Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties


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94501 [Shell shocked in World War 1] Marshall, Elmer Cleveland (I4599)
94502 [WFT Pedigree#2332 Beauford.FBK]

[Brøderbund WFT Vol. 1, Ed. 1, Tree #2332, Date of Import: Mar 10, 1999]

Abstracts from the Will of George Bayne , Bedford County , from the Superior Court Will Book A, Page 24, dated 4/30/1821, probated 4/14/1825.
Spotsylvania County Records , page 289
March 11, 1772. Benjamin Grymes, of Spts. County, Esqr., The Honble. John Taylor and Francis Thornton, Executors of the last will and testament of Honble. Presley Thornton, Esqr., Decd., and Wm. Fitzhugh, Esq., trustees of the estate of the sd. Benjamin Grymes, and Peter Presley Thornton, eldest son and heir at law of sd. Presley Thornton, to Lewis Willis, of Fredksbg., Esqr. Whereas, sd. Benjamin Grymes and Priscilla, his wife, by Indenture, dated (???) (???), 1767, conveyed to the Honble. Presley Thornton, Esqr., and Wm. Fitzhugh, Esqr., all the est. of the sd. Grymes for purposes therein stated, and amongst other things was a lot No. 61, in town of Fredksbg., which sd. lot the sd. Grymes and Trustees have disposed of to the sd. Willis for 50 curr. Witnesses, James Went, Geo. BAYN, John Talbert, Richd. Parker. May 22, 1772.
Orange County Virginia Families vol 3 , Page 12

1790 John Willis vs. Alex Waugh Sr. & Thomas.
(Buckner vs. Bayne rum & wine for funeral
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Records of Ante-Bellum Southern Plantations

Section 28, Carter, Robert (1728-1804), Agreements, 1776-1803

This section consists of twelve items, agreements, 1776-1803, of Robert Carter (1728-1804) with John Allison (concerning a lot at Brent, Westmoreland County, Virginia, and witnessed by Henry Willis), Daniel Connellee (concerning the construction of buildings at Old Ordinary, Westmoreland County, Virginia, witnessed by Solomon Nash and George Randell and bears receipts of Connellee witnessed by Benjamin Dawson), William Crouch (witnessed by William Askew), Robert Hall (witnessed by Benjamin Dawson and bears receipt of Hall witnessed by John Bailey Brown), Aaron Hardage (concerning Forest Quarter, Westmoreland County, Virginia, witnessed by John Bailey Brown and bearing affidavit of William Harrison), William Harrison, Thomas Hingson, Charles Jones (concering the construction and/or repair of outbuildings at Dickerson's Mill, Richmond County, Virginia), Samuel Male (witnessed by Sarah Fairfax (Carter) Chinn and bears receipt of Male witnessed by Sophia Carter), Cuthbert Marsh (bearing affidavit of George BEAN and Gideon Marsh witnessed by James Marsh and Spencer Marsh, and a note of Cuthbert Marsh), Richard Simpson (concerning his tenancy at Wolf Run, Fairfax County, Virginia, witnessed by George Randell), Daniel Sullivan (concerning the manufacture of wool and linen at Aries, Westmoreland County, Virginia, witnessed by George Gordon), William Wallace (concerning Mrs. Sarah Dudley and land in Northumberland County, Virginia, witnessed by Benjamin Dawson), and Zachariah Weaver.
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Lunenburg County VA, Wills 1746-1825, by Landon C. Bell; Part 2: HATCHETT - WREN

Slaughter, John 1-7-1818; 4-9-1818; W.B. 7/379
Mentions: Sons: Money L. Slaughter, William Slaughter
Daughter: Lowry Brag (wife of Jas. Brag)
Grandchildren: Lowry Brag's children, doesn't mention their names
Executors: Money L. Slaughter (son), George Bayne
Witnesses: Sam'l. Jordan, Thos. P. Slaughter, Chas. T. Smithson, Thos. Harding.
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Fredericksburg Court Record Search

Court Record Data
Context Extract
Defendant Adam Hunter (exor.); Abner Vernon (exor.); James Hunter (decd.)
Locality Stafford Co.
Plaintiff George Bayne
Administrative Information
Record title Bayne vs Hunters Exrs
Year recorded 1792
Collection CR-DC-L
Record ID 386-80
End Notes
Preserved by Virginia Circuit Court Records Preservation Program
Processed by Margaret Anne Crickman
Extracted by Barry L. McGhee
Extracted on 10/21/2002
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1790 / 1800 Virginia Tax List Censuses

1. Bean, George Chesterfield 1801
2. Bean, George Northumberland 1801
3. Bean, George, Jr Northumberland 1788
4. Bean, George, Sr Northumberland 1788 
Bayne, George (I25667)
94503 {Levi,JohnB,Benj,John,John} Dent, Frederick Levi (I9301)
94504 {MD Deponents: Geo. DOUGLASS of Worc. Co., Gent., was 52 in 1756
Thomas Baker 11.441 A SO £130.0.2 £28.3.9 Jun 14 1732
Sureties: Thomas Layfeild, John Merrill.
Payments to: Edward Cluff, Comfort Waggoman, Benjamin Goodin, William Brazier,
Jerimiah Haile, Abraham Druson, Nath. Brittingham, George Douglas, Thomas
Barber, James Breaman, Alexander Benston, Parker Selby, Thomas Billings. Representatives: widow (unnamed), 2 children (unnamed).
Executor: James Baker
Thomas Robins 12.119 A SO £388.4.11 £62.11.10 Oct 25 1733
Sureties: John Bevins, Parker Selby.
Payments to: John Justice, John Donelson, William Hopkins, George Tull, Samuel Hosier, George Douglas, Thomas Blair, John Fossett (his wife's (unnamed) portion).
Legatees: Elisabeth Robins, Thomas Robins (son).
Mentions: children: Bowdin, Thomas, James, Mary, John, Esther, Susanna. Executors: Elisabeth Robins, Bowdoin Robins, Thomas Robins.
List of Debts for Mathias Gale
In the Inventories is a list of the debts due to the estate of Mathias Gale. The inventory was filed in Somerset County. This list is undated, and can be found in Liber 77, Folios 158-178. (The date is probably about 1762; however, some dates are as early as 1731.)
Some entries contain only a first name.
--"BBG" "A"--
George Douglass
Edward Chapman 16.122 A SO £65.12.3 £67.1.11 Apr 12 1738
Payments to: Ambress Willett, John Walker, Abraham Hill, John Caldwell, Parker Selby, Thomas Boreman, John Donelson, William Booth, John Smith, Catherine Boreman, Thomas Gillis, George Douglas, William Selby, Jr., John Murray, Mary Hampton, John Dennes on account of John Purnall, estate of Betty Gale, Francis Allen, Phillip Quinton, Samuel Gillett, John Fish, William Bevana, William Lain.
Administratrix: Margret Hodson, wife of Roland Hodson.
John Follows 17.217 A SO £140.11.5 £141.7.7 Jul 9 1739
Sureties: Capt. David Willson, Samuel Willson.
Payments to: Col. Levin Gale, Dr. Patrick Stewart, John Smith, Capt. Matthias Gale, Margarett Dorman, Richard Swift, Capt. John Tuotall, Patrick Connelly, Underwood Rancher, Elisabeth Cockayne, John Mosgrave, James Pope, Patrick Allison, James Jones, Sidney Brown, Whittington King, Capt. Henry Ballard, Penelope Ringrose, Thomas Dashiel, Charles Hayman, Nehemiah King, executor of Madam Betty Gale, Mr. Thomas Hayward, Daniel Dulany, Esq., George Douglas, Francis Allin, Francis Porter.
Administrator: George Gale.
Jacobb Waggaman (gentleman) 17.480 A SO £317.17.6 £174.14.9 May 22 1740
Payments to: Benjamin Summons, Henry Waggaman, Bishup Henderson, William Gore, Bowdowin Robins, Nehemiah King, William Lane, Parker Selby, Elias Price, Benjamin Gtoding, Thomas Gilliss, James Wishart (in Virginia money), George Douglass, John Henry, Daniel Dulany, Esq. paid to Wheatly Dennis, accountant as oxccutor of his father (in Virginia money), Eleanor Waggaman (widow).
Executor: Ephraim Waggaman (gentleman)
Thomas Hobbs 20.374 A SO £144.18.0 £91.6.3 Jul 7 1744
Sureties: Marcillas Hobbs, Joy Hobbs.
Payments to: Mr. Matthias Gale, Absolam Hobbs, Benjamin Cotman, William Swillwan, Jacob Aires, Thomas Walker, Mr. Matthias Gale (executor of Madam Betty Gale), John White, Henry Lowest, Patrick Allison, Thomas Crouch, Daniel Dulany, Esq., Capt. David Willson, Heber Whittingham, Mr. Thomas Dashiel Sr., George Douglas, Capt. Henry Ballard for Abraham Barnes, widow (unnamed, 1/3).
Mentions: children: Stephen, Benjamin, Pricilla, Mary, Betty, John, Sarah, Halley.
Administratrix/Executrix: Mary Hobbs.
Isaac Costen 31.341 SO £489.9.6 Mar 20 1745 Nov 20 1745
Appraisers: William Mills, John Harris (deceased by 15 November 1745).
Appraisers (2nd set): William Mills, Samuel Handy.
Creditors: George Douglas, John Gray.
Next of kin: John Tull, Stephen Costen, Ahab Costen.
Administratrix: Rose Costin
Isaac Costin 22.353 A SO £498.9.6 233.19.2 Jul 19 1746
Payments to: Dr. Dom. Jackson, John Gray, John Dennis, Joshua Hopkins, Joshua Hopkins for Daniel Dulany, Esq., Joshua Hopkins for Mr. Thomas Hayward, John Handy, Richard Burdice.
Payments to Josua Merrill for: George Douglas, Daniel Dulany, Esq., Edmond Jennings, Esq., Mr. John Denniss on account of Daniel Dulany, Esq.
Mentions: widow (unnamed), children (unnamed).
Administratrix: Rose Costin.
Leah Parker 25.39 A WO £83.0.0 £7.17.0 May 19 1748
daughter of John (dead) & Tabitha Parker. Leah died 3 days after her father.
Sureties: Alexander Buncle, George Parker.
Payments to: George Douglass & William Arbuckle, Daniel Dulany, Esq., B. Harris, John Done & Adam Bell.
Mentions: George Parker (executor of Tabitha Parker (mother)), George Parker, Samuel Parker (accountant), Philip Parker, Charles Parker, John Nicholson, Valentine Dennis, Lazarus Dennis.
Administrator: Samuel Parker.
Wonney Mcclemmey 28.260 A So £362.8.3 Sep 6 1750
Payments to: Henry Waggaman on bond of John Turpin (Solomon Long & Whittington King (sureties)), Whittington King paid by Robert Jenkins Henry, Thomas Jones, Robert Allison (executor of Patrick Allison), col. Robert Henry (said King & deceased were sureties), Margaret Brown (orphan, guardian was James Anderson), George Douglas paid by Charles Goldsborough assignee of Daniel Robison, Robert Jenkins Henry, R. J. Henry, John Bell, John Dennis, John Dennis, Jr., George Douglas, Nehemiah King, Nehemiah King for Esq. Jennings, Marsey Fountain, accountant per William Kitcher.
Mentions: Rev. Hamilton Bell.
Administrator: Solomon Long.
Nathaniel Horsey 29.57 A SO £18.10.3 Oct 27 1750
Received from: estate of Robert Beal.
Payments to: John Dennis for Mr. Dulany, George Douglas, Col. Robert Jenkins Henry, Mr. Thomas Hayward, John Dennis, Daniel Dulany, Esq., Thomas Jones.
Executor (acting): Outerbridge Horsey.
Duncan Murray 29.76 A WO £519.16.11 £629.18.7 Aug 31 1750
A second inventory is cited in the amount of £42.15.0 and £21.15.0.
Payments to: James Haywood (in New Jersey currency), Elisabeth Hill (executrix of Hutten Hill), Benton Harris, Edward Franklin & Thomas Rily & Robert Jarman & William Turvill & Joshua Morss (in Pennsylvania currency) assigned to John Hopkins (merchant in Philadelphia), William Richards, James Gibson, Edward Hammond, William Bratten (executor of William Bratten), Adam Hall, Maj. George Douglas, Thomas Brown, executors of Capt. John Handy, Peter Collier, Col. John Scarbrough, Brickus Townsend, Edmond Crapper, B. Harris.
Administratrix: Elisabeth Murray.
Col. James Martin 29.144 A WO £756.10.3 £702.2.10 Nov 22 1750
Payments to: Daniel Dulany, Esq., Rev. Pat. Glasgow paid to Benjamin Tacker, Esq., Maj. George Douglas, Thomas Bladen, Esq., executrix of Rev. Thomas Fletcher, Alexander Buncle, James Johnson, Robert Swan, Col. George Gale (administrator of Capt. Matt. Gale), Capt. Robert King, Daniel Dulany, Esq., B. Harris, Benton Harris.
Executrix: Mary Marten.
Parker Selby 29.149 A WO £1369.13.5 £442.6.5 Dec 14 1750
A second inventory is cited in the amount of E188.16.3.
Payments to (in Virginia currency): William Nelson (of New York), George Douglas, John Brown, Joshua Whittington, Dr. John Parris, John Selby (accountant, legacy from Priscilla Watts (deceased was administrator in Virginia)), Parker Selby (accountant, legacy from Priscilla Watts (deceased was administrator in Virginia)), William Selby (legacy from Priscilla Watts (deceased was administrator in Virginia)), representatives (unnamed) of William Watts (dead, of Virginia, deceased was administrator).
Payments to: Lucretia Claywell, Maj. John Selby, James Phillips, William Porter, Thomas Handy, Henry Lewes, Rachel Esaman, John Cambell, Mckemie Porter, Jonathon Hudson, Samuel Bratten, Thomas Newton, John Dreadon, Thomas Hall, John Massey, Col. R. J. Henry, William Johnson, William Beachboard, Jonathon Sturgis, Robert Scott, Daniel Sturgis, John Lewis, Peter Claywell, Jannett Nairn, Cornelius Hart, William Duer, Thomas Aydelott, Daniel Dulany, Esq., Ann Billings, John (accountant), William Scott, Hugh Roberts, Sterling Newton, Luke Bowin, Stephen Bordley, executrix of Col. Martin, B. Harris, D. Dulany, Esq.
Executors: John Selby, Parker Selby
Capt. Matthias Gale 30.47 A SO £3142.4.10 £824.0.10 May 20 1751
The amount of the accounts also included £684.3.5 in sterling, £62.1.5 in gold, & #1243.
Received from: Arnold Elzey, Jr., George Douglass on account of Patrik Stewart, Edward Shepard, Rev. Thomas Airey, William Cumming, Basil Dorsey, Richard Snowden, Daniel Cordery, Robert Austin, Thomas Muir (executor of Adam Muir), Elinor Covington, Rev. Alexander Adams, Mary Martin on account of Col. James Martin, William Nelson, Thomas Denwood, administrators of Col. George Dashiell, Thomas Jones (carpenter), Charles Ballard, William Venables, Thomas Lambden, Thomas Smith, Robert Swan, Charles Leatherbury, John Dennis, George McClester, William Brereton, Thomas Preson, Ephraim King, Mary Hobbs, Ephraim King (executor of Capell King), Peter Sherman, Day Scott, Rives Holt, Francis Allen, Robert Grayham, Arnold Elzey, Underwood Rencher, William Hearn, Isaac Hearn, administrators of Anne Macmorie, Lowther Dashiel, William Dashiell, Rev. Thomas Airey, administrators of Joseph Cottman, Robert Walter, administrator of Thomas Covington, James Trahern, Richard Phillips, Benjamin Jones, Robert Austin, George Dashiel (Quanticoe), Rev. Alexander Adams, John Woolford, William Skirvin, administrators of Robert Henderson, administrators of Col. George Dashiel, Henry Wright, Maj. Henry Ballard, Thomas Jones (carpenter), John Hopkins, Jr., John Evans, Jr., Thomas Denwood, Isaac Dashiel, Anne Ballard, Thomas Smith, administratrix of Roger Kellett, John Fowler, Robert Collier, Benjamin Cottman, Charles Leatherbury, Thomas Fowler, Charles Dashiel, Henry Waggaman, Robert Grayham, Heber Whittingham, Cannon Wainwright, Charles Ballard, Jr., Robert Downes, Ezekiel Robertson, Ephraim King (executor of Capel King), Robert Handy, Thomas Rencher, Arnold Ballard, Day Scott, Mary Holebrooke, John Barklay, Edmond Hough, Tunstall Hack, John Willen (executor of Edward Willen), Abraham Covington (administrator of Thomas Covington), Thomas Muir (executor of Adam Muir), William Nelson, Thomas Denwood, John Shiles, Jr., Marcellus Hobbs, Patrick Burgin, administrators of Col. George Dashiel, Rev. Thomas Airey & Milcah (administratrix of John Gale), John Waters, Mary Lunn, William Waters, Charles Leatherbury, Henry Dashiel, Anne Bozman, Milcah Airey, estate of Levin Gale, Esq.
Payments to: Richard Bennett, Esq. & Co. in part of judgement against Aaron Lynn in which judgement was superseded by deceased & Edward Chambers, Henry Waggaman, William Todd (of Virginia) on account of estate of William Gordon (father of wife (unnamed) of deceased) per Robert Jenkins Henry, Esq. paid to Nehemiah King per Abraham Barnes, Visitors of Somerset County School, John Williams, Samuel Chamberline, Esq., Maj. John Elzey, John Shiles, estate of Mitchel Jones, Rev. Thomas Bacon, Mary Pullett, Dr. Thomas Denwood, Hannah Cottman, Nehemiah King, Dr. Joseph Ennalls, Dr. John Done, William Stevens, Francis Hayward (in Antigua currency), Thomas Gillis, David Wilson, Thomas Holebrook, Rev. Alexander Adams on suit of said Adams against William Brereton, John Woolford, Daniel Jones, Andrew Gibb, Thomas Rencher, Anthony Bacon & James Dickinson, Daniel Dulany, Esq, paid to Nehemiah King, William Jones, Samuel Rose, Sarah Bozman, Mary Waller on account of estate of John Waller, Archibald Richie, John Dorman, Francis Langcake, Samuel Jones on account of Lewis Jones, Charles Ballard, Thomas Willen, Thomas Dashiel, Clement Dashiel, Samuel Breaton, Alexander Bunckle paid to Capt. Lowes.
Mentions: George Buckanan, William Hamlton.
Administrator: Col. George Gale.
Col. George Dashiel 30.150 A SO £1857.5.11 £736.3.2 Jul 22 1751
The amount of the inventory also included &231.9.3 in gold & silver. A second inventory is cited in the amount of £2.16.10 & £2.5.10 in gold & silver. The amount of the accounts also included E121.4.5 in gold & silver.
Received from: Henry Richards, Danil Cordary, William Cray, executor of Thomas Goslee, Sarah Johnson, Jacob Crouch, Sr., Job Surman, John Evans, Sr., John Williams, Jacob Crouch, Jr., Comfort Hopkins, George Hardy, executor of Edward Corby, administratrix of Absolom Hobbs, William Davis, Robert Collier, heirs (unnamed) of Ann Hall, Thomas Collins, George Bennett, John Spear, John Hitch, administrator of Benjamin Cottman, Peter Magee, Jervis Jenkins, Thomas Carmichal, John Jenkins, Matthew Kemp, Clement Christopher, Mary Collins, Jo. Weatherly, Thomas Goodward, Ezekiel Humphreys, William Hitch, Daniel Cox, Major Floyd, George Toadvine, Richard Nicholson, administrator of James Bready, Thomas Hacker, John Caldwell, John North, Matthew Manger, Daniel Dulany, Isaac Dashiel, Charles Dashiel, Thomas Dashiel, John Piper, Robert Downes.
Payments to: Justices of Somerset County due Paper Currency Office passed to Thomas & George Wallace, William Stewart (son of William Stewart (dead)) per Robert King the younger (guardian of William the younger), Dr. John Done, Nehemiah King, Anthony Bacon (merchant in London), Anthony Goldsmith, John Handy (in Virginia currency & paper currency), Thomas Smith, Joshua Knight, Jarvis Ballard, Jr. per Henry Waggaman, Jane Handy wife of Thomas Gillis, Joseph Morris, Henry Lowes & Co., J. Dennis, James Johnson per Robert Swan, Hugh Hagerty, Dr. Joseph Ennalls, Alexander Adams, Erasmus Drinkald, Maj. John Elsey (executor of William Caldwell) per Heber Whittingham, George Gale (administrator of Matthias Gale), Capt. William Murray, estate of Adam Muir per William Brown, Levin Dashiel, Richard Gildart, Esq. per Richard Orme due said Gildart & Sons paid to Nathaniel Hough, Lord Baltimore paid to Thomas Gillis, John White, Catherine Dunkin paid by John Piper, John Williams, Thomas Dashiel, Richard Snowden per Samuel Middleton, Thomas Caton paid to John Inch, Jonas Green, Charles Parker & Clement Parker (representatives of Thomas Parker (dead), their portions of said Thomas' estate), Thomas Gillis, William Arbuckle (in Virginia currency) paid to George Douglas, Patience Hicks paid to Joseph Ennalls, Henry Waggaman, Henry Ballard, Daniel Dulany, Esq. paid to Thomas Moore, legal representatives (unnamed) of Peter Burnett (deceased was administrator), Clement (accountant), William Piper (dead, deceased was administrator) paid to John Piper & Joseph Piper & Sarah wife of Clement (accountant) & Anna wife of Lowther (accountant), cost of suit by John Piper for self & as guardian of Joseph Piper for legacies from said William Piper devised by deceased to Mary Dashiel & Jane Dashiel, Daniel Dulany, Esq.
Administrators: Clement Dashiel, Lowther Dashiel.
Winstone Smith 32.85 A BA £1495.16.4 £331.1.0 Feb 3 1752
Sureties: John Hall (of Swan Town), Richard Dallam.
Payments to: Dr. Edward Wakeman, estate of Rachel Paca per Peregrine Brown & William Smith, Col. John Hall, James Philips, John Kemp, Daniel Dulany, Esq., orphans (unnamed) of George Stokes, William Young.
Mentions: 1 child (unnamed, aged 6).
Administratrix: Susannah Risteau, wife of Talbot Risteau.
Capell King 32.213 A SO £45.2.6 May 19 1752
A third inventory is cited in the amount of £14.2.2.
Payments to: Benjamin Handy & Robert Handy (sons of Elisabeth Handy (sister of James Dashiel (dead), her portion of estate of said James)), Matthias Dashiel (brother of James Dashiel (dead), his portion of estate of said James) paid to George Douglass (bequeathed by said Matthias}, Richard Gildart, Esq. & Sons paid to Richard Orme, Daniel Dulany, Esq. paid to Nehemiah King, Daniel Dulany, Esq. for fees against several persons for concealing effects of James Dashiel (deceased was administrator) paid to Nehemiah King, Daniel Dulany, Esq. for fees for inventory of estate of Sarah Mauldin (deceased was administrator) paid to Nehemiah King, Nehemiah King due to Daniel Dulany, Esq., Daniel Dulany, Esq.
Legatees: John Dean.
Executor: Ephraim King.
David Wilson 32.376 A SO £3105.5.10 £2257,8.10 Jul 25 1752
Received from: Edm. Beaucham, William Strand, Catherine Pitts.
Payments to: Col. George (no surname given), Tunstall Hack, Thomas Denwood, Smith Horsey, John Done, Dr. Andrew Francis Chine, Thomas Dashiells, John Robison, Matthew Davis, Matthew Mangarr, Jacob Airs, Christopher Maughon, Rachel Murray for self & sisters (unnamed) to mother (unnamed) of said Rachel, Elisabeth Beard (executrix of John Beard), Thomas Gillis, Catherine Steward, Rebecca Steward, Margaret Cottingham, Benjamin Fransway, Teague Rigging, Jacob Wald, Richard Waters, Elisabeth Laws, Charles Cottingham, James Smith, John Lankford, Nehemiah Dorman, William Walton, Thomas Gibbing, John Broughton, Gideon Tilman, George Douglas (in Virginia currency & original currency), Thomas Hayward, Patrick McKenny, David Pollock, Nehemiah Hern, Capt. Thomas Gillis, Whitey McClemmey, John Dennis, Sr., Daniel Jones in right of William Thomson as his guardian, Ephraim Willson (accountant).
Legatees: Ephraim Willson, Denwood Willson paid his guardian Col. George Gale, David Willson paid his guardian Ephraim King, Betty Willson, Ann Willson, Rebecca Stewart (received Negro Charles).
Mentions: children: Ephraim Willson, Betty Wilson, Ann Jones, Samuel Wilson, David Wilson, Denwood Wilson, Esther Wilson, James Wilson.
Executors: Ephraim King, Ephraim Wilson.
William McClemmey 32.379 A SO £552.5.6 £552.5.6 Aug 1 1752
Payments to: Joseph Read, Benjamin Sasser, Robert Allison, George Douglass, Dr. Andrew Francis Chaney, John Dennis, Arnold Elaey, John Done, Col. George Gale, Dr. Thomas Denwood, Capt. Thomas Gillis, Daniel Dulany, Esq.
Legatees: Sarah Sasser wife of William Sasser, William McClemmey (received Negro London), accountant (received Negro David), wife (unnamed) of Babell King, Samuel McClemmey (under age, received Negro Pasey).
Distribution to: accountant.
Executor: Wittey McClemmey (also Whittey McClemmey)
Patrick Allison 33.281 A SO £1451.16.11 £235.18.8 Dec 23 1752
Payments to: Catherine Stevens, John Baird, Benjamin Francis, Archibald Stutt, Monokin Congregation paid to David Wilson & Henry Waggaman, John Williams paid to Richard Watters for John Williams & Co., Hannah Goldsmith, Benjamin Handay, Jarvis Bollard, Rev. Mr. Hamilton paid to Thomas Rillit, John Dennis, Daniel Dulany, Esq., Nehemiah King, Rev. Mr. John Hamilton, George Austin, Mrs. Combs, Benjamin Enloes, Mrs. Alexander, Mr. Douglass, Mrs. Allison, Thomas Hayward, Jr., Henry waggaman & Henry Ballard, Jane Caldwell (deceased's housekeeper), Dr. John Done.
Legatees: accountant & representatives (unnamed).
Mentions: child (unnamed), Grace Allison (daughter).
Executor: Robert Allison
Capt. William Lane 33.395 A WO £284.10.1 £313.17.5 Dec 15 1753
Payments to: MM Lightfoot & Tabe (merchants in York, in Virginia currency), Col. Robert King, Angelo Atkinson, Nathaniel Brumbley, John Scarborough, Edmund Jenings, Lord Baltimore, William Noleland, Joshua Mitchell, Nehemiah Holland, George Douglas for Lightfoot & Tabe, B. Harris, Ep. Waggaman for Daniel Dulany, Esq., William Proburt, Benton Harris.
Executrix (acting): Elisabeth Lane.
Robert Allen (merchant) 35.159 A WO £417.18.5 2666.16.11 Sep 25 1753
died in York, Virginia. The amount of the inventory also included £53.3.11 in sterling & £198.8.1 in gold. The amount of the accounts also included £86.16.5 in sterling & £338.4.0 inold.
Received from: William Elligood (of Virginia).
Payments to: James Cumming, Col. Henry per Mr. James Tilghman for suit in Dorchester County against John Grant, George Douglas, John Fitz, Arnold Elzey, cost of suit against Arnold Johns, John Oneal, James Truitt, Charles Dickenson, Thomas Gillis for Lord Baltimore, John Massey, Thomas Muir, Elias Vinnetson, Ann Sterling Robins, John Short, Thomas Hayward, John Scarborough, George Douglas for land mortgaged by Aaron Lynn, Andrew Sprowle, John Sheldon, Robert Allen (father & sole representative, in Scotland).
Administrator: Alexander Buncle.
Robert Allein 55.111 WO £417.18.5 Dec 9 1749 Sep 4 1753
Appraisers: James Muir, John Fitz. Creditors: G. Douglas.
Administrator/Executor: Alexander Buncle.

=== s/o George?
Richard Chambers 22.186 A SO £179.6.1 £179.6.1 May 8 1746
Sureties: Solomon Lang, William Smith.
Payments to: John Tunstall, Mary Shaw (her portion of her father's (unnamed) estate in deceased's hands), Patrick Allison, Thomas Mitchel, Mr. John Dennis due to Mr. Dulany, Esq., Nehemiah King, Whitley Turpin„ estate of John Horsey, Benjamin Heyman.
Legatees: William Douglas, Richard Brereton.
Distribution to: accountant (1/2). Residue to (representatives): Richard Brereton, William Douglas.
Executor (surviving): Samuel Collins.
Douglass, George (I129124)
94505 {MD Deponents:Archibald DOUGLASS deposed in 1731, aged 30 [QA 2:113]; Douglass, Archibald (I129128)
94506 {Peter,Peter,John,John}

=== ?

DIED MARCH 26, 1803 
Dent, Jonathan (I9374)
94507 {see EFSM Vol. VI for Dyson children}
Charles County Land Record Book O#3, 1765-1770; Page 78. CC, Jun 28. 1766 from Mary Dyson of CC and Maddox Dyson of Frederick County, planters, to Bennett Dyson of CC, planter, for 100 £and for other good causes, part of 3 tracts of land, the one, Swann Hill, and the other, Nevitts Desire, and the other, Concord, lying in CC on the east side of the main Branch of Piles fresh, containing about 77 acres. Concord contains about 7-1/2 acres. Signed Mary (m her mark) Dyson, Maddox Dyson. Wit - Jno Winter*, Robt Horner*. Recorded Jul 24, 1766.
1642-1753 Rent Rolls Charles County MD Hundred - Newport: Rent Roll page/Sequence: 374-12: SWAN HILL: 200 acres; Possession of - 100 Acres - Norris, Henry: 100 Acres - Dyson, Thomas: Surveyed 2 May 1665 for Edward Swan in the woods adjoining to the land of John Compton called BOSWELL {mm note: spelling is BOSWELL}: Other Tracts Mentioned: BOSWELL; ; ; Conveyance notes - {mm Note; not identified to a specific Hundred. Location identified by watercourse or nearby tract.}, 100 Acres - John Wilson from Henry Norris; 28 Oct 1712,100 Acres - John Dyson from Thomas Swann; 15 Mar 1738, Thomas Dyson Jr. from Thomas Dyson Sr., 9 March 1742., George Dyson from Thomas Dyson Sr., 9 March 1742, ,
1642-1753 Rent Rolls Charles County MD Hundred - Piccawaxen or Wm&Mary: Rent Roll page/Sequence: 298-74: NEVITTS DESIRE: 200 acres; Possession of - 200 Acres - Bayne, Walter : Surveyed 10 July 1665 for John Nevitt Adjoining to the land of Edward Swan: Conveyance notes - Walter Beane for Ebsworth Beane, Joseph Allen from Ebsworth Bayne, 22 Feb 1715.,25 Acres – Thomas Dyson from Samuel Amery (sp?), 2 June 1732, 150 Acres – John Allen from John Nevitt, 1 April 1734, Thomas Dyson Jr. from Thomas Dyson Sr., 9 March 1742., George Dyson from Thomas Dyson Sr., 9 March 1742, John Wilson from Joseph Allen, 30 May 1746

=== Contributed by Ralph D. Smith

1776 - The 1776 Census of Sugarland Hundred, Frederick Co., Md. (which later in 1776 becomes part of the new Montgomery Co., Md.) shows this household:
--Dyson, Matdox, age 32
--Dyson, Bennett, age 8
--Dyson, Aquely, age 6
--Dyson, John, age 3
--Dyson, Jean, age 40 [formerly the widow of John Swann]
--Dyson, Mary, age 1
--Dyson, Mary, age 56
--Swann, Thomas, age 15
--Swann, Ann, age 10
--Clark, Nester, age 38
--Prilley, a Negro, age 56.
Source: Brumbaugh, Vol. 1, pp. 201-2.

Aug. 1777 - Maddox Dyson is in the 3rd Company of the Upper Battalion of Montgomery Co., troops in the Maryland Militia.
Source: Clements and Wright, "The Maryland Militia in the Revolutionary War," pp. 192-3
1773-1778 Frederick County Land Records; {Patricia Abelard Andersen}
W:182-184. Thomas Cramphin recorded deed 21 Oct. 1774, made 5 Day 1774 from Maddoc Dyson for £25, part of Resurvey on Non Eaten, 225 acres, beginning at line of a deed from John Veirs and William Veirs to said Dyson. Signed and acknowledged before David Lynn, Edward Burgess.
=== Research Notes from George Swann
Montgomery Co. Estate Files 1797 - 1802 FHL #104905783
"First Account of Barton ONeale, surviving Executor of John ONeale deceased.... the following payments and disbursements... #6 Of money & tobacco due from dec'd to Madox Dyson and paid..." October 8, 1799

Maddox & Jane Dyson were living in York Dist. SC in 1804. Elijah Viers married Ann Swann, the daughter of Jane and her first husband John Swann. They married in 1783-84, soon after the will of her brother Thomas Turner Swann was probated. She was called "Ann Swann" in it.

At the request of Elijah Viers the following deed was recorded the 11th day of April 1804, to wit, Know ye all men by all these presents that I Maddox Dyson & Jane Dyson his wife of the state of South Carolina & district of York have bargained, sold, and conveyed Elijah Viers of the state of Maryland and Montgomery County. Witness that for in consideration of sum of one hundred dollarsin hand paid by the afsd Elijah Viers before the sealing & delivering of these presents have bargained, sold, and conveyed unto Elijah Viers all their right of Dowry of three tracts or parcels of land lying in the State & County afsd, on the waters of Seneca & known by the names of The Resurvey on Dry Spring, Swann's Good Luck, and New Year's Gift, the afsd land was the property of John Swan deceased and fell to us by rite of Dowry during the natural life of the afsd John Swan's wife to have & to hold the afsd parcels or tracts of land with all appertainenace thereunto belonging free & clear from being molested by us and we the aforesaid Maddox Dyson and Jane Dyson do renounce any rite, title, or claim to the afsd and hereby acknowledge the aforesaid land to be the rite of Elijah Viers, him and his heirs forever as witness our hands & seals this tenth day of March eighteen hundred and four. Maddox Dyson, Jane Dyson
Witnesses: Thomas Boyd, Aquilla Dyson 
Dyson, Maddox (I39100)
94508 {Theoph,Gideon,Benj,John,John} Dent, Pamelia Anne (I9298)
94509 {Wm,Thos,John,John} Dent, Thomas (I9336)
94510 {Zach,Benj,John,John}
Charles County Maryland Will Book WDM-15, 1825-1833; {Abstract by Mike Marshall}; Page 300.
Zachariah Dent Sr., Will, June 21, 1828; December 27, 1828
I, Zachariah Dent of CC, being weak in body, but of sound and disposing mind, memory and understanding;
To son William S. Dent, 1 dollar.
To son George R. Dent, 1 dollar.
To son Zechariah Dent, the plantation whereon he now lives being a part of a tract "Burches Reserve", part of a tract "Chesham" and part of a tract "Boarman Manor". Also negroes James and John now in his possession.
To son Zachariah Dent, negroes Peggy and Teresa, provided he pay my daughter Catherine Swann, 110 dolllars.
To daughter Catharine Swann, negroes Stephen, William, Harry, Anne, Warren, and Blackman. Also 1 walnut chest.
To daughter Elizabeth Sophia Dent, my dwelling plantation whereon I now live, being part of "Turners Forest" and also part of a tract called "Church Over". Also negroes Mary, Henny, Mark, Mariah, Juliana and Emily. Also 1 desk, 1 bed and furniture, 1 cart and 1 yoke of oxen, 1 bay mare, 1 bay colt, all the meat, corn crop of tobacco and wheat in the house or field and all the money that I may have at my death.
To son Zachariah Dent, daughters Catharine Swann and Elizabeth Sophia Dent, all the rest and residue of my estate.
Item: It is hereby expressed that all the above property bequeath be retained by my wife Elizabeth Dent during her life for her use except negroes Peggy and Tresey which shall be delivered to my son Zachariah at my death.
Joint Executors: son Zachariah Dent and Benjamin Swann
Signed: June 21, 1828 Zechariah Dent
Wit: Theophilus Dent, George Smoot, John Farrand 
Dent, George Reed (I9331)
94511 |ohn Smith y" sone of Tho. & Eliz" Smith was bab" 13th of Aprill 1684. Smith, John (I119107)
94512 •HENRY LANHAM, died prior to October 6, 1778
James Ateshison and John Power signed as kin
Prince George's County Inventory, TT(1):91 Recorded: October 6, 1778 
Lanham, Henry (I108216)
94513 ¦ + 5 William Hatch Dent B 18 Jun 1787 Charles Co MD
¦ ¦ ¦ M c1814? Charles Co MD = Katherine Brawner
¦ ¦ ¦ D 1 Feb 1818 Charles Co MD
¦ ¦ ¦
¦ ¦ = Katherine Brawner B 10 Oct 1789 Charles Co MD
¦ ¦ ¦ D 24 Apr 1860 Coudersport, Potter Co PA
¦ ¦ ¦
¦ ¦ + 6 ? Henry Hatch Dent B 8 Feb 1814 Bryantown, Charles Co MD
¦ ¦ ¦ R by 1838 to Washington DC
¦ ¦ ¦ M lic: 14 Sep 1841 Washington DC = Anna Maria Adlum
¦ ¦ ¦ R 1850 to St Louis MO
¦ ¦ ¦ R by 1860 to Coudersport, Potter Co PA
¦ ¦ ¦ D 19 Nov 1872 Baltimore County, Maryland
¦ ¦ ¦

Charles County Maryland Will Book HBBH-13, 1808-1817; {Abstract by Mike Marshall}; Page 126.
Mary Dent, Will, January 4, 1811; August 20, 1811
I, Mary Dent of CC, being sick and weak in body, but of sound and disposing mind, memory and understanding;
To mother {Judith Poston Dent} the use or profits of my part of the land in North Carolina, and after her death equally divided between my brothers and sisters with the following exception, the part which would go to my sister Lucinda Dyson, shall go to her children.
To mother, negroes Tom & Cupid; to to serve 10 years and Cupid 15 years and then set free, but in the event of my mothers death before the expiration of their time servitude, then the negroes may eliect whom they will serve the remaining time, either my brother Williiam H. Dent, my sister Priscilla Ann Dent, Catharine Emelia Judith Dent, Julianna Chapman Dent or either of the children of my sister Lucinda Dyson.
To mother, the use of the money (free from interest) due me by Zephaniah Waters on bond on which suit is now brought being 100 dollars, until my sister Julian Chapman Dent arrives to the age of 20 yrs.
To mother, all and singular the residue of my property and that she cause to be made for my sister Juliana C. Dent a gold Locket, with a lock of my hair in it to cost 20 dollars.
Signed: January 4, 1811 Mary Dent
Wit: Meverel Morran, William Good, William Matthews
Charles County Maryland Will Book HBBH-13, 1808-1817; {Abstract by Mike Marshall}; Page 289.
Judith Dent, Will, September 30, 1811; March 23, 1814
I, Judith Dent of CC, being in perfect health of body and of sound mind, memory and understanding;
To daughter Priscilla Ann Dent, Catharine Amelia Judith Dent, and Juliana Chapman Dent, my carriage and harness during their single lives.
Item: all the remainder of my property to my children equally; Priscilla Ann Dent, William Hatch Dent, Catharine Amelia Judith Dent, and Juliana Chapman Dent and daughter Lucinda Dyson's children. Daughter Lucinda Dyson's children portion to be retained by my son William Hatch Dent until they arrive to lawfull age or any part of thereof to my daughter if he should think it necessary of her subsistence.
Executor: son William Hatch Dent and daughter Priscilla Ann Dent
Signed: September 30, 1811 Judith Dent
Wit: William Good, William Matthews. 
Dent, William Hatch (I20213)

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