Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Mary Cox

Female Abt 1674 - 1748  (~ 74 years)

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Moses Cawood
Male Bef 1745-1811
Elishabah Beall
Female 1744-1799
Mary Fendall Hanson
Female 1763-Aft 1811
John Cawood
Male Bef 1745-
Elizabeth Ward
Female Abt 1769-
Benjamin Cawood
Male Bef 1746-1805
Female {unproven} Wynne
Female Bef 1750-Bef 1789
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Martha Marbury
Female 1752-Aft 1810
Smallwood Cawood
Male Abt 1746-Aft 1793
Stephen Cawood
Male Abt 1747-
Benjamin Cawood
Male 1712-1783
Eleanor MNU Cawood
Female 1735-Bef 1783
Female Beale
Female Abt 1758-Bef 1800
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Stephen Cawood
Male 1765-1806
Elizabeth Cawood
Female 1772-1851
John Berry
Male 1779-1855
Stephen Cawood
Male 1724-1810
Esther Berry
Female 1729-Bef 1785
Catharine Hebsabah Emerson
Female Abt 1765-Bef 1792
Elizabeth Anne Fendall
Female Abt 1750-1828
Mary Padgett
Female 1746-1788
Benjamin Chitty
Male 14 Mar 1742/43-1822
James Layton
Male Bef 1739-
Thomas Padgett
Male 1752-1831
Hezekiah Padgett
Male Abt 1756-1796
Anne Naylor Davis
Female Abt 1756-Aft 1789
Elizabeth Cawood
Female 1730-1756
John Padgett
Male 1723-1811
John Cawood
Male 1693-1769
Elizabeth Atchison
Female Bef 1726-Aft 1744
James McFall
Male Abt 1720-24 Jan 1743/44
Female Atchison
Female Bef 1736-
John Lomax
Male Bef 1732-1771
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John Atchison
Male Bef 1732-Aft 1764
Ann MNU Atchison
Female -Aft 1752
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John Atchison
Male Bef 1710-14 Mar 1744/45
Mary Anne MNU Browne
Female Bef 1708-Aft 1745
William Atchison
Male 1719-Aft 1785
James Atchison
Male 1725-Aft 1759
Sarah {Unproven} McAtee
Female Abt 1733-Aft 1759
William Atchison
Male 1750-Aft 1782
Joseph Atchison
Male 1732-1782
Anne Cawood
Female Abt 1694-Aft 1754
William Atchison
Male Bef 1690-1734
John Thomas
Male Aft 1762-Aft 1808
Ann Thomas
Female Aft 1762-Aft 1808
Unknown Boswell
Male Aft 1762-Aft 1808
Notley Thomas
Male Aft 1762-Aft 1808
Joseph Young Thomas
Male Aft 1762-Aft 1808
Elizabeth Ford Thomas
Female Aft 1762-Aft 1808
Drusilla Thomas
Female Aft 1762-Aft 1810
Unknown Padgett
Male Aft 1762-Aft 1808
Mary Thomas
Female Aft 1762-Aft 1808
Unknown Nalley
Male Abt 1762-Aft 1808
Henry Thomas
Male Abt 1738-1808
Lucy Ford
Female Aft 1746-Aft 1808
William Cawood
Male Abt 1695-1761
Sarah MNU Cawood
Female -Aft 1771
Richard Willett
Male Aft 1718-Aft 1775
John Cawood Willett
Male Aft 1718-1765
George Willett
Male Aft 1718-
Anne Willett
Female 1770-Aft 1835
Theophilus Robey
Male Abt 1766-Aft 1798
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Benjamin Willett
Male Aft 1718-1835
Mary Cawood
Female Abt 1696-Aft 1737
Charles Willett
Male 1661-1737
Thomas Cawood
Male Abt 1736-Aft 1787
Mary Cawood
Female Abt 1737-Aft 1787
Mary Cawood
Female 1773-1835
John Marsteller
Male 1773-1843
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Stephen Cawood
Male 1740-1802
Basil Warren
Male 1783-1855
Elizabeth Cawood
Female Abt 1758-Bef 1799
George Warren
Male 1755-1809
Thomas Cawood
Male Abt 1697-1766
Anne MNU Freshwater
Female Abt 1716-Aft 1766
Stephen Cawood
Male 1745-Aft 1769
Thomas Cawood
Male Aft 1723-1777
Benjamin Cawood
Male Aft 1725-Bef 1807
Sybil Myvert Barber
Female Aft 1729-1813
Dorothy Cawood
Female Aft 1727-
Eleanor Cawood
Female Aft 1729-
Unknown Wingate
Male Aft 1729-
Elizabeth Cawood
Female Aft 1731-
Martha Cawood
Female Aft 1733-
Anne Cawood
Female Aft 1735-Aft 1775
Benjamin Davis
Male 1759-1819
Mary Wood
Female Bef 1771-1788
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Sarah Thorn
Female Bef 1746-1833
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Mary Cawood
Female Abt 1740-1761
Benjamin Davis
Male Bef 1737-1794
Stephen Cawood
Male 1700-1767
Eleanor MNU Cawood
Female Abt 1704-1775
Mary 'Macklenane' McClane
Female 10 Feb 1719/20-
Hester Cawood
Female Abt 1702-Aft 1752
Brice 'Macklenane' McClane
Male Abt 1698-Bef 1721
William Robinson
Male Bef 1730-1807
Stephen Robinson
Male 1725-Aft 1778
Jane MNU Robinson
Female 1739-Aft 1776
Walter Wilkerson
Male Bef 1756-1836
Hepsey Marlow
Female Abt 1770-Aft 1805
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John B. Wilkerson
Male 1761-Aft 1850
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Bennett Wilkinson
Male Bef 1763-1797
Mildred McAtee
Female 1767-Aft 1798
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Alexander Wilkinson
Male Abt 1770-1833
Dorothy Wilkinson
Female Bef 1774-Aft 1820
Richard Richards
Male Abt 1745-Aft 1820
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Hester Robinson
Female Bef 1730-Aft 1778
Alexander Wilkinson
Male Bef 1725-1809
John Hoggins
Male 1756-1805
Catherine Robinson
Female 1730-Aft 1798
Peter Hoggins
Male 1726-1798
John Robinson
Male Abt 1698-1778
Mary Robey
Female -Aft 1791
Anne Robey
Female -Aft 1791
Joseph Robey
Male Bef 1751-1786
Sarah Davies
Female Bef 1755-Aft 1800
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Michelle Robey
Female Abt 1764-
Nathaniel Maddox
Male Abt 1760-Abt 1829
New chart
Jacob Robey
Male Bef 1765-Aft 1804
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Stephen Robey
Male Aft 1728-1791
Lydia Shaw
Female Abt 1730-Bef 1791
William Robey
Male Bef 1758-Aft 1790
Penelope Cawood
Female Abt 1710-Aft 1783
Ralph Robey
Male 1708-1775
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Mary Cox
Female Abt 1674-Feb 1747/48
Stephen Cawood
Male Aft 1674-1735