Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Frances Stockett

Female 1623 - Bef 1667  (< 43 years)

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George Yates
Male 1701-1743
Mary Guinney
Female 1700-1730
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George Yates
Male Abt 1672-1717
Rachel Warfield
Female Abt 1676-Aft 1717
Thomas Plummer
Male 1690-1774
Sarah Wilson
Female Bef 1699-Bef 1774
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Samuel Plummer
Male 1692-1760
Sarah Miles
Female 1705-1788
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George Plummer
Male Abt 1693-1754
James Plummer
Male 1696-1772
Mary Ouchterlony
Female Aft 1720-Aft 1770
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John Plummer
Male 1697-1740
Jerome Plummer
Male 1699-1751
Mary Harris
Female 1711-Aft 1753
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Philemon Plummer
Male 1700-1744
Elizabeth Turner
Female 1703-1736
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Micajah Plummer
Male 1702-Aft 1753
Margaret Child
Female 1709-Aft 1753
Phebe Plummer
Female Abt 1710-Aft 1736
Joseph Williams
Male Abt 1706-Aft 1736
Yates Plummer
Male 1717-1764
Priscilla Lamar
Female Abt 1721-Aft 1774
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Abiezer Plummer
Male 1722-1778
Anne MNU Plummer
Female -Aft 1778
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Priscilla Plummer
Female Bef 1704-Aft 1736
John Ouchterlony
Male Abt 1700-1766
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Elizabeth Yates
Female Abt 1675-1736
Thomas Plummer
Male 1667-1728
John Yates
Male 1675-1720
William Prather
Male 1700-1780
Martha Prather
Female Abt 1707-Aft 1780
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Jane Prather
Female 1703-1782
Solomon Turner
Male 1697-1757
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William Brashears
Male 1710-Aft 1740
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Margaret Prather
Female 1709-Aft 1733
John Prather
Male 1715-1796
Rachel Odell
Female 1717-Bef 1795
Sarah Prather
Female 1716-Aft 1742
William Prather
Male 1712-Aft 1742
Anne Yates
Female 1677-Aft 1732
William Prather
Male 1677-1747
Mary Wells
Female 1637-1698
George Yates
Male Abt 1640-1691
Mary Stockett
Female Bef 1667-Abt 1688
Mark Richardson
Male Abt 1630-1705
Thomas Stockett
Male 1691-1762
Elizabeth Noble
Female 1712-1772
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Female MNU Stockett
Female Aft 1695-Bef 1732
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Elizabeth MNU Larkin
Female Abt 1695-1736
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Salome MNU Robinson
Female Bef 1700-Bef 1747
Elinor Stockett
Female Bef 1693-Bef 1693
Elinor Stockett
Female 1693-Abt 1771
Richard Williams
Male Bef 1690-1768
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Oliver Stockett
Male Bef 1694-Aft 1704
Thomas Stockett
Male 1667-1732
Mary Sprigg
Female 1673-1694
Priscilla Stockett
Female 1701-Aft 1772
Josias Sunderland
Male Bef 1698-1771
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Lewis Stockett
Male 1702-1704
John Sollers
Male 1699-1739
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William Beall
Male 1700-Aft 1778
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Susannah Stockett
Female 1709-Bef 1744
Benjamin West
Male 1707-1745
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Margaret Mariarte
Female 1719-Bef 1777
Anne Stockett
Female 1716-1717
Charles Stewart
Male 1710-Aft 1777
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Lewis Stockett
Male 1724-1785
Anne Ijams
Female Bef 1744-1802
Demaris Welsh
Female 1669-Aft 1732
Mareen Duvall
Male 1687-Abt 1769
Sarah Griffith
Female 1685-Aft 1769
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Sarah {Unproven} Duvall
Female Bef 1692-Aft 1719
Ambrose Nelson
Male Bef 1672-1729
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Frances Stockett
Female Abt 1670-1735
Mareen Duvall
Male 1662-1735
Thomas Stockett
Male 1635-1671
Martha Wells
Female Bef 1639-Abt 1672
Anthony Salway
Male Bef 1635-1672
William Ayres
Male 1609-1655
Blanch Wells
Female Abt 1668-Bef 1710
Richard Smither
Male Abt 1665-1731
Benjamin Wells
Male Abt 1670-1702
Mary Frisby
Female 1705-Abt 1708
Thomas Henderson
Male Abt 1708-1741
Sarah Frisby
Female Abt 1710-Aft 1751
Thomas Holland
Male 1700-1742
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Robert Freeland
Male Bef 1693-1757
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Peregrine Frisby
Male 1711-1749
Mary Holland
Female 1721-1749
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James Frisby
Female 1711-Bef 1734
Frances Wells
Female Abt 1684-1713
Thomas Frisby
Male 1681-1716
George Wells
Male 1686-1716
Mary Goldsmith
Female Abt 1684-1749
Aquila Paca
Male 1702-1744
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George Stokes
Male Bef 1712-1741
Susannah Kemp
Female Bef 1724-Aft 1755
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Humphrey Wells Stokes
Male Bef 1715-1741
Susanna Maria Wells
Female Bef 1688-1746
John Stokes
Male Bef 1684-1732
George Wells
Male Abt 1640-1696
Blanch Goldsmith
Female Abt 1651-1704
Richard Wells
Male Abt 1640-1671
Sophia Ewen
Female Bef 1641-1675
Anne Wells
Female Bef 1643-1695
John Dr. Stansby
Male Bef 1643-
Elizabeth Wells
Female 1696-1696
Benjamin Wells
Male Bef 1651-1702
Frances Hanslap
Female Bef 1670-1697
Robert Wells
Male Bef 1653-Aft 1679
Susannah Wells
Female 1677-1686
John Wells
Male Bef 1655-1679
Martha Kelto Ward
Female Abt 1659-Aft 1705
Elizabeth Wells
Female Bef 1667-Bef 1667
Frances Wells
Female Bef 1667-Bef 1667
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Frances Stockett
Female 1623-Bef 1667