Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Sarah MNU Batie

Female Abt 1672 - 1752  (~ 80 years)

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Mary Young
Female 1729-1759
James Conn
Male 1725-1798
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William Young
Male Aft 1748-1793
Ruth Jackson
Female Bef 1750-1803
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Abraham Young
Male Aft 1730-Aft 1791
Eleanor Young
Female Aft 1730-
John Wallace
Male Aft 1726-
Susannah Young
Female Aft 1730-Aft 1779
William Wallace
Male Aft 1730-Aft 1779
John Young
Male Aft 1730-Aft 1787
Rebecca Young
Female Abt 1740-Bef 1785
Sarah Young
Female Bef 1743-1814
William O'Neale
Male Bef 1740-1812
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Benjamin Adams
Male Bef 1739-1765
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Elizabeth Young
Female 1762-Aft 1787
Aquilla Wheeler
Male 1754-1796
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William Young
Male 1706-1779
James Young
Male Bef 1712-1733
Robert Lamar
Male Bef 1736-
Sarah Young
Female Abt 1713-Aft 1744
Robert Lamar
Male Abt 1709-1756
Eleanor Young
Female Abt 1724-Aft 1752
Thomas Lamar
Male Abt 1721-1775
Charles Clagett
Male Bef 1776-
Jane Young
Female Bef 1727-Aft 1776
Charles Clagett
Male Abt 1702-
Elizabeth Young
Female Bef 1733-
William Young
Male Bef 1744-Bef 1784
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Peter Young
Male Bef 1724-1776
Anne Magruder
Female Aft 1721-1776
Mary Bishop
Female 1692-1742
William Young
Male 1675-1733
William Marshall
Male 1735-1793
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Sarah Marshall
Female Abt 1738-Aft 1817
Basil Beall
Male Abt 1733-1792
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Thomas Marshall
Male 1714-Aft 1801
Sarah Pottinger
Female Abt 1717-
John Marshall
Male Abt 1765-Aft 1805
Rachel Wigfield
Female 1766-1838
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Josias Marshall
Male 1768-1813
Sarah Harris
Female 1777-1856
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Mary Beall
Female 1727-1800
William Marshall
Male 1720-Aft 1759
Elizabeth Smith
Female 1751-Bef 1812
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Jacob Lamar
Male Abt 1747-Bef 1824
Rebecca Lamar
Female Abt 1749-Aft 1793
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John Lamar
Male Abt 1751-Abt 1804
Sarah Belt
Female Abt 1751-
Susannah Lamar
Female 1754-1830
Ignatius Pigman
Male 1755-1815
Cornelius Watson
Male -Aft 1792
Sarah Marshall
Female Abt 1722-Aft 1790
John Lamar
Male 1716-1757
Higginson Belt
Male Abt 1722-1788
Mary Marshall
Female 1750-1820
Richard Clagett
Male 1736-1799
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Robert Marshall
Male Bef 1749-1793
Anne Elgin
Female Abt 1750-Aft 1793
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John Marshall
Male Bef 1754-1774
Rebecca Marshall
Female Bef 1758-
Philip Marshall
Male Bef 1758-1815
Female MNU Marshall
Female Abt 1762-Abt 1800
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Elizabeth Anne Marshall
Female Abt 1764-Aft 1842
James Bullett Latimer
Male Abt 1760-1842
Eleanor Marshall
Female Abt 1765-Aft 1802
James Browne
Male Bef 1747-Aft 1772
Elizabeth Courts Keech
Female Abt 1726-Aft 1792
Rebekah Marshall
Female Abt 1732-1774
William Wells
Male 1730-Aft 1771
Rebekah Bishop
Female 1693-Bef 1734
William Marshall
Male 1690-1734
Zachariah MacCubbin
Male 1752-Aft 1790
Martha Needham
Female Bef 1753-Aft 1785
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Thomas MacCubbin
Male 1749-Aft 1782
Eleanor Needham
Female Bef 1753-Bef 1785
Anne Lingan
Male Bef 1762-
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Mary Marshall
Female 1729-1753
Zachariah MacCubbin
Male Abt 1705-1756
Anne Clagett
Female 1766-1805
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Anne Marshall
Female 1759-1784
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Elizabeth Marshall
Female 1765-Aft 1818
John Forbes
Male 1757-1805
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Samuel Bond
Male 1747-1818
Mary Marshall
Female 1767-1789
Rebecca Dent
Female 1737-1770
John Dent
Male 1754-1816
Elizabeth Dent
Female 1754-Abt 1760
George Dent
Male 1756-1813
Anne Magruder Truman
Female Abt 1760-1814
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Sarah Marshall
Female 1735-1795
Elizabeth Bishop
Female 1694-1750
Thomas Marshall
Male 1694-1759
Mary Magdaline Stoddert
Female Abt 1740-Bef 1795
Edward Smoote
Male 1724-1795
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Elizabeth Stoddert
Female Aft 1745-Bef 1790
Robert Slye
Male 1745-1796
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Anne Stoddert
Female Bef 1747-
Benjamin Stoddert
Male 1710-Bef 1756
Sabina Donaldson
Female 1724-Aft 1758
Rebecca Lowndes
Female 1757-1802
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Sarah Price Stoddert
Female Aft 1738-Aft 1775
Christopher Haw
Male 1736-1774
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James Simms
Male Aft 1738-Aft 1778
Unknown Smoote
Male Aft 1738-
Thomas Stoddert
Male 1712-Aft 1755
Janet Donaldson
Female Abt 1716-Aft 1755
James Stoddert
Male 1667-1726
Sarah Bishop
Female Abt 1695-
Sarah MNU Batie
Female Abt 1672-1752
Roger Bishop
Male Bef 1672-1695
John Batie
Male 1668-1717