickawaxon main Road to Lees Ferry and from the Ferry Road by Capt. Howard's to Pickawaxon Church. William Warder, Overseer.
1642-1753 Rent Rolls Charles County MD Hundred - Chicamuxen: Rent Roll page/Sequence: 356-31: LUMBAR STREET: 100 acres; Possession of - 100 Acres - Jones, Charles: Surveyed 3 July 1673 for Mathew Herman at a bound Red Oak on a plain on the South side of Mattawoman creek: Conveyance notes - Charles Jones for the orphans of Bowles Tyer, 100 Acres - Samuel Love from Samuel Tennison 2 May 1726,100 Acres - William Warder from Samuel Chunn 12 Aug 1735, 100 Acres - William Warder from Samuel Love 1 Jan 1737
Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin; Summer 1993 Vol 34 No 3; Charles County Depositions T-Z by Robert W. Barnes Continued from vol. 34, no. 2, p. 182. CHLR=Charles County land records (followed by Book:page).
WARDER, WM., age 57, 20 Aug. 1753; CHLR 48: D#3, 1753-1754:153. Age 66, 8 Nov. 1762, mentioned Francis ROBERTSON and Henry WARD; CHLR 56: M#3, 1762-1764:123. Age 70, 5 Aug. 1768; CHLR 60: Q#3, 1768-1770:259. 
Warder, William (I039524)
71557 William MCPHERSON was born 23 SEP 1740 in Port Tobacco, Charles, Maryland, and died 19 JAN 1809 in Charles, Maryland. He married Mary SMOOT 19 JAN 1809 in Charles, Maryland. She was born 16 JUL 1782 in Charles, Maryland.
Charles County Maryland Will Book HBBH-13, 1808-1817; {Abstract by Mike Marshall}; Page 15.
William McPherson Sr., Will, July 30, 1808; January 21, 1809
I, William McPherson Sr. of CC, being sick and weak of body, but of sound and disposing mind, memory and understanding;
To son Thomas McPherson, tract "McPhersons Purchase" 116 acres, also a tract adjoining, beginning at a run called the '{Old} Womans Run' which runs through the plantation where I now reside, then on the east side to a locust post to a line of fence which leads up to a plantation where Walter Clements now lives {&} the property of Joseph Green, thence to a tract called "Thomas and Henry", also a dividing boundary between me an the heirs of Henry Rozier, late of Prince George's County, dec'd, also, all that tract of land beginning at a crooked poplar standing on Old Womans Run and running in a straight line to Mattawoman Run where Old Womans Run empties.
To son William McPherson, all the remaining part of my dwelling plantation reserving a home in my present mansion house for my daughters Harriot McPherson and Mary McPherson, and my sister Catharine McPherson during their single lives.
To son Henry Hendly McPherson, all the lands which I purchased of John B. Barnes, lying in Durham Parish, except a tract of land called "Fancys Mistake", containing 7 acres, which I sold to Francis H. Sheid, the whole of the remaining 515 acres, also tracts "Double Trouble Enlarged", "Long Thought", and "Double Trouble Resurved" containing 315 acres.
To daughter Elizabeth McPherson, 100 dollars exclusive of the property already given her, out of the tobacco which I have at present on hand and the tobacco which I have to receive.
To daughter Harriot McPherson, negroes Amanda and Ester (daughter of Milly), and Judson.
To daughter Mary McPherson, negroes Milly and Mary (daughters of Beth or Elizabeth) and Hendison
To sons Thomas McPherson, William McPherson and Henry Hendly McPherson, and my two daughters Hariot McPherson and Mary McPherson, the remaining part of my property.
Item: my executors to dispose of as much of the tobacco on hand, which I have to receive and out of the present crop to defray the expenses of my son William McPherson going to Philadelphia the present winter in order to compleat his study.
Executor: sons Thomas McPherson, Henry Hendly McPherson
Signed: July 30, 1808 Wm McPherson
Wit: William. H. McPherson, Gerrard Briscoe, William. T. McPherson

MCPHERSON, WILLIAM, Charles Co. 14 Nov 1751; 11 Mar 1752
To wife Barbara McPherson, 168 A., tract called the "Dalready Second Addition".
To son Thomas McPherson, of tract called "Brierwood" which I bought of Thomas Boarman Mudd., deed dated 14 June 1749 and 50 A., of tract called "The Dalready."
To son, Daniel McPherson, 75 A., of tract "Brierwood" which I bought of Thomas Boarman Mudd,, deed dated 21 April 1750, and 62 A. of tract called "The Dalready Second Addition,"
To son John McPherson, 173 A. which I bought of John Pain
To son William McPherson, 168 A., called "The Dalready' and "The Dalready Second Addition," after the decease of my wife.
To son Henry McPherson. colt,, and the fold of a mare.
To son Alexander 500 pounds of tobacco,
To dau. Etheldra Chapman, Negro girl Jane. Remainder to be equally divided among wife Barbara McPherson, son Henry McPHerson, son Alexander McPherson, dau. Catharine McPherson. Desire my sons Henry McPherson, Alexander McPherson, William McPherson and John McPherson receive into their possession their estates as they arrive at the age of 18.
Wife Barbara, extx,
Wit: John Stoddert, Miles McDaniel, William Henderson, 28, 291.
Thomas Barron 63.490 CH £139.10.9 Mar 12 1757 May 27 1757
Appraisers: William McPherson, William Dement.
Creditors: Samuel Cooksey Barron.
Next of kin: Thomas Barron, Abraham Barron.
Administrator: Justinian Cooksey.
NALLY, WILLIAM, Charles Co. 15 Apr 1756; 10 Sep 1756
To William McPherson of Charles, 50 a. being pt of two tracts, "Humalow's Addition" ["Huskilow's Addition"] and "George's Rest," land I bought of my brother Joseph Nalley.
To wife Susanah, extx.
Wit: Garrard Boarman, Basil Wathen, James Farral. 30.159
DORCY, ANN., Charles Co. 21 Aug1773; 13 Nov 1773
To My negro Tom whom I have set free before Mr, Josias Hawkins, all of my estate,
Wit:: William McPherson, Sr.; Alex'r. Martin McPherson; Basil McPherson; William McPherson. MCW 39, 430
Charles County Maryland Will Book AF-11, 1791-1801,{Abstract by Mike Marshall}; Page 94.
Francis Marbury Heard, June 4, 1792; July 5, 1792
I, Francis Marbury Heard of CC being sick and weak but of sound mind memory and understanding;
To my wife Dianna, all real and personal estate.
Executor: wife Dianna
Signed June 4, 1792 Francis H. Marbury
Wit - William McPherson, Samuel Mcpherson, William Hanson McPherson
Probated on July 5, 1792 by Dianna Marbury and witnesses William McPherson, Samuel Mcpherson, William Hanson McPherson who made oath that they saw the testator sign and seal this will.
Charles County, Maryland, Inventories,1791-1797; Page 126.
Richard Gambra - Inventory. Late of CC, decd. Negro womem Sarah (about 70 years of age) , Rachael (45) , Dinah (39 & child at her breast named Maryane), Henny (24). Negro girls: Betty (15) , Milly (13) , Cate (11) , Cinthia ( 9) . Negro men: Sherry (40), Nace (20). Negro boys: Watt (13), James (9) , Hinley (7) , Allen (6) , Jesse (4) , William (3) , John ( 2) .
Total amount: 822.1.7.
We have appraised the goods and chattels of Richard Gambra, late of CC, decd. Signed Jan 18, 1793 - Robert Lawson, John McPherson.
[Kin] : Barbara McPherson, Will'm McPherson.
Creditors: Rob Fergusson for Henderson Fergusson Gibson. Due Alexander Millar, Creditor, 1.17_8-1/2.
CC, Jan 21, 1793. Then came Sarah Gambla, administrator, and made oath.
Certified by John Muschett, Registrar of Wills
Charles County Maryland Will Book AF-11, 1791-1801, {Abstract by Mike Marshall}; Page 395.
Barbara McPherson, September 15, 1796;
I, Barbara McPherson of CC being sick and weake but of sound mind memory and understanding
To son William McPherson, negroe Peter, one feather bed, bolster, pair sheets, rug, bedstead, and cord, one hand mill, one large chest, and two pewter basons.
To daughter Catharine McPherson, negroe Dinah, but if daughter should intermarry or die before Dinah, it is my will and desire {Dinah} may be free and at liberty to go where she may think proper. Also, Negoes Joe and Dick, three beds, bolsters, pillows, sheets, two quilts and one blanket, bedsteads and cords, one seal skin trunk, and everything contained therein at the time of my death, one large looking glass, one chest, two arm chairs with walnut frames, one warming pan, one grid iron, two oval tables, one frying pan, one camp oven, one pair fire tongs, two horses, all my table linen, towels and sheets, also all my pewter, earthen ware and chairs except such of these articles as devised to others. Also my part of the crop in hand with that on the ground, and the wheat, corn and meat I may have in the house at time of my death.
To grandsons, William and John McPherson, sons of Daniel McPherson deceased, forty shillings current money each at 18yrs. Also one cow and calf and one ewe and lamb to be divided between them.
To children of my deceased son Henry McPherson, twelve pounds current money to be equally divided between them.
To granddaughter, Margret Beall McPherson, one new feather bed, bolster, pillow, one quilt, one blanket, one pair sheets, bedstead, and cord, also one cow and calf, two ewes and lamb, one leather trunk, one arm chair with maple frame, one pewter bason and four plates.
Executor: son William McPherson and daughter Catharine McPherson
Signed: September 15, 1796 Barbara (her mark) McPherson
Wit: Samuel Hanson, William Hanson McPherson
Charles County Maryland Will Book AF-11, 1791-1801, {Abstract by Mike Marshall}; Page 466.
George Tubman, June 28, 1798; November 24, 1798
I, George Tubman of CC being sick and low, but of perfect sound mind memory and understanding
To son Richard Tubman, tract Forest Green. Also one negro Edward.
To son Charles Tubman, tracts Hoggs Range, Hoggs Discovery, part of Friends Advice, Plunkett's Gift and Plunketts Chance. Also negro Madiria.
To sons Richard and Charles Tubman, the remaining part of my personal estate.
Executor: sons Richard and Charles Tubman
Signed: June 28, 1798 George Tubman
Wit: William McPherson, William Hanson McPherson, William Boswell
Charles County Land Record Book L#3, 1761-1765; Page 509, Mortgage. Aug 2, 1764 from William McPherson of CC, planter, to Revd Isaac Campbell of CC, Clerk, for 14,753 lbs of inspected crop tobacco, a tract of land in CC on the south side of the main Road that leads over the old bridges to Zachiah Swamp & part of tract commonly known by the name of Georges Rest, bounded by the side of the main Road that leads over the sd old bridges of Zachiah Swamp, containing and laid out for about 50 acres. Also part of a tract of land called the Bridges, lying in CC, and bounded by the afd part of Georges Rest, containing and laid out for about 50 acres. If however, sd McPherson pays sd Campbell by Aug 1, 1767 the tobacco afd with lawful interest, thin this deed to be void. Signed - Will: McPherson. Wit - Rich Harrison*, Dan of St. Thos. Jenifer*. Recorded Aug 29, 1764. {Release recorded in Liber D No 4 folio 255}
Charles County Land Record Book O#3, 1765-1770; Page 150. Award. We, appointed to settle the dispute mentioned in the bond hereunto annexed") between Charles Smoot and William McPherson, are of the opinion that the land in sd bond mentioned is the right and property of sd McPherson, and do therefore award that sd Smoot give sd McPherson immediate possession thereof, and that Smoot pay McPherson's legal costs, and, when asked, make a deed for the land. Signed Mar 15, 1766 - John Hanson Jr, Thos McPherson. Recorded Feb 11, 1766,
Charles County Land Record Book O#3, 1765-1770; Page 151. I, Charles Smoot of CC, planter, for sundry good considerations, have given to William McPherson of CC, planter, part of 2 tracts of land called Georges Rest and Huscullow's Addition, lying on the east side of Zachiah Swamp in CC, containing about 40 acres. Signed Feb 11, 1767 - Chas (C his mark) Smoot, Wit - Dan Jenifer*, Josias Hawkins*. Recorded Feb 11, 1766.
Charles County Land Records 1782-1786; Liber Z#3; Page 192_ Sep 14, 1785 from Clement Hollyday and Gabriel Duvall, two of the Commissioners appointed to preserve confiscated British property [see page 188] on Oct 8, 1781, having sold Pangaiah Manor in CC and William McPherson of CC, planter, for 11 shillings per acre, having become the purchaser of 157 acres, part of Pangaiah Manor, and whereas also at sd sale, a certain Bennett Hanson Clements became the purchaser of 87 acres, part of sd Manor, being the highest bidder at 10 shillings per acre, and sd Bennett Hanson Clements has assigned his right to the land by him purchased as afd, to the afd William McPherson, now this deed witnesses that sd Hollyday and Duvall, for the premises and sd William McPherson having paid to the Treasurer of the Western Shore, the whole of the money on the purchases afd, have granted to sd McPherson, the 1st purchase above mentioned, bounded by Delardie's line, lot #49, Thomas Clements', lots 41, 42, and 51, John Clements', lot 43, Bennett Hanson Clements', lot #43, containing 157 acres. The land for the purchase made as afd by Bennett Hanson Clements, is bounded by Delardie, lot #41, 42, and 51, John Clements', lot #43, containing 87 acres. Signed - Clement Hollyday, G Duvall. Wit - Nathan Hammond_ Acknowledged before A.C. Hanson, a Judge of the General Court of Maryland. Recorded Dec 15, 1785.
1642-1753 Rent Rolls Charles County MD Hundred - Port Tobacco: Rent Roll page/Sequence: 400-146: BRIDGES: 100 acres; Possession of - 100 Acres - See Notes: Surveyed 7 May 1723 for Alexander McPherson in Zachia Swamp beginning at a bounded tree.: Conveyance notes - {mm Note; not identified to a specific Hundred. Location identified by watercourse or nearby tract.}, 50 Acres - William MacPherson from Alexander MacPherson; 14 Nov 1744,
CENSUS OF 1775-1778
McPherson, Thomas
McPherson, Daniel
McPherson, William
McPherson, John
McPherson, William, Jr.
McPherson, Basil
McPherson, John, Sr.

CENSUS OF 1775-1778
McPherson, William Sr.
Assessment of 1783 Charles County- Maryland State Archives Maryland State Archives
(Assessment of 1783, Index)
Charles County
MSA S 1437

Barbara McPherson. Dall Ready, pt, 168 acres. CH 5th District, Land p. 2. MSA S 1161-5-2 1/4/5/48
Benedicta McPherson. St. Matthews, pt, 100 acres. CH 5th District, Land p. 7. MSA S 1161-5-2 1/4/5/48
Benedicta McPherson. Pangiah Manor, pt, 72 acres. CH 5th District, Land p. 6. MSA S 1161-5-2 1/4/5/48
Daniel McPherson. Dallready, pt, 62 acres. CH 5th District, Land p. 3. MSA S 1161-5-2 1/4/5/48
Daniel McPherson. Bryerwood, pt, 75 acres. CH 5th District, Land p. 1. MSA S 1161-5-2 1/4/5/48
Thomas McPherson. Bryerwood, pt, 100 acres. CH 5th District, Land p. 1. MSA S 1161-5-2 1/4/5/48
Thomas McPherson. Dall Ready, pt, 50 acres. CH 5th District, Land p. 2. MSA S 1161-5-2 1/4/5/48
William McPherson. Dall Ready Second Addition, pt, 22 acres. CH 5th District, Land p. 2. MSA S 1161-5-2 1/4/5/48 
McPherson, William (I007529)
71558 William MCPHERSON was born 23 SEP 1740 in Port Tobacco, Charles, Maryland, and died 19 JAN 1809 in Charles, Maryland. He married Mary SMOOT 19 JAN 1809 in Charles, Maryland. She was born 16 JUL 1782 in Charles, Maryland.
Charles County MD Will Book 1777-1780; Page 125.
Charles Smoot's Will. Mar 28, 1778.
Nov 25, 1776. I, Charles Smoot of Maryland, am weak of body but perfect of memory.
To my wife Elizabeth Smoot - 3 Negroes named Roger, Jenny, and Lydia, and one half of my furniture and stock now on my dwelling plantation.
To my daughter Mary Smoot - 4 Negroes named Boarman, Jerry, Bess, and Milley. Also 1 writing desk and 2 walnut tables now standing in my son William's house. Also half of my furniture and stock on my dwelling plantation.
To my son John Nathan Smoot - the clock now standing in his dwelling house.
To my son Hendly Smoot - 1 long oval table standing in my son, John Smoot's, house.
To my son William Barton Smoot - 1 looking glass now standing in his house.
To my son William and daughter Mary Smoot - all my stock on my son William's plantation, to be equally divided between them.
Executors: my son William and my daughter Mary.
Signed Nov 25, 1776 - Charles ( his mark) Smoot.
Wit - Raphael Boarman Sr, Isaac Smoot, Thos (T his mark) Hencock.
Probated Mar 28, 1778 by witnesses Boarman and Smoot. N.B. At the time the above probate was taken, Isaac Smoot made oath that the widow had notice to attend but refused.
Charles County MD Will Book 1777-1780; Page 126. On Mar 28, 1778, letters testamentary were granted on the estate of Charles Smoot, late of CC, decd, to William
Smoot, one of the executors, Mary Smoot, the executrix,
having renounced the execution thereof. Securities = John Nathan Smoot and Isaac Smoot of CC. Appraisers: Raphael Boarman & John Hausonys. On Jun 27, 1778, the inventory was received, amounting to 322 £ 6 shillings 1-1/2 pence. 
Smoote, Mary (I014203)
71559 William Melton 10.29 I CA £92.4.6 May 16 1688
Appraisers: Daniel Philips, John Turner.

Calvert County Circuit Court
Land Surveys and Condominium Plats

Meltons Lott, 110 Acres; Certificate
Developer/Owner: Melton, William 1682 Patent Record 21, p. 481 0 0 MSA S 1583-1064

Meltons Lott, 110 Acres; Patent
Developer/Owner: Melton, William 1682 Patent Record SD A, p. 10 0 0 MSA S 1583-1065 
Melton, William (I090711)
71560 William Melton, adm. of his estate granted to Sarah Melton, his widow. Wm Bird and George Reeve, sec. Ct. 4 March 1762, p. 109. (*NOTE: George Reeve's was a neighbor Prince William Co.)

William Melton, adm. estate of William Melton unadministered by Sarah Melton, deceased his late administratix, granted to Richard Melton, Ct. 4 July 1763, p. 544. Wills Probates and Administations granted in Prince William Co., VA 1761-1763 from the fourth remaining Order Book. COUNTY COURT NOTEBOOK., Sept 1924, p. 35, Vol. III, No. 5

Research by Randy

Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants, 1694-1742. [Vol. I] p. 144, E-470,
17 Jul 1742
William Melton is granted 164A on Buckhall branch of Bull Run adjacent
to Richard Meltons land which he now owns.

BOOK E/1736-1742 page 144:
E-470: William MELTON of Pr. Wm. Co. 164A. in said Co. on Buckhall Br. of Bull Run. Surv. by Mr. James THOMAS the Younger. Adj. land granted Richard MELTON now William MELTON’S. George Reeves. Thomas DAVIS.17 July 1742.(note* Richards granddaughter's / William's neice's married Davis's boys)

1747. Residents of Western Dettingen Parish, 1747. Transcribed by Don
Wilson, of The Relic.
"A List of Tithabels Between Seeder run and Bool run in Ditigin parish
in Prince William County for: 1747
All persons counted together presumably lived in the same household
Peter CORNWELL, Alexander HIGGINS -- 2
William MELTON, Thomas WALLES [WATERS?], Robt. HIGGS -- 3 
Melton, William (I088175)
71561 William mentioned in 1844 estate sale of Alexander in Boone county Ky, also administrator will Vincent.

Mexico Missouri, founded by emigrants from Kentucky, North Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee in 1836, has deep roots in the firebrick industry, agriculture and world renowned saddle horses.

Martha A. WYATT married THOMAS J. MARSHALL, of Mexico, MO. who was county clerk of Warren Co. for 18 years.

WYATT, Frank Wyatt was a native of N.C., but settled and lived in
Montgomery County, Kentucky. He came to MO. 5 times to look at the country, but
could never make up his mind to move here. He had 4 sons, John, Anthony,
Douglass and Joseph. John was a captain in the war of 1812. He settled
in MO. in 1817, and married ATTOSSA SHARP, by whom he had 7 children;
John, Jr., Sarah, Harriet, Catharine, Margaret, Lucy and Mary. Anthony
came to MO. in 1816. He married MARY SMITH, daughter of HENRY SMITH and
NANCY DAVIS, (who were natives of Wales), and by her he had Henry S.,
James W., Joseph, Martha A., Nancy J., and Frank. Douglass Wyatt settled
in MO. in 1817. He married ELIZABETH SEE of Montgomery County, and they had
Hayden, Amanda, Emily, Frank, Douglass, Jr., Joseph and Mary. Joseph
Wyatt, son of Frank, Sr., died a bachelor, in Franklin County, MO.
(Children of Anthony Wyatt). Henry S. married SARAH HOPPING. James W.
married MARTHA A. PEARLE. Joseph married SUSAN GRISWOLD, Martha A.
married THOMAS J. MARSHALL, of Mexico, MO. who was county clerk of
Warren Co. for 18 years. Nancy J. married JOHN JONES, of Mexico, MO.
Frank was married twice: first to ELIZA A. JONES, and after her death,
to MARIA FARSDALE. Mr. Wyatt built a ferry boat for THOMAS HOWELL, who
paid him in gold, and then offered to run a foot race for the money he
had paid him. But Mr. Wyatt did not consider it safe to take the risk,
notwithstanding he was a young man and Mr. H. was 67 years old.

LAMME, William T. and James Lamme were sons of Robert Lamme of Bourbon
Co., Kentucky. William T. settled in (now) Warren County, MO., in 1803. He was
1st Lieutenant in NATHAN BOONE's company of rangers, and was afterward
major or a regiment. He married FRANCES CALLAWAY, daughter of FLANDERS
CALLAWAY and JEMIMA BOONE, and granddaughter of DANIEL BOONE, by whom he
had 10 children: Serena, Zarina, Hulda, Cornelia, Missouri, Josephine,
Jackson, Leonidas, Achiles and Napoleon B. Mr. Lamme had a good
education, was a find business man, and left his family in good
circumstances at his death. Zarina Lamme married WILLIS BRYAN, a son of
DAVID BRYAN, who was the first settler within the present limits of
Warren Co. Hulda married JOHN BRYAN, called "Long Jack", on account of
his extraordinary height, who was also a son of DAVID BRYAN. Missouri
married JESSE CATON. Joseph married CAMPBELL MARSHALL. All of the above
are dead except Hulda, who lives with her son, John C. Bryan, who is
recorder of Franklin County, and a prominent and influential citizen.
Achiles Lamme lives in Montana, where he carries on an extensive
mercantile business. Napoleon B. lives in California. Serena married

DUNCAN, Joseph C. duncan, of Buckingham County, Virginia., was of Scotch descent.
He married NANCY MADDOX, and settled in Christian County, Kentucky., in 1817.l In
1829 he removed to MO and settled in Callaway Co. where he lived the
rest of his life. His wife died in 1860, and he died in 1870. They had 9
children, but 2 of them died before they were grown. The names of the
other children were Elizabeth A., Frederick W., Ouslow G., Jerome B.,
Artinicia, Merrett B., and Edward. Elizabeth A. married JOHN MCMAHAN,
and is now a widow. Frederick W. lives in Oregon. Ouslow G. married
JULIA A. BROADWATER, and lives in Audrain Co. Jerome B. married MARY
GEORGE. Artinicia married COLONEL MARSHALL S. COATS, of Coats' Prairie.
Merrett B. married MARY E. BERKETT. He is a prominent banker of Mexico,
MO. Edward married MARTHA MCMAHAN and lives in Monroe Co. Joel and
Richard were the two who died before they were grown.

PIONEERS OF WARREN CO. written 1876 H - J
HART, Capt. Hart was a native of the state of N.J., where, during the
French and Indian war, previous to the American revolution, he raised a
company of men and was commissioned Captain. He was with GENERAL WOLF's
army at the battle of Quebec, in Canada, in 1759, where that gallant
young general fell. Capt. Hart's company behaved with great gallantry on
that occasion, and the men, who were dressed in blue uniforms, were
afterward known as the "Jersey Blues". Honest John Hart, as he was
called, was a son of Capt. Hart, and one of the signers of the
Declaration of Independence. Nathaniel, the 4th son of Honest John Hart,
settled in Mason County, Kentucky., in 1795. His son, also named Nathaniel, was
born May 5, 1794, and came to MO. in 1819. He settled first in St.
Charles County, where he remained 1 year, and then, in 1820, removed to
Warren County, and settled near Pinckney; where on March 6, 1823, he was
married to UNITY L. MARSHALL, daughter of JOHN MARSHALL, of Montgomery
Co., Kentucky., who was one of the first settlers of Warren Co. Mr. Hart is
now living in Boone County, in his 83rd year. He had several children, but
they all died in infancy, except two sons, Joseph E., and Alfred H., who
also live in Boone Co. He has in his possession, a cane that belonged to
his grandfather, Honest John Hart.
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MARSHALL, WM (1860 U.S. Census)
Age: 63, Male, Race: WHITE, Born: MD
Series: M653 Roll: 606 Page: 794

Wm Marshall 63 M Farmer Md
Eliza 63 F Md
Vincent 20 M Ioway (Indianapolis)


MARSHALL, WILLIAM (1870 U.S. Census)
Age: 72, Male, Race: WHITE, Born: MD
Series: M593 Roll: 756 Page: 518

Marshall, William 72 M W Farmer Maryland 
Marshall, William (I000962)
71562 William Merrick 10.272 CH £80.4,3 May 21 1724 Jan 25 1724
Appraisers: William Williams, Thomas Wright.
Creditors: Thomas Osburn, John Harrison.
Next of kin: John Filburt, Thomas Smith.
Administratrix: (name not given), 
Merrick, William (I013517)
71563 William Mitchell (of William and Rosamound) bapt. 2 Oct 1701. Mitchell, William (I100445)
71564 William Mitchell and Lucy Vandanle m. 2 Jul 1721 Family F40157
71565 William Mudd b. 1723, Md. d. 1804 Washington County, Kentucky. Married 1759, Chas. Co. Md. Elizabeth Clements, daughter of William Clements and Mary Hanson (6 children born)
Richard, William, Walter, Francis, Mary, and Henrietter.
Henrietter Married Nicholas Sanaberry.
Nicholas d. 11-24-1812 (before).
Henrietter married 2nd. Mark Simms.
Seven Children were born to Henrietter. 
Hanson, Mary (I001914)
71566 William Muse Guardian Pope, Sarah (I025729)
71567 William Muse Guardian Pope, John (I025732)
71568 William Neelson and Deborah Fairbrother m. 12 Dec 1746 Family F40155
71569 William Neelson and Deborah parents of Mary Ann Neelson dau b. 11 Dec 1749;
Richard Neelson son b. 15 Mar 1751; William Neelson son b. 13 Apr 1753;
Aria Neelson dau b. 6 Oct 1755; Thomas Fairbrother Neelson son b. 6 Feb
Nelson, William (I100444)
71570 William Orrick and Katherine Duvall m. 22 Oct 1700 Family F21525
71571 William Otto Rust was born 19 AUG 1840 in Warren County, Virginia. He married Henrietta M. Jones 24 FEB 1873 in Warren County, Virginia, daughter of Gideon W. Jones and Elizabeth Anne Shepler. She was born ABT 1849 in Warren County, Virginia. Rust, William Otto (I007336)
71572 William Parcker 1.39 I CA #3524 Apr 16 1674
Appraisers: George Parcker, John Hance. 
Parker, William (I011794)
71573 William Pecket 32A.100 I BA £154.15.4 Aug 17 1710
The amount of the inventory also included #57849.
Appraisers: Matt. Green, Moses Groome,
Creditors: Thomas Chamberlaine, Richard Colegate.
Next of kin: William Peckett, Temp. Lowe.
List of debts: John Hart of Philadelphia, Robert Packer of Philadelphia, Nicholas Fitzimons, Moses Groom, Robert Green, John Hall, Esq., Charles Hewet, William Hicks, Sr., Oliver Harwood, John Lacock, Thomas Newsum, Charles Merryman, estate of Roger Matthews, Peter Paggen & Co., Thomas Preston, Sr., Henry Dunahue, Thomas Renolds, James Read, Col. John Thomas, Thomas Tally (of Kent), George Yates, Edward Batson, Thomas Chalkly, Garret Garrison, John Harriman, William Harris (of Kent), Thomas Hutchings, William Hicks, Henry Jonas, Richard Lenox, Charles Merryman, Sr., Patrick Murfy, Col. Ja. Maxwell, Ja. Phillips, Aquila Paca, Sarah Skates, Nicholas Rogers, Luke Raven, Charles Simonds, William Talbot, Pearce Welsh, Thomas Bale, Samuel Brown, Anthony Drew, Martin Depost, Laurance Draper, Jenkins Griffing, Jeremiah Hakes, Samuel Jackson, Robert Jubb, William Adams, John Cook, Christopher Gardner, Dutton Lane, John Costly, Hugh Jones, Simond Person, David Thomas, Thomas Morris, Owen Sullivan, George Yorke, Lewis Barton, William Hitchcock, William Deson, Robert Derumple, James Carroll, Charles Ramsey, Matthew Organ, Mary Standeford, John Fitzredmon, Robert Parker, George Chancy, George Berry, Valentine Browne (of Kent), Francis Dallahide, Thomas Frisby (of Kent), Thomas Fletcher, John Eales, John Gay, Daniel Kendall, George Newport, George Ogg, John Stokes, John Simkings, John Wallis, Lewis Poidell, William Wilkinson, John Greeniffe, Edward Galtond, John Hall (planter), Charles Hyat (of St. George), James Ishum, John Anderson, Robert Cutchin, Stephen Bently, Peter Norton, John Swinyard, Samuel Grining, Enoch Spinks, Daniel Matheny, Christopher Cox, Mr. Richard Colegate, John Ensor, John Miles (carpenter), John Cotterell, John Maddy, John Whitaker, Thomas Crumwell, John March, Selah Dormont, Thomas Temple, Robert Roberts, John Deavor, George Wells, Abraham Taylor, Phillip Branicon, Thomas Burchfield, James Barky, Ann Felks, Nicholas Fitzimonds, John Landis, John Edwards, Thomas Gilbert, William Morrington, William Norris, Goyon Stephenson of Philadelphia, John Selman, George Tracy, Benjamin Williams, John Roberts (lawyer), James Fugate, John Hurst, Richard Jeferys, George Lester, William Reade, John Thornbury, John Thickpenny, Richard Catling, Stephen Fowler, John Hagoe, Robert Clarke, Christopher Durbin, Richard Horner, John Kimball, Thomas Roberts, Samuel Sicklemore, miles Temple, Charles Turleswaine, John Welsh, Emanuel Selah, Alexander Graves, Philip Conner, Henry Davison, Margarett Foster, Christopher Hoe, William Chew, David Evans, Henry Roades, John Beverly, Robert Cannaby, John oldton, John Cannon, John Cotter, Hugh Brannacon, Edward Carter.
List of debts due deceased's wife (unnamed) before her marriage: John Standford,
William Pickett 6.94 A BA £113.10.8 £83.14.4 Sep 8 1724
(also William Peckett). A second inventory was cited in the amount of 8.14.4.
List of debts: Samuel Sicklemore (dead), Lewis Nowell, Robert Cutchin, Matthew Talbott (runaway).
Payments to: Archibald Rollo, John Crockett, George Buchanan, Thomas Fullwood, William Anderson, William Hitchcox, Vaugham Davis who married the heiress (unnamed) of Gideon Skeats whose widow (unnamed) Peckett (the deceased) married, Benjamin Jones (accountant), William Lowe (accountant). Administrators: William Low, Benjamin Jones. 
Pickett, William (I068825)
71574 William Penington 35A.176 I AA £17.17.0 Mar 22 1713
Appraisers: Charles Rivers, Henry Hillard.
William Penington 35A.202 A AA £17.17.0 £12.16.6 May 25 1714
Payments to: William Penington, Titus Penington.
Administrator: Thomas Penington.
Withers, Samuel, Anne Arundel Co., 23rd Mch., 1670; 2nd June, 1671.
To wife Eliza:, 1/2 estate, real and personal.
To son Samuel, 1/2 estate at majority and entire estate at death of wife afsd.
To the care of Capt. William Burgess and Richard Hill are committed William Pennington and Thomas Pennington, orphans of William Pennington of Anne Arundel Co., to whom is left testator's estate in event of death of son Samuel afsd.
Test: Thomas March, Robt. Lusbie, Richard Hill. 1. 436.
Elisabeth Withers (widow) 6.98 A AA #61689 Jun 3 1679
Payments to: John Ricks, Thomas Buckanan, Thomas Tyson, Mrs. Anne Norwood, Mr. Abell Browne, John Hillen, John Larkin, Mr. Henry Stockett, William Pennington, Thomas Penington, Mr. Richard Glover (merchant) of London, Mr. Bartholomew Glovins (?), John Spicer, Dr. Neale (administrator of Thomas Marsh),
Mentions: Mr. Samuel Withers with land on the Choptank River.
Administrator: Capt. Richard Hill.
Henry Lewis 6.156 I AA Apr 28 1679
Servants mentioned: Thomas Rugg, John Draper, Jenery Chappell, Barbary Ball, Anne Floyd.
Appraisers: William Hawkins, Richard Gwinn.
List of debts: Simon Herring, Richard Jefferis (runaway), Johanna Norman, Morrice Hooper, Thomas Watkins of Baltimore County, Richard Taylor, Morrice Baker, Joseph Norwood, William Jones, John Brewer, Joseph O'Keen, Richard Benison, Mary Barnard, Thomas Buckwell, Theophiles Hackitt, John Fish, Thomas Cleverly, Dawson, Barnett Eglestone, John Williams, John Davis, Thomas Beech, Jonas Boyne, Charles Stevens, Daniell Edye, Thomas Dadd, Richard Kenison, Mathew Howard, James Croutch, Lawrence trapper and Robert Grimes, John Richlous, John Price (runaway), Thomas Lawrence, Samuel Croutchill, Robert Tylar, John Thornton, John Bolston, John Pine, Margarete Ailcock, Thomas Ayers, Richard Ball, Thomas Browne, Enoch Boston (dead), Humphry Boon, John Bolton, John Button, Peter Bond, Ebenezar Blackstone, William Cocks, John Clarke, Joseph Connaway, John Cross, William Cook, John Cousen, Joseph Deffreen, William Davis, Thomas Drew, Edward Dorsey, Robert Davavadge (?), Thomas Beech, Ralph Hawkins, widdow Gardner, Robert Eagle, William Hawkins, Josias Hall, Charles Howell, William Penington, William Jones, widdow Lisbie, Thomas Lawrence, Edward Lunn, Rowland Nance, Joseph Norwood, James Offord, Robert Parmbe John Ray, Henry Rigby, Adam Sheply, William Stanton, Edward Tadd, Richard Tayle, Thomas Tally, John Worrace, Henry Welden, Hugh Welden, Thomas Fenn, Francis Underwood, John Gray, William Petticoate, Thomas Tucker, John Hammond, William Smith, James Smith, Thomas Francis, Mathias Stevenson, Henry Johnson, John Smith, Thomas Hooker, Abraham Childs, John Forth, Thomas Penington, Col. Thomas Tallier, John Thorneton, Edward Jones, Christopher Rowles.
Thomas Homewood 8.115 1 AA 2130.4.5 Sep 24 1683
Appraisers: William Jones, William Peninton.
Jeremia Hanslip 8.523 I AA £15.17.8 Apr 28 1686
Appraisers: William Penington, John Clarke.
James Ourronck/Orrick 11A.7-1/2 W AA £227.10.0 Apr 9 1690 Aug 4 1691
Sureties: James Floyd, John Gepson, Anne Cook, John Ecles.
Witnesses: John Powell, Dr. Hunt, James Floyd.
Bequests: wife Mary Ourronck (executrix), 3 sons—William, John, James.
Mentions: William Slade (dead), land purchased from Emanuell Drew, Humphry Boone.
Appraisers of inventory: Humphrey Boone, William Penington.
John Cooley 14.129 I £58.0.6 Dec 24 1695
Appraisers: Francis Moyd, William Penington.
John Cooley 14.130 A AA £58.0.6 £78.14.0 May 25 1697
Payments to: Thomas Dawson, Alexander Gardiner, for keeping Edward Cooley (boy), for keeping Alice Cooley (girl), for coffin for Francis Cooley (girl), Frank Cooley, Ralph Bazill, Richard Bayly, Thomas Beason, James Floyd for keeping Frank Cooley, Mr. Davis, John Davis, Richard Kilburne.
Mentions: John Cooley (orphan). 2 orphans.
Administrator: William Clarke.
John Ray 13B.104 I AA £74.14.11 Jun 3 1695
The amount of the inventory also.included #5635.
Appraisers: Richard Bayly, William Penington.
List of debts: William Smith, John Harebottle, Joseph Canaway, Richard Humphreys, Roger Evens, Henry Constable, William Martin, Thomas Hanson.
John Ray 13B.105 A AA £74.14.11 #7605 Jul 4 1696
The amount of the inventory also included #5635.
Payments to: Edward Gibbs, Mr. Henry Constable, Thomas Aires, Mr. Bonner, William Smith.
Distribution to: 2 orphans (unnamed), wife (unnamed) of the accountant.
Executor: Thomas Handson
William Cockey 15.108 I AA £96.2.10 Jun 12 1697
Appraisers: Edward Fuller, William Penington.
Henry Francis 17.51 I AA £21.13.6 May 7 1698
Appraisers: Edward Fuller, William Penington.
Henry Francis 19-1/2A.129 A AA £21.0.6 £24.18.0 Mar 25 1700
Payments to: Mr. Roger Newman, William Lewis, Blanch Staunton, Edward Fuller,
Benjamin Scrivener, Catherine Rowser.
Administrator: John Harebottle.
Edmund Duncalfe 20.52 A AA #12870 Dec 11 1700
Payments to: William Wright, Chr. Vernon, John Spellman, Jos. Merrick, John Brice, Dr. Guy, Thomas Marshall, George Coleworthey, John Atkey, Thomas Blackwell, Thomas Homewood, George Hope.
Legatees: Robert Bone, Sarah Burke, James Harrington, John Burke, Hen. Chapell, John Wherrell, John Jobson, John Wright.
Executor: William Penington.
Isaac Howard 1.659 I AA £3.4.0 Feb 26 1702
Appraisers: William Penington, Thomas Dawson.
Joseph Connaway 27.7 I AA £19.7.0 Jul 3 1707
Appraisers: William Penington, Thomas Dawson.
Richard Sorrell 35A.40 A AA £254.5.0 £87.13.9 Jan 23 1713
Received from: Mr. James Govane, William Jones.
Payments to: Dr. Thomas Major, Dr. John Rattenbury, Evan Jones, William Penington, executrix of Philemon Smith, John Rowles, Alexander Gardner, Mr. Brice, Henry Wright, William Penington, Sr., Philip Jones, Abram Child, William Reading, Hannah Marley, William Anderson, Titus Penington, Robert Eagle, Sarah Rowles, Mr. Thomas Bordley, Mr. Richard Trensam for defending against ----- Marshall and his wife (unnamed), Robert Marshall, Mr. John Beal, Mr. Thomas Macnemara attorney of Robert Marshall and his wife (unnamed), Moses Adney, John Nichollson.
Administrators: Thomas Robinson and his wife Rachel Robinson.
Thomas Baxter 33A.195 I QA £228.10.3 Feb 19 1711
Appraisers: Vallentine Carter, James Evens.
Approvers: John Carter, Hannah Pooley, Vallentine Carter.
List of debts: Ed. Hamilton, William Penington, John Daly, Sarah Hamilton, Ri. Baxter.
William Kiteley 33B.220 I AA £16.17.2 Apr 2 1713 Jun 12 1713
Appraisers: William Penington, Alexander Gardner.
Creditors: Amos Garrett.
Next of kin: Will. Clarke, Thomas Kiteley.
Joshua Merrikin 34.19 I AA £485.8.1 Jun 25 1713
Appraisers: William Penington, John Ingram.
Creditors: Amos Garrett.
Next of kin: Hugh Merrikin.
Philemon Smith 34.116 I AA £30.12.5 Apr 1 1713
Appraisers: Robert Jub (also Robert Jubb), William Penington.
Creditors: Amos Garrett, John Brice by Thomas Robinson.
Approvers: James Smith.
John Jones 36B.256 A QA £112.14.10 £168.3.9 May 2 1715
Payments to: Richard Bennett, Esq., Norton Knatchbull, William Bladen, Esq., Evan Thomas, William Penington, Jos. Bounton, William Rakes, Col. Richard Tilghman, Mrs. Elisabeth Carter, John Coursey, John Kemp, Thomas Robinson, Richard Bruff, Col. William Coursey, Jos. Earle, Mary Bower, Thomas Cooper, John Soanes.

Sarah Brice 8.554 A AA £1206.10.11 £3270.13.11 Apr 8 1728
A second inventory is cited in the amount of £50.11.7.
Received from: MM George Hatley & Thomas Mercer (merchants in London), Frances Dorsey, Mr. Nicholas Ridgley, George Sleicomb, Charles Worthington, Vachell Denton, Vachel Denton, William Penington, Alexander Stuart, Mordicai Hammond, Humphry Hogan, Nicholas Ridgley, John Gray, Thomas Rowles, Charles Hamond, Joseph Pogue, Nicholas Shepard, William Robinson, Phillip Jones, William Bennet, William Buckingham, John Earnshaw, Robert Bailey, John Clark, William
Mattox, Thomas Reynolds, Jr., Ambrose Nelson, Jr., John Hurd, William Dainty, Thomas Fairbrother, Christopher Holyfield (alias Christopher Holywood), Robert Jubb, Richard Johnson, Rachell Johnson, Mary Kitely, William Kirbe, Robert Marshall, Humphry Meredith, Samuell Muistrie, Thomas Robinson, John Robinson, William Smith, Thomas Wright, Henry Wright, William Hancock, John Howard, Thomas Buckingham, Rebecka Aldress, Richard Womsly, John Frizzell, William Frizell.
Payments to: Alexander Frazer, Charles Carroll, James Govane, Thomas Brook & William Holland, John Beale, Mr. Philip Hamond in right of his wife Rachell Ramon (her portion of estate of her father Mr. John Brice (dead)), John Brice (his portion of estate of his father Mr. John Brice (dead)), Phillip Jones & Robert Jubb.
Legatees: Nicholas Ridgley William Worthington, Sarah Worthington, James Butcher, John Worthington, Vachel Denton, Ann Denton, Charles Worthington, Rachell Brice paid to Phillip Hamond, Phillip Hamond, Thomas Worthington, John Brice.
List of debts: John Roberts (runaway).
Executors: Mr. Thomas Worthington, Mr. John Brice. 
Pennington, William (I069999)
71575 William Phelps (of William and Elisabeth) bapt. 12 Sep 1711.
William Phelps d. 13 Mar 1721/2. 
Phelps, William (I100219)
71576 William Phelps 24.48 I £42.10.10 Jul 2 1703
Appraisers: William Hawkins, William Foreman. 
Phelps, William (I092385)
71577 William Phelps and Elizabeth Cheney m. 8 Aug 1706.
William Phelps and Elizabeth parents of (?) child b. ---.{1706} 
Family F27473
71578 William Phelps and Rachel m 11 Dec 1718 Family F40125
71579 William Phelps and Rachell parents of Zachariah Phelps son b. 8 Oct 1729. Phelps, Zachariah (I100226)
71580 William Pickett (planter) and Mary Ruley m. 21 Nov 1717. Family F32275
71581 William Pinkston and Martha Nelson m. 4 Mar 1717. Family F33433
71582 William Poteet 21.39 A BA £143.16.0 £28.16.3 Dec 1 1744
Received from: Joseph Foresedes.
Payments to: Samuel Durham, Ann Pike, Thomas Poteet, Robert Briarly paid to Hugh
Briarly paid to Thomas Treadway, Edward Wakeman, Nathan Rigbie, Robert Clarke
&-Thomas Wheeler, Thomas Farlow, James Caramel.
Administratrix: Johannah Ramsey, wife of John Ramsey, Jr. 
Poteet, Thomas (I054825)
71583 William Powell (tayler) and Ann parents of William Powell son b. 20 Sep 1691
and bur. 10 Nov 169(?); John Powell son b. 12 Sep 1694 and bapt. 14 Aug
1698; Ann Powell dau b. 23 Feb 1696 and bapt. 14 Aug 1698.

William Powell (tayler) and Ann parents of An Mary Powell dau b. the last
of Dec 1698 and bapt. 6 Jan 1698.

William Powell (taylor) d. 3 Apr 1701. 
Powell, William 'Taylor' (I091976)
71584 William Powell, planter, d 2 Jul 1698, bur. 4 Jul 1698
Powell, William, A. A. Co., 30th June, 1698;
To sons Richard and Thomas, "Little Plantation" and 100 A. adjoining Benj. Chew's.
To son John, 50 A., part of same tract.
To son William and hrs., afsd. plantation in event of death of sons Richard and Thomas under age or without issue;
to pass in turn to surviving brothers and their hrs.
To wife (unnamed), extx., personalty.
To daus. Margaret and Ann, personalty at 16 yrs. of age and afsd. lands in event of death of their brothers without issue.
Test: Wm. Powell, Roht. Robers, Alex. Chapple. 6. 11 
Powell, William (I099821)
71585 William Prise 34.119 I SM £70.13.6 May 1 1713
Appraisers: Cornelius Manning, William Thomas.
William Price 36C.61 A SM £70.0.0 £7.18.5 Apr 25 1715
Received from: Thomas Biscoe.
Payments to: Sarah Knight, William Jones, William Johnson, Mary Guyther, David Meakill, Mr. Henry Lowe.
Administrators: John Wellburne and his wife Ann Wellburne 
Price, William (I093005)
71586 William Pritchet 11.339 SM £81.11.6 Mar 17 1725 Jun 8 1726
Appraisers: Thomas Nichols (also Thomas Nicholls ), Philip Tippett.
Creditors: Thomas Greaves, William Jameson.
Next of kin: Thomas Boult, Sr., James Boult.
Administratrix: Mary Pritchet. 
Boult, James (I095102)
71587 William Purde and Elisabeth parents of John Purde son bapt. 18 Oct 1722 Purdy, John (I065967)
71588 William Purde and Elisabeth parents of John Purde son bapt. 18 Oct 1722.
Elisabeth Purde (wife of William) bur. 5 Dec 1723. 
Purdy, Elizabeth MNU (I075902)
71589 William Purdy (of William) bur. 5 Nov 1733. Purdy, William (I075905)
71590 William Purdy and Elisabeth parents of John Purdy son b. 2 Oct 1720; William Purdy son b. 21 Jul 1722 - both bapt. 4 Sep 1723.
William Purde and Elisabeth parents of John Purde son bapt. 18 Oct 1722.
Purdy, John, All Hallows Parish, A. A. Co., 21st Oct., 1709; 16th Nov., 1712.
To son William, ex., all real estate. In event of his death without issue, land to be sold, and John, son of Henry and Ann Purdy, be paid £5; residue to daus. named below., viz., Margarett Watts, Eliza: Alridge and Susan or Susanna Purdy, at 16 yrs.
Test: Robert Steward, Joseph Tilly, Thos. Orem. 13. 464.
John Purdy 31.116 I AA £30.10.4 May 16 1710
Appraisers: Walter Phelps, James Lewis.
Approvers: William Purdy, John Roberts.
John Purdy 35A.10 A AA £35.8.6 £5.19.7 Jan 18 1712
Payments to: Mr. William Nicholson for use of Maj. Wilson, Daniel Larke.
Executor: William Purdy.
John Purdy 36A.223 A AA £14.8.9 Jan 19 1714
Payments to: John Hardin, Thomas Aldridge, James Lewis, Hezekiah Linthicum.
Executor: William Purdy.
John Purdy 35A.10 A AA £35.8.6 £5.19.7 Jan 18 1712
Payments to: Mr. William Nicholson for use of Maj. Wilson, Daniel Larke.
Executor: William Purdy. 
Purdy, William (I075906)
71591 William Purdy and Elizabeth Bennett m. 2 Jun 1729 Family F41248
71592 William Richards erected girst mills & saw mills on land given him by Simon Miller Sr.

A bridge across the north branch of the Rappahannock River was built by William Richards in order to improve access to timber & his saw mills

William Richards -mr- Lydia Miller (aka Eliza Miller), youngest daughter of Simon Miller Sr. by his second wife

William Richards moved onto about 800 acres of land of Simon Miller Sr. in Culpeper Co. near the point of the fork of the Rappahannock River

Defendant Benjamin Withers (admr.); Benjamin James (admr.); John Markham (decd)
Deponent / Affiant John Gibson (56); Thomas Harrison (52); Langhorne Dade (46); James Muschett (52); James Withers Jr.; William Miller; William Richards (52); James Withers Sr.; Richard Cooper (70); Bennett Nooe
Family Lewis Markham, son of John Markham
Locality Fauquier Co.; Prince William Co. (Dumfries); Stafford Co.; Culpeper Co.; Spotsylvania Co.; Stafford Co. (Falmouth); Fredericksburg
Merchant House of Henderson, Ferguson & Gibson - Dumfries
Plaintiff John Minor (exor.); Philip Harrison (exor.); Benjamin Botts (decd - exor.); Benjamin Harrison (decd.)
School schoolhouse of Thomas Railey
Administrative Information
Record title Botts' Exors vs Markham's Admr.
Year recorded 1815?
Collection CR-SC-H
Record ID 565-157
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Preserved by City of Fredericksburg
Processed by Margaret Anne Crickman
Extracted by Barry L. McGhee
Extracted on 9/5/2002

Court Record Data
Context Extract
Defendant Benjamin Withers (admr.); Benjamin James (admr.); John Markham (decd)
Deponent / Affiant John Gibson (56); Thomas Harrison (52); Langhorne Dade (46); James Muschett (52); James Withers Jr.; William Miller; William Richards (52); James Withers Sr.; Richard Cooper (70); Bennett Nooe
Family Lewis Markham, son of John Markham
Locality Fauquier Co.; Prince William Co. (Dumfries); Stafford Co.; Culpeper Co.; Spotsylvania Co.; Stafford Co. (Falmouth); Fredericksburg
Merchant House of Henderson, Ferguson & Gibson - Dumfries
Plaintiff John Minor (exor.); Philip Harrison (exor.); Benjamin Botts (decd - exor.); Benjamin Harrison (decd.)
School schoolhouse of Thomas Railey
Administrative Information
Record title Botts' Exors vs Markham's Admr.
Year recorded 1815?
Collection CR-SC-H
Record ID 565-157
End Notes
Preserved by City of Fredericksburg
Processed by Margaret Anne Crickman
Extracted by Barry L. McGhee
Extracted on 9/5/2002

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James Hughes 2005-08-31 15:48:46
LAWSUIT Part One James Hord vs William Richards Administrator of the estate of Simon Miller

This suit concerned several slaves that were gifts to the daughters of Simon Miller, specifically, Alice
Markham, who died 1775. Although it is part of a different law suit, it deals with depositions of the same people
involved in the Hord vs Miller/Richards suit and was going on at the same time.

23 August 1806- Deposition of Mary Hord, aged about 69- at the house of John West in Stafford County, Virginia.-
"A daughter of the late Simon Miller of Stafford County, Virginia.” and "Whole sister of the mother” of William and
Lewis Markham. She said her father gave a negro to each of his son in laws upon their marriage.
In 1786 Mr. Thomas Strother who married on the deponant’s sisters was about to go to Kentucky and he asked
Mr. Miller if his gift to him was without resercvations and Simon Miller acknowleged the slave was a gift.

23 August 1806- Deposition of James Hord- aged 35- at the home of John West- stated " about 20 years ago when
Mr. Thomas Strother decided to move to Kentucky, Mr. Simon Miller told him that he [Miller] had no claim to the
negro given him. That Mr. Miller had given each of his married daughters a nego when they married”, viz: Mrs.
Strother, Mrs. Hord and Mrs. Markham.

21 November 1807- deposition of Eliza Richards- aged 53- a daughter of Simon Miller, deceased, late of Stafford
County, Virginia. She stated that " she was under the impression that the descendants of the slave given by Simon
Miller to John Markham upon his intermarriage with Alice, daughter of Simon Miller, were to go to the children
of the said Alice upon the death of John Markham and that John Markham had indicated to her that this was his
pleasure and intention”.

21 November 1807- Deposition of James Richards- aged 32. Taken at the house of John West in Stafford County,
Va. He states at the time that John Markham sold the slaves , Mr. Simon Miller, the father in law of John
Markham, " was a very old man and never left his own house”; however, Mr. Miller heard about the sale of the
slaves and took John Markham to task about it. Markham smoothed it over, and Mr. Miller never knew the
differencce. [ slaves in question would have issue from the slaves given to Alice Miller , wife of John Markham, as
a wedding gift from Simon Miller to his daughter ].

08 October 1808 the deposition of Peter Conway, taken in Fauquier County,Va. who describes himself as a brother
in law of John Markham, dec’d..
Question: Do you recollect that it was reported that Mrs.Alice Markham was in a state of prgancy when she
married to the said John Markham, dec’d.
Answer: I do not remember that it was reported at the time of her marriage, but I believe it was reported after her
child was born that it came before the usual time but how long before I cannot say.

09 May 1811 in the County of Stafford, the deposition of Mrs. Jane Markham, widow, aged 55 and upwards. She
married John Markham in April 1781.
=== Contributed by Ralph D. Smith

1786 - Thomas Nooe and Mary his wife, of Culpeper Co., Va., sell to William Richards, of Culpeper Co., Va., 308 acres / Spotswoods line now Armisteads / to corner to John D. Frese.
Source: Culpeper Co., Va. Deeds, Book N, p. 516.
Comment: Sounds like Thomas may be preparing to move. This is the last record found for Thomas; he is not mentioned in his brother Basil's 1809 will. 
Richards, William (I025100)
71593 William Richardson & Marg't Smith were married 15th of 5th mo. 1689. Family F19033
71594 William Richardson son of above William & Marg't b. 1st of 5th mo. 1690 & d.
22nd of 12th mo. 1731/2.
William Richardson 21.171 Jan 28 1733 Nov 25 1735
Appraisers: Samuel Smith, Ferdinand Battee.
Creditors: John Galloway attorney for Dr. Samuel Chew, Richard Hill.
Next of kin: Danniell Richardson, Nathaniell Richardson.
Administrators: Joseph Richardson (Quaker), William Richardson.
William Richardson, Jr. 16.6 A £185.7.7 £24.1.10 Feb 14 1737
Payments to: William Barton, Elisabeth Smith, Richard Hill, Dr. Samuel Chew, Charles Calvert, John Beale, Edmund Jenings, Daniel Dulany, Esq.
List of debts: John Parrish (can not be recovered), John Talbot.
Administrators: William Richardson (Quaker), Joseph Richardson (Quaker). 
Richardson, William (I095816)
71595 William Richardson son of Nathan & Elizabeth b. (27) of 9th mo. 1736.
William Richardson son of Nathan & Elizabeth b. 7th of 9th mo. 1735 
Richardson, William (I100272)
71596 William Richardson Sr. son of William and Elizabeth b. 26th of 6th mo. 1668.
He d. 13th of 5th mo. 1744 and was hurried at West River Meeting Grave Yard
on 15th of 5th mo. 1744.
RICHARDSON, WILLIAM, Anne Arundel Co. 18th day, 9th mo., 1741; 11th Sept., 1744.
To wife MARGARET, coextx., use of my now dwelling plantation, and other lands during her widowhood, she to allow son DANIEL to live on any one pt. (for location see will.)
To son JOSEPH, lands (see will) and personalty.
To son DANIEL, coextx., 120 A., and personalty.
To son RICHARD, land in Baltimore Co., bought of Richard Owings and Charles Dorsey, "Owings adventure' and Owings Addition," 450 A., plus personalty.
To son THOMAS.
To son NATHAN, 350 A. of "United Friendship in Baltimore Co., bought of Dr. Samuel Chew, personalty.
To son THOMAS, 558 A. 'High Spaniola" in Cecil Co., plus personalty.
To grandsons WILLIAM AND RICHARD, sons of son JOSEPH, personalty.
To dau SARAH HILL, her children, HENRY and MARGARET, personalty.
To SAMUEL THOMPSON, son of AUGT. and ELIZABETH, personalty.
To ELIZABETH RICHARDSON, dau of my bro. JOSEPH, personalty.
To Joseph Galloway 5 pounds for Quakers of West River
To bro. JOSEPH, wearing apparel.
Test: Nicholas Watkins, John Ross, Thomas Sprigg. 23. 606
William Richardson 30.380 AA £1700.9.11 Nov 19 1744 May 10 1745
Appraisers: Joseph Cowman, Gerrard Hopkins.
Creditors: Joseph Hill, Samuel Gallaway.
Next of kin: Joseph Richardson, Sophiah Galloway.
Executors: Margaret Richardson, Daniel Richardson (Quakers).
William Richardson 22.205 A AA £1700.9.11 £368.16.0 Jul 18 1746
The amount of the accounts also included £41.11.6 in sterling.
Received from: Joseph Adams (merchant in London).
Payments to: Mary Watkins paid to Thomas Gassaway, Dr. John Hamilton, Mr. Samuel Smith, Daniel Dulany, Esq., Mr. William Rogers, Joseph Galloway for Quakers of West River, Daniel Richardson (son, accountant), Sammuel Galloway, Lord Baltimore paid to Mr. Onirio Razolini.
Legatees: Elisabeth Richardson (kinswoman) wife of Nehemiah Birckhead, Joseph Richardson (brother), Daniel (accountant).
Executors: Margaret Richardson, Daniel Richardson (Quaker)
Richardson, William, Sr., A. A. County, 21st Dec., 1691; 28th May, 1698.
To sons Daniel and Joseph equally and hrs., 5 patents, 600 A., called "Henry's Hills" and "Franklin's Enlargement."
To wife Eliza:, "Watkin's Hope."
To son William at 21 yrs. of age, 50 A., part of "Watkin's Hope" which testator gave him and his hrs adjoining plantation of Wm. Cole.
To dau. Sophia, 75 A., "The Diligent Search," at 16 yrs. of age.
To young, son Joseph, grandson William Richardson, Margaret, wife of William Richardson, Jr., to Eliza:, dau. of John and Sarah Talbot, and to 3 child, of Edward Talbot, and the Quaker Church, personalty.
Exs.: Wife Eliza: and son William.
Properties devised to son Joseph and dau. Sophia to be held by their mother during their minority.
Overseers: Rich'd Jones, Rich'd Harrison, Jno. Talbott, Wm. Coleson.
Test: James Elphinstone, John Westnutt, John Elsey. 7. 388.
William Richardson 30,380 AA £1700.9.11 Nov 19 1744 May 10 1745
Appraisers: Joseph Cowman, Gerrard Hopkins.
Creditors: Joseph Hill, Samuel Gallaway.
Next of kin: Joseph Richardson, Sophiah Galloway.
Executors: Margaret Richardson, Daniel Richardson (Quakers).
Talbott John, Calvert Co., 6th Dec., 1701; 25th June, 1707.
To wife Sarah, extx., dwelling plantation and sufficient
land to make 150 A. part of "Expectation," during life; to pass to son Thomas and hrs., at decease of wife, and hrs.
To sons Richard and Daniell and hrs., 200 A., residue of sd. "Expectation." Any of afsd. sons dying during minority, his or their share of estate to go to dau. Elizabeth and to unborn child.
Personal estate to legatees afsd.
Overseers: Richard Johns and 3 brothers, viz., William, Daniell and Joseph Richardson.
Test: Jno. Talbott, Anthony Conwell, Sam'l. Little. 12. 144 
Richardson, William (I031494)
71597 William Richardson, son of Joseph & Rebecca b. 30th of 12th mo. 1722.
William Richerson 42.204 FR £416.17.3 Jun 8 1750
Appraisers: John Rawlings (also John Rawlins ), Edward Ewens.
Creditors: Samuel Richardson, Joseph Hull.
Next of kin: Joseph Richardson, Richard Richardson.
Administratrix: Anne Richardson (Quaker).
1748-1752 Frederick County MD Land Records {Patricia Abelard Andersen}
pg. 433-435. James Brooke recorded 20 Aug. 1751, made 15 Aug. 1751, Richard Snowden of Ann Arundel Co., iron master and James Brooke, son-in-law of the said Richard Snowden; ofFC, in consideration ofthe natural love and affection that Richard Snowden has, he makes over tract of land, called "Snowden's Manor Enlarged," and another part of "Second Addition to Snowden's Manor," M&B given, bounded by "Snowden's Manor Enlarged;" and "Addition to Charley Forrest;" adj. to line laid out for Sam'l Richardson, now the right of the heirs of Mr.{Wm} Richardson deceased; containing 392 acres more or less; and part of "Second Addition to Snowden's Manor," M&B given, containing 218 acres. Signed Rich'd Snowden, before Dennis Dulaney, Joseph Richardson. Receipt; ack. before Robert Gordon. Alienation fine paid. 
Richardson, William (I070855)
71598 William Roberts and Sarah Horn m. 6 Jul 1705 Family F40042
71599 William Roby married MARY "POLLY" COLLINS October 09, 1807 in Portsmouth, Scioto County, OH, daughter of JOHN COLLINS and ELIZABETH
DAUGHERTY. She was born May 25, 1788 in or near Washington City, Virginia, and died October 29, 1869 in or near Austin, Travis County, TX.


i. LEVI5 ROBEY, b. October 22, 1807, Washington Twp, nr Portsmouth, Scioto County, OH; d. March 27, 1894, Nr McConnell, IL.

ii. ELIZABETH ROBEY, b. March 27, 1809, Old Town, OH; d. September 26, 1809.

iii. CYNTHIA Anne FUQUA ROBEY, b. January 14, 1811, Portsmouth, Scioto County, OH; d. January 02, 1887, Stephenson County, IL.

iv. WILLIAM HARRISON ROBEY, b. October 02, 1812, Portsmouth, Scioto County, OH; d. October 20, 1814; m. SARAH E YOUNG, 1850; b. WFT Est. 1774-1803; d. WFT Est. 1853-1896.

v. JEMIMA ROBEY, b. December 17, 1814, Portsmouth, Scioto County, OH; d. October 1815.

vi. JOHN COLLINS ROBEY, b. December 10, 1816, Virginialley Township, Scioto County, OH; d. May 04, 1906.

vii. WILLIAM WADDELL ROBEY, b. December 27, 1818, Portsmouth, Scioto County, OH; d. May 28, 1890, Freeport, IL.

viii. THOMAS LEWIS ROBEY, b. August 14, 1821, Portsmouth, Scioto County, OH; d. October 02, 1847.

ix. FRANCIS ASBURY "AB" ROBEY, b. September 23, 1823, Portsmouth, Scioto County, OH; d. March 20, 1899, Merrilltown, Travis County, TX.

x. MARY JANE ROBEY, b. March 16, 1826, Portsmouth, Scioto County, OH; d. December 12, 1831.

xi. ELIZABETH JAMINA ROBEY, b. June 18, 1828, Portsmouth, Scioto County, OH; d. April 30, 1908; m. JOHN HARRELL, February 21, 1850; b. WFT Est. 1804-1830; d. WFT Est. 1855-1917.

xii. MARY ROBEY, b. June 21, 1831, Alexandria, OH; d. September 02, 1847. 
Robey, William (I024935)
71600 William Roper buried 1 Mar 1702. The year is 1702/3 based on the order in which the burial entry appears in the records. (Source: F. Edward Wright, Anne Arundel Co Church Records of the 17th & 18th Centuries, p. 14)
William Rooper, Jr. 24.1 I AA Aug 4 1703
Appraisers: Sill. Welsh, John Welsh.
List of debts: John Kemball, Marreine Duvall, Jr., Thimothy Shaw.
Administrator: Thomas Wintersell. 
Roper, William (I052403)

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