Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Elizabeth Hewitt

Female 1633 - 1674  (41 years)

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Peter Neale
Male Bef 1701-1729
Elizabeth Cottrell
Female Abt 1704-1765
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Jane Presley
Female 1664-Aft 1720
Asbury Remy
Male Abt 1694-1772
Anne Osborn
Female Aft 1721-1782
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Hannah Neale
Female Abt 1701-1729
Benjamin Talbot
Male Abt 1700-1727
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Presley Neale
Male Abt 1702-1749
Margaret Sanford
Female Abt 1706-1755
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Daniel Neale
Male 1704-1759
Penelope Spence
Female Aft 1712-Bef 1758
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Rodham Neale
Male Abt 1707-1742
Lydia MNU Neale
Female -Aft 1742
Frances Neale
Female Abt 1710-Aft 1742
John {unproven} Spencer
Male Abt 1710-Aft 1742
Daniel Neale
Male 1673-1713
Ursula Presley
Female Abt 1677-1732
Matthew Neale
Male Abt 1716-1780
Mary Harding
Female Abt 1732-Aft 1762
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John Neale
Male Abt 1718-1785
Martha Anne Grinstead
Female Bef 1740-Aft 1785
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Female MNU Neale
Female Abt 1722-
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Matthew Neale
Male 1677-1727
Sarah Dawson
Female Abt 1695-1749
Rose Neale
Female Abt 1703-Aft 1747
Philpott Bonum
Male Bef 1690-1727
Samuel Damourvell
Male Bef 1700-Bef 1737
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Francis Awbrey
Male Bef 1710-Aft 1767
Dorcas Neale
Female Bef 1706-Aft 1771
Thomas CP Smith
Male Bef 1702-Abt 1737
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Samuel Courtney
Male Aft 1710-1761
Richard Neale
Male 1682-1729
Dorcas Spence
Female Bef 1686-Abt 1708
Judith Neale
Female Abt 1727-Aft 1789
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Hannah MNU Neale
Female Bef 1694-1744
Richard Neale
Male Aft 1710-
Susannah Neale
Female Aft 1713-
Shapleigh Neale
Male Bef 1721-1747
Anne Jones
Female Bef 1725-Aft 1747
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Judith Shapleigh
Female 1692-Bef 1726
Thomas Carter
Male Abt 1716-
Hannah Carter
Female Abt 1718-
Daniel Carter
Male Abt 1720-
Anne Carter
Female 1722-Aft 1793
Joseph Butler
Male Bef 1725-1793
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Hannah Neale
Female 1684-1722
James Carter
Male 1684-1743
John Neale
Male 1716-1742
Rodham Neale
Male 1685-1734
Anne Sturman
Female Abt 1705-Aft 1734
Daniel Neale
Male Abt 1706-1727
Hannah Rodham
Female 1648-1709
Richard Kenner
Male Abt 1691-1727
Elizabeth Heale
Female Abt 1694-Aft 1728
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Elizabeth Kenner
Female Abt 1692-1754
Lawrence Rev DeButts
Male Bef 1700-1753
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Robert Vaulx
Male Abt 1680-1721
Richard Bushrod
Male 1691-Bef 1710
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Hannah Kenner
Female 1695-Aft 1727
Thomas Cralle
Male Abt 1695-1726
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John Harris
Male Abt 1691-1719
Richard Hull
Male 1685-1717
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John Cralle
Male Abt 1695-1758
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Rodham Kenner
Male 1671-1706
Hannah Fox
Female 1671-Bef 1717
Winder Kenner
Male Abt 1709-1762
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Richard Kenner
Male 1712-Bef 1773
Hannah Kenner
Female Aft 1715-1777
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Frances Kenner
Female Bef 1718-Aft 1751
Bertrand Ewell
Male 1715-1794
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Rodham Kenner
Male 1718-Aft 1719
Elizabeth Kenner
Female Bef 1718-Aft 1719
Richard Kenner
Male 1674-1719
Elizabeth Winder
Female Bef 1690-1744
John Kenner
Male 1677-1735
Judith Beverley
Female 1710-1756
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Elizabeth Kenner
Female 1710-Bef 1749
John Watts
Male Aft 1707-1754
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Howson Kenner
Male 1712-1778
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Francis Kenner
Male 1681-1728
Hannah Howson
Female Abt 1687-Aft 1727
John Howson
Male Aft 1700-Aft 1720
Richard Howson
Male Bef 1697-1744
Anne Read
Female Bef 1701-
Judith Dameron
Female Abt 1714-1772
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Leonard Howson
Male 1701-1737
Anne Fleet
Female Bef 1706-Abt 1727
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Hannah MNU Neale
Female Bef 1694-1744
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Elizabeth Howson
Female Bef 1704-Aft 1744
Robert Jones
Male Bef 1704-Aft 1744
Mary {unproven} Howson
Female Bef 1706-1755
Lawrence Perrott
Male Bef 1694-1747
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Elizabeth Kenner
Female 1683-1715
John Howson
Male Abt 1678-1714
Elizabeth Harcum
Female 1716-Aft 1762
William Barrett
Male 1708-1743
Thomas Harcum
Male 1723-Aft 1757
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Prudence Harcum
Female 1725-Aft 1762
Unknown Reason
Male Abt 1721-
Female Harcum
Female Abt 1727-Aft 1745
James Fountain
Male Abt 1723-Aft 1762
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Rawleigh Roebuck
Male Bef 1724-
Joseph Harcum
Male 1731-1792
Lucretia Berry
Female Abt 1735-Bef 1775
Hannah Kenner
Female 1685-Aft 1731
William Harcum
Male Bef 1680-1762
Hannah Kenner
Female Aft 1715-1777
Richard Kenner
Male 1712-Bef 1773
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William Kenner
Male Bef 1724-1762
Mary Hicks
Female Bef 1736-Aft 1750
Francis Kenner
Male Bef 1724-1773
Matthew Kenner
Male Bef 1725-Aft 1747
Matthew Kenner
Male 1688-1744
Thomas Flynt
Male Bef 1679-1705
Mary Browne
Female Bef 1683-Aft 1707
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James Flynt
Male Bef 1694-1723
John Flynt
Male Bef 1694-Aft 1727
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Anne Kenner
Female Abt 1666-Aft 1723
Thomas Flynt
Male Abt 1656-1694
James Merritt
Male Abt 1666-1728
Elizabeth Rodham
Female 1649-1709
Richard Kenner
Male 1636-Bef 1692
John Mason
Male Aft 1695-Aft 1716
Robert Mason
Male 1675-1705
John Mason
Male 1717-Aft 1763
John Mason
Male 1677-1717
Mary Guibert
Female Abt 1680-Bef 1717
Rodham Mason
Male 1690-Aft 1716
Robert Mason
Male Abt 1709-Aft 1742
Susannah Blackistone
Female Abt 1706-Aft 1742
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Matthew Mason
Male 1689-1729
Elizabeth Spence
Female Bef 1689-Bef 1712
Mary Mason
Female Abt 1713-Aft 1729
Thomas Gardiner
Male 1695-1763
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John Mason
Male Abt 1716-1777
Judith Goldsmith
Female Bef 1713-1776
Elizabeth Mason
Female Abt 1717-Aft 1729
Susannah Mason
Female Abt 1718-Aft 1729
Mary Blackistone
Female Abt 1693-Aft 1745
Rodham Rogers
Male 1713-Aft 1737
Elizabeth Mason
Female Abt 1695-1748
John Rogers
Male Bef 1686-1718
Elizabeth Jenifer
Female Abt 1718-1778
David Stone
Male 1709-1773
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Anne Jenifer
Female 1720-1776
Josias Adams
Male 1711-1773
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John Eden
Male Aft 1700-1775
Daniel Jenifer
Male 1727-1795
Mary Hanson
Female 1732-Bef 1769
Elizabeth Hanson
Female 1732-1757
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Mary Dent
Female Aft 1738-Abt 1771
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Jane Theobald
Female Aft 1730-
Samuel Theobald
Male Aft 1730-Aft 1770
Mary Smith
Female Aft 1737-Aft 1770
John Theobald
Male 1692-1743
Robert Whythell
Male -Bef 1750
Susannah Mason
Female 1695-Abt 1719
George Clarke
Male Abt 1691-1753
Mary Mason
Female 1700-
Susannah Rodham
Female 1657-1717
Robert Mason
Male 1653-1701
Anne Rice
Female 1686-
George Rice
Male Aft 1722-
Richard Rice
Male Aft 1723-Aft 1785
Susannah Rice
Female Aft 1724-
Judith Rice
Female Aft 1727-
William Rice
Male Bef 1730-1785
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Winifred Rice
Female Bef 1734-Bef 1741
Sarah Rice
Female 1739-
Elizabeth Rice
Female Bef 1724-
John Williams
Male Bef 1724-1760
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Richard Rice
Male Abt 1692-1742
Elizabeth Davenport
Female Bef 1696-1783
Mary Rodham
Female Aft 1659-Aft 1709
Richard Rice
Male Abt 1660-1714
Claudius Tullos
Male 1662-Aft 1683
Jane Tullos
Female Bef 1721-Aft 1760
Edward Lawrence
Male Bef 1717-Aft 1764
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Rodham Tullos
Male Bef 1730-1815
Anne James
Female 1741-1785
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Richard Tullos
Male Bef 1714-1759
John Tullos
Male Bef 1717-1737
Richard Tullos
Male 1667-1736
Sarah MNU Browne
Female Bef 1689-Aft 1707
Richard Fulks
Male Bef 1707-1728
Sarah Tullos
Female Abt 1670-Aft 1713
James Fulks
Male Abt 1670-Aft 1713
John Tullos
Male 1682-1742
John Luttrell
Male 1691-1729
New chart
Anne Bowles
Female -Aft 1729
New chart
Susannah Tullos
Female 1672-Aft 1698
James Luttrell
Male Bef 1670-1698
Sarah Rodham
Female Abt 1645-1714
Claudius Tullos
Male 1641-1700
New chart
Elizabeth Hewitt
Female 1633-1674
Mathew Rodham
Male 1620-1675