Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties


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640 MOLLIE McDOWELL MARSHALL, b. December 31, 1827, in Mason County, Kentucky. She lives with her brother John (638). She is much loved for her gentle and affectionate disposition, and generous and noble heart 
Marshall, Mollie McDowell (I005055)
72902 [Paxton.FTW]

648 THOMAS MARSHALL GREEN, b. at "Waveland," near Danville, Kentucky., March 12, 1837, = April 27, 1860, ANNE E. BUTLER, b. July 20, 1840, d. June 11, 1881; = 2d, April 17, 1883, PATTIE E. CRAIG, b. April 7, 1839, in Lincoln County, Kentucky. They now live at "Anchorage," Maysville, Kentucky., and he edits the Maysville Eagle. Col. Green has been hard of hearing since his infancy. His native talents, superior education, sound practical judgment, extensive reading and almost universal information, with fearless independence and sacred regard for truth, give him a wonderful power and influence. His respect for justice and honor, and the calls of friendship and patriotism, have often led him into controversy, and in every contest he has proved himself an intellectual giant. During the war, his fearless denunciation of every wrong, and his intrepid advocacy of what was right, were only equalled by the success with which he was rewarded. He was a decided Union man, and freely expressed his convictions, whether they suited those in power or not. Though a Democrat and an editor, he has always thought for himself. He cares not for the party lash, but sustains the cause and the candidate he approves. Familiar with the history of Kentucky, and with the lives, principles and lineages of the leading men of his State, his positions are generally impregnable, and his facts irresistable. But deafness curbs his ambition -- drives him from the stump and the forum -- and leaves him his pen as his only weapon. As an essayist, he is equalled by few. His style is chaste, his diction clear and his logic powerful. He masters every subject he touches, and few have the temerity to contradict him.

Mr. Green was educated at Center College, edited the Frankfort Commonwealth, 1857-60; has since edited the Maysville Eagle; ran as a Union man for Congress in 1866; and in 1868, was chosen an elector for Seymour. See Green Chart, 180 j.

Historic Families of Kentucky
Thomas Marshall Green 304 pp., Indexed. (1889), 1997. ISBN 0806379588. 
Green, Thomas Marshall (I005195)
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650 JOHN DUFF GREEN, was born near Danville, Kentucky., March 12, 1839, = in 1862, to ILLA TRIPLETT, dr. of Hon. Philip Triplett, twice a member of Congress from the Owenboro District of Kentucky. Her mother was a dr. of Gen. Samuel Hopkins, of Henderson. She died in Danville, ten weeks after marriage. Mr. Green was educated at Center College, Kentucky, and is now practicing law in St. Louis. 
Green, John Duff (I005196)
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652 FANNIE MARSHALL, b. in Cincinnati, Ohio, July 23, 1820; d. in Northampton, Mass., August 22, 1883, = June 25, 1840, LAFAYETTE MALTBY, b. in Oswego County, N. Y., August 11, 1819. Both were my associates in early life, but upon their marriage we were separated to meet no more. After Mr. Maltby's literary education, he studied law at Utica, N. Y. About 1827, he came to Fleming County, Kentucky., and became a tutor in the family of Martin P. Marshall (234). In 1839, he entered on the practice of law in Vicksburg, Miss., in partnership with N. D. Coleman (184). In 1840, he purchased an interest in the wholesale grocery house of Paxton & Keys. Until 1859, Mr. Maltby continued the traveling and purchasing partner of his Cincinnati house, residing at times in New Orleans and elsewhere. He then sold out, and removed to Northampton, Mass. Here in 1865, he assumed control of a Savings' Bank, whose deposits now amount, under his judicious management, to over $2,000,000. He is a moderate Republican, and voted for Cleveland. He is a man of thought, judgment, spirit and ambition. He belongs to the Congregational Church. His health is failing 
Marshall, Frances (I004799)
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654 CHARLES MARSHALL, b. at "Belle Grove," Fleming County, Kentucky., March 1, 1825, = November 22, 1854, JANE TAYLOR, b. March 3, 1823, dr. of ROBERT TAYLOR and Sarah Dewees. Mr. Marshall has spent his life in the house where he was born. When his father left "Belle Grove," Charles purchased the estate, which consists of eleven hundred acres. He started a dairy, and did a large business in cheese, shipping it, in great quantities to the South. The war broke up his business, and he has since been rearing stock. He is a pushing, thriving farmer, rough and boisterous in his manner, and overbearing in his conduct; but his sound judgment and integrity are undoubted. He is growing in wealth and influence yearly. Mrs. Marshall is a worthy matron, of superior education and native grace and purity. 
Marshall, Charles (I005057)
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656 LUCY PICKETT MARSHALL, b. at "Belle Grove," Fleming County, Kentucky., July 20, 1827; d. 1881, at Washington, Kentucky., = October 19, 1848, LOGAN McKNIGHT, son of Virgil McKnight, of Louisville, Kentucky. Mr. McKnight was a young lawyer of fine attainments, but died at an early age. Cousin Lucy was possessed of fine accomplishments, but was more remarkable for her childlike amia bility and angelic purity. 
Marshall, Lucy Pickett (I005058)
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658 MARY W. MARSHALL, b. at "Belle Grove," Fleming County, Kentucky., July 22, 1829. Her father, by his will, gave her the old Marshall homestead, in Washington, known as "The Hill," and there her pure and generous heart overflows with charity and hospitality. 
Marshall, Mary W. (I005060)
72908 [Paxton.FTW]

66 LUCY MARSHALL, b. in Fauquier County, Virginia., about 1768; d. at Jamestown, Virginia., 1795, = 1790, JOHN AMBLER, b. at Jamestown, September, 25, 1762; d. May 8, 1836. Mr. Ambler was born and reared in Jamestown, and inherited a large estate. He was finely educated, and was eminently a gentleman. His first wife was Fannie Armistead. She bore him a son, Edward, 1783, and Mary Cary Ambler, 1787 -- 1843. His first wife died in 1787, and in 1790 he married Lucy Marshall, by whom he had one son, Thomas Marshall Ambler (242). Lucy died in 1795. Her death was the first and only one of the family that Col. Marshall was called on to mourn. Read his letter written on the occasion (16 e.). Her early death cast a pall of sorrow over the whole family. "Lucy" has become a favorite family name, and attests her loveliness. For many years her name was seldom spoken without a sigh or a tear. Mr. John Ambler afterwards removed to Richmond, Virginia., and married Mrs. Catherine Norton, nee Bush, and raised a large family of children. For his genealogy see the Ambler chart, No. 50 n. 
Marshall, Lucy (I004821)
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662 ELIZABETH COLSTON MARSHALL, b. at "Belle Grove," Fleming County, Kentucky., April 25, 1834, = at Washington, Kentucky., May 22, 1856, WILLIAM DURRETT, b. near Washington Ky., May 12, 1830. Cousin Lizzie is a sensible, amiable and domestic lady, and superintends her large household with diligence and economy. Mr. Durrett was well educated, and is a prominent citizen of Mason County, Kentucky. He is a successful farmer, residing one mile west of Washington, Kentucky. He is a son of the late Paul Durrett, of Mason County. The Durretts are of the lineage of Col. William Marshall, of Mecklinburg County, Virginia., grandson of Thomas Marshall, of Westmoreland County, Virginia. (No. 11). 
Marshall, Elizabeth Colston (I005062)
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664 SUSAN McCLUNG MARSHALL, b. at "Belle Grove," Fleming County, Kentucky., January 5, 1839, = October 6, 1863, NATHANIEL MASSIE, b. August 8, 1837; d. March 14, 1869. Cousin Sue is a handsome, intelligent and spirited lady. She lives at the old homestead in Washington, Kentucky., with her daughter. By her father's will she has a large part of the home tract of land. Mr. Massie was a son of the late Nathaniel Massie, a pioneer from Virginia, who was born December 28, 1763; Governor of Ohio in 1807. Nathaniel, jr., was born in Chillicothe, Ohio; volunteered as a private in the Union army; was discharged on account of protracted sickness, which finally resulted in death. His widow and daughter draw a pension. 
Marshall, Susan M. (I005063)
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666 PHOEBE A. MARSHALL, b. December 7, 1842, is a tall, handsome, amiable and accomplished woman. Her health is bad, and she is boarding in Maysville, Kentucky. 
Marshall, Phebe A. (I005065)
72912 [Paxton.FTW]

68 (a) ALEXANDER KEITH MARSHALL, b. at "Oakhill," Fauquier County, Virginia., 1770; d. at "Walnut Grove," Mason County, Kentucky., February 7, 1825, = 1st, October 10, 1794, at Danville, Kentucky., MARY MCDOWELL, b. January 11, 1772; died at the house of James A. Paxton, Washington, Kentucky., January 27, 1822; = 2d, November 3, 1823, Mrs. ELIZA A. BALL, nee Lewis, who died July, 1829.

Mr. Marshall came to Kentucky with his father, on his second trip in 1785. Under the tuition of his accomplished sisters, he received at home the classical education for which the Marshalls were remarkable, and breathed the literary atmosphere that enveloped "Oakhill" and "Buckpond." After marriage, Mr. Marshall removed to Mason County, Kentucky., and on the farm now known as "Walnut Grove," erected the quaint brick house which is still owned by his posterity. The locust and walnut groves he cherished have nearly disappeared; but the old-fashioned building, with its high stone steps, double doors, round front windows, and antique carvings, still stands, and will yet for generations resist the encroachments of time. Here Mr. Marshall spent his life, and here he and his first wife are buried.


The will had no witnesses, but was in his handwriting. It is dated October 28, 1824, and probated at the April term, 1825.

(c) Mrs. Mary Marshall, the first wife of A. K. Marshall, was a McDowell, and like all of the name, possessed both beauty and loveliness. Her purity of heart, sweet disposition and Christian graces, made her an universal favorite. She was so much beloved by her nephews and neices, that she was known as their "angel aunt." She inherited the Presbyterian faith from her Scotch-Irish ancestors, and became one of the founders of the Washington Church. See the chart of the McDowells appended to this article.

Mrs. Eliza A. Ball was a Lewis. Her first husband was John Luke, of Alexandria, Virginia., by whom she had several children. Her second husband was a Ball, who left one child, Spencer Ball, whose life was spent on the Mississippi river, in the steamboat trade.

James Hughes 2005-09-30 21:01:54
Lewisburg was established December 17, 1795, on the lands of George Lewis when the General Assembly on this date enacted that seventy acres of land belonging to Lewis, lying on the "north of Main Licking beginning at Samuel Strode's corner, running with his line north fifty-one degrees east one hundred poles, crossing the creek, thence down the creek," The first trustees were Thomas Young, Jesse Hoard, Alexander K. Marshall, William Triplet, William Derrett and Duval Payne.

Clift, G. Glenn
History of Maysville and Mason County.
Lexington, Kentucky.: Transylvania Print. County, 1936, 469 pgs 
Marshall, Alexander Keith (I004823)
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680 THOMAS MARSHALL, born at "Walnut Grove," Mason County, Kentucky., August 25, 1834, = November 27, 1855, SARAH JANE HUGHES, b. August 14, 1837, in Clay County, Mo. Mr. Marshall studied the ancient languages with his uncle, Dr. Louis Marshall, at "Buckpond," Woodford County, Kentucky.; went to Kenyon College, Ohio; left in the junior year; returned to Mason County, Kentucky., and wrote in the clerk's office for one year, reading law while there; went to St. Louis and entered the law office of Leslie, Williams & Barrett, as their clerk; returned to Kentucky and continued the study of law with Judge T. A. Marshall (298); returned to St. Louis in 1855, became a member of the law firm of Williams, Barrett & Marshall; engaged in sepeculation and made and lost a fortune; removed to Utah, 1866; admitted to the bar of the Supreme Court of the United States, 1872; has been in active practice ever since, and is still doing a large and profitable business; has been engaged in all, or nearly all, the heavy litigation of the large mining companies, and the result has generally proved his legal ability. After many years separation, I met my nephew in September, 1883, at the golden wedding 
Marshall, Thomas (I004841)
72914 [Paxton.FTW]

682 MARIA MARSHALL, b. October 18, 1836; d. December 24, 1862. She was an angel sent on a mission of love. Devoid of selfishness, her pleasure was to make others happy. Without a particle of guile herself, she believed all around her were good. Too pure and lovely for earth, she was translated, like Enoch, to receive her reward without delay. 
Marshall, Maria (I005067)
72915 [Paxton.FTW]

684 FANNIE MAITLAND MARSHALL, b. March 5, 1839, wears the mantle of her sister Maria (682). 
Marshall, Fannie Maitland (I005068)
72916 [Paxton.FTW]

686 LIZZIE C. MARSHALL, b. at "Walnut Grove," Mason County, Kentucky., July 27, 1841, = October 12, 1871, REV. MAURICE WALLER, b. at Maysville, Kentucky., April 7, 1840. Lizzie is a tall, handsome and accomplished lady. Her letters to me show the ability and style of one highly accomplished. Rev. Mr. Waller had his
literary education at Center College, Kentucky, and was graduated in 1864, at the Theological Seminary of the Northwest, at Chicago. On account of ill health, he did not preach for several years. From 1867 to 1872, he preached to the Presbyterian Church at Hancock, Ind. From 1872 to 1878, he was pastor of the church at Petersburg, Ill. From 1878 to 1880, he preached at Helena, Ark. He became in 1880, pastor of the Presbyterian Church at Manchester, Ohio, where he is now preaching. As an earnest and successful preacher -- as a learned theologian, and as an able eclesiastic, he stands high with his brethren. Mr. Waller is a son of Hon. Henry Waller, of Chicago, and Sarah Bell Langhorne, who were married May 3, 1837. Mrs. S. B. Waller died in 1883, in Chicago. See the Langhorne tree, 1012.

1850 Census Roll 212, Page 102 Mason Co 
Marshall, Elizabeth Colston (I005069)
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692 LUCY COLEMAN MARSHALL, b. at "Walnut Grove," Mason County, Kentucky., September 22, 1851, = November 29, 1877, JOHN BAYN BENTLEY, b. in Essex County, Virginia., May 16, 1843. Lucy is tall, stately, dignified and uncommonly handsome and intelligent. Mr. Bentley is the oldest son of Mr. John G. Bentley of Essex County, Virginia., and a Miss Parker. They were wealthy, but the adversities of war greatly reduced their income. Mr. John Bentley, Jr., was preparing for college when the war broke out; entered the Confederate army, and served to the close; entered Roanoke College; graduated the first in his class, and received the degree of A. M., the highest honor conferred by the college; the Greek oration delivered by him on the occasion is still preserved; came to Kentucky and opened a High School at Washington, Kentucky. After marriage he started a grocery house, in Maysville, Kentucky., and is doing well. 
Marshall, Lucy Coleman (I005072)
72918 [Paxton.FTW]

694 SALLIE HUGHES MARSHALL, b. at "Walnut Grove," near Washington, Kentucky., November 24, 1858, = June 17, 1885, EDMOND WILKES, Jr. Sallie is tall, handsome, lively and accomplished. She has been the life and soul of the family. But ah! This 17th of June, 1885, as I write, she kneels at the altar of Hymen, garlanded in myrtle and orange-blossoms, a willing victim to Cupid. I pray that their journey may be through Beulah's land, and may end in the New Jerusalem. 
Marshall, Sallie Hughes (I004846)
72919 [Paxton.FTW]

706 CAPT. JAMES MARSHALL, b. at "Mt. Morris," Fauquier County, Virginia., March 9, 1823, = March 18, 1846, his cousin, LUCY S. MARSHALL, b. at "Belle Grove," Fleming County, Kentucky., March 12, 1824. Cousin James was taught in his father's house by tutors; attended the Virginia Military Institute, and graduated in 1842; studied law, but found farming more to his taste; opened an academy at Front Royal, Virginia., in 1861; enlisted as First Lieutenant in Capt. Bowen's company, 7th Virginia cavalry; served under McDonald and Ashby; in 1862, raised for himself Company E, 12th Cavalry, and served under Jones and Rosser until the end of the war; after farming a few years, resumed his school at Front Royal; removed in 1876 to Florida; health failing, returned after two years, and has farmed and taught school up to this time. I spent a day in 1884, at "Horseshoe," on the Shenandoah, seven miles from Front Royal. The family are devoted Episcopalians, and nearly all the children reside with their parents. They seem to be the best people I ever met. The father is a patriarchal old gentleman, and, notwithstanding the vicissitudes of his life, possesses the meekness and earnestness of a disciple of the Prince of Peace. The mother is a large, lively, whole-souled and generous matron -- genial and hospitable. Altogether they form a household where love to each other rules, where friends find kindness and attention, and the stranger receives a hearty welcome. See No. 810.

Judith Ball MARSHALL
Hester Morris MARSHALL
Charles Coatworth MARSHALL
Robert Morris MARSHALL
James Markham MARSHALL
Mary Morris MARSHALL
Susan Betts MARSHALL
Marshall, James (I004702)
72920 [Paxton.FTW]

708 CHARLES MARSHALL, b. at "Happy Creek," Warren County, Virginia., February 5, 1826; unmarried; educated by tutors at home, at the Episcopal High School, and at the University of Virginia; studied law; settled in Wheeling, W. Va., and did well until the war broke out; enlisted in the Confederate army, and was detailed for the business of manufacturing gunpowder; after the close of the war, engaged in surveying; was surveyor of Warren County; is now farming at "Happy Creek." He is a modest and retiring gentleman, handsome and intelligent. 
Marshall, Charles (I005050)
72921 [Paxton.FTW]

710 LUCY PICKETT MARSHALL, b. at "Happy Creek," Warren County, Virginia., October 26, 1829, = June 1, 1854, her cousin, DR. ROBERT MORRIS, b. 1815. They live in Philadelphia, and spend their summers at "Happy Creek." Dr. Morris is a son of Robert Morris, of Philadelphia, and a grandson of the great financier of the same name. After graduating in medicine, he spent a year in Paris. His first wife was a cousin, a Miss Nixon, who died, leaving a son. Dr. Morris is an eminent physician and a highly respected gentleman, but has ceased to practice. 
Marshall, Lucy Pickett (I005051)
72922 [Paxton.FTW]

712 LIEUT. THOMAS MARSHALL, b. at "Happy Creek," April 15, 1831, killed at Brandy Station, October 12, 1863,=October 17, 1860, BETTIE WILLIAMS, b. November 25, 1837. He was educated at Front Royal; farmed for his father; was an engineer on the Manassas Gap R. R., and on other railroads, until his marriage. In 1862, enlisted in his brother's (706) company in the Confederate army, and was elected First Lieutenant; killed at Brandy Station. He was a gallant officer and much beloved. His widow and two children reside in Richmond, Virginia. They are Presbyterians 
Marshall, Thomas (I005052)
72923 [Paxton.FTW]

714 ROBERT MORRIS MARSHALL, b. September 7, 1832; educated at Front Royal; was assistant engineer on the Manassas Gap R. R.; went to Missouri and served as engineer on the Hannibal & St. Joe R. R.; went to Brazil, and afterwards to India, as an engineer; failing health required him to return in 1866; he is still delicate; lives at "Happy Creek. 
Marshall, Robert Morris (I005053)
72924 [Paxton.FTW]

716 MARTIN P. MARSHALL, born at Happy Creek, Warren County, Virginia., September 9, 1833; educated at Front Royal; was an engineer on the Manassas Gap railroad; was engaged as engineer on several roads up to the time of the war; enlisted as a private in Stribling's Battery; was captured at Malvern Hill, and again at Richmond; was in prison much of the time up to the surrender. He lives at Happy Creek, spends most of his time in reading, and is a general favorite 
Marshall, Martin P. (I005054)
72925 [Paxton.FTW]

72 (a) SUSAN TARLETON MARSHALL, b. at "Oakhill," Fauquier County, Virginia., May 12, 1774, d. in Marysville, Kentucky., 1858, = at Buckpond, Woodford County, Kentucky., May 25, 1793, JUDGE WILLIAM McCLUNG, b. in Rockbridge County, Virginia., July 12, 1758, d. in Mason County, Kentucky., 1811. William McClung was graduated at Washington College, Virginia., in 1785; studied law with Thomas Jefferson; about the year 1791, emigrated to Kentucky with his cousin, Joe McDowell, and settled at Bardstown; was a member of the Virginia legislature from Kentucky; represented Nelson County in the Kentucky Senate from 1796 to 1800; was a member of the Constitutional Convention that met in Danville, Kentucky., in 1787; was one of the midnight judges appointed by President Adams, March 3, 1800; but was legislated out of office by the abolition of the circuit of Kentucky over which he presided; he then removed with my father, Jas. A. Paxton, to Mason County, Kentucky.; was appointed Circuit Judge, and died in office in 1811. In Mason, Judge McClung resided near Washington, Kentucky., and then purchased the Orr farm, in Charleston bottom, three miles below Marysville. He was attacked with a malignant fever while holding court at Augusta, and was brought up home in a skiff. He was buried on the farm, about 300 yards southeast of the family mansion. 
Marshall, SusannahTarleton (I004828)
72926 [Paxton.FTW]

720 ANNA M. MARSHALL, b. at Happy Creek, November 7, 1835. She lives at Happy Creek. 
Marshall, Anne M. (I005056)
72927 [Paxton.FTW]

722 JAMES M. MARSHALL, b. at "Edgeworth," Fauquier County, Virginia., March 17, 1838, = February 19, 1879, MARY ALEXANDER WELLFORD, b. in Fredericksburg, Virginia., August 14, 1846. Mr. Marshall is a highly cultivated gentleman; was educated at the University of Virginia; served as a Confederate soldier throughout the war; was a Lieutenant in his Cousin James Marshall's Co. "E," Twelfth Regiment Virginia Volunteers, and proved himself a gallant soldier and splendid officer; was dangerously wounded, June 9, 1863, at Brandy Station, and was confined to the hospital until peace enabled him to return to his patrimonial estate, "Priestly," situated seven miles south of Markham, in Fauquier County, Virginia. He has not yet entirely recovered of his severe wound. He is a vestryman of Leeds' Church, and all his family are in the Episcopal Church. His wife is a beautiful and charming lady, and I was much pleased by the hearty reception she gave me, when I visited her in 1884; and her letters show high literary acquirements. She was educated at the Southern Female Institute, at Richmond, Virginia.
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Death Philip Alexander died in 1840
Death Sarah Alexander died about 1820
Deed John Spotswood Wellford &c to Beverley R. Wellford - Spotsylvania Co. - 1860
Defendant Anne S. Rutherford; Susan E. Carter; Thos. H. Carter; Anne S. Carrington; Isaac H. Carrington; Wm. A. Smith; Thos. A. Smith; Marian Smith; Sallie B. Mann; Wm. Mann; W.T. Robins; Marian Robins (infant); Thomas Seddon; James A. Seddon; Wm. C. Seddon; Kate Seddon; Rosa Rutherford; Hawkesley Rutherford; Arthur M. Seddon; Josephine Seddon; Mary A. Seddon; Thomas A. Seddon; Ella Seddon; Arabella L. Fleet; A.L. Fleet; James Alexander Seddon; Wm. L. Seddon; Leah Taliaferro; Sarah Bruce; Charles Bruce; Agnes G. Souter; Jesse Ball; Simon Bolivar Knox (heirs); Anna Belle Wood; Montague Wood; Sarah Garth; Chas. M. Garth; Jane Graves Squibbs; Edwd. H. Squibbs; Euphemia Sampson; James Henry Roy; Susan S. Bruce; James Bruce; P.A. Wellford (exor); R. Carter Wellford; B.R. Wellford (exor.); R. Randolph Wellford; Armistead L. Wellford (exor.); A.N. Wellford (decd); Thomas Seddon (exor.); Jas. A. Seddon (decd.)
Family Euphemia Sampson, child of Geo. G. Sampson & Mary Eliza Sampson
Family John W. Wellford, R. Carter Wellford, B. Randolph Wellford & Armistead L. Wellford, children of Dr. A.N. Wellford
Family Thomas A. Smith, William A. Smith & Marian Smith, children of Marian M. Smith & Wm. P. Smith
Family Mary A. Seddon, wife of John Seddon
Family James Henry Roy, Thomas S. Roy & Archibald L. Roy, children of Eliza Roy & John Roy
Family Simon Bolivar Knox, son of William A. Knox & Sarah C. Knox
Family Philip Alexander & L.C. Alexander, sons of Sarah Alexander
Family Thomas Seddon, James A. Seddon, William C. Seddon, Rosa Seddon & Arthur Morson Seddon, children of James Seddon
Family Philip S. Roy, son of Thomas S. Roy
Family Thomas A. Seddon, James Alexander Seddon & William L. Seddon, children of John Seddon
Family heirs of B.R. Wellford & Mary A. Wellford
Family Marian Robins, daughter of William T. Robins
Family James A. Seddon, John Seddon & Sarah Alexander Seddon, children of Susan P. Seddon & Thomas Seddon
Locality Spotsylvania Co.; Goochland Co.; Culpeper Co.; NY (New York); Richmond City
Marriage B.R. Wellford -mr- Mary A. Alexander, daughter of Sarah Alexander
Marriage James Bruce -mr- Susan S. Brooks, daughter of Jas. G. Brooks
Marriage Isaac H. Carrington -mr- Anne S. Smith, daughter of Wm. P. Smith
Marriage Hawkesley Rutherford -mr- Rosa Seddon, daughter of James A. Seddon
Marriage George G. Sampson -mr- Mary Eliza Knox, daughter of Wm. A. Knox
Marriage Edwd. H. Squibbs -mr- Jane Graves Sampson, daughter of George G. Sampson
Marriage Charles Bruce -mr- Sarah A. Seddon, daughter of John Seddon
Marriage A.L. Fleet -mr- Arabella L. Seddon, daughter of John Seddon
Marriage James M. Marshall -mr- Mary A. Wellford
Marriage John Roy -mr- Eliza Alexander, daughter of Sarah Alexander
Marriage Chas. M. Garth -mr- Sarah Sampson, daughter of George G. Sampson
Marriage Warner T. Taliaferro -mr- Leah Seddon, daughter of Thomas Seddon
Marriage Wm. P. Smith -mr- Marian M. Seddon, daughterof Thomas Seddon
Marriage Wm. MAnne -mr- Sallie B. Smith, daughter of Wm. P. Smith
Marriage Wm. L. Robins -mr- Martha T. Smith, daughter of Wm. P. Smith
Marriage Jno. H. Roy -mr- Anna Seddon, daughter of Thomas Seddon
Marriage Wm. A. Knox -mr- Sarah C. Alexander, daughter of Sarah Alexander
Marriage James M. Marshall -mr- Mary M. Wellford, daughter of B.R. Wellford
Marriage Thos. H. Carter -mr- Susan E. Roy, daughter of Jno. H. Roy
Marriage Thos. A. Ball -mr- Jessie Knox, daughter of Wm. A. Knox
Marriage Thomas Seddon -mr- Susan Pearson Alexander, daughter of Sarah Alexander
Marriage Montaue Wood -mr- Anna Belle Knox, daughter of Wm. A. Knox
Marriage Jos. M. Atkinson -mr- Sallie Page Wellford, daughter of B.R. Wellford
Marriage Jno. Rutherford -mr- Anne S. Roy, daughter of Jno. H. Roy
Marriage Jas. T. Souter -mr- Agnes G. Knox, daughter of Wm. A. Knox
Marriage Jas. B. Brooks -mr- Marian Roy
Marriage Wm. A. Morson -mr- Anne C. Alexander, daughter of Sarah Alexander
Plaintiff Sallie P. Atkinson; Joseph M. Atkinson; John S. Wellford; Emmeline Wellford; R. Carter Wellford; Elizabeth H. Wellford; B. Randolph Wellford; Jeannie McD. Wellford; Armistead L. Wellford; Beverley R. Wellford; Susan S.T. Wellford; Philip A. Wellford; Charles E. Wellford; Mary A. Marshall; Mary A. Wellford; James M. Marshall
Railroad Narrow Guage Railroad on the Alexander tract
Tract Alexander tract sold
Will Beverley R. Wellford - Richmond City - 1867/1871
Will James A. Seddon - Goochland Co. - 1878/1880
Administrative Information
Record title Atkinson & Ux & als vs Rutherford & als
Year recorded 1885?
Collection CR-CI-H
Record ID 3-8
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Processed by Margaret Anne Crickman
Extracted by Barry L. McGhee
Extracted on 9/5/2002 
Marshall, James (I005082)
72928 [Paxton.FTW]

724 WILLIAM MARSHALL, b. at "Edgeworth," August 1, 1840. He was educated by tutors at home, and at Winchester Academy. When the war broke out, he entered the Confederate army; served part of the time in the Engineers Corps, and part in the Fauquier Battery, commanded by Capt. W. C. Marshall (522). After serving until the surrender, he returned, and is farming in Fauquier County, Virginia. He lives with his brother James. 
Marshall, William (I005084)
72929 [Paxton.FTW]

726 CHARLES SHACKELFORD MARSHALL, b. at "Edgeworth," Fauquier County, Virginia., March 16, 1843, = December 13, 1866, his relative, CARY RANDOLPH JONES (1292), b. at "Woodside," October 21, 1845. He received a good English, classical and scientific education; entered the Southern army as a common Infantry soldier, in 1861, and served until the end, in 1865; was wounded at Mechanicsville, by the explosion of a bomb; lost his right eye; was first under Henry A. Wise, then in Hill's division and lastly with Ashby's Cavalry; was in the principal battles in Virginia, throughout the war; on restoration of peace, returned to his estate, the "Evergreens," a farm of 510 acres, seven miles south of Markham, where he now resides. His wife is the bright and lovely daughter of J. F. Jones (508). 
Marshall, Charles Shackelford (I005085)
72930 [Paxton.FTW]

728 ROBERT MORRIS MARSHALL, b. at "Edgeworth," Fauquier County, Virginia., July 12, 1845; d. October 13, 1863. At the age of seventeen he entered as a private, Company E, Twelfth Virginia Cavalry, C. S. A., at the beginning of the war. His spirit and galantry placed him ever in front, and before twelve months of the strife were past he was a veteran. He participated in many battles, and his eagerness for the fray caused his death. He had been detailed for the duty of conveying to the grave the remains of Lieut. Thos. Marshall (712), his former leader, when he learned that his companions expected to go into action. He joined them and was killed. His body was brought home and buried at Leeds church, where a handsome shaft is a testimonial of the love of friends. 
Marshall, Robert Morris (I005086)
72931 [Paxton.FTW]

732 JOHN AUGUSTINE MARSHALL, b. at "Edgeworth," Fauquier County, Virginia., September 5, 1854. After receiving a liberal education and studying law, he went to Salt Lake City, Utah. A friend writes me: "He is a member of the rapidly rising lawfirm of Hall & Marshall, and is a lawyer of great promise, and most marked ability." 
Marshall, John Augustine (I005087)
72932 [Paxton.FTW]


Children of Mary Morris Marshall and James Edward Marshall are:

i. Elizabeth Marshall was born 21 JAN 1857 in Fauquier County, Virginia, and died 1 DEC 1890 in Montgomery County, Maryland. She married Joseph R. Reading ABT 1878. He was born 13 SEP 1850 in New Jersey, and died AFT 1930 in Montgomery County, Maryland.
ii. Ashton Alexander Marshall was born 20 NOV 1867 in Fauquier County, Virginia.
iii. Philip Thomas Marshall was born 25 DEC 1869 in Fauquier County, Virginia. 
Marshall, Mary Morris (I005227)
72933 [Paxton.FTW]

736 THOMAS MARSHALL; see No. 590. 
Marshall, Thomas (I005092)
72934 [Paxton.FTW]

738 JAMES MARSHALL, b. at "Fairfield," Fauquier County, Virginia., October 7, 1845, = December 18, 1872, Alice Poindexer, b. in Tennessee, January 29, 1850. Mr. Marshall is engaged in grazing cattle on a farm of 1,700 acres, known as "Texas," situated six miles southeast of Markham. He is a pushing, energetic man, and has prospered financially. He was educated at Clifton High School, but left in 1861, at the age of sixteen, to take his place in the Confederate army. He entered Ashby's Cavalry, and as a private served to the end. His sound judgment and business talent are admitted and respected. His wife's lineage may be thus expressed: 
Marshall, James Markham (I005093)
72935 [Paxton.FTW]

74 CHARLOTTE MARSHALL, b. at "Oakhill," Fauquier County, Virginia., 1777, d. in Washington, Kentucky., April 17, 1817, = at "Buckpond," Woodford County, Kentucky., 1794, Dr. BASIL DUKE, b. in Calvert County, Maryland., 1766, d. in Washington, Kentucky., 1828. Dr. Duke = 2d, MARGARET CHINN, dr. of Raleigh Chinn, of Mayslick, Kentucky. She survived him, and after his death returned to her relatives. 
Marshall, Charlotte (I004830)
72936 [Paxton.FTW]

74 CHARLOTTE MARSHALL, b. at "Oakhill," Fauquier County, Virginia., 1777, d. in Washington, Kentucky., April 17, 1817, = at "Buckpond," Woodford County, Kentucky., 1794, Dr. BASIL DUKE, b. in Calvert County, Maryland., 1766, d. in Washington, Kentucky., 1828. Dr. Duke = 2d, MARGARET CHINN, dr. of Raleigh Chinn, of Mayslick, Kentucky. She survived him, and after his death returned to her relatives. 
Chinn, Margaret (I049074)
72937 [Paxton.FTW]

740 ELIZABETH BROOKE MARSHALL, b. at "Fairfield," Fauquier County, Virginia., April 1846, = 1871 CAPT. BOWLES ARMISTEAD, b. at Upperville, Fauquier Co. He is a son of Gen. Walker Armistead, U.S.A.; was educated at Armstrong's Military School, at Upperville; enlisted as a private in Gen. Payne's division, but was promoted for gallantry on the field, to the rank of Captain; was wounded four times; both legs and one arm were broken; but he is now strong and healthy; is a fine business man; Assessor of Fauquier County; growing in reputation and fortune; lives near Delaplane. See 1270. 
Marshall, Elizabeth Brooke (I005094)
72938 [Paxton.FTW]

742 HESTER M. MARSHALL, b. January, 1848; lives with her parents, near Linden Station, Warren County, Virginia. 
Marshall, Hester Morris (I005095)
72939 [Paxton.FTW]

744 WILLIAM MARSHALL, b. February 1851; lives with his parents, near Linden Station, Virginia.; farmer 
Marshall, William (I004719)
72940 [Paxton.FTW]

746 HENRY M. MARSHALL, b. July, 1853; lives with his parents, near Linden Station, Virginia.; farmer 
Marshall, Henry M. (I005096)
72941 [Paxton.FTW]

748 JOHN MARSHALL, b, at "Fairfield," Warren County, Virginia., December 1855. He was named after his uncle, "Navy" John Marshall, and his widow (196), Cousin Rebecca, is his god-mother. She says he is a noble youth, full of energy and ambition, and is bound to succeed. He is a lawyer of fine promise at Detroit, Mich. 
Marshall, John (I005097)
72942 [Paxton.FTW]

76 JANE MARSHALL, b. at "Oakhill," Fauquier County, Virginia., July 29, 1779, d. at Mt. Ephraim, Fauquier County, Virginia., September 13, 1766, = December 22, 1799, GEORGE KEITH TAYLOR, b. March 16, 1769, d. November 10, 1815. Aunt Taylor was handsome, dignified, intelligent and amiable. She received her education chiefly in the family circle, and teaching was the theme of her thoughts and the business of her life. The death of her husband gave her intense anguish. The strain upon her mind was so severe as to cause apprehensions of insanity. Her physician recommended some employment to turn her thoughts from her bereavement. She engaged in teaching, and opened a large school in Petersburg, Virginia. Her mind became absorbed with her new duties, and she succeeded admirably. After a time she removed her school to Richmond. About 1837, after the marriage of her oldest daughter, she visited her relatives in Kentucky, in company with her two younger daughters, Sallie and Georgianna. I met her at the house of her niece, Mary K. Green (180), near Danville. She spent several weeks with the family. All were highly pleased with mother and daughters. The latter were remarkable for their skill in music. On her return to Virginia, she continued to teach, and her friends claim that her system of education was new and admirable. But her eyesight began to fail, and she finally became totally blind, after having overtaxed her eyes by reading small print. But she still preserved her cheerfulness, and learned to read by touch, as the blind are taught. She died at "Mt. Ephraim," the seat of the Royalls. 
Marshall, Jane (I004832)
72943 [Paxton.FTW]

78 NANCY MARSHALL, b. at "Oakhill," Fauquier County, Virginia., about 1781; = 1803, COL. JOE HAMILTON DAVIESS, son of Joseph and Jean Daviess, b. in Bedford County, Virginia., March 4, 1774; killed at the battle of Tippeconoe, November 8, 1811. About 1779, his parents moved to the vicinity of Danville, Kentucky. He received from tutors a good classical education. In 1792 he had his first experience in Indian warfare, under Gen. Adair, who crossed the Ohio and made an incursion as far as Fort St. Clair. Upon his return, he studied law with the celebrated George Nicholas. He was a laborious and indefatigable student, and when, in 1795, he was licensed, took a high position at the bar; settled at Danville, but being appointed United States Attorney for the district of Kentucky, removed to Frankfort; thence to Owensboro, and lastly to Lexington. In 1806 he distinguished himself by his spirited prosecution of Aaron Burr, for treason. In 1811, he accompanied Gen. Harrison in his expedition to the Wabash, and at Tippecanoe fell, in a charge upon the Indians. Col. Daviess was of tall and commanding person -- a brilliant orator, and a profound lawyer His death spread a cloud of gloom over Kentucky. He was greatly beloved, and was regarded as the most promising young man of the West.

Aunt Nancy, I remember, when, in my childhood, she visited her friends in Mason. She was cross-eyed, but intelligent and spirited. Her patrimonial estate was on the lower Ohio, and she found society chiefly in Louisville. She married as her second husband, William Pollard. He lived but a short time. Late in life she married a Mr. Cox, and after a few unhappy months experience, was divorced. She was a member of the Christian (Disciples) church. She had no children. 
Marshall, Anne {Nancy} (I004834)
72944 [Paxton.FTW]

808 MARY PIERCE MARSHALL, b. in Virginia, September 27, 1822, d. in Shelbyville, Kentucky., October 6, 1882, = July 8, 1846, in Lewis County, Kentucky., JUDGE JOS. P. FOREE, b. March 26, 1820. Mrs. Foree was much beloved and highly esteemed for her graces and virtues. Her photograph attests her remarkable beauty, and those who knew her pronounce her name with veneration. I visited Judge Foree in 1884. He is a patriarchal old gentleman, with that benignity of countenance and cordiality of manner that inspires love as well as confidence. He was a second son of William P. Foree and Elizabeth J. Major, of Shelby County, Kentucky. After receiving his literary education at Transylvania University, and graduating in the law department of that Institution in March, 1843, he settled at Charleston, Miss., and engaged in the practice of law. He represented Tallahatchie County, Miss., in 1848, and was Probate Judge for a term; returned to Shelbyville, Kentucky., 1852; represented Shelby County in 1871-72; has been elected County Judge three times, and is now presiding Judge of the Court of Magistrates. A Democrat, he is one of the active and influential politicians of Kentucky. 
Marshall, Mary Pierce (I004717)
72945 [Paxton.FTW]

810 LUCY STEPTOE MARSHALL; see No. 706. 
Marshall, Lucy Steptoe (I004703)
72946 [Paxton.FTW]

812 SUSAN M. MARSHALL, b. at "Bentley," Lancaster County, Virginia., the Ball family homestead, d. at Charleston, Miss., January 1, 1883, = in Mississippi, July 20, 1847, ABEL B. BETTS. Mrs. Betts was beloved and admired. Her husband was a successful merchant, and had retired from business before his wife's death. He is now assisting his son-in-law Mr. Crow, in his store. He often visits his wife's relatives in Virginia, and by his kind spirit and social turn, makes many friends. 
Marshall, Susan M. (I004709)
72947 [Paxton.FTW]

814 MARIA JANE MARSHALL, b. in Virginia, April 1, 1828, = 1st, July 5, 1849, in Mississippi, M. W. Watkins, who d. October 20, 1851, leaving an only daughter, Laura; = 2d, September 19, 1853, Rev. R. L. Andrews, who died in 1865. Mr. Andrews was a Methodist Episcopal preacher of Florence, Ala., and had a number of children by a former wife, one of whom married her daughter, Laura (2052). Mr. Watkins was a planter. Mrs. Andrews now lives with a step-son in Florence 
Marshall, Maria Jane (I004728)
72948 [Paxton.FTW]

818 JUDITH BALL MARSHALL, b. in Kentucky, September 26, 1832, d. in Mississippi, July 8, 1858, = 1853, GEORGE G. HARVEY, a farmer, of Tallahatchie County, Miss. He is dead. 
Marshall, Judith Ball (I004743)
72949 [Paxton.FTW]

820 CHARLES C. MARSHALL, b. in Lewis County, Kentucky., August 6, 1836, d. in Mississippi, March, 1868, = June 20, 1865, MATTIE HILL, who d. September, 1868. He was twin brother of William (822). He practiced law in Charleston, Miss. 
Marshall, Charles Coatsworth (I004744)
72950 [Paxton.FTW]

822 WILLIAM BALL MARSHALL, twin brother of the last (820), was b. in Lewis County, Kentucky., August 6, 1836, removed with his parents to Tallahatchie County, Miss., in 1847, = January 21, 1868, IDA. A. MANLY. He is a lawyer, and is County Attorney of Tallahatchie County. 
Marshall, William Ball (I004726)

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