Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Hardin County, Kentucky



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Armes, Elizabeth Anne  5 Apr 1845Hardin County, Kentucky I021617
2 Bayne, Elizabeth  1798Hardin County, Kentucky I030835
3 Bayne, Margaret {Patsy}  Abt 1800Hardin County, Kentucky I030836
4 Bayne, Walter  1801Hardin County, Kentucky I030837
5 Blissit, Andrew Jackson  Aft 1868Hardin County, Kentucky I078843
6 Blissit, Barbara  Between 1810 and 1820Hardin County, Kentucky I078851
7 Blissit, Benjamin  1830Hardin County, Kentucky I078856
8 Blissit, Elijah  Between 1820 and 1825Hardin County, Kentucky I078855
9 Blissit, Emma  1862Hardin County, Kentucky I116363
10 Blissit, Frank  1868Hardin County, Kentucky I116366
11 Blissit, George  1866Hardin County, Kentucky I116365
12 Blissit, George A.  1834Hardin County, Kentucky I078857
13 Blissit, Jacob  1817Hardin County, Kentucky I078852
14 Blissit, Jephtha  Abt 1814Hardin County, Kentucky I078901
15 Blissit, Margaret  14 Jun 1819Hardin County, Kentucky I078902
16 Blissit, Margaret  1860Hardin County, Kentucky I116362
17 Blissit, Martha  20 Feb 1836Hardin County, Kentucky I078862
18 Blissit, Martha  1864Hardin County, Kentucky I116364
19 Blissit, Mary  16 Oct 1841Hardin County, Kentucky I078863
20 Blissit, Mary E.  1876Hardin County, Kentucky I078844
21 Blissit, Solomon  7 Jul 1811Hardin County, Kentucky I078860
22 Blissit, William Christopher  6 Sep 1837Hardin County, Kentucky I021618
23 Blissit, William France  Between 1810 and 1820Hardin County, Kentucky I078849
24 Hardaway, Mary  Bef 1843Hardin County, Kentucky I078858
25 Logsdon, Lydia  Hardin County, Kentucky I078850
26 Watkins, Anna  7 Mar 1810Hardin County, Kentucky I078861


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Abell, Edward  19 Dec 1828Hardin County, Kentucky I062459
2 Atterbury, Richard  1813Hardin County, Kentucky I078870
3 Bland, James  2 Feb 1829Hardin County, Kentucky I077271
4 Bland, Sarah  Aft 20 Aug 1843Hardin County, Kentucky I035752
5 Blissit, Andrew Jackson  Abt 1870Hardin County, Kentucky I078843
6 Blissit, Anne 'Nancy'  Aft 1842Hardin County, Kentucky I078867
7 Blissit, George Johnson  Aft 1850Hardin County, Kentucky I078841
8 Blissit, Jacob  Aft 1870Hardin County, Kentucky I078852
9 Browne, Dixon  1828Hardin County, Kentucky I088744
10 Browne, Sarah  Bef 1865Hardin County, Kentucky I078853
11 Bruce, Anne 'Nancy'  Abt 1805Hardin County, Kentucky I043616
12 Burch, Joseph  12 Nov 1842Hardin County, Kentucky I079279
13 Carrico, Levi  31 Jan 1847Hardin County, Kentucky I056248
14 Caswell, Elizabeth  Hardin County, Kentucky I078854
15 Coy, Rebecca 'Boceay'  Bef 1810Hardin County, Kentucky I005120
16 Edelen, Richard  1808Hardin County, Kentucky I027803
17 Fowler, Mary Drusilla  Aft 1860Hardin County, Kentucky I080455
18 Hinch, Eveline  Bef 1827Hardin County, Kentucky I053380
19 Marshall, Mark  Nov 1823Hardin County, Kentucky I030768
20 Mattingly, Luke  1826Hardin County, Kentucky I062429
21 Mattingly, Sarah 'Nancy'  Aft 1802Hardin County, Kentucky I062431
22 Mattingly, Susannah  Bef 1820Hardin County, Kentucky I062432
23 Miller, James  Aft 1842Hardin County, Kentucky I078868
24 Murray, Bridget {Unproven}  Aft 1794Hardin County, Kentucky I078876
25 Norman, Elizabeth  1799Hardin County, Kentucky I088743
26 O'Daly, Bennet  Aft 1832Hardin County, Kentucky I079626
27 Overall, Sarah  1819Hardin County, Kentucky I053578
28 Pearle, James  Bef 1860Hardin County, Kentucky I080452
29 Percival, Samuel  1823Hardin County, Kentucky I043617
30 Pope, Jane 'Jean'  1821Hardin County, Kentucky I025778
31 Shekell, Richard  11 Aug 1817Hardin County, Kentucky I109460
32 Simmons, Sarah  1847Hardin County, Kentucky I111815
33 Stark, Susannah  Aft 1850Hardin County, Kentucky I077272
34 Walker, Henry  Aft 1802Hardin County, Kentucky I101090
35 Willett, James  Bef 20 Jan 1851Hardin County, Kentucky I035751


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Atterbury / Miller  10 Nov 1811Hardin County, Kentucky F35124
2 Blissit / Armes  10 Sep 1867Hardin County, Kentucky F13207
3 Blissit / Browne  17 Aug 1835Hardin County, Kentucky F35116
4 Blissit / Caswell  17 Dec 1866Hardin County, Kentucky F35117
5 Blissit / Hardaway  29 Dec 1859Hardin County, Kentucky F35118
6 Blissit / Logsdon  Hardin County, Kentucky F35115
7 Blissit / Watkins  8 May 1835Hardin County, Kentucky F35120
8 Burch / Boarman  15 Jan 1822Hardin County, Kentucky F35257
9 Burch / Cissell  7 Nov 1814Hardin County, Kentucky F35252
10 Burtles / Higdon  20 Feb 1807Hardin County, Kentucky F41968
11 Middleton / Hinch  5 Dec 1814Hardin County, Kentucky F27487
12 Middleton / Reeds  15 Aug 1827Hardin County, Kentucky F27488
13 Miller / Blissit  30 Dec 1815Hardin County, Kentucky F35121