Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Elizabeth Nicholls

Female 1680 - Aft 1735  (> 56 years)

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Anthony Drane

Male 1754-1831

James Drane

Male 1705-1787

Elizabeth Tyler

Female 1701-Bef 1774

Mary Page

Female 1727-1771

James Boone

Male Abt 1723-1751

Daniel Hodgkins

Male 1750-Aft 1776

Anne Hodgkins

Female 1758-1819

Thomas Hamilton

Male 1754-1807

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Walter Hodgkins

Male 1760-Aft 1791

Theodore Hodgkins

Male 1763-Aft 1787

Mary J. Curcaurd

Female Bef 1771-Aft 1787

Lucy Page

Female 1729-1779

Daniel Morris

Male 1743-1807

Mary Dent

Female Bef 1750-1808

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Elizabeth Page

Female Bef 1730-Aft 1769

John Morris

Male Abt 1726-Aft 1763

Richard Lanham

Male 1760-Aft 1808

Julia Hamilton

Female Bef 1774-Aft 1808

Female Lanham

Female Abt 1761-Bef 1788

Joseph Clarkson

Male 1749-Aft 1792

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Susannah Page

Female 1732-1797

Edward Lanham

Male 1731-1791

Rachel Page

Female 1733-Aft 1769

Phillip Hodgson

Male Abt 1729-1774

Daniel Page

Male Abt 1770-

Elizabeth Wheat

Female Abt 1770-

Daniel Page

Male Abt 1735-Aft 1769

Mary MNU Page

Female Abt 1739-Aft 1769

Anthony Drane Page

Male 1744-Aft 1769

Winifred Blacklock

Female 1745-Aft 1769

Jeremiah Berry

Male Bef 1772-Aft 1792

Mildred Page

Female Abt 1749-1799

Jeremiah Berry

Male 1745-Abt 1780

Mary Drane

Female 1702-Aft 1769

Daniel Page

Male Abt 1698-1768

William Hardy

Male 1720-1720

Verlinda Hardy

Female Abt 1743-

Anthony Hardy

Male 1745-1797

Teresa Combs

Female Bef 1759-Bef 1797

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Lydia MNU Hardy

Female 1757-Aft 1776

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Benedict Hardy

Male Abt 1746-Aft 1776

Mary Hardy

Female Abt 1747-

George Hardy

Male Abt 1754-Aft 1785

William Hardy

Male 1722-1758

Elizabeth Lanham

Female Abt 1726-Aft 1766

Anne Hardy

Female 1753-1754

Thomas Gordon

Male Bef 1749-

Margaret Wilcoxon

Female Abt 1758-1826

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Mary Dent Hardy

Female 1757-Aft 1787

Thomas Wilcoxon

Male 1753-Bef 1838

Clara Hardy

Female Abt 1760-

George Dent Hardy

Male 1762-Aft 1791

Elvira Hamilton

Female Abt 1766-Aft 1791

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Lettia Hardy

Female 1770-1848

George Hardy

Male 1723-1772

Lucy Dent

Female 1733-Aft 1774

Henry Wilcoxon

Male Aft 1746-

John Wilcoxon

Male Aft 1746-

Mary Wilcoxon

Female Aft 1746-Aft 1801

Ruth Wilcoxon

Female Aft 1746-Aft 1801

Anne 'Nancy' Wilcoxon

Female 1753-Aft 1801

Nathan Prather

Male 1742-Bef 1814

Alse Wilcoxon

Female Aft 1746-Aft 1785

John Francis

Male 1719-1785

Unknown Cramphin

Male Aft 1742-Aft 1776

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Thomas Wilcoxon

Male 1753-Bef 1838

Mary Dent Hardy

Female 1757-Aft 1787

Jesse Wilcoxon

Male Aft 1755-

George Wilcoxon

Male Bef 1758-Aft 1781

Mary Swearingen

Female 1760-Aft 1781

Elizabeth Wilcoxon

Female 1764-Aft 1801

Levin Summers

Male Abt 1764-1796

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Elizabeth Hardy

Female 1726-1801

Thomas Wilcoxon

Male 1725-1776

Richard Wade

Male Aft 1762-Aft 1797

Mary Henry Wade

Female Aft 1762-

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Meek Anne Wade

Female Abt 1765-Bef 1801

Walter Bayne

Male Abt 1764-Abt 1815

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Benoni Hamilton Wade

Male Bef 1774-Aft 1823

Hecatissa Hamilton

Female Bef 1774-Aft 1823

Violetta Wade

Female Aft 1776-

Elizabeth Wade

Female Aft 1762-Abt 1799

Edward Magruder

Male 1748-1784

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Richard Crooke

Male Bef 1760-

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Mary Hardy

Female 1729-1794

Robert Wade

Male 1726-1793

Elizabeth Hardy

Female 1758-1835

Walter Queen

Male 1755-Aft 1791

John Francis Hardy

Male 1765-Aft 1794

Elizabeth Gardiner

Female Abt 1778-Aft 1803

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Anne Hardy

Female Abt 1766-Aft 1805

John Boone

Male 1759-1837

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Sarah Tyler

Female 1749-Bef 1771

Mary Dorothy Hardy

Female Abt 1771-Aft 1815

Basil Bowling

Male Aft 1756-Aft 1815

Isidore Hardy

Male 1772-Aft 1805

Matthias Redman

Male Bef 1771-Aft 1798

Anne Stacey Hardy

Female Bef 1776-1806

Patrick Reynolds

Male Abt 1772-Bef 1804

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Henry Davidson

Male Bef 1774-Aft 1830

Mary Boone

Female 1744-Bef 1785

Catherine MNU Middleton

Female Bef 1767-Bef 1799

Mary Anne Boarman

Female Aft 1752-Abt 1804

Elizabeth Drane

Female Bef 1703-Aft 1758

George Hardy

Male Bef 1698-1758

Richard Beckett

Male 1729-1804

Anne Drane

Female Bef 1708-Aft 1729

John Beckett

Male Bef 1692-Aft 1729

Anthony Drane

Male Bef 1718-

Elizabeth Pile

Female Abt 1724-Aft 1774

Thomas Drane

Male Bef 1719-1772

Elizabeth Nicholls

Female 1680-Aft 1735

Anthony Drane

Male 1675-1723