Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Daniel 'Langhorne' Lanham

Male Bef 1641 - Aft 1713  (> 74 years)

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Thomas Lanham
Male 7 Mar 1708/09-Aft 1776
Margaret MNU Lanham
Female 1716-Aft 1776
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John Lanham
Male 1710-1750
Mary Pile
Female 18 Jan 1721/22-Abt 1740
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Sarah Pile
Female Abt 1726-Aft 1779
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Mary Lanham
Female 1714-Aft 1758
John Parmer
Male 1715-Aft 1759
Elizabeth Lanham
Female 1720-Abt 1724
Eleazer Lanham
Male 8 Jan 1722/23-1767
Christian Stonestreet
Female 1730-Aft 1770
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Elizabeth Lanham
Female 1727-1795
Daniel Frazer
Male 1725-1799
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Dorothy Lanham
Female 1731-Abt 1818
Francis Pile
Male Abt 1730-1764
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Elisha Lanham
Male 1725-Aft 1790
Jemima MNU Lanham
Female 1740-Aft 1790
John Lanham
Male 1689-Aft 1763
Mary Dickeson
Female Abt 1692-Aft 1774
Zachariah Lanham
Male Abt 1716-1767
Mary MNU Lanham
Female 1729-1782
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Annastatia Lanham
Female Abt 1719-Aft 1765
Edward Burch
Male 1715-1761
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Alexander McDaniel
Male Abt 1741-Aft 1795
Charity Lanham
Female 1718-1781
Thomas Blacklock
Male 1716-1790
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Rachel Lanham
Female Abt 1722-1794
Ignatius Mitchell
Male Abt 1718-1763
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Anne Lanham
Female Bef 1726-Bef 1767
William Jenkins
Male Bef 1722-1767
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Elizabeth Lanham
Female Abt 1726-Aft 1766
William Hardy
Male 1722-1758
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Edward Lanham
Male 1731-1791
Susannah Page
Female 16 Jan 1731/32-1797
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Aaron Lanham
Male 1731-1795
Elizabeth Jones
Female 1751-Aft 1795
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Moses Lanham
Male Bef 1736-1756
Nathan Lanham
Male 1724-1807
Eleanor MNU Lanham
Female Aft 1740-Bef 1775
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Sarah MNU Lanham
Female 1735-Aft 1781
Susannah Lanham
Female Bef 1723-Aft 1767
James Frye
Male 1719-Aft 1767
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Richard Lanham
Male Abt 1689-Bef 1751
Winifred Jenkins
Female Abt 1696-1771
John Lanham
Male 1722-1751
Mary Lanham
Female 29 Jan 1725/26-Aft 1768
Robert Buchanan
Male 1717-Aft 1772
Notley Lanham
Male 1727-1783
Sarah MNU Lanham
Female -Aft 1783
Josias Lanham
Male 1728-Aft 1790
Mary MNU Lanham
Female Abt 1733-Abt 1755
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Elizabeth {Unproven} Downs
Female Bef 1739-Abt 1764
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Chloe Mason
Female -Aft 1790
Edward Lanham
Male 28 Feb 1732/33-Aft 1767
Rachel Lanham
Female 1739-1818
Richard Bryan
Male 1730-Aft 1776
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Bathsheba Lanham
Female Abt 1741-Aft 1767
Henry Lanham
Male Abt 1741-1778
Edward Lanham
Male 1698-1766
Susannah MNU Lanham
Female Bef 1706-Aft 1740
Robert Poore Lanham
Male 1765-Aft 1776
Catherine MNU Lanham
Female Abt 1735-Aft 1777
Benjamin Lanham
Male 1721-1776
Sarah MNU Lanham
Female 1741-Aft 1776
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John Lanham
Male 1723-Aft 1757
Catherine MNU Lanham
Female Bef 1737-Aft 1757
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William Jones
Male Abt 1731-
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Ralph Lanham
Male Abt 1700-1742
Eleanor Jones
Female Bef 1704-Aft 1776
Stephen Lanham
Male 1726-1806
Leah Beall
Female 1730-1766
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Susannah MNU Lanham
Female Bef 1760-Aft 1806
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Thomas Lanham
Male 1693-Aft 1768
Sarah MNU Lanham
Female Abt 1708-
Martha Clarvo
Female Bef 1704-1768
John Lanham
Male 1661-Aft 1732
Dorothy Shaw
Female Abt 1672-Aft 1729
Michael Thompson
Male Aft 1702-Aft 1754
Barbara Lanham
Female Abt 1686-Aft 1718
William Thompson
Male Abt 1682-7 Mar 1716/17
John Thompson
Male Abt 1686-Aft 1718
William Lanham
Male Bef 1675-1717
Annastatia Browne
Female 1665-Aft 1718
William Browne
Male Bef 1717-Aft 1739
Catherine MNU Browne
Female Bef 1717-Aft 1739
Anthony Browne
Male Bef 1724-
Anne Browne
Female Bef 1727-Aft 1781
Edward Aprice
Male Bef 1723-1744
Richard Ford
Male Bef 1727-1781
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Daniel 'Langhorne' Lanham
Male Bef 1641-Aft 1713