Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Family Williamson


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Leonard Williamson
Male Bef 1663-Aft 1695
William Williamson
Male Bef 1670-1749
John Williamson
Male Bef 1680-1745
Elizabeth Shepherd
Female Bef 1690-Aft 1728
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Thomas Williamson
Male 1670-Aft 1729
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Thomas Williamson
Male Bef 1640-1695
Thomas Williamson
Male Bef 1620-1674
Mary Williamson
Female Bef 1702-Aft 1730
Thomas Stapleton
Male 1689-Aft 1730
Thomas Williamson
Male Bef 1699-1719
James Chesley
Male Abt 1749-
Elizabeth Chesley
Female Abt 1750-Aft 1791
Mary Chesley
Female Abt 1751-Aft 1791
Alexander Chesley
Male Abt 1752-1800
Anne Magruder Clagett
Female 1766-Aft 1807
Rebecca Chesley
Female Abt 1753-
John Chesley
Male 1754-1805
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Thomas Chesley
Male Aft 1755-
Anne Chesley
Female Aft 1757-Aft 1791
Elizabeth Williamson
Female Bef 1732-1785
John Chesley
Male 1704-1767
Millicent Hyland
Female -Aft 1773
Basil Williamson
Male 1728-1796
James Rev. Williamson
Male Bef 1696-1769
Elizabeth Boyce
Female Bef 1716-Aft 1769
James Williamson
Male Bef 1695-1720
Eleanor Williamson
Female Bef 1695-Aft 1725
Augelo Cummins
Male Bef 1691-1725
James Williamson
Male Bef 1690-1716
Sarah Williamson
Female Bef 1725-Aft 1767
James Williamson
Male Bef 1721-1743
John Williamson
Male Bef 1721-1767
Anne Hynson
Female 1686-Aft 1740
Anne Williamson
Female Bef 1706-
Unknown Williamson
Male Bef 1680-Bef 1706
Elizabeth MNU Williamson
Female Bef 1684-Aft 1710
William Williamson
Male Bef 1715-1735
Aaron Williamson
Male Bef 1663-
Samuel Williamson
Male Bef 1661-1729
Judith Goldsmith
Female Bef 1663-Aft 1736
Female Briscoe
Female Abt 1706-Bef 1731
John Bruce
Male Abt 1688-1737
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John Briscoe
Male Abt 1707-1742
Mary Hanson
Female 1709-1752
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Samuel Williamson Briscoe
Male Abt 1710-Aft 1754
Hezekiah Briscoe
Male Abt 1710-1757
Susannah Wilson
Female 1730-1807
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Mary Briscoe
Female 1718-1748
Samuel Love
Male Abt 1720-1787
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Elizabeth Briscoe
Female Bef 1717-1794
Leonard Briscoe
Male Abt 1722-Abt 1793
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James Forster
Male Bef 1713-1738
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James Briscoe
Male Bef 1720-
Martha Briscoe
Female Abt 1722-1762
Jonathan Wilson
Male Bef 1718-1806
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Philip Briscoe
Male 1728-Aft 1778
Chloe Hanson
Female 1728-Aft 1755
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Mary MNU Parnham
Female Bef 1718-Aft 1778
John Briscoe
Male 1678-1734
Mary Williamson
Female Bef 1691-
Susanna Williamson
Female Bef 1693-Bef 1714
Henry Williamson
Male Bef 1698-Aft 1745
Female MNU Williamson
Female Bef 1672-Bef 1708
William Williamson
Male Bef 1656-1677
George Williamson
Male Bef 1655-1679
John Massey
Male Bef 1693-1757
Elizabeth Williamson
Female Bef 1650-Aft 1689
John Massey
Male Bef 1646-1714
Andrew Williamson
Male Bef 1668-Bef 1689
James Williamson
Male Bef 1665-
Mary Bawd
Female Bef 1648-1712
Andrew Williamson
Male Bef 1629-1689
Williamson Young
Male Bef 1705-1750
Mary MNU Young
Female Bef 1709-Aft 1743
Henry Young
Male Bef 1709-1750
Rachel Smith
Female Bef 1713-Aft 1750
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Elizabeth Young
Female Abt 1711-Abt 1737
John Tyler
Male Bef 1707-1758
Catherine Young
Female Abt 1713-Aft 1718
Mary Young
Female Abt 1715-Aft 1718
John Young
Male Abt 1717-1749
Catherine Williamson
Female Abt 1683-Abt 1751
William Young
Male Aft 1677-1719
Thomas Mountague
Male Abt 1680-1721
Frances Tyler
Female Abt 1720-1800
Richard Gatewood
Male 1716-1760
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Robert Cole
Male Abt 1720-1772
Richard Tyler
Male 1685-1761
Hannah Braxton
Female 1714-1771
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Frances Williamson
Female Abt 1685-Aft 1734
Robert Bird
Male 1681-Bef 1712
Robert Ransome
Male Abt 1670-Bef 1720
John Bryant
Male Abt 1685-1734
Henry Williamson
Male 1643-1699
Catherine Weeks
Female 1661-Bef 1699
Millicent MNU Jones
Female Aft 1667-Aft 1695
John Jones
Male Aft 1663-1693
James Blaise
Male Bef 1667-Aft 1695
Elizabeth Williamson
Female Bef 1675-Bef 1700
Thomas Meriwether
Male Abt 1672-1709
Elizabeth MNU Tacquett
Female Abt 1638-1678
Thomas Carter
Male 1696-1735
Jane Miller
Female 1708-Aft 1735
Joseph Carter
Male 1698-1751
Catherine Stevens
Female Abt 1695-Aft 1771
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Daniel Carter
Male 1700-1759
Elizabeth Pannell
Female Abt 1704-Abt 1785
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Joyce Neale
Female Abt 1708-Abt 1732
Peter Carter
Male 1706-1789
Judith Norris
Female Abt 1710-1765
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Dale Carter
Male 1708-1776
Charles Carter
Male 1710-1766
Lucy Morgan
Female -Aft 1766
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Arabella Williamson
Female 1676-Aft 1735
Thomas Carter
Male 1672-1733
William Williamson
Male Bef 1643-Bef 1679
Arabella MNU Waters
Female Bef 1656-1690
Richard Ball
Male 1675-1727
Sarah Young
Female Abt 1675-1742
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William Ball
Male 1676-1745
Hannah Heale
Female 1678-Aft 1745
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James Ball
Male 1678-1754
Elizabeth Howson
Female Abt 1683-1705
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Mary Conway
Female 1686-1730
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Joseph Ball
Male 1680-1721
Mary Mottrom
Female Abt 1691-Aft 1725
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George Ball
Male 1683-1746
Grace Haynie
Female Abt 1687-1752
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Strachey Ball
Male Abt 1685-Bef 1698
David Ball
Male 1686-1733
Ellen Heale
Female 1705-Aft 1728
Samuel Ball
Male 1686-1752
Anne Catherine Tayloe
Female Bef 1694-Aft 1752
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Margaret Ball
Female 1694-Bef 1758
Rawleigh Downman
Male 1680-1718
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Rawleigh Chinn
Male 1684-1742
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Margaret Williamson
Female Abt 1655-1702
William Ball
Male 1641-1694
Williamson Rozier
Male Aft 1673-Aft 1698
Mary Williamson
Female Abt 1656-Bef 1717
John Rozier
Male Bef 1643-1705
James Williamson
Male Abt 1621-Bef 1656
Anne Underwood
Female Abt 1629-Abt 1662
Elizabeth Aldin
Female 1705-Aft 1746
John Smith
Male 1704-1746
Frances Aldin
Female 1708-1736
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John Aldin
Male 1716-1747
Jane Orrill
Female Abt 1720-Aft 1745
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Martha Aldin
Female Bef 1717-Abt 1747
Edward Dillard
Male Bef 1713-Aft 1755
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Mary Aldin
Female 1720-
Nicholas Dillard
Male Bef 1704-
Frances Williamson
Female 1682-Aft 1727
John Aldin
Male 1683-1727
Henry Follwell
Male Bef 1685-
Jane Orrill
Female Abt 1720-Aft 1745
John Aldin
Male 1716-1747
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William Meacham
Male 1718-1763
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Lawrence Orrill
Male Abt 1688-1749
James Mayo
Male 1711-1776
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Minor Williamson
Male 1720-1721
Robert Williamson
Male 1696-Aft 1744
Elizabeth Minor
Female Abt 1700-Abt 1725
Elizabeth George
Female Bef 1703-Aft 1744
Jacob Williamson
Male 1702-1722
Robert Williamson
Male Bef 1662-1726
Catherine Lewis
Female Abt 1666-1726
Daniel McCarty
Male Abt 1771-1801
Henry Dr. Rose
Male Bef 1774-
William Robinson
Male 1782-1857
William Robinson
Male Abt 1752-1783
Mildred W. Rose
Female Abt 1796-Aft 1803
Walter Rose
Male Aft 1790-Aft 1803
John Rose
Male Aft 1735-1803
Walter Dr. Williamson
Male Abt 1718-1792