Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

John Abbington

Male Bef 1641 - 1694  (> 53 years)

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  • Name John Abbington 
    Born Bef 1641  England Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Gender Male 
    Died Nov 1694  Calvert County, Maryland - Probate in London Find all individuals with events at this location 
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    Father Maryland Abbington 
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  • Notes 
    • son of Anthony Abbington of Dowdeswell, Gloucestershire, England
      Lived in Calvert County, Maryland
      lived awhile in St. Mary's County, Maryland, Married Muriel 1628, d/o Richard Berkley of Stoke-Gifford, Gloucestershire.
      Abbington, John, of London, mcht., 14th Jan., 1692; Nov., 1694.
      Debt due to Richard Harrison of Md. to be paid.
      To bro.-in-law Dr. Mich. Carney, debts due from him.
      To sister Mirriell (wife of Dr. Carney afsd.), living at Stoake, nr Bristoll,, Glocester County, personalty now in Possession of Wm. Worrell.
      To niece Wirriell (their dau.); 250.
      To niece Wirriell Abbington; 100.
      Shd. either of afsd. nieces die before receiving legacy, sd. money to return to estate.
      To Mrs. Alice Nolinds., 100, and 150 yearly for maintenance of her two sons, John and Charles. Shd. sd. Mrs, Nelenes, recover estate in Ireland left her by her father, now in litigation with her bro., 100 yearly.
      To godson John (son of William Abbington,, dec'd), 50 at age of 21.
      To John Pettitt, 50.
      Estate in Maryland to be sold and proceeds divided among child. of Mrs. Alice Nelmes, viz.: John, Charles and child unborn.
      Kinsman John Abbington ex. and residuary legatee,
      Test: Fenton Byune., H. Dennett, Thomas Freeman. 16. 64.
      Richard Harrison and George Lingan afsd., exs. in Maryland.
      John Abbington (merchant) 13A.320 I CA Feb 19 1694
      Appraisers: William Turner, Elisha Hall.
      List of debts: administrator of Maj. Charles Butler, administrator of John Little, Philip Lawrence, John Payne, Henry Dryden, Samuels. Arminger, John Sunnick, Thomas Brayne, William Marshall, Richard Brooke, Joseph Baker, Gowin Hambleton, John Broome, Franck Leafe, Edward Battson, Richard Stalling, Richard Burke, John Willymott, Ignatius Craycroft, John Brake, William Wadsworth, Thomas Billingby, Dr. Kirstead, Richard Brightwell, John Godscross, Benjamin Hall, Joseph Hall, Richard Harison, Elisha Hall, Thomas Edwards, Thomas Hart, John Suton, Arthur Cooke, widow Hall now Mrs. Harison, Jeremiah Eldridge, John Taman, Mathew Beall, John Peaeck, Edward Wood, Jr., Peter Hill, Thomas Blanford, Richard Willer, John Biggs, William Holland, widow Tanehill, widow Howes, Thomas Hills, Thomas Dryfield, Charles Crow, Nicholas Foutaine, Thomas Hillery, Nicholas Pillkington, John Battie, Hugh Mountgomery, George Curwen, George Coale, Thomas Swan, Ursula Howes, Thomas Hughes, James Bigger, William Head, Walter Smith, Michaell Taney, James Cranford, John Bullock, Richard Polly, Richard Watkins for widow Barnett, William Adams, Robert Grange, Edward Evans, John Lidgitt, Mathew Gatherin, Thomas Toping, William Turner, Henry Trueman, John Soper, Robert Biggs, John Howe, Timothy Gunton, Nicholas Sporne, William Nickolls, William Parker, John Powles, Thomas Sanders, Charles Tracey, William Alroyd, Thomas Tinsly, Hugh Ellis, James Stone, Thomas Kingcart, Thomas Dickson, Thomas Topin, Daniell Daniellson, Archbold Edmondson, Edward Fenick, Dr. Hugh Fergeson, Joshua Hall, Edward Ball, Daniell Robertson, John Davis, Robert Edmonson, Charles Walker, Lawrence Rowland, Frances Bellinger, William Whitter, William Grant, John Hallum, William Rothrey, Richard Chaply, Henry Colluart, Walter Evans, Thomas Brookes, John Browne, Thomas Greenfield, James Tomgon, William Selby, William Herbert, Thomas Beall, Thomas Willson, Nicholas Terell, William Liddell, Thomas Collier, David Davis, Sr., John Humes, Bryant Forgust, William Decriace, Nathan Veatch, Thomas Hillery, Thomas Holiday, Richard Johnes, William Powell, Richard Edwards, Richard Evins, William Johnes, John Gall, John Smith (Matoponey), John Forest, Thomas James, Thomas Dryfield, Otho Holland, George Lingham, Richard Brightwell, Joseph West, Francis Piles, Mathew Nackeboy, John Ramzey, Thomas Earned, Ninian Beall, Francis Collier, Jonathon Symons, James Gamlin, John Davis, Job Evans, John Cozins, William Grennys, John Greene,Tengego Trace, William Veare, William Atkinson, John Pottinger, Hugh Mountgomery, Josiah Twogood, Henry Jowles, Samuell Peters, Thomas Stafford, Eli,k Saunderson (Willison), William Barton, Thomas Bridges, James Millikin, John Wight, Jonathon Willson, Daniell Hurst, Capt. John Dent, Baruck Williams, Henry King, Richard Hartrope, William Loulye, Hugh Williams, William Gaskin, James Alin, Mr. William Dent, Daniell Buckmaster, William Tugwell, John Henry, Robert Harison, Dennis Mading, Mr. Benjamin Scrivener, Edmond Tuall, John Chittham, David Lloyd, John Barnett, John Blankly, Joseph Browne, David Davis, Jr., Gye White, Mary Williams, William Lee, Thomas Hide, Edward Willett, Richard Adis, James Moore, James Browne, Hugh Jones, Hugh Crafford, William Shaw, Thomas Rocker, Patrick Miller, James Stafford, Thomas Cooper, Benjamin Evins, Peter Burgis, Jenking Smith, Joseph Back, Thomas Gulluck, Benjamin Gargill, James Desberry, Richard Henwood, Thomas Smith, Thomas Marchant, Thomas Reach, George monrow, Charles Love, Benjamin Hebb, William Turner, William Goodman, Joseph Cook, James Man, Abraham Bird, Joseph Harrison, Edward Jezep, Hugh Ryle, Henry Ridgen, Henry Guin, Baruck Williams, John Leach, Sr., Silvester Welch, Georg Parker, William Wadsworth, Richard Harison, Nicholas Sporne, Thomas Hedge, James Willymott, Ignatius Craycroft, Mr. Thomas Tasker, Hugh Montgomery, Robert Brothers, Elisha Hall, Hugh Clifton, Thomas Toping, Edmond Sloe & James Downall, Col. Henry Jowles, Mr. George Parker.
      Mr. John Abbington 15.174 A CA 655.0.2 610.13.4 May 19 1697
      merchant in London.
      Payments to: John Fisher bill on Dr. Symon Wootten, Samuell Fowler bill on Samuell Groome, William Wadsworth bill endorsed by Joseph Hall his bills on John Hide, George Young bill on John Hyde, Ignatius Crayoroft bill on Samuell Groome, Mr. Briscoe of Calvert County, Mr. Philip Clarke, Robert Carvill, Mrs. Hall, Elisha Hall, Mr. Gouldsborough, John Stanley, Mrs. Tenihill, Mr. Denton, John Short husband of the widow Tenyhill, Baruch Williams (dead), James Downhall (runaway), Samuell Wattkins, Thomas Blake, William Turner, Sir Thomas Laurence, George Spicer, Henry Boteler, Edward Boteler.
      Mentions: Mr. Harrison, Mr. Johns, Mr. Cranford, Mr. Carvill, -----Vanswaringen, ---- Cross, ---- Freeborne, Mrs. Proctor, Mrs. Groce, ---- Freeman, ---- Jones, ---- Larkins, ---- Cullens, Richard Johns, Samuell Chew, Mrs. Guyther, Mr. Sporne, Hugh Montgomery (runaway), Robert Biggs, James Cranford, Mr. William Parker.
      Administratrices: Madam Mary Parnie (also Parnall Mary) and Madam Mary Abbington, by George Lingan (gentleman).
      John Abbington 17.72 A 142.5.10 Nov 12 1698
      Mentions: Anne Hill, Mr. Greenfield, Col. Jowles.
      Payments to: James Baker, Mr. Henry Denton, Mr. Phillip Clarke for Capt. Langley, John Elsey, Robert Biggs, Mr, Walter Smith, Robert Carvile.
      Administrator: George Lingan.
      John Abington 19.174 A CA 12.4.1 17.5.0 Aug 5 1699
      The amount of the inventory also included #621.
      Payments to: William Bladen for Capt. Langley, George Plater, Esq. Administrator: Mr. George Lingan.
      John Abbington 27.172 Sep 1 1701 {CA}
      Legal note from William Izatt (gentleman) of Hammersmith of Middlesex, England, to George Lingan (gentleman).
      Payments: administrator of Maj. Charles Boteler, administrator of John Little, Philip Lawrence, John Payne, Henry Dryden, Daniell Armiger, John Sumers, Thomas Braine, William Marshall, Richard Brooke, Joseph Baker, Gaven Hambleton, John Brome, Fra. Leaffe, Edward Batson, Richard Stallings, Richard Burke, John Willimot, John Burke, Thomas Billingsly, Dr. Keirsteed, Thomas Hart, Arthur Cooke, Daniel Danielson, John Davis, Fran, Billinger, William Grunt, William Rothery, Ninian Beall, Brian Furgist, Richard Jones, Tegoe Tracey, Hugh Montgomery, Baruch Williams, Richard Harthorp, James Ailing, William Tuggwell, Denis Maddin, Benjamin Serwen, David Floyd, John Barrell, Richard Addle, Hugh Jones, Hugh Crawford, William Shaw, Thomas Locker, Patrick Miller, James Stafford, Thomas Cooper, Benjamin Evans, Peter Surges, Jenkin Smith, Joseph Rash, Thomas Gallock, Benjamin Gargill, James Desbrough, Richard Henwood, Thomas Smith, Thomas Marchant, Thomas Beach, George Munrow, Charles Lane, Benjamin Webb, William Farmer, Joseph Cooke, James Mann, Abraham Bird, Joseph Harrison, Edward Jessopp, Hugh Reyley, Henry Rigden, Henry Gwinn, James Bigger, William Head, William Goodman, Mathew Beale, John Peacock, Richard Weller, Seth Biggs, Thomas Hills, Thomas Dryfeild, Charles Crowe, Nicholas Pilkinton, John Patty, Hugh Montgomery, George Curwin, Walter Smith, Michaell Taney, John Bullock, Richard Petty, Robert Grange, John Lidiatt, Jeaper, Robert Biggs, William Nicholls, William Akeroyd, Thomas Tinsley, James Stone, Thomas Swan, Thomas Bridges, George Lingan, William Dent, Mathew Mockbee, Edmond Stow, James Downall.
      Mentions: Sir Thomas Abney (knight) Lord Mayor of London, John Hyde (merchant, aged 38), John Abbington (merchant, aged 49).
      Witnesses: Alice Abbington, Ales Holmes, John Abbington, Charles Abbington, John Hyde, Thomas Abbington, Samuell Wingfield,
      John Abbington 27.201 A 706.17.6 683.6.9 Oct 27 1707
      List of debts: Elisabeth Hall who married Richard Harrison, Elisha Hall, widow Tanyhill, Barack Williams, James Downhall, William Turner, George Spicer.
      Payments to: John Dawnhall, Joshua Cecill, Thomas Bordley.
      Administrator: George Lingham, Esq. (also Mr. George Lingan). Estate unadministered by James Cranford.

      === Contributed by Ralph D. Smith

      June 4, 1662 - Mr. John Abbington attorney for Mrs. Ann Tillny was granted administration on estate of Roger Isham.
      Source: Maryland Prerogative Court, Testamentary Proceedings, Liber 1C, p. 86.
      John Daniell 9.27 A CA #2805 Jul 9 1686
      Payments to: John Galwith, John Abbington.
      Administratrix: Rebeccah Emson (relict), wife of James Emson.
      Land Records of Prince George's County, Maryland
      Liber T, Page 459
      Recorded at request of William Digges, 28 May 1737:
      29 Mar 1736; Indenture between John Forbes, Gent. of St. Mary's County, and Dryden his wife of one part and William Digges, Gent.; land called Colonel's Brigade granted 10 Aug 1683 to Col. Henry Jowles late of Calvert Co.; containing 300 acres; bounded by land of Alexander Magruder and Capt. Richard Gardiner; by deed 30 Oct 1693 mortgaged for 200 to John Abbington of Calvert County, Gent.; from John Abbington to George Lingan late of Calvert County, Gent.; from John Lingan, s/o George, to James Carroll late of Anne Arundel Co.; from Carroll to Dryden Jowles of St. Mary's Co.; this indenture from John and Dryden Forbes to William Digges for 75; containing 250 acres; /s/ John Forges, Dryden Forbes; wit. Jno. Fraser, Jr., Wm. Wilkinson; ack. 29 Apr 1737 by John Forbes and Dryden his wife
      John Bowling 9.32 A 103.14.2 Jul 9 1686 [CA now Prince George's MD]
      Payments to: Elisabeth Blackwell, William Marshall, Mr. Richard Marsham, Philip Lawrence, Mr. Thomas Holladay upon account of William Pagan & Co., Joseph Woodrosse upon account of John Abbington, Thomas Greenfeild, James Bigger, Thomas Gant, William Taylard.
      Executrix: Mary Evans, wife of Benjamin Evans.
      Prince George's County, Maryland - Land Owners at Time PGCo Was Formed - 1696: Tract Name: GLOCESTER HALL; Owner: Abbington, John: Orig County = V {Charles = C, Calvert = V}; Patent Date: Jun 10, 1671: Ref: Liber 14 f 224 : Map Location: X-20
      Calvert County Circuit Court
      Land Surveys and Condominium Plats

      Abbingtons, Cliffes, 1000 Acres; Certificate
      Developer/Owner: Abbington, John 1661 Patent Record 4, p. 611 0 0 MSA S 1583-1

      Abbingtons, Cliffes, 1000 Acres; Patent

      Dowesdall, 1000 Acres; Certificate
      Developer/Owner: Abbington, John 1663 Patent Record 5, p. 429 0 0 MSA S 1583-483

      Dowesdall, 1000 Acres; Patent
      Developer/Owner: Abbington, John 1663 Patent Record 5, p. 430 0 0 MSA S 1583-484