Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Elizabeth MNU Bailey

Female 1664 - Bef 1736  (< 71 years)

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William Donaldson
Male Bef 1734-Bef 1760
Anne Thompson
Female 1740-1835
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Bayley Donaldson
Male Abt 1736-
John Donaldson
Male Abt 1738-
Daniel Donaldson
Male Abt 1740-
Jane Donaldson
Female Aft 1754-
Anne Bayley
Female Bef 1715-Aft 1770
James Donaldson
Male Bef 1711-1770
Stephen Bailey
Male Bef 1720-1759
Alice Garland
Female Bef 1724-Bef 1760
John Bailey
Male Bef 1720-1776
Sarah Frank
Female Bef 1730-
Anne Bailey
Female Abt 1740-Aft 1804
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James Bailey
Male Bef 1720-1755
William Bailey
Male Bef 1720-
Elizabeth Bailey
Female Bef 1720-
Martha Bailey
Female Bef 1730-Aft 1753
James Jenkins
Male Abt 1706-1782
Stephen Bailey
Male 1687-1753
Elizabeth Harrison
Female Aft 1718-1760
James Bailey
Male Abt 1710-Aft 1778
Anne Fleming
Female Abt 1707-Aft 1760
James Bailey
Male Bef 1746-1772
Anne MNU Bayley
Female Bef 1746-1824
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Daniel Shumate
Male Aft 1732-1806
Sarah Anne MNU Shumate
Female Aft 1736-Aft 1806
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William Shumate
Male Bef 1733-Abt 1787
Anne McCormick
Female Bef 1737-
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Lettice Shumate
Female Abt 1744-
John Nelson
Male Bef 1745-
Bailey Shumate
Male Abt 1746-1820
Mary Dodson
Female Bef 1756-
Judith Bailey
Female Abt 1712-Aft 1784
John Shumate
Male 1708-1784
John Bailey
Male Abt 1714-
Stephen Bailey
Male Bef 1761-Aft 1781
Susannah Lunsford
Female Abt 1765-Aft 1781
Stephen Bailey
Male 1729-1794
James Bailey
Male Abt 1751-
Elizabeth White
Female Abt 1770-
Carr Bailey
Male Abt 1753-Abt 1780
Catherine Martin
Female Abt 1757-Aft 1780
Joseph Bailey
Male Abt 1757-1826
Hannah Newby
Female Abt 1761-
Minter Bailey
Male 1763-1833
William Bailey
Male Abt 1767-1836
Elizabeth Minter
Female 1771-1838
John Bailey
Male Abt 1768-1848
Frances Jones
Female Bef 1775-
John Tomlin
Male Abt 1766-Aft 1786
Carr Bailey
Male Abt 1731-1770
Mary Minter
Female Abt 1735-Aft 1770
Joseph Bailey
Male Abt 1740-1789
William Bailey
Male Abt 1744-Aft 1789
Pierce Bayley
Male 1742-1800
Mary Payne
Female 1754-1826
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William Bailey
Male Abt 1714-Aft 1783
Joannah Blowers
Female -Bef 1765
John Bailey
Male Abt 1690-Bef 1733
Elizabeth Carr
Female Abt 1694-Aft 1737
Catherine Combs
Female Abt 1720-Aft 1783
Robert Ashby
Male 1715-1792
Cuthbert Combs
Male 1745-1815
John Combs
Male Abt 1746-1780
Sarah Luttrell
Female Aft 1748-
Benjamin Combs
Male 1749-1838
Sarah Richardson
Female 1750-1816
Joseph Combs
Male 1750-1815
Ennis Combs
Male 1751-1828
Margaret Rousseau
Female Bef 1763-Aft 1828
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John Combs
Male Bef 1722-1785
Seth Harrison Bullitt
Female Abt 1729-Aft 1810
Elizabeth Ashby
Female 1742-1837
John Peters
Male Bef 1730-1781
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Lewis Ashby
Male 1746-1806
Lennah Darnall
Female 1754-1810
Nathaniel Ashby
Male 4 Jan 1747/48-1811
Margaret Foote Mauzy
Female Abt 1752-1802
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Jane Ashby
Female 1750-1822
Joseph Darnall
Male 1741-Aft 1832
Mary Ashby
Female 1750-
Edward Ashby
Male 1754-1809
Anne Ashby
Female Abt 1756-
William Smith
Male 1753-1824
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Jane Combs
Female Abt 1722-1770
John Ashby
Male Abt 1707-1789
Robert Ashby Combs
Male Abt 1748-1842
Sarah Linton
Female Abt 1752-Bef 1842
Joseph Combs
Male 1725-1808
Sarah Ashby
Female Abt 1729-
Stephen Combs
Male 1750-1807
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Elizabeth Harrison
Female 30 Jan 1730/31-1780
Elizabeth Bailey
Female 1692-1794
Daniel Young
Male Bef 1739-
Edward Young
Male Bef 1718-24 Mar 1739/40
Mary MNU Young
Female Bef 1722-Aft 1740
Mary MNU Young
Female Bef 1700-Aft 1742
Edward Young
Male Abt 1688-Aft 1740
William Bailey
Male Bef 1727-1782
James Bailey
Male 1705-Aft 1778
Elizabeth MNU Bailey
Female 1664-Bef 1736
John Bailey
Male Abt 1660-1736