Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Alice MNU Hatch

Female 1618 -

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Michael Dent
Male 1665-Bef 1697
Abigail Dent
Female Abt 1668-
John Dent
Male 1705-1791
Mary Blackman
Female Bef 1720-Bef 1788
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Hatch Dent
Male 1707-1781
Anne Chapman
Female Bef 1712-Aft 1781
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Benjamin Dent
Male 1709-1778
Susannah (Unproven) Brewer
Female Bef 1726-Aft 1778
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Michael Dent
Male 1712-1795
Female Manning
Female Abt 1716-Bef 1795
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Thomas Dent
Male 1715-1789
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Peter Dent
Male 1718-1800
Margaret "Blee" Holt
Female 1710-Aft 1750
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John Dent
Male 1674-1733
Catherine MNU Dent
Female Abt 1682-Aft 1740
Edward Turner
Male 1703-1773
Eleanor Wilson
Female 1711-1781
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Samuel Turner
Male Abt 1704-1764
Verlinda McPherson
Female Abt 1720-1753
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Anne MNU Turner
Female Bef 1737-Abt 1755
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Mary Price
Female Abt 1699-1773
Micha Turner
Female Abt 1707-Aft 1773
John Dent Turner
Male Abt 1720-Aft 1781
Elizabeth Glaze
Female Aft 1720-Aft 1746
Sarah Barker
Female 3 Jan 1724/25-Aft 1779
Ruth Turner
Female 1716-1801
Joseph Glaze
Male 1712-1789
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Lydia Dent
Female 1676-Aft 1746
Samuel Turner
Male 1675-29 Jan 1746/47
Peter Dent
Male 1678-
Mary Dent
Female 1684-1726
Anne Dent
Female 1688-
John Caton
Male Bef 1709-Aft 1766
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John Dent
Male 1724-1778
Female MNU Dent
Female Abt 1720-Bef 1755
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Mary MNU Dent
Female Abt 1735-1791
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George Dent
Male 1727-1757
Elizabeth Harris
Female 1733-Aft 1776
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George Dent
Male 1690-1750
Elizabeth Short
Female Abt 1693-1733
Peter Dent
Male 1728-Aft 1806
Thomas Dent
Male 1730-1774
Elizabeth Edwards
Female Abt 1734-1823
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William Dent
Male 1732-Aft 1788
Mary Dent
Female 1734-
James Armstrong
Male Abt 1730-
Lydia Dent
Female Bef 1748-
Francis Davis
Male Bef 1744-1775
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Mary MNU Dent
Female Bef 1711-Aft 1750
Unknown Locke
Male Abt 1714-
Lydia Bright
Female 1720-Aft 1754
Mary Bright
Female 1732-1784
Christian Dent
Female 1692-Bef 1758
John Bright
Male Bef 1691-Aft 1712
Dent Suit
Male Bef 1724-1792
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Sarah Suit
Female Bef 1730-Bef 1767
Joseph Edwards
Male Bef 1724-1794
Thomas Suit
Male Bef 1731-Aft 1771
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Anne Suit
Female Bef 1736-Aft 1771
Joseph Edwards
Male Bef 1732-1766
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George Noe
Male Bef 1735-Aft 1783
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Thomas Suit
Male Bef 1697-1771
Mary Hatch
Female 1647-1726
John Dent
Male 1645-1712
Sarah Hatch
Female Abt 1684-1761
William Worrell
Male Bef 1676-Abt 1704
John Maddox
Male 1680-1748
William Hatch
Male Bef 1659-Aft 1684
John Hawton
Male Abt 1676-23 Jan 1716/17
Joseph Hawton
Male Abt 1676-
John Hawton
Male Abt 1700-
William Hawton
Male Abt 1701-
Thomas Hawton
Male Abt 1702-Aft 1761
Joseph Hawton
Male Abt 1703-
Benjamin Hawton
Male Abt 1708-1750
Lidia MNU Hawton
Female Abt 1712-1741
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William Hawton
Male Abt 1676-1709
Elizabeth Yates
Female Abt 1684-Bef 1709
Thomas Hawton
Male Aft 1676-Aft 1745
Anne Freeman
Female Abt 1705-Bef 1756
Lydia {Unproven} Hatch
Female Abt 1660-1718
William Hawton
Male Bef 1656-1703
Robert Yates
Male 1654-1713
John Hatch
Male 1612-1681