Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Family Burditt


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William Burditt
Male 1600-1643
Female MNU Burditt
Female Bef 1608-Bef 1636
Elizabeth Burditt
Female Abt 1658-Bef 1697
John Hamilton
Male Abt 1634-1684
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Richard Chandler
Male Abt 1650-1697
Frances Burditt
Female Abt 1659-Abt 1698
Charles Ashton
Male 1652-1709
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Parthenia Burditt
Female Abt 1663-1697
Sarah Burditt
Female Abt 1665-1746
Gerard Fowke
Male 1662-1735
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Thomas Burditt
Male 1636-1668
Virlinda Cotton
Female 1638-1683
Alice MNU Burditt
Female Bef 1618-Aft 1649
Henry Burdett
Male 1689-1725
Henry Burdett
Male Bef 1643-1695
William Barton
Male Aft 1712-Aft 1752
Lydia Barton
Female Aft 1716-
Burr Barton
Male Bef 1720-Aft 1784
Thomas Barton
Male Abt 1660-Bef 1732
Burditt Harrison
Male Abt 1659-Aft 1731
Elizabeth Harrison
Female Bef 1697-1723
John Calvert
Male Abt 1693-1731
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Burr Harrison
Male Abt 1661-1715
Mary Mansbridge
Female Bef 1684-Aft 1702
Amy {unproven| Harrison
Female Abt 1686-Bef 1767
James Elkins
Male Abt 1690-1717
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Benjamin Rush
Male 1685-1759
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Sythia Harrison
Female Abt 1688-Aft 1723
Henry Lucas
Male 1678-1716
John Summers
Male 1688-1790
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William Rowley
Male Abt 1690-1774
Burr Harrison
Male 1699-1775
Anne Barnes
Female 1699-Aft 1749
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Elizabeth Harrison
Female Abt 1700-1746
Edward Suit
Male Bef 1700-1739
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Benjamin Bullitt
Male 1692-1766
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Thomas Harrison
Male 1702-1773
Anne Grayson
Female Abt 1706-1767
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John McMillion
Male 1703-1760
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Jane Harrison
Female Bef 1712-
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Frances Barnes
Female 1710-Aft 1750
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Matthew Harrison
Male Abt 1717-
George Harrison
Male Abt 1719-
Thomas Harrison
Male 1665-1746
Mary Whitledge
Female Abt 1706-1737
William Grant
Male Abt 1702-1733
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Sybil Whitledge
Female Abt 1708-Aft 1743
Abraham Farrow
Male Abt 1696-1743
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Thomas Whitledge
Male Bef 1711-Aft 1749
John Whitledge
Male 1711-1761
Elizabeth Whitledge
Female 1712-Aft 1761
Lewis Reno
Male 1710-Abt 1774
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Frances Overall
Female 1716-1782
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Sybil Harrison
Female Abt 1669-
Thomas Whitledge
Male Abt 1665-1733
Mary Harrison
Female Abt 1671-
William Harrison
Male Abt 1703-1745
Isabella Triplett
Female Abt 1695-Aft 1750
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Sybil Harrison
Female 1705-1787
Hugh West
Male 1705-1754
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George Harrison
Male 1707-1749
Martha Price
Female Abt 1710-1768
Sarah Harrison
Female Abt 1708-1785
Thomas Triplett
Male 1702-Bef 1737
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John Manley
Male Abt 1706-1751
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Mary Harrison
Female 1714-Aft 1772
John Browne
Male Bef 1706-Bef 1745
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John Peake
Male Bef 1720-Aft 1791
William Harrison
Male Bef 1682-Bef 1726
Sarah Hawley
Female 1686-1778
Frances Burditt
Female Bef 1641-1692
Burr Harrison
Male 1637-1706
Mary Newman
Female Abt 1668-1735
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John Dalton
Male Abt 1668-Abt 1726
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Frances Newman
Female Abt 1671-1747
John McMillion
Male Abt 1663-1706
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John Wilson
Male Abt 1676-1709
George Hopkins
Male Abt 1666-1721
Alexander Newman
Male 1678-Abt 1760
Female MNU Newman
Female Abt 1682-Aft 1740
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Penelope Wilson
Female Abt 1697-Aft 1740
Elizabeth Newman
Female 1682-Bef 1737
Maxfield Browne
Male 1674-1745
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Thomas Newman
Male Aft 1680-Aft 1715
Elizabeth Muse
Female Abt 1695-Aft 1715
George Newman
Male Abt 1687-1734
Elizabeth MNU Ford
Female Bef 1694-Aft 1718
John Newman
Male Abt 1687-
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Thomas Newman
Male 1648-1701
Bridgett Wilson
Female Abt 1652-1690
Anne Newman
Female Abt 1653-1713
Thomas Deane
Male Bef 1639-Bef 1679
Henry Ashton
Male Abt 1649-1706
John Ford
Male Bef 1674-1714
Elizabeth MNU Ford
Female Bef 1694-Aft 1718
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Patience Newman
Female Abt 1658-1714
John Ford
Male Bef 1646-1700
Avery Naylor
Male Abt 1646-1706
Emanuel Cleave
Male Abt 1658-Bef 1714
Mary Newman
Female Abt 1660-Aft 1695
Andrew Morton
Male Abt 1656-
Robert Coleman
Male Abt 1660-Bef 1695
Thomas Newman
Male 1620-Abt 1700