Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties


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76451 William Earl 25.255 A CH £8.0.0 Nov 6 1705
also William Earles, William Erle.
Payments to: estate of Samuell Lucket.
Administrators: Elisabeth Hanson (wife of John Hanson, Jr.) and Samuell Lucket (executors of Samuell Lucket (administrator of deceased)). 
Earle, William (I092446)
76452 William Easterling 338.44 I CA £19.11.11 1712
Appraisers: William Dawkins, John Turner. 
Easterling, William (I071186)
76453 William Edmonds 10.210 I CA £9.0.0 Jan 28 1688
Appraisers: John Willymott, James Willymott. 
Edmonds, William (I090728)
76454 William Elder Ancestors and Descendants
Author: Sister Mary Louise Donnelly
Title: Early Families of Frederick County, Maryland and Adams County, Pennsylvania
Author: Steve Gilland
Publication: Family Line Publications, Westminster, MD, 1997 Page: 8

RHILY, REBECCA, Prince George's Co. 24 Sep 1747; 21 Jan 1747/8
To son Hugh Rhiley, plantation, 250 A., to be laid out by William Beall, and if he dies without heirs then to be equally divided between his elder bra Pharo and his two sisters Elizabeth and Hannah.
To son Pharoa, 151 A., pt of "Dan.
To dau Elizabeth, 100 A.
Wit: Francis Abston, William Frasee. 25. 245
Rebecca Riely 36.80 PG £307.9.0 Jun 1748 Jul 11 1748
Appraisers Magruder, William Beall
Next of kin: Thomas Elder, John Mitchell.
Executors: Hugh Riley and Pharaoh. 
Elder, Thomas (I016062)
76455 William Elder Ancestors and Descendants
Author: Sister Mary Louise Donnelly
Title: Early Families of Frederick County, Maryland and Adams County, Pennsylvania
Author: Steve Gilland
Publication: Family Line Publications, Westminster, MD, 1997 Page: 8
Elizabeth lived near the Finch & Beavans but I have not seen a record that ties her to Guy Finch as Elizabeth Finch
In 1714 Elizabeth was the executrix of William Elder's estate
Mr. James Beall 9.211 A PG £43.2.3 Jun 18 1728
A second inventory is cited in the amount of £6.14.0.
Payments to: John Allison, Anne Gitting, administratrix of Francis King, Elienor Nutthall, John Roads, John Beall, Sr., Capt. Charles Beall, Meredith Davis per Dr. Haswell, John Pearce, William Beall, Sr., James Beall (son of Alexander Beall), Mary Jones, William Scott, Capt. Leonard Hollyday on account of Thomas Brooke (merchant in London), John Farguson, cost of suit against Dr, John Haswell and his wife Sarah Haswell, Elisabeth Stimson (executrix of Solomon Stimson) per John Mawderley to be paid in my father's (unnamed) lifetime, William Smith & William Mordant, Lingan Wilson, Robert Beall, Esq. Loyd per Mr. Robert Taylor, Edmond Jenings, Charles Calvert, Esq., Holland, Lee & Brooke, Brooke & Holland.
Mentions: Mr. Jennings, widow (unnamed), 8 children (unnamed).
Executor: John Beall, Jr.
Stimton (Stimson), Solomon, planter, Prince George's County, 9th Jan., 1726-7; 26th Jan., 1726/7.
To son Solomon, £30.
To son Benjamin, 50 A. where he now lives and £30.
To son-in-laws William and Thomas Elder, personalty.
To wife Elizabeth, extx., son Jeremiah, daus. Sarah and Mary, personal estate equally.
To dau. Ann, £5.
to wife Elizabeth and hrs., rights in land adj. Charles Bevans; shd. any of child. die during minority, their
portion to be divided among all child. equally.
Test: Thos. Chartur (Chartor), Paul Talbart (Tabart), Elizabeth Morris. 19.67
Solomon Stinson 11.906 PG £198.17.9 Apr 5 1727 Apr 20 1727
(also Solomon Stimson)
Appraisers: John Boone, James Young.
Mentions: Solomon Stinson, Benjamin Stinton, Mary Williams, William Hardy.
Administratrix/Executrix: Elisabeth Stimson.
Solomon Stimson 9.157 A PG £198.17.9 £110.4.6 May 20 1728
Received from: MM John Hyde & Co. (merchants in London), Thomas Charter, John Mawdesty,
Payments to: Robert Tyler, William Elder, William Hardey, John Kirkwood, Joseph Noble.
Legatees: Solomon Stimson, Benjamin Stimson, Anny Stimson (daughter) wife of William Hardy.
Executrix: Elisabeth Stimson.
Solomon Stimson 9.75 A PG £23.1.7 Oct 16 1728
Payments to; Mary Williams, Philemon Lloyd, Esq., Thomas Brooke & William Holland & Thomas Addison, Esq., Mr. Alexander Fraser, James Ranter.
Legatees: William Elder, Thomas Elder.
Executors: Peter Hoggins and his wife Elisabeth Hoggins.
Solomon Stimpson 9.480 A PG £21.18.11 Oct 23 1729
Received from: Mr. William Digges, Moses Orme.
Payments to: Charles Calvert, Esq., Alexander Countee, Simon Nicholls, Mr. Alexander Fraser, Mr. Alexander Contee, Lingan Wilson, Leonard Holliday garnishee of Thomas Brooke & Co., Mr. Robert Tyler.
Executors: Peter Hoggins and his wife Elisabeth Hoggins.
Prince George's Land Records 1710-1717 - Liber F - Folio 60: Indenture , 23 Mar 1710
From: William Elder and Elizabeth his wife, of Prince George's County
To: Josiah Wilson of Prince George's County
For 30£ a 113 acre parcel of land in Prince George's County called Good Will; bounded by the Charles main branch
Signed: William Elder (mark), Elizabeth Elder (mark)
Witnessed: James Stoddart, Rebekah Bishop, Will. ChMingsworth
Endorsement: William and Elizabeth Elder
Alienation: 27 Mar 17114s/6p paid by Josiah Willson
Elizabeth is either the daughter of Solomon & Elizabeth or Peter Hoggins is Elizabeth Finches third husband.
Stimton, Benjamin, planter, Prince George County, 23rd Sept., 1734; 11th Nov,,1734,
To wife [unnamed] and child, [unnamed], entire personal estate, divided equally.
To son Benjamin and hrs., 50 A. dwelling plantation, "Solomon Purchase." Should any of child. die during minority survivors to divide portion of deceased.
Test: Solomon Stimton, Peter Hoggins, Thomas Elder, 21, 249,
Hardey, William, planter, Prince George's County, 8th Aug. 1740; 16th Aug. , 1740.
To sons George, ex., Benjamin, Solomon, William, Henry, daus. Rachel, Elizabeth and Mary Ann, entire estate.
Testator desires that George take 4 young. child. under his care, Mary Anne to be raised by Elizabeth Hoggins, William to be of age at testator's death.
Overseers: Bros George and Peter Hoggins.
Test: William Hardey, George Hardey, Anne Burgess. MCW 22. 222.
HOGGINS, PETER, Prince George's Co. 30 July 1774 28 June 1775
To wife Elizabeth Hoggins, dwelling plantation and Negro girl Phillis during life.
To son Richard Hoggins, ex., of personal estate and to pay
1000 pounds tobacco to his mother for life.
To son Peter Hoggins, other half of personal estate, tract of land where he now lives (unnamed) and to pay 1000 pounds tobacco to his mother during her life.
Wit: Henry Hill; George Grimes; Bashaby Morris. 40.420
Prince George's County, Maryland Land Records 1780-1784; Liber FF 1 {Abstract by Mike Marshall}; Page 160. At the request of Henry Hill, Jr. the following Deed was recorded September 19, 1781
Indenture made September 11, 1781; between Richard Hoggins of Montgomery County, Maryland son and heir of Peter Hoggins late of PGCo, deceased of one part and Henry Hill, Jr. of the other part. Whereas Clement Hill late of PGCo, Gentleman by deed bearing date November 16, 1730 did convey unto Solomon Stimpson, planter part of a tract called "Solomon's Purchase" and beginning at a bounded white oak standing on the north side of the main branch of Piscataway Creek a little below the plantation now in possession of Henry Hill and containing 150 acres. Which the aforesaid Stimpson did by deed bearing date January 18, 1734 convey unto Richard Keene, merchant of PGCo who dispose of the land to Peter Hoggins as by a writing under Keene's hand, received of Mr. Peter Hoggins, John Skinner, his executer drawn on Mr. Joseph Adderton, merchant Penrith for 9 pounds 10 shillings if said bills be duly paid to oblige myself to make over by conveyance all my right to 150 acres of land whereon the said Hoggins now dwells. Witness my hand this July 30, 1743, Richard Keene. Which said land continued in the quiet and uninterrupted possession of the said Peter Hoggins to the date of death on or about March 25, 1775 when he devised the same to the use of his wife Elizabeth Hoggins who continued the possession thereof to her death on or about November 27, 1777 whereon became the right and possession of the above named Richard Hoggins, son and heir. This indenture therefore witnessed that Richard Hoggins in consideration of two Negro boys to him paid by Henry Hill, Jr. has assigned forever all the aforesaid tract called Solomon's Purchase containing 150 acres. Signed Richard Hoggins in the presence of and acknowledged before Charles Hungerford, Richard Smith (JPs of Montgomery County, Maryland) 
Finch, Elizabeth (I015793)
76456 William Elliott Will written 9 Feb 1828, probated 1 May 1828. Bracken Co., Kentucky will book C, p 185. Lists: William Elliott, Sr decd son William Jr extr wife Elizabeth sons William, Elijah, Rueben, Isaac daus Sally McClanahan, Elizabeth Bartlett, Nancy Field. Elliott, Sarah Ann (I070352)
76457 William Elliott Will written 9 Feb 1828, probated 1 May 1828. Bracken Co., Kentucky will book C, p 185. Lists: William Elliott, Sr decd son William Jr extr wife Elizabeth sons William, Elijah, Rueben, Isaac daus Sally McClanahan, Elizabeth Bartlett, Nancy Field. Elliott, William (I080446)
76458 William Elliott Will written 9 Feb 1828, probated 1 May 1828. Bracken Co., Kentucky will book C, p 185. Lists: William Elliott, Sr decd son William Jr extr wife Elizabeth sons William, Elijah, Rueben, Isaac daus Sally McClanahan, Elizabeth Bartlett, Nancy Field. Elliott, Reuben (I080462)
76459 William Farrar's will was dated November 14, 1743 and proved June 19, 1744. It was witnessed by George Payne, Robert Burton, Christian Burton, Mary Womack; sons Thomas and William Farrar exors. The will was proved by Robert Burton, Jr. and Mary Womack, 6.10.1744 Farrar, William (I107642)
76460 William Finch 10.333 A CA #114107 {1693}
Payments to: George Hawes, Hugh Jones, Henry Brent, William Cougly, Phillip Lynes, William Sealy, Susannah Bussee, Mr. Darnall, Capt. Richard Ladd, Edward Ball, James Moore.
Administratrix: Rebeccah Culver (widow), wife of Henry Culver. 
Culver, Henry (I090787)
76461 William Finch 10.333 A CA #114107 {1693}
Payments to: George Hawes, Hugh Jones, Henry Brent, William Cougly, Phillip Lynes, William Sealy, Susannah Bussee, Mr. Darnall, Capt. Richard Ladd, Edward Ball, James Moore.
Administratrix: Rebeccah Culver (widow), wife of Henry Culver. 
Finch, Rebecca MNU (I090789)
76462 William Finley, baptized by Rev. John Craig 30 January 1743, Tinkling Spring, Augusta County, Virginia. Fenley, William (I028008)
76463 William Frasier 110.108 SM £119.18.3 May 7 1772 Aug 29 1772
APpraisers: Seneca Nelson, Joshua Graves.
Creditors: James Jordan, John Ireland.
Next of kin: Ann Simpson.
Administratrix: Elisabeth Frasier 
Frazer, William (I101881)
76464 William Frivis 37A.45 I £13.11.8 {1716}
List of debts: Abraham Birkhead, John Berry. 
Berry, John (I093342)
76465 William Furnace (planter) 8.423 I so £201.12.11 Aug 29 1685
Appraisers: John Kinge, Andrew Whitington.
List of debts: James Barkly (farmer).
William Furnace 10.174 B SO Aug 14 1688
Items sold to: Mr. Robert King, Capt. Coleborne, Thomas Tyre, Mr. John West, John McKitt, James Barry paid by Stephen Costin & John Bennet, Mr. Stephen Horsey, Mr. Miles Gray, Mr. Edward Jones, Mr. John Webb, Mr. Thomas Poole Thomas Shewall, John Poole, Bernard Ward, John Barber, Thomas Tull, Col: William Stevens, William Porter.
Servants mentioned: Ferrill George Kendall, Thomas Gee.
Mentions: 5 children (unnamed) of administratrix.
Payments to: Capt. David Browne, George Golt (shoemaker) paid by William Colbreath, Mr. Isaac Carter, Capt. Coleborne Mr. Francis Jenkins, Capt. England, Dr. John, John Barber, Stephen Costin, John Bennet, Bernard Ward Mrs. Elisabeth Muntt, Mr. Thomas Newbold, Joseph Thaxter, Mr. Knight, Rebecca Stevens, Thomas Gee, Richard Morrah.
Administratrix: Honora Strawbridge, wife of John Strawbridge.


1670-1681 Somerset County (MD) Warrant Book
Assignment Of Land To: William Furniss assigned to William Harper [resurvey]
Land Name: Norfolk
Total Acres: 500
Topographical Features: Waterways and Neighboring Properties: On the north side of Pocomoke River on the south western side of a creek of the said river called Dividing creek
Date & Page Number: November 22, 1678, p. 154

1670-1681 Somerset County (MD) Warrant Book
Assignment Of Land To: William Furniss assigned to Stephen Costin [resurvey]
Land Name: Costins Trouble
Total Acres: 450
Topographical Features: Waterways and Neighboring Properties: On the north side of Pocomoke River on the south west side of the Dividing Creek ...parcel of land previously surveyed for the said Furniss called Norfolk
Date & Page Number: November 22, 1678, p. 154

Furnis, William (I069539)
76466 William Gardner 62.184 CA £60.1.0 Apr 21 1756 Nov 18 1756
Appraisers: Absolom Kent, Isaac Claire.
Creditors: David Airs, James Weems.
Next of kin: George Cook, John Gardner.
Mentions: Howerton Games, Rosemond Games.
Executrix: Rosemond Games (formerly Rosemond Gardner ).
Gardner, William; inv.; 21 Apr 1756; 18 Nov 1756; nok George Cook, John Gardner; mentions Howerton & Rosemond Games; extx. Rosemond Games, formerly Rosemond Gardner (I 61.184)
Gardiner, William; acct.; 25 Sep 1760; mentions widow; adms. Howerton Games and his wife (AA 46.86)
Gardiner, William; 25 Sep 1760; admx. wife (unnamed) of Howerton Games (ABB 3.39) 
Gardiner, Rosamond MNU (I101179)
76467 William Ghiselin and Naomi Lusby (of Robert Sr. and Mary) m. 29 Jun 1726.
George Drew (gentleman) 19.93 A £72.0.10 Aug 20 1742
of Baltimore County. Includes items in Baltimore County and Anne Arundel County. The amount of the accounts also included #7651.
Payments to: Mathias Vanbebber paid to Vachel Denton, Benjamin Tasker, Esq. for Lord Baltimore for land sold to George Garretson, John Clark, Alexander McGachen whose widow (unnamed) & executrix married James Smith, John Hall, Jr., Philip Smith (administrator of Philip Smith (merchant in London)), Edward Bezely Co., Robert (no surname given), Johanna Drew (widow, 1/3), Johanna Drew (widow) paid to George Stokes, William Pattison.
Executors: William Ghiselin (gentleman, of Anne Arundel County), Robert Lusby (gentleman, of Kent County).
Robert Lusby 14.252 A AA £214.14.7 £50,18.11 Jun 8 1736
Sureties: Vachel Denton, Thomas Lusby.
Received from (merchants in London): Mr. Philip Smith, Mr. Charles Rogers.
Payments to: Humphry Meredith, Dr. William Stephenson, Mr. Nicholas Maccubin, Charles Calvert, Esq., John Beale, Esq., administratrix of Charles Calvert, Esq.
Legatees: Hannah Drew (daughter) wife of George Drew, Naomi Ghiselin (daughter) wife of William Ghiselin, Zachariah Lusby (accountant), Susannah Lusby (daughter, now Davidge), Draper Lusby (accountant).
Executors: Thomas Jobson, Zachariah Lusby, Dreaper Lusby.
TOOTEL, RICHARD, City of Annapolis, sadler. 22 Feb, 1742; 30 Nov, 1745
Sons JOHN and RICHARD, the other of my houses and the tan yard.
Wife HELLEN, and son RICHARD, exs.
Wit: Wm. Chiselin, Benj. Swinket; Milcah Lusby, probated.
30 Nov, 1745: The names of witnesses also appear as follows: Wm. Ghisolin and (who is dec'd at time of probate) and Benjamin Swinket (the same person now called and known by name of
Benedict Calvert); came 13th Dec, 1745, Benedict Calvert, Esq. (lately Benj. Swinket) 24. 246 - 248
Katherine Ghiselin (wife of Cesar of Annapolis, goldsmith) d. 29 Apr 1726. 
Ghiselin, William (I098246)
76468 William Ghiselin and Naomi Lusby (of Robert Sr. and Mary) m. 29 Jun 1726. Family F21462
76469 William Ghiselin and Naomi parents of Reverdy Ghiselin son b. 13
Jul 1727 and bapt. 27 Jul 1727. On following Sunday received
into Church. Godfathers, Vachel Denton and John Gibson.
Godmother, Anne Denton (wife of Vachel). 
Ghiselin, Reverdy (I100582)
76470 William Goulthorpe 36C.67 A SM £33.7.4 Jun 23 1715
Payments to: Mr. Rousbye, Andrew Foy, Charles King, Anthony Brocklehurst, Col. Lowe, Mr. Richard Dallam, Mr. Henry Lowe, Anthony Brockelhurst, Thomas Smith, David Pearsons.
Administratrix: Grace Goulthorpe, wife of John Watkins. 
Watkins, John (I093118)
76471 William Graves Will pg 303/304 dated 4th Feb 1783. - Anne Toliver a "sone"? share, aged six years, Priscilla Graves my wife, one negro woman named Jane, aged 26 years. I also give and bequeath all the remainder of my real and personal estate to be equally divided between my wife, Priscilla Graves and my son Thomas Graves. Witness by Robert Clarke, James Marshall and William Marshall. George Murdock clerk. Priscilla was sole executor. Graves, William (I100697)

June 1684 - Mr. Stone presents a servant in behalf of Mr. Manning named William Gray adjudged at 13.
Source: Charles Co., Md. Circuit Court, Liber K, p. 356.

June 1693 and Mar. 1693/4 - William Gray, servant to Joseph Manning; runaway. Joseph Manning judgment for William Gray's runaway time.
Source: Charles Co., Md. Circuit Court, Liber S, pp. 117 and 242.

ca. 1695 - William Gray his bill against William Ser[jeant?]
Source: Charles Co., Md. Circuit Court, Liber T, p. 133?

Jan. 1700/1 - Edward Milstead is acquitted of the charge that he assaulted William Gray.
Source: Charles Co., Md. Circuit Court, Liber Y, p. 127. 
Gray, William (I071272)
76473 William Greene 1.109 A CA #15111 Nov 7 1674
Payments to: Charles Boteler, Edward Isack.
List of debts. John Saunders, Thomas Blandford, William Punnell, John Johnson, Samuell Lane, Thomas More, Alice Chizzeeke, William Liles, Charles Clarke, Thomas Knighson, William Russell, William Peter.
Administrator James Thompson.

Prince George's Land Records 1726-1730 - Liber M, Page 457
Indenture, 5 Jun 1729; Between Benjamin Berry, planter, and John Miller, planter; for £200; a parcel called Moor's Fields formerly in Calvert Co-; on the west side of the Patuxent and north side of St. Charles Branch; bounded by land of William Green and Charles Boteler called Green's Land; containing 150 acres; also Berry's Fortune; part of a tract laid out for James Mason for 400 acres called The Four Hills located on the west side of St. Charles Branch; bounded by a portion of Green's Land now in possession of Thomas Clagett; bounded by Deep Branch; containing 267 acres; also Pottern Wick; bounded by Thomas Clagett's land called Western, William Ludwell's land, and Berry's Fortune; containing 35 acres; also The Four Hills on the north side of St. Charles Branch; containing 27 acres; 4 tracts containing 479 acres; /s/ Benja. Berry; wit. Jno. Magruder, Edw. Sprigg; 25 Jun 1729 Benjamin Berry and Eleanor his wife ack. deed

Prince George's County, Maryland - Land Owners at Time PGCo Was Formed - 1696: Tract Name: GREENLAND; Owner: Green, William: Orig County = V {Charles = C, Calvert = V}; Patent Date: Mar 14, 1670: Ref: Liber 13 f 85 : Map Location: U-14

Calvert County Circuit Court
Land Surveys and Condominium Plats

Greenland, 700 Acres; Certificate
Developer/Owner: Greene, William 1671 Patent Record 13, p. 84 0 0 MSA S 1583-659

Greenland, 700 Acres; Patent
Developer/Owner: Greene, William 1671 Patent Record 14, p. 250 0 0 MSA S 1583-660 
Green, William (I027694)
76474 William Griffin d 1681 lived next door to the Dean family who sold Griffin Carter 50 acres of land in Essex 1692. some sort of relationship.
Wills of Rappahannock County, Virginia
TUFFLEY, WILLIAM, 13 June, 1672; 5 March, 1672/3.
To my Loving wife Elizabeth Tuffley all my land and housing I now enjoy with all my goods and cattle and hoggs which I am possessed of and, in case of her mortality then I give and bequeath my land with all my goods and Cattle and hoggs unto my son in Law Griffin Carter and if it should please God to take him out of this life before he cometh to the age of one and Twenty years then I give and bequeath my lands goods and Cattle unto my loving friend Capt. John Hull whom I make my Executor of this my will.

=== I think John Carter is a step son and possibility the cousin John mentioned in John Carter's 1669 will.
Old Rappahannock Co Va Deeds & Wills - 1665-1677; pg 202-205
IN THE NAME OF GOD Amen this 26th of June 1675 I JOHN HULL being well in body and of good and perfect memory thanks be to Almighty God & calling to remembrance the uncertainty of this transitory life & that all flesh must yeild unto death when it shall please God to call do make constitute and declare this my last Will & Testament in manner & form following & first being penitent and Sorry from the bottom of my heart for my Sinns past most humbly desireing forgiveness for the saime I give and commit my Soule to Almighty God my Saviour and redeemer in whom & by the merritts of Jesus Christ I trust and believe assuredly to be saved, & to have full remission & forgiveness of all my Sinns and that my Soule with my body at the general day of resurrection shall rise again with joy & through the merritts of Christ death and passion possess & inherit the Kingdom of Heaven prepared for his elect & chosen and my body to be buried where it shall please my Executrix hereafter named to appoint and now for the setling of my temporall Estate & such lands goods chattels & debts as it hath pleased God farr above my deserts to bestow upon me I do order and give and dispose the same in manner and forme following that is to say
first I will that all those debts due to any manner of person or persons shall be well contented & paid by my Executrix hereafter named
Item My Will and desire is my Son in Law JOHN CARTER be paid his five hundred pounds due to him for his Wives Dower according to Specialty but if it should so fall out that what inquests & debts & returnable goods will not pay it without disposeing of my Wifes plate and Jewills then my will is that part of the land be sold to pay it
Item I give unto my Son JOHN CARTER & his Wife each of them a Ring of forty shillings price
Item I give unto my loveing Wife ELIZABETH HULL all the plate & Jewills I die possessedof
Item I give & bequeath to my Son ROGER HULL & his heirs forever all my land I die possessed of
Item I give & bequeath unto my loveing Wife ELIZABETH HULL & my Son ROGER HULL all my monies goods & chattels I die possessed of my debts & legacies being first paid equally to be divided between them
Item my will is that my Loveing Wife ELIZABETH HULL may have any of my Plantations with the land & houses belonging to the same that she will make choice of during her life & then returne to my Son ROGER HULL or his heirs
And I do appoint my loveing Wife ELIZABETH HULL Executrix of this my Last Will as Witness my hand & Seale the day & year above written
Signed sealed & acknowledged
in presence of us THOMAS COLLINS JOHN HULL seale
The Within named THOMAS COLLINS aged 22 years &THO: SMITH aged 22 years or thereabouts sworn & examined that they did see the within named Lt Coll. JOHN HULL sign seale & publish the within mentioned as his last Will and Testament & that he was in perfect sence & memory at the signing & sealing thereof to the best of your Deponts.
Judgments and further saith not
Jurati THO: COLLINS et THO: SMITH in Cu Com Rappa 3 die Maii 1677
Probatr p Scratment THO: COLLINS & THO: SMITH et recordatr x8 die Junii
Old Rappahannock Co Va Order Book - 1683-1685; Antient Press: pg 12
Rappahannock County Court 2d of April 1684
- It is ordrd. that Leiut. Co. WM. LOYD as marrying the relict of Colo. JNO. HULL be paid out of the Estate of Capt. THOMAS GOULDMAN deceased fourteen hundred and thirty three pounds of Lobo: and cask due as did appeare p the Bal. of Accot: to be paid with costs of Suite als Execution
Old Rappahannock Co Va Deed Book 7, Part II - 1686-1688; Antient Press: pg 394-395
KNOW ALL MEN by these presents that I WILLIAM LOYD of the County of Rappahannock and Dominion of Virginia with the free and voluntary consent of my Wife, ELIZABETH LOYD, for a valuable consideracion do bargaine and sell unto WILLIAM COOPER, Planter, of the aforesd. County and Dominion to him his heires forever from me the sd WM. LOYD my heires one part or parcel of land conteyning One hundred and fifty acers of land being in the County of Rappa: on the North side of the River bounding as followeth (vizt) Beginning at a red Oake in Mr. PATONs line corner tree to a lane and running thence by an old crooked line South West to a red Oake, thence N. East to a small Hickory saplin marked with a Knife, thence N. East to a Stake by two red Oakes in PATONs line, thence alonge the sd line S: W: to the first mencioned tree; To have and to hold the sd Land forever with all its rights and appertenances and all woods and water in as ample manner as is expressed by his Maties order for holding land in this Dominion and to be safly possessed with the same free from the molestation of any persons claiming Interest from under me, Furthermore I the sd WM. LOYD with my Wife, ELIZABETH, do agree to acknowledge this in Court whensoever the sd WM. COOPER his heires shall desire the same. In Conformacon whereof wee WM. and ELIZABETH LOYD do sett our hands and wales this 18th day of February Ano Dom 1687/8 Witness hereunto
Recognitr in Cur Com Rappa: 7th die Marty 1687/8 et record 14th die 
Griffin, Elizabeth (I071736)
76475 William Groom 20.391 SO £8.12.9 Dec 15 1734 Mar 17 1734
Appraisers: Richard Hickman, Beavens Morres.
Creditors: Michaell Taneron, John Monk.
Next of kin: Benjamin Aydelett, John Aydellett.
Administrators/Executors: James Davidson and his wife Mary Davidson. 
Aydelott, Mary (I067729)
76476 William Groom 20.391 SO £8.12.9 Dec 15 1734 Mar 17 1734
Appraisers: Richard Hickman, Beavens Morres.
Creditors: Michaell Taneron, John Monk.
Next of kin: Benjamin Aydelett, John Aydellett.
Administrators/Executors: James Davidson and his wife Mary Davidson. 
Groome, William (I067730)
76477 William H. DAVID
Given Name: William H.
Surname: David
Sex: M
Birth: 16 Aug 1700 in Upper Merion Twp,Montgomery,PA
Death: 1774 in ,Bourbon,KY

Mary DAVID birth b: 10 Oct 1807 in Washington,Mason,KY
Charlotte DAVID birth b: 15 Apr 1809 in Washington,Mason,KY
Susan DAVID birth b: 26 Jan 1811 in Washington,Mason,KY
John S. DAVID birth b: 10 Oct 1813 in Washington,Mason,KY
Arthur O'Neal DAVID birth b: 3 Mar 1816 in Washington,Mason,KY
Barton F. DAVID birth b: 11 Nov 1818 in Washington,Mason,KY
Jane DAVID birth b: 10 Apr 1820 in Washington,Mason,KY
Richard R. DAVID birth b: 10 Mar 1823 in Washington,Mason,KY

Michael Edward DAVID was born 30 Jan 1763 in ,Frederick,MD, and died 3 Jun 1833 in Washington,Mason,KY. He was the son of 2. William DAVID. He married Celia (Cecelah) THORPE (THARP) 20 Jan 1807 in ,Mason,KY. She was born 10 May 1765 in ,Frederick,MD, and died 30 Apr 1835 in ,Mason,KY. He married Anne ROBERTSON <1779> in ,,MD. She was born <1758> in <,,MD>.

Children of Michael Edward DAVID and Celia (Cecelah) THORPE (THARP) are: i. Mary DAVID was born 10 Oct 1807 in Washington,Mason,KY, and died 22 Nov 1890 in Burlington,Des Moines,IA. She married Thomas KITCHEN 17 May 1834 in ,Mason,KY. He was born 15 Mar 1805 in ,Mason,KY, and died 10 Jun 1898 in ,Mason,KY.
ii. Charlotte DAVID was born 15 Apr 1809 in Washington,Mason,KY, and died 18 May 1888. She married David RYAN 11 Jan 1829 in ,Mason,KY. He was born 4 Mar 1809 in ,Frederick,MD.
iii. Susan DAVID was born 26 Jan 1811 in Washington,Mason,KY, and died 26 Aug 1839. She married Evan EVANS 7 Jan 1833 in ,Mason,KY. He was born <1807> in .
iv. John S. DAVID was born 10 Oct 1813 in Washington,Mason,KY. He married Mary E. CAMERON <1848> in ,,KY. She was born Abt 1827 in <,KY>. He married Mary Anne MASON Abt 1838 in ,,KY. She was born Abt 1817 in <,KY>.
v. Arthur O'Neal DAVID was born 3 Mar 1816 in Washington,Mason,KY, and died 18 Mar 1901. He married Susan M. GRIFFITH 26 Apr 1843 in ,KY. She was born 26 Feb 1822 in ,Mason,KY.
vi. Barton F. DAVID was born 11 Nov 1818 in Washington,Mason,KY, and died 8 Mar 1896. He married Mary Anne Frances ROSSER 25 Sep 1837 in ,Mason,KY. She was born 14 Nov 1819 in ,Frederick,MD. He married Catherine Ellenor BONIWELL 8 Dec 1856 in ,KY. She was born 13 Dec 1821 in ,Frederick,MD.
vii. Jane DAVID was born 10 Apr 1820 in Washington,Mason,KY, and died 10 Jul 1915.
viii. Richard R. DAVID was born 10 Mar 1823 in Washington,Mason,KY, and died 15 Jan 1920. 
David, Michael Edward (I007691)
76478 William H. Rankins in 1844 was living in Montgomery County, Texas
=== Research notes from Kevin Thompson

Peggy died in Montgomery County, Texas not Polk County. This is based on a probate record in this county. She had moved to live with her son William Marshall Rankin, with whom she also signed a power of attorney in late Dec 1852. 
Rankins, William Marshall (I034827)
76479 William had his will probated October 16, 1826 in Oldham County, Kentucky.
He was also listed as the head of a family on the 1820 Census in Shenandoah County, Virginia.(1) William made a will on September 11, 1820 in Henry County, Kentucky. He bequeathed to daughter Anna B. Trout a slave girl named Letty, to daughter Martha Floyd a slave girl named Henny, and to daughter Elizabeth B. Maddox fifty dollars and a slave girl named Evalene. Son, John D. Moreland was to receive 100 acres on the Ohio River. Son, Walter A. Moreland was to receive 80 acres, and two slave women named Dolly and Emily. He left in Walter's care a Negro man named Ben who was to have his freedom. It was also William's desire that a "yellow boy" named Jackson serve Walter until Jackson turned age 31, at which time he was to be freed. Walter was also appointed to be his father's executor. Son William was to have 200 acres of land lying to the northside of his father's tract and one slave boy named Isaac. William also willed that his slave woman Franky be sold with the proceeds divided between his daughters, Anna, Martha, and Elizabeth and his granddaughter Lucinda Moreland, daughter of John D. Moreland. Thomas W. Chandler, John A. Chandler and Thomas B. Cummins witnessed the will.(2)
William, Sr. sold to William Moreland, Jr., 222 acres on the Ohio River, adjoining the land of William Moreland, Sr., and John Moreland, on June 4, 1821 in Henry County, Kentucky.(3)
William sold to his son, John D. "Jack" Moreland, 98 acres of property on the Ohio River, on June 4, 1821 in Henry County, Kentucky.(4)

(1) 82. William Moreland, 1820 US Census, Shenandoah County, Virginia, p. 170A.
(2) 83. "Will of William Moreland," September 11, 1820, Henry County, Kentucky, probated October 16, 1826, Oldham County, Kentucky.
(3) 84. "Deed from William Moreland Sr. to William Moreland Jr.," June 4, 1821, Henry County, Kentucky Deed Book 9, p. 231.
(4) 85. "Deed from William Moreland to John Moreland," June 4, 1821, Henry County, Kentucky Deed book 9, p. 266.

Sep. 11, 1820 - The Henry Co., Ky. will of William Moreland,
probated Oct. 16, 1826 in Oldham Co., Ky., leaves:
--to dau. Anna B. Trout, a negro girl named Letty, one black
mare, saddle and bridle, one feather bed and furniture, and
one cow and calf, all of which she has now in possession.
--to dau. Martha Floyd, one negro girl named Henny, one sorrel
mare, bridle and saddle, one feather bed and furniture, and
one cow and calf, all of which she has in possession.
--to son William Moreland, 200 acres of land more or less,
lying to the north side of the tract whereon I now live,
one negro boy named Isaac, one bay horse, bridle and saddle.
--to son John D. Moreland, 100 acres of land more or less,
lying on the Ohio River belonging to my said tract, the
boundaries of which are already established, one sorrel mare,
bridle and saddle, one cow, and one feather bed and furniture,
all of which is now in his possession.
--to dau. Elizabeth B. Maddox, a negro girl called Evaline,
who is now in the possession of Elizabeth and, after my deat
a feather bed and furniture, and one horse, bridle and saddle
worth $50.
--to son Walter A. Moreland, 180 acres of land more or less,
being the land whereon I now live and negro women called
Dolly and Emily. I also leave to Walter's care a negro man
named Ben whom I intend to liberate. A yellow boy named
Jackson who was born Sep. 25, 1817 shall serve Walter A.
Moreland until he shall be 31 years old.
--to son Walter A. Moreland, all my remaining stock, crop,
household and kitchen furniture and plantation utensils not
already disposed of.
--After my decease my negro woman Franky and her future
increase from the date of this instrument are to be sold
to the highest bidder on a credit of 12 months, and the money
arising from the sale shall be equally divided between my
daughters Anna B. Trout, Martha Floyd and Elizabeth B. ~laddox
and my grandaughter Lucinda Moreland, dau. of John D.
--After my decease myoId negro man Ben shall have his
freedom. Likewise the boy Jackson to have his freedom at
the age of 31 years.
Executor: Son Walter A. Moreland.
Witnesses: Thomas W. Chandler, John A. Chandler, Thomas B.
Source: Oldham Co., Ky. Wills, Book 1, p. 70.
Comment: William's will was made in Henry Co. but probated
in Oldham Co. Oldham Co., Ky. was formed in 1824 out of
Henry, Shelby and Jefferson Counties, Ky. William did not
move from Henry Co. to Oldham Co.; he stayed in the same
place while the county boundaries changed. William's children
appear to be listed in their birth order in his will.
In Moreland 'luster, Vol. 12, No.4, Fall 1999, p. 5, Reba
Newell states that William d. at Milton, Oldham Co., Ky.
The reason William's children will be shown below in Trimble
Co., Ky. is because the area where William lived became
Trimble Co. in 1837.

Folio 57 WAULTER MORELAND, planter 11/13/1787 01/02/1788
"Being in perfect memory ..."
Bequeaths to:
1. William Moreland - son
-to have Negro boys "Jim" and -Ben”
2. Sarah Humbaugh --daughter (wife John Humbaugh) -to have Negro boy "Ned" and Negro girl "Alse"
2. John Dent Moreland --son
-to have Negro man "David" the son of "David" and Negro woman "Eve"
-to have I dark bay mare, 1 bed and fum„
3. Ann Moreland --daughter
-to have Negro woman "Judah" Negro boy "Calep' Negro girl "Minty"
-to have 1 gray mare, 1 bed and furn.
4. Thomas Blackman Moreland --son
-to have Negro boy "Hy" Negro girl -Sall" -to have 1 roan horse
5. Waulter Moreland --son
-to have Negro boy "Milburn" Negro girl "Ann - -to have i gray horse
6. Samuel Moreland --son
-to have Negro boy "Charles" Negro girl "Poll"
7. Hanson Moreland --son
-to have Negro boy "Tom" Negro girl Aimmey" and also to have the increase of Negro woman "Linder"
-after widow's decease entire personal estate to be divided among testator's children
8. Tabitha Moreland --wife
-to have Negro man "Charles" Negro woman "Lucy- Negro men "Peter" "Frederick" "David" Negro woman "Sarah" and Negro man "Neale" to have the residue of the personal estate for her natural life -named executrix of the will along w/ testator's son John Dent Moreland
Witnesses: Robert Wade, George King, Thomas Queen
Then came: the three above named subscribers to the will
Note: the testator signed the wild with his mark 
Moreland, William (I018972)
76480 William Hamersly changed his and his son Francis surname to Pile at the request of his uncle Rev Henry Piles 1813 will

=== Research notes from Linda Reno

2/7/1835: Died on 1/14 at Sarum, CC (the res. of her son, Francis H. Pile),
Mrs. Margaret E. H. Pile, relict of the late William H. Pile in her 50th
year. (National Intelligencer Newspaper Abstracts, 1834-1835).

3/26/1836: Deed from Francis H. Pile of Charles County to Ignatius Pike of
Baltimore for $10,000 "Sarum", 620 ac.; "Baltimore's Bounty" or "Baltimore's
Gift", 150 ac.; "Clear Doubt", 59 1/2 ac.; "Lapworth Enlarged", 93 ac.;
unnamed land, 67 1/2 ac.; and all of the real estate devised to me by Henry
Pile of Charles County containing 1,000 ac. by his will dated 12/20/1812.
Signed by Francis H. Pile. Wit.: Charles McCann, Francis Nally. (Charles
County Deeds, IB 22, p. 155).

5/24/1853, Daily National Intelligencer (D.C.): Farm for Sale. "Rozier's
Gift" now occupied by Francis Piles and lying in Prince George's County, 316
acres. James O. Brooke, Robert W. Brooke. 
Pile, Francis Hamersley (I103353)
76481 William Hamersly changed his and his son Francis surname to Pile at the request of his uncle Rev Henry Piles 1813 will

11/7/1818: Orphans Ct. of CC. Letters of admin. on personal estate of
William H. Pile, dec'd. Margaret E. H. Pile, Admx. (National Intelligencer
Newspaper Abstracts, 1818-1820).

2/7/1835: Died on 1/14 at Sarum, CC (the res. of her son, Francis H. Pile),
Mrs. Margaret E. H. Pile, relict of the late William H. Pile in her 50th
year. (National Intelligencer Newspaper Abstracts, 1834-1835).
Charles County Maryland Will Book HBBH-13, 1808-1817; {Abstract by Mike Marshall}; Page 216.
Reverend Henry Pile, Will, December 20, 1812; March 2, 1813
I, Henry Pile of St. Thomas Manor in CC, being of sound mind, memory and understanding;
To nephew William Hamersley, for and during the term of his natural life, all my land plantation and real estate called "Sarum" and now in the tenancy and occupation of him consisting of 675 acres, with all my marsh land adjoining and used as part of the plantation. Also 40 acres of a tract called "Clear Doubt", purchased from John Slye and 19-1/2 acres purchased from Robert Slye, and after his death to his son Francis Hamersley.
Item: it is my will and desire that my nephew William Hamersley immediately upon my decease, petition the legislature of Maryland for that purpose and procure and act altering and changing his surname and that of his son Francis from that of Hamersley to that of Pile, and in case of his refusing or neglecting so to do the above devise to be void so far as related to him the said William Hamersley and the land and premises I give and devise unto his son Francis Hamersley on condition he shall upon coming to the age of 21 years, take upon himself legally the surname of Pile.
Item: whereas I purchased sometime ago from Robert Slye a small parcel of land the name and quantity not now recollected, I give and devise the same in the same manner and under the same restrictions as above recited. mm note: the unnamed tract could be "Lapworth" (57 Acres ) or "Tilney" (112 acres).
Item: I give and devise my land in St. Mary's County, called "St. Barbara" 200 acres, in the same manner and under the same restrictions as is above recited.
Item: In case Mrs. Margaret Hamersley, wife of my nephew William Hamersley should survive her husband, I give unto her during her widowhood, the sum of 300 dollars annually to be paid her out of the profits and proceeds of my real estate.
To nephew William Hamersley, negroes, Ralph and his wife Clare, Gerard and his mother Lydia, young Ralph commonly called Captain, and Jack the son of old Ralph, my saddle horse, silver watch, silver soup ladle, and all my silver table and tea spoons.
To Niece Eleanor Hamersley, negroes, mulatto John a carpenter, his wife Lydia, also Terry the mother of Carpenter John.
To Francis Hamersley, son of nephew William Hamersley, negroes; Sophy and her three sons, Harry, Frank and Matthew and four daughters. Also young Terry and her two sons. My book case, mahogany breakfast table, black walnut dining table, and mahogany night table.
To the Reverend gentlemen residing at Saint Thomas', all my manuscripts, sermons and medications, all my Latin and French books.
To the right Reverend John Carroll, Archbishop of Baltimore, 300 dollars, 200 dollars of which sum I request he will dispose of at his discretion for my spiritual benefit and the residue to be expended in aid of the completion of the Roman Catholic Cathedral now erecting in the city of Baltimore.
To Margaret Hamersley and Eleanor Hamersley, the infant daughters of my nephew William Hamersley, all the rest and residue of my estate not herein particularly mentioned.
Executors: nephew William Hamersley and friend and relation Francis Digges.
Signed: December 20, 1812 Henry Pile
Wit: Thomas J. Speake, John Digges, George Brent 
Pile, William Hamersley (I103351)
76482 William Hardy has either died or left the area by Aug 1775

Loudoun County Deed Book G
pp. 353-354 Indenture made 9th October 1770 between WILLIAM GRAYSON of Prince Wiliam County Gent. of one part and WILLIAM HARDY of Loudoun County Planter .. Witnesseth in consideration of yearly rents and covenants .. farm let parcel of land being part of a larger tract of land belonging to William Grayson lying on Goose Creek in Loudoun County and bounded .. Beginning at a white oak in a stoney glade in line of original patent .. containing 130 acres .. to have and hold during natural lives of William Hardy, SARAH his wife and HANSON HARDY his son and longest liver of them paying every year on first day December (the rent to be paid on first day December next ensuing) .. 500 pounds crop Tobacco ..
Presence John Thornton, Wm. Grayson
Hy. Potten, Solomon Hardy Junr. William Hardy
At a court held 9th October 1770 .. Indenture acknowledged .. ordered to be recorded.
On margin. "Exd & delivered to Solomon Hardy August the 2, 1775"

=== Solomon Jr ?
Loudoun County Deed Book G
pp. 355-356 Indenture made 9th October 1770 between WILLIAM GRAYSON of Prince William County Gent. and SOLOMON HARDY of Loudoun County Planter .. Witnesseth for consideration of yearly rents and covenants .. hath farm let parcel of land being part of a larger tract belonging to William Grayson lying on Goose Creek in Loudoun County and bounded .. beginning at the side of Goose Creek near a Maple on the bank corner to JACOB MORRISS .. corner to WILLIAM HARDYS lot .. to Goose Creek near a cherry tree .. containing 108 acres .. to have and hold during natural lives of Solomon Hardy, MARTHA his wife and ELIZABETH their Daughter and longest liver of them .. paying yearly on first day December (the rent to be paid on first day December next ensuing) .. 500 pounds crop tobacco ..Willm. Grayson
At a court held 9th October 1770 .. Solomon x Hardy
Indenture acknowledged .. ordered to be recorded. 
Hardy, William (I048402)
76483 William Harrison's will, dated January 22nd, 1719 [-20] and proved February 2nd, 1719 (-20 ] names his wife Frances and several children, who were evidently by a former wife (Annap. Wills 15; 299). His widow Frances0 [Powell] Harrison, whose will dated May 28th, 1720 and proved November 1st, 1720, has previously been referred to (see Daniel5 Powell ante), in addition to naming her father and six brothers and sisters, refers to William, Rachel, Elizabeth and Anne Harrison, children of her husband. Her own will and that of her husband indicate that she left no children of her own. Harrison, William (I067031)
76484 William Haselor 2.198 SM £9.19.2 Jul 23 1719
Appraisers: John Mill, John Abell.
Creditors: John GibbLns.
Next of kin: Lewis Haselor, Richard Haselor.
Administrator: Richard Haselor. 
Haseler, William (I093528)
76485 William Hayden was married prior to his marriage to Elizabeth Thompson, but the wife's name is not known. By her, he had Thomasine, William, Charles, and Grace.

Elizabeth Thompson was the mother of all of the rest of his children, including George.

Will of Elizabeth Hayden, SMC 10/30/1760-3/4/1761.
To: Heirs of son Francis, 1 shilling sterling. Children: James, John, Richard, and Susanna Drury, same. Grandson: William Drury, cattle.
Son: Clement, land where Sebastian Thompson now lives, it being pt. of "Roache's Discovery with Addition", 100 ac. on the condition that he will pay to grandson, George Hayden 4700 lbs. tobacco and likewise 3000 lbs. tobacco to grandson, James Hayden, brother to sd. George Hayden, being sons of Francis Hayden.
Grandsons: William and Basil Hayden, sons to George Hayden, at that pt. of land whereon William Morgan now lives, known by the name of "Shank's Risque", 102 ac. to be equally divided between them. To: Joseph Clarke, son of James Clarke, all that land where Richard Hayden formerly lived, it being pt. of "Roache's Discovery with Addition" and "Hayden's Risque", 62 ac. provided Joseph Clarke will pay to son Clement Hayden, 662 1/2 lbs. tobacco.
Son: Clement, remainder of estate.
Exec: Son, Clement Hayden. Wit: Robert Cole, William Morgan, Stephen Davis.
Elisabeth Haden 74.275 SM £7.17.2 May 5 1761
(also Elisabeth Hayden)
Appraisers: Thomas Coper, John Baptist Mattingly.
Next of kin: James Hayden, John Hayden.
Executor: Clement Hayden.
Sissell, Thomas, St Mary's County, 18th Oct., 1700; 28th Mar., 1701.
To unborn child and hrs., all land. In event of its death without hrs. estate to pass as follows:
To daughter-in-law Betty [Thompson], plantation; to pass in turn to son-in-law George [Thompson]-.
To son-in-law James Thompson, residue of land.
To wife Mary, extx., personalty and life interest in land she may choose.
Overseer: Jas. French.
Test: Jno. Baptist Carbery, Jno. Bailey, Rich'd Chapill. 11. 68 
Thompson, Elizabeth (I007500)
76486 William Hensey 9.44 A CH £64.0.2 #9876 Jul 9 1686
The amount of the inventory is equivalent to #12802.
Legatees: John Courtes, Robert Powell, Susanna Abbott, Mary Harris, Richard Smith, Ann Browne.
Payments to: Henry Taner, Mr. Robert Doyne, Robert Powell, John Courtes, Dr. James Kingsberry as by receipt of Charles Shepherd, George Scroggin, Mr. Thomas Hussey, Cleborne Lomax, James Cullin, Phillip Lynes.
Administratrix: Barbary Chapman, now wife of John Gorly. 
Hensey, William (I067905)
76487 William Heunton 16.204 I SM £30.3.6 Jun 25 1698
Appraisers: John Nutthall, Sr., John Nutthall, Jr.
Approvers; Thomas Cooke, Robert Coomes. 
Hunton, William (I090935)
76488 William Holland 5.176 D CA £565.1.10 Nov 29 1768
Sureties: John Hamilton, John Smith.
Legatees (daughters): Margaret Cole (one of eldest), Sarah Spring (one of eldest).
Distribution to: Ann (widow, accountant, 1/3). Residue to daughters (equally): Wilhelmina, Mary.
Executrix: Ann Holland. 
Holland, Anne MNU (I101579)
76489 William Holmes, m. by 7 June 1725, Elizabeth, widow and admx. of Darby Carter of SM Co. (MDAD 6:434). Skinner Family F31136
76490 William Horn 25.105 I BA £11.5.0 {1705}
Appraisers: John Rallings, Nath. Green.
List of debts: Moses Groom. 
Horne, William (I088661)
76491 William Horn and Sarah Franklin m. 28 Oct 1697. Family F39780
76492 William Horn Jr. d. 9 May 1698 and bur. May 1698
William Horn, Jr. 19-1/2A.85 I AA £114.6.3 Oct 28 1699 Aug 21 1699
Appraisers: John Chappell, John Trundle (deceased by 21 August 1699).
List of debts: Samuell Groome, Abraham Wilde, John Hyde.
William Horne, Jr. 19-1/2B.97 A AA £114.6.3 £9.5.0 Mar 7 1699
Payments to: Thomas Tench, Esq., John Thompson, William Grey.
Mentions: father (unnamed) of the deceased.
Administratrix: Sarah Horne. 
Horne, William (I099727)
76493 William Hughes Will:
The Maryland Calendar Of Wills Compiled And Edited by Jane Baldwin (Jane Baldwin Cotton) Wills From 1635 (Earliest probated) To 1685 Volume I; Family Line Publications Westminster, Maryland 1988, p. 30
Hewes, William, 2nd Dec., 1662; 8th Nov., 1664.
To William Hatton, eld. son of Wm. and Eliza: Hatton, 1/3 of estate.
To William Dent, eld. son of Thos. and Rebecca Dent, 2/3 of estate.
Ex. not named.
Test: John Dent, John Wynn. 1. 219.
Hugh, Even, Charles County, 22nd Oct., 1717; 6th Dec., 1717.
To John (son of Peter Harrow) and to Jane Shiler, personalty.
it bro.-in-law Josias Mankin and Peter Harrow, exs., residue of estate, real and personal.
Test: John Wilkenson, Henry Hew. 14. 426.
Note~Mem to above will states that testator Even Hugh paid for the accounts of the est. of Thos. Hawes, 2,250 lbs. tobacco. 
Hughes, William (I002355)
76494 William Husband 33A.136 I AA £10.7.10 {1711}
Appraisers: John Blackmore, Thomas Hughes.
William Husband 338.22 I £11.8.1 {1712}
Appraisers: John Blackmore, Thomas Hughs.
William Husband (planter) 35B.8 A AA £21.14.0 £14.3.6 {1713}
Payments to: Stephen Warman, Thomas Hughs, Edward Parish, Jacob Duhadway, Elisabeth Duhadway, Richard Gott.
Administrator: William Ford. 
Husband, William (I090586)
76495 William Hynson 33A.203 A TA £147.1.7 £73.6.3 Mar 29 1712
Payments to: James Bligh & Co., John Coward, Samuel Taylor, Jeremiah Milens, Christopher Deny, John Dowdall, Nathaniel Wright, Isaac Hall, Owen Sullivan, Richard Bennett, Esq., Nathaniell Wright, Dr. Chatham, Col. Tilghman (executor of Robert Macklyn), MM Bennett & Heath, Richard Bennett & Co., John Chaires attorney for John Coward, Mr. Solomon Wright, Timothy Dunnovan.
Executors: Solomon Wright, Richard Hynson. 
Hynson, William (I051667)
76496 William II Marshall's wife Anne was probably the daughter of Rush Hudson who died in KG County in 1735 and his wife Sarah, whom he married after the death of her second husband in 1722.

Brown, Newman (17::-1751) of King George County and Martha Slaughter, ca. 173?, only child of Francis Slaughter 1657-1718) and his second wife, Anne Hudson of Richmond County. The eldest child of this couple was William Brown (1740-1832) of King George County, who was the father of Solomon James

Slaughter Brown (1782-1862), clerk of the court of King George County
In 1741, Newman Brown and Martha, his wife, of Hanover Parish, King George County, Virginia. sold WILLIAM MARSHALL OF Hanover Parish, King George County, Virginia. a tract of 100 acres whereon the said WILLIAM MARSHALL now resides adjoining William Randolph's it being the same tract which Francis Slaughter gave to his dau., Anne HUDSON in 1707 and the said Anne HUDSON, mother of said Martha Hudson Brown, wife of Newman Brown, etc."
The Willis Genealogy, Peggy Rush, p. 98: references that Hudson family researcher Newman A. Hall has suggested that Anne was the sister of Rush Hudson Sr. This is supported by the Hoffman-Brooks Genealogy: Robert J. Hoffman, 5 March 2004 - rjhcarmel@aol dot com
Richmond County, Virginia; WILL BOOK 4, 1717-1725
p.77 - Francis SLAUGHTER, Han. Par., will; 6 Nov 1718, 4 Mar 1718/19
daus. Martha, Mary, and Elizabeth; wife; s-i-1 John TAYLOR to be ex; wits: Anne MARSHALL, John SUTTLE, Joseph SUTTLE. [Francis SLAUGHTER mar. (2) Anne HUDSON in Aug 1711. MAC, p.189.]
1714-1720 Richmond Co VA Deed Book 7; Antient Press: (Page 229)
TO ALL PEOPLE to whom this present Writeing shall come, I WM: MARSHALL SENIOR of Pith, of Hanover in ye County of Richmond send Greeting; Know ye yt: I ye sd: WM: MARSHALL in consideration of the natural! affection I bear unto my Daughter, ANN JOHNSON, allsoe for divers other good reasons and considerations me hereunto moveing by these p:sents doe give and confirme unto my sd: Daughter, ANN JOHNSON, a certain tract of land being on ye North side of RAPPA: RIVER and uppon CHINGNATIQUE RUN bounded, Begining at a red Oak line tree of SAMLL. WHARTON standing by a Path yt: leads to ye Creek, thence runing along the line of SAMLL. WHARTON to a red Oak standing upon ye Hill by ye Main Road, thence dowse ye Hill to a Pissimon tree between ye two Bridges, thence to ye mouth of a Deep Branch, thence up ye sd: Branch to a new marked line, thence along ye sd: line to ye first mentioned station, ye sd: land being by estimation One hundred acres more or less I give and grant unto my Daughter, ANN JOHNSON, and to her and her heirs forever; To have & to hold ye sd: Land with all priviledges with all immunities thereunto belonging in as large and ample manner as may be collected out of ye Patent; As Witness my hand and seal this 2th day of September 1717
Signed Sealed and Delivered in ye p:sents of
Au a Court held for Richmond County the Fourth day of September 1717
EDWARD MARSHALL by vertue of a Power of Attorney from WILLIAM MARSHALL to him to that behalf made, acknowledged this the said WM: MARSHALLs Deed of Gift for Land unto his Daughter, ANN JOHNSON, and it was admitted to Record
Test M. BECKWITH, Cl Cur
1735-1743 King George County Deed Book 2 (Antient Press); pp. 389-393
Indenture made 2nd/3rd December 1741 between NEWMAN BROWN Hanover Parish King George County Planter and MARTHA his wife of one part and WILLIAM MARSHALL of same county .. by Deeds of lease & release .. for sum Four thousand pounds crop Tobacco sold 100 acres whereon Wm. Marshall now Dwells adjoyning land of Mr. WILLIAM RANDOLPH it being the land given by FRANCIS SLAUGHTER (by Deed of Gift recorded in Richmond County Court bearing date 11th July 1711) unto ANN HUDSON who is Mother of MARTHA BROWN wife of NEWNAN BROWN Party to these Presents ..
Presence of J. Mercer, Newman Brown
Jona. Sydenham, John Champe Martha x Brown
Harry Turner
At a court held 2nd April 1742 .. Deeds of lease & release recorded .. said Martha being Solely Examined relinquished her Right of Dower ..
1753-1765 King George County Deed Book 4 (Antient Press); pp. 40-43
Indenture made 17th/18th July 1753 between WILLIAM MARSHALL and ANN MARSHALL of parish Hanover in county King George and THOMAS TURNER of same .. by deeds of lease and release .. for sum of one hundred pounds current money of Virginia .. sold all that plantation or tract of land whereon Ann Marshall now dwells containing 123 acres the said land being ordered to be sold by last will and testament of William
Marshall deceased after death of said Ann Marshall and the money arising to be equally divided between his four sons Vizt GEORGE, RUSH, HUDSON & MERRIMAN MARSHALL .. Rush Marshall one of the sons being dead, the other three sons with consent of Executors agreeing to sale on condition Thomas Turner do no way molest or disturb the said Ann Marshall in the Quiet possession of said lands during her natural life reserving to himself the Liberty of building on said land ..
Presence George Marshall, Ann x Marshall
Hudson Marshall, Maryman Marshall, William Marshall
Robt. Jonson, Nathl. x Williams
At a court held 2d August 1753 .. Deeds of lease and release and Receipt endorsed admitted to record. 
Hudson, Anne (I001416)
76497 William Ijams and Elizabeth parents of Elizabeth Ijams dau b. 15 Jun 1697 and
bapt. 19 Jun 1698. 
Ijams, Elizabeth (I045946)
76498 William Ijams bur. 20 Jul 1703.
Will of WILLIAM liams, Anne Arundel Co.; written 16 Feb 1698/9; probate 10 Nov 1703
To eldest son William, 5s
To dau. Elizabeth Duvall, 5s
To son Richard and hrs., 100 acres of land near the Patuxent River in Prince George's Co.
To young son George, 100 acres of land on the south side of Western Run
To wife Elizabeth, her dower rights
Residuary estate to children Richard, George, Hester and Susannah
Wit: Clement Davies, Richard Chaney, John Robertson and Robert Davis (Wills 3.122- AAG)
William liams, Anne Arundel Co.; account; £45.7.10; £16.13.11; 7 Feb 1706; extx. Elisabeth liams (I&A 26.150)
William Iiams 34.179 A AA 245.7.10 £37.8.4 Mar 18 1712
Payments to: David Dennis (merchant in London), Mr. John Brice.
Executrix: Elisabeth Iiams.
1 Mar 1674; Deed of Gift from Richard Cheyney the Elder of South River, Anne Arundel Co. and wife to William Ijams, planter of South River and Elizabeth his wife; to son-in-law William Ijams and dau. Eliza, now wife of William Ijams; 100 acres of Cheyney's Resolution; /s/ Richard Cheyney (mark); re-recorded at request of Elizabeth (jams, relict of William Ijams, dec'd (AALR H1.50) 
Ijams, William (I010100)
76499 William Ireland 8.222 I CA £46.11.6 {1684}
Appraisers: Toby Miles, Robert Spikernaile.
Leaven Johnson 4.491 A CA #5078 #5078 Oct 25 1677
Payments to Thomas Clagett, Anthony Kingsland, Francis Billingsley, Thomas Pagett, John Staynes, John Hance, William Ireland.
Administrator: Samuel Bourne (merchant).
William Parker 7A.128 I CA #102821 Mar 4 1679
Appraisers: George Parker, John Hance.
Mentions: Mr. Thomas Francis.
List of debts: Francis Malden, John Gary, William Ireland, Charles Parvie, John Loftus, Samuell Goozey, Henry Mitchell, Henry Mitchell paid to Edward Husband, Nicholas Fumes, Henry Viney, Richard Pollard, John Boone, Capt. Samuell Bourne, John Sunderland, Samuell Holdsworth, William Barnet, John Kent, James Gilsthrope, Nat. Smith, John Hall, Samuell Garland, John Purnell, William Farmer.
Administratrix: wife (unnamed) of Mr. Nicholas Painter.
Thomas Cosden 8.60 I CA #138604 Jun 19 1683 Jun 23 1683
The amount of the inventory (#138604) is equivalent to £173.11.10. See also folio 322.
Servants mentioned: Margarett Wise, Frances Rolls, Susanna Acton, William Olifant, Alexander Kanare, John Hall, John Barker, Edward Banks, Owen McDannell, Mary Maly.
Appraisers: Richard Smith, Jr., Christopher Banes.
Mentions: Mr. Parks.
List of debts: Charles Boteler, Henry Brendt, George Keith, Richard Gohus, George Barker, Thomas Tasker, Richard Dawson, Christopher Kellett, Thomas Arnold, William Parker, Henry Hollis, Richard Crackbourne, Commissioners, Francis Collyer, Capt. Samuell Bourne, Bazill Waring, George Browne, Dr. Bourne, Evan Davies, John Bigger, Thomas Sturdica, Robert Smith, Col. Henry Darnall, John Griggs, Hugh Edwards, Edward Clarke, Joseph Haywood, Robert Spickewale, Nicholas Buttrum, William Howes, Jr., John Taman, Richard Melshans, Henry Viney, George Brissey, John Muffett, Richard Pelley, William Barton, Christopher Rousby, Nicholas Sewell, Richard Stallings, William Collens, John Dunkin, William Kemster, Thomas Tucker, John Holloway, Richard Bond, William Barnett, Jeremiah Simpson, Robert Mines, Thomas Symonds, Thomas Bincks, Benjamin Laurence, Francis Billingely, George Coale, Henry Lowe, Francis Hyams, Henry Kent, John Boone, George Abbot, Francis Freeman, Samuell
Holseworth, James Rumsey, John Manning, Henry Mitchell, Matthew Turner, Abraham Clarke, James Nuthall, Dr. Mullens, David Morgan, Joseph Dawkins, Samuell Vines, Thomas Robertson, Richard Broughton, Mr. Darcey, William King, John King, Francis Mawlden, Robert Webb, Ninian Beall, Charles Harrington, Richard Keen, John Scott, Francis Huchins, Vincent Farwy, Thomas Clegatt, Samuell Taylor, Thomas Cleaverly, Thomas Starling, John CreyCroft, George Lingham, Roger Brooks, Francis Doringhton, peter Archer, James Crauford, John Locker, Yockham Kershad, Capt. Richard Ladd, John Loveday, John Rogers, Robert Jones, Jeremiah Johnson, Rouland Lolea, Robert Taylor, Richard Gardiner, William Browne, Peter Olson, William Melton, Samuell Holdsworth, Peter Burgle, Thomas Rogers, Richard Charlett, William Colewood, Richard Marsham, Michael Tawney, Andrew Tannehill, John Darnall, Richard Pollard, Nicholas Painter, Dr. Wooton, Christopher Person, Thomas Banks, Cornelius Watkinson, Richard Edwards, Richard Williams, Richard Swan, John Turner, Henry Orton, Thomas Brookes, William Turner, George Young, Symon Edwards, Capt. Roger Baker, Edward Batson, William Creed, Thomas Crowder, Samuell Goosey, John Grover, Joseph Baker, John Russell, Thomas Simpers, Nicholas Willson, John Bennett, Richard Sheredin, James Hithe, Henry Trueman, John Goffe, Francis Fookes, Thomas Edwards, Mr. McCartney, James Bigger, George Johnson, William Marks, Nicholas Nicholson, Thomas Sedgewic•, George Curwen, William Mitchell, Col. Henry Jowles, Francis Swinfen, Charles Bathurst, Mordica Hunton, Mr. Fife, Dr. Crawford, Amos Bagby, John Powell, Marke Clare, Thomas Bloomer, Philip Coocksey, Edward Pack, Robert Fenwick, Robert Andrewes, William Wallis, Samuell Warner, Gustavus White, Henry West, Henry Devine, Robert Skinner, Edward Isaak, Nicholas Nicholls, Thomas Purnell, Henry Esterling, John Kent, James Duke, Arthur Young, Thomas Hillary, William Graves, Richard Edwards, Thomas Edwards, Edward Howard, Andrew Dickenson Philip Lawrence, William Mitchell, Francis Dorington, James Crauford, John Hollen, Nicholas Painter, James Bigger, Nathaniel Sprigg, Francis Leafe, Peter Archer, William Ireland, John Rogers, John Griggs for Henry Orton, Robert Taylor, Dr. Crafford, Francis Swinfen, Edward Blackbourne, John Enolds, Joseph Ireland, Richard Burk, Francis Collyer, Nathaniel Stanton, Thomas Bloomen, William Hill, Christopher Kellett, George Collins, Richard Williams, Nicholas Willson, John Broome, Christopher Person, John Sewell, William Dorington, Robert Sadder, William White, John Stewart, Thomas Symcoat, Edward Clarke, George Addison, Thomas Beason, James Kenedy, Henry Trulock, John Lane, John Yoe, Thomas Bumpus, Richard Bayley, Michaell Onely, Cuthbert Fenwick, Jonas Jourdan, Henry Mitchell, Rozer Rix, James Harrison, Richard Browne, Charles Parvie, William Willson, William Dury, Richard Robinson, Walter Boine, John Synckler, George Adams, John Spring, Peter Evers, Samuell Styles, Meredith Jones, James Berry, William Sympson, James Garrett, John Laney, Spencer Hales, Joseph Newman, William Smith, Richard Swan.
Administrators: George Parker, Mordica Hunton. 
Ireland, William (I090496)
76500 William is placed here because he is close in location to the orphan Henry Smith
1711-1714 Richmond Co VA Deed Book 6; Antient Press: (Page 40)
THIS INDENTURE made the eighth day of March in the yeare of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eleven in the tenth yeare of the Reigne of our Sovereigne Lady Anne by grace of God of Great Brittaine France and Ireland, Queene Defender of the faith &c., Betweene WILLIAM SMITH of Parish of Sittenburne in County of Richmond within the Colony of Virginia, Cordwainer, of one part and THOMAS THORNTON of same Parish and County in the Colony of Virginia, Carpenter, of other part; Wittnesseth that WILLIAM SMITH in consideration of the summe of Five shillings of lawful money of Great Brittaine to him In hand paid by THOMAS THORNTON by these presents do bargaine and sell unto THOMAS THORNTON and assigns all that plantation and tract of land scituate in the Parish and County aforesaid containing by estimation fourty acres Land (be the same more or less) formerly purchased by WILLIAM SMITH of ROBERT COLE and is bounded, Begining att a marked white Oake standing on the Westward side of a Branch neare the dwelling house on the said plantation, and from thence running Westwardly along a line of marked trees to another corner marked white Oake, thence along a line parting this land from the land of HENRY BRUCE to a marked Hickory, thence a direct course to the first mentioned white Oake at the begining; Together with all houses orchards and appurtenances belonging; To have and to hold the bargained and sold premises with the appurtenances to THOMAS THORNTON & assigns during the full terme of one whole yeare paying therefore unto WILLIAM SMITH his assigns the yearly rent of one Pepper Corne on the Feast day of St. Michael! the Archangell only if demanded; to the intent that by virtue thereof and by force of the statute for transferring uses into possession the said THOMAS THORNTON may be actually possessed of the hereby granted premises and be thereby the better enabled to accept a release of the freehold and inheritance thereof; In Wittnesse whereof the parties to these presents have hereunto interchangeably set their hands and seals the day and yeare first above written
Signed Sealed & Delivered in the presence of
Au a Court held for Richmond County ye Second day of April! 1712
WILLIAM SMITH came into Court and acknowledged this his Deed of Lease to THOMAS THORNTON and it is admitted to Record Test JNO: TAYLOE, D. Cl.
1711-1714 Richmond Co VA Deed Book 6; Antient Press: (Page 167)
WHEREAS MRS. MARY HUGHLETT, late of NORTHUMBERLAND County, Widdow, was seized of Five hundred acres of land in the Parish of Farnham and County of Richmond by virtue of a Deed of Gift from her Father, GEORGE NICHOLLS deced., And Whereas the said MARY HUGHLETT did in her Widdowhood devise unto her Daughter, ELIZABETH, now Wife of WM. SMITH, Three hundred acres of the said Land and unto her Son, JOHN HUGHLETT, Two hundred acres; NOW KNOW yee that we the said WILLIAM SMITH and JOHN HUGHLETT hath by one consent & assent divided and sett apart each mans share in manner and forme following, (Vizt.,) for WILLIAM SMITHs part begining att two Spanish Oakes, the dividing corner tree of said MARY HUGHLETTs land and MRS. ANNE GLASCOCKs land, running N: 53d. E: 46 per: to two Spanish Oakes and one white Oake, thence N: 213 per: to a Hickory standing on a Level betweene JOHN HUGHLETTs and JOS: CHURCHILLs, thence W: 357 per. to a red Oake on a Levell, thence S: 52d. 30m. E: 402 per: to the first begining; For JOHN HUGHLETTs part begining att the aforesaid Hickory on the levell and runing East 293 per: to a Hickory and white Oake att the bead of the MARSHEY SWAMP, thence S: 53d. W: 360 per: to the above white Oake and two Spanish Oakes, thence N: 2115 per. to the said Hickory, begining tree; In Confirmation of the abovesaid premises, we the daid WILLIAM SMITH and JOHN HUGHLETT do bind our self heirs to each other firmly by these presents; In Wittness whereof we have hereunto sett our hands and fixed our seals this 7th day of October 1713
Signed end Coaled in the preeencet of Hy
THOMAS his marke ALLEN
Att a Court held for Richmo County the 7th day of October 1713
WILLIAM SMITH and JOHN GHLETT in open Court acknowledged this their Deed of Partition and att their motion it is admitted to Record
Test M. BECKWITH, Cl Cur 
Smith, William (I028766)

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