Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

St. Mary's Tennison


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Justinian Noe
Male Abt 1678-Aft 1742
Anne Lemaster
Female 1681-Aft 1741
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John Noe
Male Abt 1679-1729
Sarah MNU Noe
Female Abt 1683-Bef 1753
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Leah Noe
Female Abt 1686-
Thomas Burch
Male 1684-1765
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Samuel Noe
Male Abt 1690-1740
Helena Hargess
Female Abt 1696-Abt 1735
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Sarah MNU Noe
Female -Aft 1742
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George Noe
Male 1690-Aft 1761
Rebecca Newman
Female Abt 1694-Aft 1785
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Peter Noe
Male 1703-Aft 1785
Mary Campbell
Female Abt 1706-
Abel Noe
Male Abt 1705-Abt 1735
Eleanor Newman
Female Abt 1705-1761
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Sarah Noe
Female Bef 1707-Aft 1751
James Jones
Male Abt 1703-Aft 1726
Sarah Tennison
Female Abt 1656-Aft 1729
John Noe
Male 1649-1725
John Mansell
Male Bef 1686-Aft 1713
Jane Tennison
Female 1657-1688
Vincent Mansell
Male Bef 1653-1686
Justinian Burch
Male 1681-1760
Susannah Davis
Female Abt 1690-1758
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Catherine Burch
Female 1683-Aft 1763
Thomas Swann
Male 1674-1763
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Thomas Burch
Male 1684-1765
Leah Noe
Female Abt 1686-
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Anne Burch
Female 1685-Aft 1760
Samuel Swann
Male 1676-1743
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John Burch
Male 1685-1735
Mary Johnson
Female Abt 1679-1762
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Barbara Burch
Female 1689-Aft 1750
Thomas Allison
Male 1696-1733
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William Collier
Male Bef 1689-1749
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Eleanor Burch
Female 1697-Aft 1727
Edward Burch
Male 1700-1765
Mary Anderson
Female Abt 1704-1784
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Benjamin Burch
Male 1702-1745
Winifred Coode
Female Bef 1702-Aft 1769
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Elizabeth Burch
Female 1705-Abt 1744
Thomas Owen
Male Abt 1705-1752
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John Cade
Male Abt 1700-1726
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Jonathan Burch
Male 1708-1786
Elizabeth MNU Burch
Female Bef 1724-1785
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Barbara Tennison
Female 1660-1737
Oliver Burch
Male 1647-1729
John Price
Male Bef 1692-1726
Elizabeth MNU Price
Female Bef 1696-Aft 1744
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Tracie Tennison
Female Bef 1661-1703
Abraham Price
Male Bef 1657-1712
Ignatius Tennison
Male Abt 1704-Aft 1752
Elizabeth Nevitt
Female Abt 1717-Aft 1774
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John Tennison
Male 1667-1745
Sarah Lemaster
Female Abt 1671-Aft 1758
John Scott
Male 1691-1740
Elizabeth MNU Scott
Female 1695-Aft 1740
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William Scott
Male 1693-1746
Anne Coode
Female Bef 1695-1763
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Catherine Tennison
Female 1670-Aft 1725
John Scott
Male Abt 1666-1725
Justinian Williams
Male Abt 1692-1751
John Williams
Male 1694-1750
Anne Thompson
Female Abt 1703-Bef 1726
Elizabeth Horne
Female Bef 1710-1763
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James Williams
Male Abt 1698-Aft 1771
Mary Simpson
Female 1710-Abt 1730
Elizabeth Newman
Female Abt 1713-
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Catherine Williams
Female 1699-Aft 1746
Daniel Short
Male Bef 1695-1734
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William Williams
Male Abt 1700-Aft 1742
Anne Ancrum
Female Abt 1708-Aft 1738
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Thomas Williams
Male Abt 1704-1750
Anne MNU Rouse
Female -Aft 1727
Elizabeth Williams
Female Bef 1714-Aft 1748
Gilbert Simpson
Male 1699-1773
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James Williams
Male Bef 1669-1723
Eleanor Lemaster
Female Abt 1708-Abt 1724
Cleborne Simms
Male Abt 1704-1750
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John Lemaster
Male 1681-1740
John Cooksey
Male Abt 1698-1758
Mary Reed
Female Bef 1720-1788
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Elizabeth Cooksey
Female Bef 1699-1750
John Harris
Male Abt 1700-1740
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Gilbert Lewis
Male Bef 1691-1730
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Sarah Reed
Female 1706-Aft 1778
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Priscilla Cooksey
Female Abt 1704-1757
Thomas Barron
Male Abt 1702-1757
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Samuel Cooksey
Male Bef 1646-1709
Justinian Tennison
Male Abt 1629-1699
Catherine Gresham
Female Bef 1640-Aft 1699
Absalom Tennison
Male Abt 1672-
John Tennison
Male Abt 1675-
Abraham Tennison
Male Abt 1676-1737
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John Merritt
Male Abt 1684-1717
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John Tennison
Male 1652-1700
Mathew Dennis
Male Bef 1679-Aft 1706
Amos Dennis
Male Bef 1684-Aft 1704
Samuel Tennison
Male 1696-1743
Mary Blackistone
Female Abt 1693-Aft 1745
Elizabeth {Unproven} Love
Female Abt 1696-Abt 1726
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Elizabeth Bond
Female 1701-Abt 1730
Matthew Tennison
Male 1653-1753
Abigail Dement
Female Abt 1680-1709
John Cheshire
Male Bef 1680-1747
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William Cheshire
Male Bef 1695-1733
Mary Tennison
Female 1655-Aft 1682
William Cheshire
Male Bef 1655-1702
John Tennison
Male Abt 1686-Aft 1720
Justinian Tennison
Male Abt 1687-Aft 1737
Elizabeth Shanks
Female Abt 1666-1702
Absalom Tennison
Male 1665-1694
John Tennison
Male Bef 1631-1683
George Tennison
Male Bef 1780-Bef 1862
Elizabeth Tennison
Female Aft 1800-1835
Anne Tennison
Female Aft 1800-Aft 1839
Mary Anne Tennison
Female Aft 1800-1839
Absalom Tennison
Male Aft 1800-Aft 1839
Maria Tennison
Female Aft 1800-Aft 1839
William Raley
Male -Aft 1839
Henrietta Tennison
Female Aft 1800-Aft 1839
Absalom Tennison
Male Abt 1780-1830
Eleanor Farr
Female Bef 1781-1839
Robert Tennison
Male -Bef 1841
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