Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Thomas Grunwin

Male Bef 1680 - 1703  (> 23 years)

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  • Name Thomas Grunwin 
    Born Bef 1680 
    Gender Male 
    Died 13 Dec 1703  St. Mary's County, Maryland - Probate Find all individuals with events at this location 
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      Grunwyn, Thomas (nunc.), St. Mary's Co., 20th Oct., 1703; 13th Dec.., 1703.
      To sister Mary Chamberlain and hrs., "Banfleid Woods " and 500 A. (unnamed) in Balta. Co.
      To sister Sarah and hrs., "Barrow Keyton" and 300 A. (unnamed) in Balto. Co.
      To Mrs. Ellinor Van Sweringen and Richard Llewellin, personalty.
      Ex.: Col. Henry Lowe.
      Test: Jno. Baker, Rieh'd Llewellin, Mary Van Sweringen, Ann Baker. 3. 228.
      Thomas Grunwin 28.76 A SM 7.1.0 45.10.1 Mar 25 1707
      Received from: John Landerkin, Clement Hill, Luke Gardiner, Charles Egerton, William Price, John Gann, Madam Diggs, John Miller, Mrs. Mason for William Price, Col. Aisquith.
      Payments to: John Baker, William Guyther, Jr., Charles Beckwith, Mrs. Vansweringen.
      Executor: Col. Henry Lowe.
      Thomas Grunwin 28.76 A SM 7.1.0 45.10.1 Mar 25 1707
      Received from: John Landerkin, Clement Hill, Luke Gardiner, Charles Egerton, William Price, John Gann, Madam Diggs, John Miller, Mrs. Mason for William Price, Col. Aisquith.
      Payments to: John Baker, William Guyther, Jr., Charles Beckwith, Mrs. Vansweringen.
      Executor: Col. Henry Lowe.
      Mr. Thomas Grunwin 36C.58 A SM 19.1.3 Jun 17 1715
      Received from: old James Baker, William Golthorp, Dr. Birch, John Sinnett.
      Payments to: Guilbert Turberveil per Mr. Carroll, Dallam, Bladen, Secretary Lloyd, Chiseldine for fees against Bladen, William Cood, Chiseldine, H. Lowe, Jr., Col. Aisquith.
      Legatees: Mr. Llewellin, Elinor Vansweringen.
      Executor: Dol. Henry Lowe.
      George Stockden 36C.60 A SM 24.17.0 22.11.4 Apr 26 1715
      Payments to: Owen Smithson, John Lewellin, William Johnson, Mr. Chiseldyne, Thomas Underwood, John Hopkins, Nathaniell Clapoole, Mr. Jos. Vansweringen. Admiaistratrix: Jane Stocden (also Jane Stockdenl.
      Page 59
      Thomas succeeded John Manley as clerk of St. Mary's county shortly before September 1680. ("History Of St. Mary's County", R.C. Hammet )
      Michaell Rochford 7A.371 A SM #10500#20040 Feb 15 1680
      Payments to: Edmond Dermott, Thomas Lomax for 3 actions vs. Thomas Winn & Stephen Murty & Emanuell Ratcliffe, Thomas Grunwin.
      Executrix: Margrett Cole (relict), wife of William Cole.
      Robert Cooper 8.228 A CH #10486 #8859 Oct 23 1684
      Payments to: Col. William Chandler, Thomas Burford, Esq., Thomas Carvile, Thomas Grunwin of St. Mary's County, Samuell Luckett, Robert Browne, Dr. John Lemaire, Thomas Hussey, Henry Henley, Hugh French,
      Administrator: John Faning (gentleman).
      Seth Serjeant 10.21 I 4.15.0 Oct 27 1685
      Appraisers: James Mackewen, Thomas Grunwin.
      John Day 8.460 I 3.18.6 Feb 20 1685
      Appraisers: James Cullen, Thomas Grunwin.
      Marks Cordea 8.515 I SM 150.19.11 Dec 15 1685
      The inventory also included #175285.
      Servants mentioned: Jane Barber, Thomasin Leimbe, Thomas Delomagne, Richard Dobson, Nicholas Brest, John Howard (boy).
      Appraisers: Thomas Courtney, Thomas Grunwin.
      List of debts: (see page 81.)
      John Tenneson 8.483 A SM #50313 #23125 Oct 8 1685
      Payments to: John Mudge, Nehemiah Blakeston, Justinian Gerrard, Henry Fornly, Frances Knott, Thomas Grunwin, Abraham Hooke, John Goode, Pattrick Spencer note to Henry Fornly.
      Executor: Justinian Tennison.
      Stephen Murty 9.470 A SM #4184 Mar 12 1687
      Received from: Mr. William Rosewell, Mr. John Luellin, William Knight.
      Payments to: William Dent assigned to John Miller, William Dent, Thomas Grunwin, Garret Vansweringen, Rice Walter.
      Executor: Clement Hill, Esq.
      John Cole 9.471 I SM 36.0.11 Mar 6 1687
      Appraisers: Thomas Grunwin, William Guither.
      John Baker 10.111 I SM 370.6.0 Jun 20 1687
      The amount of the inventory also included #424723.
      Servants mentioned: Mary Welsh.
      Appraisers: John Llewellin, Thomas Grunwin.
      List of debts: (see page 83.)
      Thomas Gerard 10.177 I SM. #64124 {1688}
      List of debts: mentions Thomas Grunwin,
      Peter Carr 10.324 A CH #69590 #62522 {1688}
      Payments to: Thomas Grunwin, John Smith.
      Legatees: Mary Newman, Elisabeth Newman.
      Executrix: Rebocah Yeates (relict) (executrix of James Tayer), wife of Robert Yeates.
      Daniell Clocker 10.232 A SM 99.5.3 Apr 17 1689
      The amount of the inventory also included #62234,
      Payments to: mentions Thomas Grunwin
      Daniell Clocker 10.232 A SM 99.5.3 Apr 17 1689
      The amount of the inventory also included #62234,
      Payments to: Hon, Col. William Diggs, Francis Catterton, Sollomon Jones, Walter Woolverston, Mr. John Darnall, Anthony Underwood, John Lewellin, Robert Cole, Ann Martin, Thomas Burford, Richard Gardiner, Thomas Grunwin, Thomas Courtney, Maj. Bourman, John Backer (dead), Charles Quigley, Thomas Spink, Henry Fox, James Re on, John Baker, John Addison, Thomas Hinson (administrator of John Hartwell), Phillip Lynes, William Rosewell, Henry Exton, Justinian Tennison, John Luellin, Andrew Abington, William Bevan, John Blomfeild.
      List of debts: William Culverhouse (dead insolvent), Thomas Prickett (dead insolvent), Thomas Price of Cecil County (dead insolvent), Richard Whitby (gone to England), Seth Sergent (dead insolvent), Mark Good (no such person), Hugh Baker (dead insolvent), Jacob Johnson (runaway), Evan Davis (dead insolvent), Abraham Reed (dead insolvent), Joseph Wildblood (dead insolvent), Obediah King (runaway), Michaell Rogers (runaway), Thomas Window (dead insolvent), Mathew Turner (runaway), Eustatius Turine (dead insolvent), Walter Jefferys (dead insolvent), William Cocks (dead insolvent), Robert Davorshire (runaway), Thomas Window (runaway), Thomas Tillett (runaway), George Hodgson (dead insolvent), Thomas Wynn (dead insolvent), Elias Nutwell (runaway).
      Administratrix: Patience Yore (relict), wife of James Yore.
      James Yore 10LC.2 I 4.8.6 Oct 3 1691 Sep 1 1692
      Appraisers; Thomas Grunwinn, Richard Benton.
      Edward Horne 10.330 A SM 46.2.1 46.2.1 {1693}
      Payments to: John Thomson, Henry Nowell & Roger Toll, Henry Nowell, Thomas Beale, Thomas Beale paid to Thomas Pue, Richard Day, William Hopewell, Henry Mattison, Henry Taylor, William Sempill, Thomas Price, Benjamin Archer, John Styles, Thomas Grunwin, William Guither, William Taylard, Andrew Abington, Philip Lynes, Thomas Courtney, George Mason.
      Legatees: John Horne.
      Distribution to: executor, 4 persons (unnamed) mentioned in will.
      Executor: William Askwith.
      John Blomfield 13A.192 A SM 41.6.5 #30992 Jul 28 1694
      The amount of the inventory also included #13896.
      Payments to: Charles Gough, Mr. Vansweringen, John Armesworth, Daniell Langhorne, Provis Burrell, John Stiles, Edward Tipton, Patience Burkett, John Masters, John Graves, Richard Walker, Cornelius Manley, Mr. Clement Hill, on account of Jefferis Jefferis of London, Michaell Browne, Joshua Doyne, Ignatius Warren, Thomas Grunwin, Thomas Salmon, Robert Cares, Robert Mason, Henry Denton, Henry Spinke.
      Administrator: John Taunt.
      Robert Cole 13A.292 A SM 68.18.0 #15787 Apr 30 1695
      Received from: Mr. John Llewellin.
      Payments to: John Taunt, William Taylard, Philip Lynes, Joshua Doyne, Thomas Lanyon, Nicholas Ducafe, Petter Peacke, Henry Denton, Mr. Mason, Henry Brent, Robert Mason, Robert Phillips, Henry Payne, William Husbands, Mrs. Baker, Mr. Clement Hill & Thomas Salmon on dispute about land of children (unnamed) of Robert Cole & John Forsey as witnessed Mr. James Pattison, William Key, Thomas Grunwin paid to Philip Lynes, Col. William Digges.
      Executrix: Rebecka Cole (relict), wife of Thomas Warren.
      Hugh Hopewell 13A.312 A CA 142.7.0 #44569 Apr 30 1695
      Payments to: Capt. John Richardson per Richard Hopewell, Walter Powell per Richard Hopewell, Abraham Daracote, Mr. Carroll due to Mr. Underwood, Mr. Carvile, Samuell Watkins, John Edmondson, Mr. Thomas Grunwin, William Dent, Thomas Pus for James Browne, Mr. John Griggs, James Baker due to Richard Dea, Henry Fernley Faid to John Wiseman, Robert Taylor, James Moore paid to James Eglens, John Richardson, Michaell Taney, Abraham Blake.
      Legatees: wife (unnamed) of John Keene.
      Executrix: Ann Hopwell.
      John Evans 138.91 A CA 175.17.0 #22862 Mar 7 1695
      The amount of the inventory also included #10737.
      Payments to: Guay White for legacy left him by his father Guay White, John Currey who married Elisabeth the daughter and legatee of Guay White, Thomas Pinklar (servant), Thomas Grunwin, Michaell Wollman, John Broome, Col. Darnall, Charles Carroll, Mr. Plaiter, Samuell Watkins.
      Executrix: Sarah Collier (relict), wife of Franck Collier.
      Mark Cordea 15.40 A SM 150.19.0 {1697}
      Received from: Col. Henry Darnall, Nicholas Fountaine of Somerset County, Col. William Diggs assigned to Mr. Anthony Wood, Mr. George Butler, Col. William Burgess, Nehemia Blakiston, Thomas Grunwin, George Thompson, Mr. Kenelm Cheseldyn, William Sevens, John Bloomefeild, Mr. Robert Cavill, John Angell, Thomas Cooke, Griffith Jones, Henry Smith of St. Mary's County, John Evans of St. Mary's County, Thomas Doxey, Elias Beech, John Liewellin, Emanuell Pitcher, John Baker, Robert Mason, Maj. Thomas Taylor, Edward English, Thomas Griffin, John Taylor, Peter Sayer, William Brady, Miles Gibsone, William Taylard, Robert Cole, Rodger Baker, The Publick, William Guyther, John Martindale, Thomas Beale, Garret Vanawaringen, William Aisquith, Gilbert Clarke, Timothy Tracey, Peter Dent, William Twisdale, Col. Edward Pye, Capt. John Coode, Samuel]. Lee, Thomas Courtney, William Hatton, John Shankes, Michaell Miller, Col. William Diggs, George Burgess, Thomas Jones, Thomas Pattisone, Osias Wells, Thomas Lee, Owen Guyther, James Mills, James Bodkin, Robert Doyne, Dr. Lowry, Richard Gardiner, Thomas Jackson, Dr. Patrick Inniss, Thomas Hebb, Michael Ridioch, John Connant, Richard Atwood, Mr. Henry Denton, Thomas Simpson, Maj. Nicholas Sewall, Thomas Smithsone, Walter Woolverstone, William Nutthead, Thomas Waughob, Richard Lloyd, William Dixon, Richard Boughton.
      Payments to: Mr. Anthony Wood in the hands of Col. William Diggs, Col. Henry Darnall paid to Mr. Anthony Wood of Liverpool, Mr. Thomas Burford, Mr. Kenelm Cheseldyne, William Newham, Slye & Cooksey, Gilbert Clarke, Joshua Doyne, Anthony Underwood, William Dent, Robert Kemp & Robert Mason & Ed. Denniss, Underwood, James Yore, John Browne, Doyne on account of Poole & Trafford, Doyne on account of Booker, George Butler, Cars per Browne, Mr. Duggins & Mr. Spinke, Dr. Lowry, Thomas Haddock, Randolph Hinson, John Lecount his portion of his father Lecount's estate, Joseph Smith & Thomas Pattisone in Dorchester County Court, John Baker.
      Payments to Robert Carvill for attorneys fees for: Doyne, Kemp,
      Wood, Burford, slye, Boughton, Clarke, Stapleford.
      Distribution to: James Cullen for his wife (unnamed).
      Executor: James Cullen (surviving executor).
      Richard Benton 15.332 I SM 214.2.11 Jan 15 1697
      Appraisers: Richard Atwood, Thomas Grunwin.
      Robert Large 16.184 A SM #1441 Jul 29 1698
      Payments to: Thomas Haddock, William Guider upon account of Thomas Grunwin, Elisabeth Blumfeild, William Brayday, Arthur Delahay, Edward Miller.
      Mentions: 4 children (unnamed).
      Administratrix: Elisabeth Morgan, wife of William Morgan.
      Robert Proctor 17.176 A AA 365.4.0 155.11.9 Feb 6 1698
      The amount of the inventory also included #42277, which is equivalent to 176.3.1.
      Payments to: William Hopkins, Col. Henry Ridgley, Sr., Mr. Thomas Grunwin per Mr. Henry Denton, Mr. Charles Carroll (administrator of Anthony Underwood), Mr. Philip Lynes, Mr. James Frisby & Mr. John molls, Peter Paggan & Co. & Henry Ridgely, Jr., Thomas Baker, John Graf, Esq., Christopher Daniell & Andrew Underwood, Ephraim Willson.
      Administratrix: Rachell Proctor (also Mrs. Rachell Kilbourne).
      John Perry 17.177 I 21.6.6 Nov 14 1698
      Appraisers: George Jackson, Thomas Grunwyn.
      Approvers: Orlando Greenslade.
      John Perry 19-1/2B.126 A 103.12.1 149.1.10 Jun 9 1700
      Payments to: James Piller and William Salisbury, George Nicholson, David Jenkins, Mr. Charles Carroll, Thomas Wells, Lawrence Draper, Henry Carter, Mr. Croft, Solomon Thompson, Mr. John Rock, Mr. Thomas Grunwin, Elisabeth Newton, Maj. Dent, Thomas Harding, John Rock, William Jones, George Nicholson, Edward Dorsey.
      List of debts; James Cullen, Kilburne.
      Administratrix: Sarah Evans, wife of Job Evans.
      Thomas Guyther 116.1 I 7.10.2 Apr 2 1699
      Appraisers: Zacharias Vanswereingen, Thomas Grunwin.
      Solomon Rutte 19-1/2A.153 A SM#5968 Jul 24 1699
      Payments to: Mr. Charles Egerton, John Dunbar, Thomas Grunwyn, John Relay, William Herbert, Thomas Haddock, James Briscoe, John Manning, Mr. Robert Mason, Owen Guither, Mr. Carvill, Solomon Jakes, Isaack Paine.
      Mentions: 1 orphan (unnamed).
      Executrix: Ann Nowell, wife of Henry Nowell.
      Mr. John Darnall 20.46 A #32963 {1700}
      Payments to: William Boarman, Jr., Capt. Francis Partis, Maj. Thomas Trueman, Mr. Thomas Greenfeild, Dr. Innis, Mr. Robert Jones, Samuell Groome, Olliver Shirtwell, Capt. Edward Watt, Dr. Wooten, Joseph Edloe per Dr. Mullens, Dr. Mullens, John Gouldesberry, Mr. Thomas Tasker, Mr. Cartney, Mr. Mic. Tawney, Gerrard Vansweringen, Mr. John Darnall and old Madam Darnall and Maj. Thomas Brookes, Mr. Thomas Grunwin per Mr. Thomas Brookes, Maj. Thomas Brookes, Col. Ba. Brookes, John Bloomefeild, Thomas Ditton, Maj. Dent, Mr. Underwood, Cev. Butler, Mr. Richard Marsham, Capt. Thomas Cleggatt
      Mr. Samuell Watkins 20.124 I SM Nov 4 1700
      Servants mentioned: Clem Verin, John Dogin, Mary Adams, Edward Watts (boy), Martin Benham (boy), Thomas Palmer.
      Appraisers: Richard Hopewell, Charles King.
      Approvers: Thomas Grunwin, John Watkins.
      Solomon Rolle 21.188 A SM 25.5.4 #4006 Mar 1 1700
      Payments to: Mr. Cheseldyn, Thomas Grunwin, Thomas Haddock, Solomon Jones, Owen Guyther, John Relew, Joseph VSweringen.
      Executrix: Ann Newell, wife of Henery Newell.
      John Doxsey 22.24 I SM 66.16.7 May 30 1702
      The amount of the inventory also included #2757. Appraisers: Thomas Haddock, Edward Cilshaw. List of debts: William White, Mr. Thomas Grunwin, Hugh Benson (runaway).
      Marke Cordea 25.53 A #74587 May 24 1705
      Received from: Mr. Garret Vansweringen & Mrs. Mary Vansweringen, Mr. William Bladen.
      Payments to: Mr. Anthony Lecompt, Mr. Wood, Mr. Heath, Col. Jowles, Mr. Mitchall, Mr. Cecill Butler.
      Administrator/Executor: Thomas Grunwin (surviving trustee) by Col. Henry Lowe (executor of Thomas Grunwin).
      Mark Cordea 25.406 A #8318 Sep 27 1706
      Payments to: Thomas Bordley.
      List of debts: Mr. Bladen, Gerard Sly for judgment against Thomas Grunwin (executor of Mark Cordea).
      Administrator: Gerard Sly (merchant).