Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

David Jones

Male Aft 1638 - 1687  (< 47 years)

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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  David Jones was born after 1638 in York County, Virginia (son of Richard Jones); died on 14 Mar 1687 in Coles Harbor, Baltimore County, Maryland - Probate.


    s/o Cadwallader Jones ?

    Jones David, 3rd Feb., 1686 ; 14th Mch 1686-7.
    To John and Thomas Grosch equally and their hrs., 450 A., " Midian's Choyce.
    To James Todd and hrs., 8 A., of "Black Walnut Neck." " Robert Gibson, 200 A., "Marrayland"
    To sister Eliza: Jones, plantation after death of testator's wife; sd. plantation to pass to Francis and Aberell Todd should sister afsd. die without issue.
    To Edward Norish, Sarah Garnet, Moyiss Groome, Daniel Walch, Robert Jopson, Miles Gibson, and John Williams, personalty.
    Wife Ann, extx. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal, including plantation during life.
    Test: Jno. Roch, Matthew Hudson, Wolf ran Hunt. 4. 240.
    David Jones 9.259 I BA £322.13.6 Apr 4 1687
    Appraisers: Anthony Demondidier, John Carrington,
    1668-1671 Westmoreland County, Virginia Deeds-Wills No. 1, Part 1; [John Frederick Dorman];
    Pages 77-77a (D&W 1, pp. 382-83]. 24 Sept. 1670. Randolph Kirke of Nomeny Parish, Westmoreland County, planter, unto David Jones of same county. 150 acres upon the branches of Nomeny adjoyning to the land of Kirke, part of a pattent of 1000 acres.
    Randolph (X) Kirke
    Wit: Samll. Kenrlck, James (X) Phillips.
    28 Sept. 1670. Acknowledged by Randolph Kirke.
    24 Sept. 1670. David Jones, boatewright, of Nomo in Westmoreland County, unto James Steward of same county. All my right of the within mentioned bill
    David (X) ofJones sale.
    Wit: Samll. Kenrick, Thomas Rowland.
    28 Sept. 1670. Acknowledged by David Jones.
    1674-1677 Westmoreland County, Virginia Deeds-Wills No. 1, Part 3; [John Frederick Dorman];
    Page 256a. David Jones sale of land to James Steward was recorded in folio 77.
    12 Jan. 1675/6. James Steward unto Peter Dunkin. All my interest of this bill of sale.
    James Steward
    Wit: Mich: Willington, Jno. Richards

    1666-1679 Cavaliers and Pioneers, Patent Book No. 6; [Nell Marion Nugent]; Page 191
    LIEUT. COL. CAD, JONES & MR. DAVID JONES, 14,114 acs., Staff. Co., upon both sides of Accotynk & Pohick Rivers, upon Mr. Normansell's land; 29 Dec. 1677, Page 663. Beg, in a valley about 4 mi. from the Doeges Run on SW side; by an Indian Path; to hr. of Occaquon, &c. Trans. of 282 pers: Jno. Dawson, Len. Sheldon, Win. Peirce, Fra. Terston, Ja. Peirce, Hum. Larkey, Elinor Duke, Wm. Mallory, Jno. Woodson, Wm, Watson, Cad. Jones, Phil!. Buraways, Jona. Burasse, Wm. Bugg. Jno. Boyston, Nath. Dodson. Win. Terry, Hen. Burgaine, Wm. Blear, Hen. Bedison, -- Amy, Rich. Burden, Phil! Boway, Rich. Caper, Tho. Craford,_Hen. Jnoson, Wm. Peterfeild, PhiII. Jnoson, Jonas Clinch. Jno. Saw, Tho. Crostell, (?), And. Marsh, Tho. Clas.se, Rich. King, Jno. Benett, Wm. Bideson, Jno. Booker, Jno. Bevin, Jos. Blayton, Wm. Boome (or Boonie); Tho. Bart, Thu. Barrow, Wm. Bonoroell, Jno. Boyer. Jno. Cattrickle (?), Jno. Caterch. Edwd. CUM, Cha. Clay, Tho. Cooper, Rich. Bishop, Jno. Berry, Rich. Baker. Jno. Buttler, Thu. Aldridge, Jno. Atweeke, Walter Atkinson, Cad. Jones, Jno. Ashton, Hen. Johnson, Cher. Amy, Abra. Cason, Tho. Carpenter. Cha. Coxon• Gilb. Cox, Gilh. Crafts, Jno. Collier. Jno. Downason, Wm. Daniell, Win. Daine, Jno. Dawson, Wm. Digby, Jno Drysand, Math. Dyer, Jno. Davis, Thu. Dawham, Row. Farmar, Tho. Gilron, Wm. Griffeth, Geo. Hincks, Margtt. Wittin, Jno. Howell, Wm. Harison (or Hartson), Robt. Hancock, The). Hackett, Roht. Hayes, Jno. Herne, Tho. jenings, Cha. King, Eliz. Lodder, Wm. Tooth, Wm. Lawrenc, Allen Minott• Tho. Milton, Wm. Miles, Wm. Markeham. Jno, Cha. Oddway, Jno. Prick, Ja. Powell, Jno. Farmar, Era. Patch, Jno. Robinson, Jno. Russell, Tho. Reade, Eliz. Stanton, Hen. &ides, Wm. Green, Wm. Guy, Digby Habeck, Wm. Haslipp, Rich. Hodcins, Jno. Hancock, Ma. Harrison, Eliz. Rudiford, Math. Howard, Thu. Halfhide, Wm. Jones, Tho. Jenkins, Jno. Knight, Tho. Lachett, Lud. Williams, John Maine, Edmd, Tooth, Wm. Moore, Robt. Carle, Jno. Beind. Geo. Potter, Jno. Jones, Tho. Shalley. Tho. Bamly, Even Hopkins, Wm. Hill, Sam!!. Hues, Ed, Hanston, Per. Told, Ric. Lee, Cha. Loveday, Jno. Figo (?), Wm. Merriday, Ester Smith, Tho. Peeters, Wm. Marshall, Wm. Maine, Jno. Newman (or Newman), Phil!. Pollard, Jno. Page, Wm. Roberts. Jos. Tryman, Jno, Fox, Ja. Gasrill, Rich. Herhat, Jno. Hall, Hen. Hayes, Jno. Jewigg (?), Win. Jones, Ja. Loyd, Jero. Murring. Jno. Meekins, Jno. Mountstephen. David Owen, Nath. Pile, Fra. Peirce, Ja. Pallin, Jno. Robinson, Roht. Redman, Jno. Smith, Rich. Smith, Rich. Simons, Sam!!. Shefeild, The. Hanby, Alexr. Scofield, Jno. Gossling, Wm. Stillen, Rich. Toms, Tho. Waldron, Edwd. Wight, Hen. Worsay, Jno. Williams, Jno. Wilson. Tho. Weeks, Hum. Wheeler. Rich. Booth, Rich. Peese, Ed. Randall, Thu. Groves, Alexr. Kemp. Peter Smith, Roht. Le•per, Wm. Wit- more, Bar. Watson. Thu. Philpaine, Robt. Salisbury, Jno. Weeright, Win. Ward, Mary Brighouse, Wm. Green, Roger Beaman, Tho. Franckleyn, Jno. Rune, Jno. Watton, SamII. Burgis, Edwd. Hobbs, Wm. Marshall, Wm. Colwell, Ben. Banfeild, Fa. Peirsons. Tone Driner ((or Driver), Benj. Mimeo ing, Jno. Smith. Rich. Facom (?), Ta. Wilson. Ja. Jemerson (?). Jno. hamherlaine. Tho. Salvine, Fra. Whicacar. James Waters. Jno. Thedam, Thu. Saw- good, Geo, Peirson, Ann Spaines, Woodland. Ja. Townesman, Rich. Watts, Thu. Lewis, And. Thomson, Hen. Dible, Ja. Williams, Ann Furhush, Jno. Birch. Rich. Seldon. Math. Turpin, Wm. Walker, Mich. Leech, Ja. Johnson. Roger Sparkes, Wm. Thornehall, Hen. Wiggin, Edwd. Wood, Martin Redband, Jno. Rock, Solamon Tranter, Tho. To- good, Corn. Rosse, Jno. Seamatoe, Rich. Pallison, Tho. Merry, Hen. Batts, Wm. Baker, Jone Green, Ja. Atkins, David Jones, Robt. Sanderson, Jno. Collier. Jno. Web, Nico. Barons, Wm. Smith, Robt. Vasser, Ed. Prichett. Abell White, Alexdr. Ling, Mary Weavor, Jacob Read, Geo. Goodlaw, John Browne, Jno. Powell, Robt. Russell, Cha. Kilpond, Ja. Griffin, Ann Atkins, Rich. Davenport, Alexr. White, -Robt. Bryan; & 2 Negroes
    1675/6-1679 Westmoreland County, Virginia Order Book, Part 1 [John Frederick Dorman]; Page 98 [25 Nov. 1677]
    Wm. Bridges confessed judgment to David Jones for 410 pounds of tobacco.
    Capt. Thomas Todd 7A.279 I BA #14870 Jan 16 1678
    Appraisers: Nathaniell Henigham, John Arden.
    List of debts: Giles Stevens, Thomas Jones, John Chadwell, Capt. Carr, Dr. John Desjardin.
    Mentions: relict (unnamed), now married to David Jones.
    John Leekins 7A.91 I #14440 Apr 26 1680
    Appraisers: David Jones, John Ardine.
    Lovelace, Francis, Balto. Co., 3rd Mch., 1683 ; 19th May, 1684.
    To Mary, young. dau. of Matthew Woods, cous. Anna Jones, David Jones, cous. Charles Gorsuch, and Robert, Sarah, and Anna Gibson, child. of Miles Gibson, personalty.
    Sd. Miles Gibson, ex. and residuary legatee.
    Test: David Adims, Tim Ryley, Sarah Corke, Chas. Gorsuch. 4. 38

    David married Anne Gorsuch before 16 Jan 1679 in Baltimore County, Maryland. Anne (daughter of John Rev. Gorsuch and Anne Lovelace) was born on 13 Mar 1639 in Walkern, Hertfordshire, England; died before 13 Nov 1697 in Baltimore County, Maryland. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  Richard Jones was born in 1605 in Somersetshire, England (son of Cadwallader Jones and Anne MNU Jones); died before 29 Jul 1652 in London, Middlesex, England.


    1653-1657 Westmoreland County, Virginia Deeds-Wills; [Beverley Fleet];
    p. 86. Dec 28, 1653, .... from William Baldwin Gent., attorney for his sister, Mrs. Francis Jones, widow conveying to Oliver Balfe, of Virginia, 200 acres on Potomac, part of a tract of 2200 acres granted to the said Francis in Sept 1650.

    Abt. 1650 • Abingdon Parish, Gloucester, VA
    1000 acs. at the mouth of Timberneck Crk, on York River side, incl all islands. Orig granted in 1645 to Richard Richards; then to Hugh Richards; then to Thos Wilson & Richard Jones; then Wilson 1/2 to Jones; then to son Cad Jones, sold 1679 to Thos Boswell
    1682-1686 Old Rappahannock County, Virginia Deed Book 7, Part I; [Antient Press]; Page 6-10
    THIS INDENTURE made the (blank) in the year of our Lord according to the computation used in England One thousand six hundred Eighty & one and in the year of the Reign of or: Soveraigne Lord Charles the second &c. the three and thirtieth Between CADWALADER JONES of Virginia, Son & heire of RICHARD JONES, late of LONDON, Merchant deceased, and JOHN JEFFREYS of LONDON Esqr, of the one part and Sr: ROBERT JEFFEREYS, Knight, one of the Aldermen of the City of LONDON of the other part Witnesseth that the said CADWALADER JONES and JOHN JEFFEREYES for the sum of Five Shillings apiece to them paid by the sd Sr. ROBERT JEFFEREYES and for other valuable consideration them hereunto especially moveing have sold unto the said Sr. ROBERT JEFFREYES all that ye Lordship and MANNOR of LEY with the rights and appuirtenan ces called or known by the name of LEY with the rights and appurtenances thereof within the Parrish of BEERFFERIES in County of DEVON and all that the Capital Messuage or Man con House of the said MANNOR called or known by the name of LEY wth apptenances and all those lands and hereditamts, with their appurtenances in TEMERTON-FOLLETT in the said County of DEVON and all that Cottage with the appurtenances in HAWCOMBE in the said County of DEVON and all Copice of Copice Wood containing by estimation Fifteen acres being in BEERFFERIES and all houses, buildings barns Stables gardens woods proffitts libertyes franchises and hereditaments whatsoever to the said MANOR Lordships and premises belonging whereof the said CADWALADER JONES and JOHN JEFFERIES or either of them now hath any Estate of Inheritance in fee simple of all and singular the title of said premises To have and to hold the said MANNOR Lordship lands and other the premises unto sd Sr: ROBERT JEFFERIES from day next before date herefor during the terme of one whole yeare to the End by Vertue of Statute for uses may be in possession of the premises and be enabled to take a release or conveyance of inheritance to him and his heirs hereafter specified And This Indenture further Witnesseth that for the conveyance of the fee simple of all the premisses to the sd Sr. ROBERT JEFFERIES and his heirs for such uses as hereafter mentioned the said CADWALLADER JONES for the sum of (blank) of lawfull English money to him in hand paid and the said JOHN JEFFERIES at the request of the said CADWALLADER JONES testified by his being made a Partner herewith and his signing & sealing hereof and for Five Shillings to him in hand likewise paid by the said Sr. ROBERT JEFFEREYS they have sold unto the said Sr. ROBERT JEFFEREYES the aforesaid MANNOR Lordship and Herediaments and all rights To have and to hold to such uses as said Sr, ROBERT JEFFEREYES by any writing under his hand attested by three or more sufficient Witnesses shall limit and appointe and in defaulte of such Limitation to the use of the said Sr. ROBERT JEFFEREYES his heirs forever to be held of the high hand cheiffe Lord or Lords of the fees of the premisses by the rents and services therefore formerly due And Further that he the said Sr. ROBERT JEFFEREYES his heirs may at all times forever hereafter have and enjoy the said MANNOR Lordship and Hereditaments without the lawfull lett or deniall of him the said CADWALLADER JONES his heirs and that the said CADWALLADER JONES or JOHN JEFFEREYES or either of them will upon request make further acts for the better assuring and makeing of all the premisses according to the true meaning of these presents as said Sr. ROBERT JEFFEREYES his heirs or Coun cell Learned in the Law shall lawfully advise as that the parties requested to do the same be not compelled to travell above the space of five miles from their respective usual] place of abode In Witness whereof the parties have set their hands and miles in the presence of us
    CADWALADER JONES and JOHN JEFFERIES conveyance of the fee of the Manner and Lordship of LEY in DEVON to Sr. ROBERT JEFFERIES
    Recognitr in Cur: Cora Rappa p CADWALADER JUNES 7th die Febry 1682 et Recordatr xii die

    1643-1651 Cavaliers and Pioneers, Patent Book No. 2; [Nell Marion Nugent]; Page 211
    GEORGE COLCLOUGH, Gent. 500 an. Northumberland Co., 3 Apr. 1651, p. 303. Upon the S. side of Deviding Cr., abutting E. upon sd. Cr., S. S. W. along the land of Richard Jones, Gent., W. upon the Mountaynes & N. N. E. upon the land of Abraham Moone. Trans. of 10 pers: James Davis, William Brent, John Lacke, William Dennis, James Loen, John Curr, William Hunt, John Trenor (or Trevor.)
    1653-1656 Cavaliers and Pioneers, Patent Book No. 3; [Nell Marion Nugent]; Page 240
    COL. RICHARD LEE, 300 act. Glocester Co., 20 Mar. 1653, P. 27. Upon the N. side of York Riv, abutting upon land of Richard Jones, dec'd., now in possession of Francis Jones, relict of sd. Richard Jones, & E. S. E. upon land of Robert Todd. Trans. of 6 pers.*
    http://image.lva.virginia.gov/cgi-bin/GetLONN.pl?first=13&last=&g_p=P3&col lection=LO Patent
    Title Haney, John.
    Publication 29 July 1652.
    Other Format Available on microfilm. Virginia State Land Office. Patents 1-42, reels 1-41.
    Related See also the following surname(s): Hany.
    Note Location: Northumberland County.
    Description: 500 acres on the south side of the Dividing Creek and on the head of the late land of Richard Jones, decd.
    Source: Land Office Patents No. 3, 1652-1655, p. 13 (Reel 2).

    1. 1. David Jones was born after 1638 in York County, Virginia; died on 14 Mar 1687 in Coles Harbor, Baltimore County, Maryland - Probate.

Generation: 3

  1. 4.  Cadwallader Jones was born about 1580; died before 23 Dec 1672 in Greenham, Ashbrittle, Somersetshire, England; was buried before 23 Dec 1672 in St. John the Baptist, Greenham, Ashbrittle, Somersetshire, England.


    Collector General of Customs under Charles - 1642-1643

    Complaint by Jones
    Feb 1648 - Jan 1652
    Cadwallader Jones, of Exeter Devon and of Greenham, Somerset. Complaint by Jones, ....Vol G...... Committee for Compounding part 3, pg 1809-1822. Mentions where lived, need to access actual record.

    Acquired the manor of Ley
    1649 • Beerferris Parish, Devon, England
    Early 1649 Richard Pugh merchant acquired manor of Ley in Beerferris parish, co. Devon, from Sir James Ley Earl of Marlborough, then Pugh sold to Alderman Jones of London (Not an alderman) sometimes of Virginia, according to Lady Elliott-Drake who owned

    Jones vs Norman. Ref: C 6/26/68; 1663; bill, two answers. Ref: C 6/26/69; 1664; bill, one answer. Plaintiffs: Cadwallader Jones and Anne Jones his wife. Defendants: [unk] Baker, John Norman, unk Whipple, others Subject: manor of Milverton, Somerset

    Property in Somerset
    1671 Somerset, England
    Ref: C 8/180/43; Hill v Jones.
    Plaintiffs: Roger Hill.
    Defendants: Cadwallader Jones and Anne Jones his wife.
    Subject: property in Farrington and Milverton manors, Somerset

    Cadwallader married Anne MNU Jones about 1600 in Somersetshire, England. Anne was born about 1584 in Somersetshire, England; died in 1640 in Somersetshire, England. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

  2. 5.  Anne MNU Jones was born about 1584 in Somersetshire, England; died in 1640 in Somersetshire, England.
    1. Cadwallader Jones was born in 1600 in Somersetshire, England; died after 1625 in Stafford County, Virginia.
    2. 2. Richard Jones was born in 1605 in Somersetshire, England; died before 29 Jul 1652 in London, Middlesex, England.

Generation: 4

    1. 4. Cadwallader Jones was born about 1580; died before 23 Dec 1672 in Greenham, Ashbrittle, Somersetshire, England; was buried before 23 Dec 1672 in St. John the Baptist, Greenham, Ashbrittle, Somersetshire, England.
    2. Virginia Jones
    3. Maryland Jones