Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

George Ball

Male 1683 - 1746  (63 years)

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Thomas Pope
Male Bef 1719-Bef 1748
Mary Heath
Female Bef 1723-Abt 1781
Elizabeth Pope
Female Abt 1729-Aft 1759
John Hill
Male Aft 1725-1759
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Leroy Pope
Male 1742-Aft 1776
Elizabeth Mitchell
Female 1743-Aft 1776
Nicholas Pope
Male 1748-1777
Female Fleet
Female Abt 1752-Aft 1778
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Catherine Pope
Female 1750-Aft 1778
Unknown Hinton
Male -Aft 1778
Elizabeth Pope
Female Abt 1752-Aft 1778
Unknown Goodridge
Male Abt 1748-Aft 1778
William Pope
Male Abt 1753-1784
Judith Pope
Female Abt 1754-Aft 1778
Unknown Robinson
Male Abt 1750-Aft 1778
Winifred Pope
Female 1753-1816
George Routt
Male 1750-1790
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John Pope
Male Aft 1705-1776
Richard Pope
Male Aft 1706-1774
Leroy Pope
Male Aft 1707-1747
Elizabeth Pope
Female -Aft 1762
John Pope
Male -Aft 1767
Joseph Pope
Male Aft 1704-1767
Mary Pope
Female Abt 1721-Aft 1762
William Oldham
Male Abt 1717-Aft 1767
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Elizabeth Pope
Female Abt 1723-1794
John Luxon
Male Bef 1728-1762
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Patrick Carroll
Male Bef 1730-
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Richard Pope
Male Abt 1725-1793
Thomas Pope
Male Abt 1730-
Joseph Pope
Male Aft 1730-Aft 1793
Sarah MNU Pope
Female Abt 1700-1790
Anne Ball
Female Abt 1703-Aft 1764
John Pope
Male Bef 1699-1723
George Dameron
Male 1731-1801
Anne Dameron
Female Abt 1744-
Thomas Waddy
Male Bef 1738-1794
Thomas Dameron
Male 1683-1751
William Coppedge
Male Abt 1741-1806
Mary Whitledge
Female 1745-1783
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Sarah Railey
Female -Bef 1791
Mary Triplett
Female Bef 1770-1807
Elizabeth Dameron
Female Abt 1724-Aft 1764
John Coppedge
Male Abt 1720-1763
Isaac Coppedge
Male Abt 1725-Aft 1764
Sarah Dameron
Female Bef 1727-1779
William Lattimore
Male Bef 1727-1771
William Gaskins
Male Bef 1743-1776
Mary Harding
Female 1741-1807
Josias Gaskins
Male Bef 1720-Bef 1760
Christopher Dameron
Male Aft 1750-1807
Sarah Ingram
Female Aft 1754-Aft 1807
Bartholomew Dameron
Male Abt 1730-1809
Anne Morehead
Female Abt 1726-
Joseph Dameron
Male Bef 1731-Aft 1782
Patience Coppedge
Female Abt 1735-Aft 1782
John Dameron
Male Bef 1743-1782
Rachel Palmer
Female Bef 1747-1796
Grace Dameron
Female Aft 1745-
Mary Dameron
Female Aft 1745-
Samuel Dameron
Male Aft 1745-Aft 1781
Christopher Dameron
Male Bef 1740-1762
Sarah Ball
Female Bef 1708-Aft 1767
Christopher Dameron
Male Aft 1690-1764
Harris Ball
Female Aft 1712-Aft 1740
William Downman
Male Aft 1712-
Peter Cockerill
Male 1759-1834
Sarah Smither
Female 1762-1820
Landon Cockerill
Male Abt 1770-
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Sarah Ball
Female Abt 1736-1783
John Ball
Male 1714-1751
Martha Ball
Female Aft 1738-Aft 1777
Sarah Ball
Female Aft 1738-
Elizabeth Ball
Female Bef 1779-1815
Charles Lattimore
Male Bef 1748-1802
Judith Ball
Female Bef 1779-
David 'Jr' Ball
Male 1735-1811
Jeannette Davis
Female 1794-1854
George Ball
Male Abt 1776-Aft 1801
Thomas Ball
Male Bef 1736-1816
Mildred Downman
Female 1749-Abt 1806
Mary Ball
Female Aft 1737-Aft 1782
William Taylor
Male Abt 1737-1782
George Ball
Male Bef 1716-1770
Anna Taylor
Female Abt 1716-1782
David Ball
Male Bef 1718-1780
George Conway
Male 1743-Bef 1792
Spencer Carter
Male 1750-Aft 1793
Grace Downman
Female 1750-1750
John Coppedge
Male Abt 1748-1834
Grace Ball
Female 1718-1761
Travers Downman
Male 1726-Bef 1773
Thomas Burne
Male Abt 1705-1741
George Ball
Male Aft 1741-Aft 1784
Hannah Ball
Female Aft 1743-Aft 1784
Frances Ball
Female Aft 1745-Aft 1784
Elizabeth Ball
Female Aft 1747-Aft 1784
Nancy Ball
Female Aft 1749-Aft 1784
Grace Ball
Female Aft 1751-1790
Richard Ball
Male Aft 1753-Aft 1790
Richard Ball
Male Abt 1719-1784
Anne Hill
Female Abt 1723-Aft 1784
Joseph Ball
Male 1752-Aft 1791
David Ball
Male 1754-Aft 1791
Grace Ball
Female 1757-Aft 1791
William Nelmes
Male 1751-Aft 1791
Luce W. Ball
Female Abt 1780-
Judith Ball
Female Abt 1782-
George Ball
Male Abt 1758-1791
Molly MNU Ball
Female -Aft 1791
Jane Ball
Female 1761-
Jeannette Davis
Female 1794-1854
Hannah Ball
Female 1764-Bef 1799
William Davis
Male 1761-Bef 1809
John Ball
Male 1767-Aft 1791
Jesse Ball
Male Abt 1770-
Joseph Ball
Male 1724-1779
Hannah Haynie
Female 1731-Aft 1779
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George Ball
Male 1683-1746
Grace Haynie
Female Abt 1687-1752