Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

London, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, Elizabeth  1607London, England I030401
2 Anderson, William  Abt 1709London, England I033586
3 Arbuthnot, Hugh  Bef 1710London, England I022015
4 Baldridge, James  Abt 1608London, England I025464
5 Ball, John  1670London, England I025080
6 Ball, Joseph  24 May 1649London, England I032785
7 Ball, Richard  Abt 1632London, England I032786
8 Ball, William  2 Jun 1611London, England I032783
9 Ball, William  2 Jan 1640/41London, England I023579
10 Bateman, John  Bef 1638London, England I015800
11 Bayne, Christopher  1585London, England I020913
12 Blackistone, John  21 Aug 1603London, England I032538
13 Blake, Charles  1673London, England I015648
14 Bowles, James  Bef 1687London, England I003190
15 Bowles, Tobias  London, England I010070
16 Brooke, Anne  22 Jan 1644/45London, England I003974
17 Brooke, Francis  30 May 1648London, England I003976
18 Brooke, Mary  London, England I028767
19 Brooke, Robert  3 Jun 1602London, England I003069
20 Brooke, Robert  21 Apr 1639London, England I034797
21 Brooke, William  1 Dec 1643London, England I003973
22 Buckner, Andrew  Bef 1652London, England I028298
23 Byrd, William  1652London, England I025329
24 Cage, John  1653London, England I003330
25 Cage, Margarey  1655London, England I002831
26 Calvert, Charles (3rd Lord Baltimore)  27 Aug 1637London, England I034597
27 Calvert, Leonard Gov  21 Nov 1610London, England I003982
28 Champion, Susannah  Bef 1646London, England I032499
29 Chappelear, Isaac  16 Mar 1697/98London, England I020263
30 Combs, Archdale  Abt 1630London, England I030725
31 Davison, Thomas  Bef 1708London, England I018611
32 Douglass, Susan  1617London, England I009060
33 Foote, Richard  31 Dec 1666London, England I023710
34 Gassaway, Anne  1672London, England I031312
35 Glasscock, Gregory  1634London, England I028529
36 Glasscock, Thomas  1 Jun 1640London, England I028452
37 Haddock, Benjamin  Abt 1631London, England I011521
38 Haddock, Elizabeth  Abt 1670London, England I015991
39 Haddock, James  1651London, England I010075
40 Hatton, John  Bef 1620London, England I002570
41 Hatton, Margaret MNU  Bef 1620London, England I002336
42 Hatton, Robert  Bef 1642London, England I002155
43 Hatton, Thomas  14 Mar 1642/43London, England I002045
44 Hatton, William  1630London, England I002048
45 Hillier, Elizabeth  Abt 1610London, England I022483
46 Hutt, Daniel  Bef 1630London, England I009505
47 Ireland, John  Bef 1705London, England I015916
48 Johnson, Anne 'Nancy'  22 Dec 1773London, England I033393
49 Johnson, Catherine  Abt 1784London, England I025787
50 Lancaster, Richard  Bef 1657London, England I014056

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Banks, Mary  13 Mar 1709/10London, England I034604
2 Barrett, William  Aft 1674London, England I023322
3 Boldero, John  1638London, England I023408
4 Boucher, John  Aft 1728London, England I030587
5 Calvert, Charles (3rd Lord Baltimore)  21 Feb 1714/15London, England I034597
6 Clifton, Catherine  1659London, England I025039
7 Corbin, Frances  22 Nov 1713London, England I032802
8 Corbin, Thomas  Aft 1732London, England I027010
9 Douglass, Susan  1692London, England I009060
10 Emms, Thomas  Aft 1710London, England I020125
11 Garvey, Anne Mauduit  4 Aug 1806London, England I034459
12 Gooch, William Gov  17 Dec 1751London, England I025284
13 Hatton, Richard  1648London, England I002055
14 Hoxton, Walter  Aft 1730London, England I003377
15 Isham, Henry  5 Jun 1680London, England I027130
16 Lewger, Ann MNU  Bef 1663London, England I021921
17 Lewger, John  1665London, England I003282
18 Meeks, John Dr.  Bef 1700London, England I019674
19 Parke, Lucy  Dec 1716London, England I033733
20 Piggott, Priscilla  Bef 28 Oct 1663London, England I020600
21 Pope, Richard  Aft 1686London, England I024394
22 Randolph, John  31 Jan 1784London, England I033814
23 Reynolds, John  Aft 1734London, England I019037
24 Rowland, John  Aft 1707London, England I012990
25 Russell, James  Aft 1783London, England I001670
26 Spencer, William  Aft 1699London, England I024566
27 Tucker, William  17 Feb 1643/44London, England I030735