Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Thomas Harrison

Male 1665 - 1746  (80 years)

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Joseph Elkins
Male Bef 1712-Aft 1732
Benjamin Elkins
Male Aft 1712-Aft 1748
Amy {unproven| Harrison
Female Abt 1686-Bef 1767
James Elkins
Male Abt 1690-1717
Benjamin Rush
Male 1717-1801
Alice Grigsby
Female Abt 1721-1815
Benjamin Grigsby
Male 1747-Bef 1840
Elizabeth Duncan
Female Abt 1763-
Amy Rush
Female 1721-Abt 1793
Richard Grigsby
Male 1716-1782
Jane Rush
Female 1725-
Allen Rush
Male 1727-
Benjamin Rush
Male 1685-1759
Sythia Harrison
Female Abt 1688-Aft 1723
Henry Lucas
Male 1678-1716
Female Summers
Female Aft 1708-
Unknown Pratt
Male Aft 1708-
Female Summers
Female Aft 1709-
Unknown Leister
Male Aft 1709-
Female Summers
Female Aft 1710-
Female Summers
Female Aft 1711-
Daniel Diskin
Male Abt 1694-Aft 1722
Simon Summers
Male 1747-1836
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John Summers
Male 1749-1821
Elizabeth Dulin
Female 1760-1822
Mary Summers
Female Abt 1755-Bef 1811
William Humphrey
Male 1753-Bef 1805
William Summers
Male 1758-1840
Frances Lewis
Female Abt 1761-1789
Sarah Summers
Female 1761-1836
John Summers
Male Abt 1718-1788
Susannah Adams
Female Abt 1726-Aft 1770
Mary {unproven} Sharp
Female Bef 1728-1809
William Follin
Male Abt 1740-1798
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John Hurst
Male Bef 1740-
Sarah Hurst
Female Abt 1742-1800
Edward Dulin
Male 1719-1782
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Mary Anne Hurst
Female Abt 1742-Abt 1785
William White
Male Abt 1738-
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James Hurst
Male 1744-1829
Mary Gunnell
Female Abt 1748-1827
Anne Hurst
Female 1745-1795
John Floyd
Male Abt 1746-
Elizabeth Summers
Female Abt 1719-1745
John Hurst
Male 1713-1789
Daniel Summers
Male Abt 1723-1799
William Summers
Male Abt 1725-1799
George Summers
Male 1758-1818
John Summers
Male Abt 1759-1818
William Summers
Male Abt 1766-1797
Isabella Shaw
Female Bef 1771-1821
Susannah Summers
Female 1770-1808
Thomas Millan
Male 1750-1828
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Francis Summers
Male 1772-1860
Sarah Ratcliff
Female 1779-1861
Thomas Summers
Male 1780-1871
Jane Summers
Female Abt 1785-
Benoni Price
Male Abt 1785-
Francis Summers
Male 1732-1800
Jane Watkins
Female 1735-1814
John Summers
Male 1688-1790
William Rowley
Male Abt 1690-1774
Burr Harrison
Male Abt 1748-1776
Sarah Harrison
Female 1754-1842
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Frances Peyton
Female 1754-1795
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Seth Harrison
Female Bef 1752-Aft 1788
John McMillion
Male Bef 1748-Bef 1788
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Thomas Harrison
Male 1724-1756
William Linton
Male Abt 1743-Aft 1763
Sarah Linton
Female Abt 1752-Bef 1842
Robert Ashby Combs
Male Abt 1748-1842
Jane Harrison
Female 1726-1759
John Linton
Male Abt 1723-1753
John Monroe
Male 1756-1814
Jane Jones
Female 1760-1795
John Monroe
Male Abt 1722-1767
Valentine Peyton
Male Abt 1751-1789
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John Peyton
Male Abt 1752-Aft 1774
Frances Peyton
Female 1754-1795
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Robert Peyton
Male Bef 1757-1777
George Peyton
Male Bef 1757-1777
Anne Peyton
Female Aft 1758-Aft 1774
Burr Peyton
Male 1761-Aft 1814
Sibella Linton
Female 1761-1821
Cuthbert Peyton
Male 1762-1812
Harrison Peyton
Male Abt 1768-Aft 1774
Seth Harrison
Female 1729-Aft 1784
John Peyton
Male 1728-1774
Stephen Combs
Male 1750-1807
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Joseph Combs
Male 1725-1808
Spencer Calvert
Male 1759-1834
Burwell Calvert
Male Aft 1760-
Ada Fairfax
Male 1758-1794
Landon Calvert
Male 1764-1809
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Elizabeth Cox
Female Abt 1770-1826
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Margaret Calvert
Female 1781-1866
Hezekiah Fairfax
Male 1755-Bef 1838
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Hannah Harrison
Female Abt 1732-1807
William Calvert
Male 1728-1811
Matthew Harrison
Male 1763-1807
Catherine Ellzey
Female 1770-1835
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Burr Harrison
Male 1734-1790
Mary Anne Barnes
Female 1734-1803
Obed Waite
Male 1766-1845
Matthew Harrison
Male 1738-1798
Mary Wood
Female 1742-Bef 1769
Anne Slaughter
Female Abt 1740-1774
Elizabeth Webb
Female Abt 1747-1781
Eleanor Tyler
Female Abt 1745-
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Burr Powell
Male 1768-1839
Catherine Brooke
Female 1770-1851
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Sarah Powell
Female 1771-1838
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Levin Powell
Male 1772-1807
Elizabeth Orr
Female 1780-1844
Cuthbert Powell
Male 1775-1849
Catherine Simms
Female 1780-1872
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Sarah Harrison
Female 1740-1812
Levin Powell
Male 1738-1810
George Harrison
Male 1745-1805
Elizabeth Beale
Female Abt 1751-
Robert Brashears
Male Abt 1776-
Anne Beale
Female 1754-1785
Burr Harrison
Male 1699-1775
Anne Barnes
Female 1699-Aft 1749
Margaret Suit
Female Bef 1726-1741
Mary Suit
Female Bef 1727-
Elizabeth Harrison
Female Abt 1700-1746
Edward Suit
Male Bef 1700-1739
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Helen Scott
Female 1737-1795
Benjamin Bullitt
Male 1692-1766
Susannah Harrison
Female Abt 1730-Aft 1759
Jonathan Gibson
Male Bef 1725-1791
William Harrison
Male Aft 1767-Bef 1791
Burr Harrison
Male Aft 1767-Aft 1791
William Harrison
Male Abt 1734-1775
Jane Humston
Female 1736-Aft 1791
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Eleanor Harrison
Female Aft 1761-
Mary Harrison
Female Aft 1762-
Sarah Harrison
Female Aft 1764-
Thomas Harrison
Male 1736-1827
Mary Anne Butler
Female Abt 1742-
Unknown Quarles
Male Abt 1737-
Burr Harrison
Male 1738-1822
Elizabeth Dargan
Female 1750-1825
Frances Fowke
Female Aft 1760-Aft 1830
William Bradford
Male 1751-1825
Mary Harrison
Female 1741-1831
Chandler Fowke
Male 1732-1810
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Mary Short
Female 1745-Bef 1824
John Gillison
Male Abt 1748-
Thomas Harrison
Male 1702-1773
Anne Grayson
Female Abt 1706-1767
Zachariah McMillion
Male 1748-Aft 1793
Tabitha McMillion
Female Bef 1757-1793
Unknown Mudd
Male Bef 1753-Bef 1793
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Hugh McMillion
Male Bef 1728-1752
Tabitha Compton
Female Bef 1732-Aft 1757
John Dr. Briscoe
Male 1752-1815
Eleanor Magruder
Female 1766-1806
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Elizabeth Briscoe
Female 1755-Aft 1796
Walter Baker
Male Bef 1751-1786
George Riley
Male Abt 1755-Aft 1796
William Slaughter
Male Bef 1755-Aft 1777
Frances Briscoe
Female 1762-1795
Ignatius Davis
Male Bef 1761-Aft 1785
Hezekiah Briscoe
Male 1774-Aft 1796
John Dr. Briscoe
Male 1717-1788
George Cole Briscoe
Male Bef 1727-1805
Benjamin Hamrick
Male 1755-1842
John McMillion
Male 1735-Aft 1804
Martha Palmer
Female 1742-Aft 1805
Rowley McMillion
Male Aft 1807-
Rowley McMillion
Male Bef 1755-1843
John McMillion
Male 1703-1760
Robert English
Male Bef 1751-
Sarah Mason
Female Aft 1751-
Jane Harrison
Female Bef 1712-
Sarah Scott
Female Aft 1760-
James Scott
Male Aft 1760-
Thomas Scott
Male Aft 1760-
Alexander Scott
Male 1762-1819
Frances Whiting
Female Abt 1766-1807
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Elizabeth Scott
Female 1771-1858
Lawrence Ashton
Male 1757-1812
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Anne Scott
Female Bef 1779-
William Browne
Male 1775-1829
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James Scott
Male 1743-1779
Seth Harrison
Female 1742-1783
Thomas Short
Male 1784-1819
Sarah Harrison
Female Abt 1788-Bef 1809
Frances Harrison Short
Female Bef 1802-Bef 1851
Frances Harrison
Female 1749-Abt 1829
Thomas Short
Male 1761-1798
Anne Harrison
Female 1752-1783
Thomas Harrison
Male 1774-1816
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Philip Alexander
Male 1776-1833
Elizabeth Harrison
Female 1797-Abt 1823
Sarah Harrison
Female 1754-1842
Frances Barnes
Female 1710-Aft 1750
Matthew Harrison
Male Abt 1717-
George Harrison
Male Abt 1719-
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Thomas Harrison
Male 1665-1746