Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Frederick County, Maryland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adamson, Greenberry  29 Oct 1770Frederick County, Maryland I051468
2 Adkins, Priscilla  1776Frederick County, Maryland I006161
3 Albaugh, Margaret  21 Oct 1797Frederick County, Maryland I006178
4 Allison, Anne  1774Frederick County, Maryland I039162
5 Allison, Mary  Bef 1781Frederick County, Maryland I042870
6 Ancrum, Aaron  Abt 1760Frederick County, Maryland I046858
7 Ancrum, Jacob Duckett  1752Frederick County, Maryland I046852
8 Ancrum, Mary  14 Aug 1778Frederick County, Maryland I046851
9 Ancrum, Sarah  Abt 1755Frederick County, Maryland I046864
10 Ancrum, William  Abt 1748Frederick County, Maryland I046884
11 Anderson, Violette  Abt 1751Frederick County, Maryland I053663
12 Barnard, William L.  Abt 1758Frederick County, Maryland I033071
13 Barrett, John  1757Frederick County, Maryland I029326
14 Barrett, William  Bef 1770Frederick County, Maryland I033085
15 Bartlow, James  10 May 1766Frederick County, Maryland I008574
16 Beall, Aquilla  1774Frederick County, Maryland I033463
17 Beall, Catherine  1770Frederick County, Maryland I017235
18 Beall, Cephas  1758Frederick County, Maryland I008304
19 Beall, Christiana  1772Frederick County, Maryland I033532
20 Beall, Eleanor  1750Frederick County, Maryland I018774
21 Beall, Harriett  1769Frederick County, Maryland I036713
22 Beall, James B.  Abt 1810Frederick County, Maryland I009669
23 Beall, Jeremiah  1749Frederick County, Maryland I017356
24 Beall, Josias  1752Frederick County, Maryland I021458
25 Beall, Lewis  1772Frederick County, Maryland I036702
26 Beall, Lloyd  1749Frederick County, Maryland I008302
27 Beall, Mary  15 Nov 1749Frederick County, Maryland I018101
28 Beall, Nancy  1762Frederick County, Maryland I008305
29 Beall, Nathaniel  1755Frederick County, Maryland I008323
30 Beall, Richard  1751Frederick County, Maryland I036783
31 Beall, Sabina  Bef 1750Frederick County, Maryland I008311
32 Beall, Sarah  1752Frederick County, Maryland I008310
33 Beall, Sarah  1759Frederick County, Maryland I008043
34 Beall, Upton  1770Frederick County, Maryland I036693
35 Beall, Verlinda  Bef 1745Frederick County, Maryland I036779
36 Beall, Walter  1749Frederick County, Maryland I036782
37 Beatty, Thomas  Abt 1755Frederick County, Maryland I046798
38 Benson, Ruth  1788Frederick County, Maryland I009662
39 Biggs, Benjamin  27 Jan 1753Frederick County, Maryland I055223
40 Biggs, Catherine  6 Mar 1749/50Frederick County, Maryland I055221
41 Biggs, George  31 Jan 1758Frederick County, Maryland I055226
42 Biggs, Henry  31 Jan 1753Frederick County, Maryland I055224
43 Biggs, John  27 Dec 1751Frederick County, Maryland I055222
44 Biggs, Joseph  2 May 1762Frederick County, Maryland I055228
45 Biggs, Mary  3 Jun 1767Frederick County, Maryland I055230
46 Biggs, Prudence  1748Frederick County, Maryland I055220
47 Biggs, Thomas  19 May 1760Frederick County, Maryland I055227
48 Biggs, William  3 Jun 1754Frederick County, Maryland I055225
49 Biggs, Zaccheus  1 Jun 1764Frederick County, Maryland I055229
50 Blackmore, Elizabeth  Abt 1749Frederick County, Maryland I053664

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Abbington, John  Aft 1764Frederick County, Maryland I016638
2 Abbington, Unknown  Aft 1773Frederick County, Maryland I015229
3 Adamson, Jeremiah  Aft 1769Frederick County, Maryland I043729
4 Adamson, Rachel  Aft 1767Frederick County, Maryland I015449
5 Albaugh, Margaret  24 Jan 1873Frederick County, Maryland I006178
6 Alexander, Jane MNU  Aft 1760Frederick County, Maryland I018075
7 Allison, Isabella  Aft 1770Frederick County, Maryland I039145
8 Allison, Sarah  Aft 1752Frederick County, Maryland I039144
9 Ancrum, Mary  Aft 1794Frederick County, Maryland I046849
10 Ancrum, William  1792Frederick County, Maryland I046884
11 Ansill, Samuel  Bef 1800Frederick County, Maryland I001406
12 Ashcraft, Daniel  Aft 1753Frederick County, Maryland I036438
13 Baker, Eleanor MNU  Aft 1755Frederick County, Maryland I047943
14 Baker, Ignatius  Aft 1770Frederick County, Maryland I023568
15 Baker, Mary MNU  Aft Mar 1764Frederick County, Maryland I047940
16 Baker, Walter  Aft 1798Frederick County, Maryland I020060
17 Barnard, Anne MNU  Aft 1755Frederick County, Maryland I032154
18 Beall, Allen  Bef 1776Frederick County, Maryland I019014
19 Beall, Elizabeth  1786Frederick County, Maryland I018102
20 Beall, Lucy {Unproven}  Between 1767 and 1772Frederick County, Maryland I048149
21 Beall, Mary  9 Apr 1822Frederick County, Maryland I018101
22 Beall, Mary MNU  Bef 1768Frederick County, Maryland I036777
23 Beall, Mary MNU  Aft May 1775Frederick County, Maryland I054605
24 Beall, Rachel  Aft 1807Frederick County, Maryland I046270
25 Beall, Robert  Aft 1776Frederick County, Maryland I018265
26 Beall, Theodore  Aft 1790Frederick County, Maryland I021417
27 Beall, William  Aft 1787Frederick County, Maryland I018773
28 Beall, William Murdock  5 Nov 1823Frederick County, Maryland I018100
29 Beall, Zepheniah  Bef 1750Frederick County, Maryland I015922
30 Beatty, Agnes  Aft 1755Frederick County, Maryland I016784
31 Beatty, Martha  Aft 1753Frederick County, Maryland I016783
32 Beatty, Robert  Bef 1752Frederick County, Maryland I017855
33 Beckwith, George  1760Frederick County, Maryland I047842
34 Beckwith, William  Aft 1776Frederick County, Maryland I047863
35 Belt, Jeremiah  24 Dec 1818Frederick County, Maryland I046089
36 Benson, Ruth  1864Frederick County, Maryland I009662
37 Biggs, William  Aft 1769Frederick County, Maryland I055208
38 Blanford, John Baptist  Bef 1797Frederick County, Maryland I021980
39 Boone, Alexis  13 Oct 1821Frederick County, Maryland I052426
40 Boone, Robert  30 Dec 1861Frederick County, Maryland I054137
41 Boone, William  Aft 1775Frederick County, Maryland I019927
42 Booth, Robert  1789Frederick County, Maryland I053365
43 Boteler, Henry  18 Mar 1760Frederick County, Maryland I006773
44 Boteler, Lingan  30 Oct 1829Frederick County, Maryland I017764
45 Boteler, Martha  1775Frederick County, Maryland I015417
46 Boteler, Sarah Nelson  19 Sep 1850Frederick County, Maryland I006770
47 Boteler, Thomas  Aft 1786Frederick County, Maryland I052060
48 Boyd, William  Aft 1767Frederick County, Maryland I045897
49 Boyer, Catharine  Bef 1792Frederick County, Maryland I012279
50 Brawner, Thomas  Aft 1779Frederick County, Maryland I012466

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Clagett, Samuel  Frederick County, Maryland I055164