Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Francis Tolson

Male 1686 - 1731  (44 years)

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  • Name Francis Tolson 
    Born 22 Apr 1686  Bridekirk, Woodhall, Cumberland, England Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Gender Male 
    Died 11 Mar 1730/31  Prince George's County, Maryland - Probate Find all individuals with events at this location 
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    Family ID F42872  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

    Family 1 Mary Clarke,   b. Bef 1691, Calvert County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Aft 1720, Prince George's County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age > 31 years) 
    Married 22 Sep 1707  King George's Parish, Prince George's County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location 
    • 1686-1885 Prince Georges Co MD Index of Church Registers Vol 1-Brown
      Mary Clarke m. September 22, 1707 to Francis Tolson dau. Robt. Clark (p. 244)
     1. Henry Tolson,   b. 8 Jul 1708, King George's Parish, Prince George's County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 29 May 1732, Prince George's County, Maryland - Inventory Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 23 years)
     2. Frances Tolson,   b. 28 Aug 1710, King George's Parish, Prince George's County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Abt 1743, Battersea, Prince George's County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 32 years)
     3. Gilbert Tolson,   b. 4 Nov 1712, King George's Parish, Prince George's County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location
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    Family ID F01488  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

    Family 2 Anne {Unproven} Bally,   d. Aft 1733, Prince George's County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Married Abt 1718  Prince George's County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location 
     1. John Tolson,   b. Abt 1718, King George's Parish, Prince George's County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 31 Oct 1768, Prince George's County, Maryland - Probate Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age ~ 50 years)
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  • Notes 
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      Tolson, Francis, Prince George's County, 23rd April, 1730; 11th March, 1730-31.
      To wife Ann, personalty (exclusive of her thirds).
      To eldest son Henry, personalty, some of which formerly belonged to late wife [unnamed] his mother, and some to Henry Fuller.
      To dau. Frances and son John, personalty; son John to be in care of his mother until 18 yrs.; in case of her decease under care of his bro. Henry until 16 yrs. of age.
      To dau.-in-law Alice Lindsay, certain personalty, some of which for use of her son Samuel when of age; her husband Anthony Lindsay to be discharged of all debts due testator.
      To wife, son Henry and dau. Frances, residue of estate equally.
      Exs.: Son Henry and John Abbington.
      Test: William Clarkson, James Kendall.
      8th March, 1730-1. John Abbington renounces as ex.
      Test: Robert Wade. 20.158,
      Francis Tolson 16.234 PG 116.9.2 Mar 20 1730 Jun 12 1731
      Servants mentioned: William Holland, William Berryman.
      Appraisers; Jos. Hatton, John Hawkins.
      Creditors: Jos. Punett, Edward Edelen.
      Next of kin: Anne Tolson, Frances Tolson.
      Administrator/Executor: Henry Tolson,
      Francis Tolson 16.397 PG 88.2,4 Oct 28 1731 Jan 10 1731/2
      Legatee: Alice Lindsay.
      Appraisers: Thomas Middleton, Joseph Hatton.
      Creditors: Joseph Parott, John Abbington.
      Next of kin: "widow".
      Administratrix/Executrix: Frances Tolson,
      Francis Tolson 11.570 A PG 88,2.4 170.15.8 Dec 21 1732
      Received from: John Lanlam, Susanna Bayly, Thomas Indian, John Lowe, Phill. Evans, Daniel Pager John Stoddart, John Walker, Charles Pembroke, Thomas Foster, Thomas Johnson, Richard Garrald, Sr., Thomas Locker, John Lanham, Sr., William Lanham, Samuell Barker, William Atcheson, Alexander Fraser Smith, Edward Edelen, Henry Bedding, William Masters, Thomas Getton [Gittings], Phill. Evans (schoolmaster), William Shirkley, Terence Bryant, Daniel Jenkins, Giles Virmulin, George Ray, Thomas Edelen, Sr., Christopher Edelen, John Frazer (planter), John Goddard, James Russell, Dunkin Forason, William Wheeler, Charles Willit, James Atcheson, William Rowe, Samuell Smith, Thomas Tunly, John Dickason, Dormond Walker, William Loyd, Peter Taylor, Thomas Cole, Thomas Stonestreet, Humphry Whitemore, John Willcoxson, Ralph Marlowe, Susanna Cooper, Leven Jones, William Webster, Benjamin Crai, William Doin, William Pressley, William Clarkson, Zachariah Wade, Henry Butler, Joseph Young, Edward Stonestreet, William Penson, Phill. Tenally, Burton & Thomson, Daniel Lamport (merchant in London), James Noble, Butler Stonestreet, William Hawkins, Robert Wade, Sr., William Diggs, Jr., Samuell Queen, John Hawkins, Sr., Richard Condon, Thomas Middleton, Sr Henry Massey, Thomas Wallace (weaver), Thomas Clealand, John Buckston, John Talbut, Jr., James Bonafint, Benjamin Talbutt, Thomas Edelen, Jr., George Jones, William Stoddart, James Johnson, Robert Maxfield, Thomas Middleton, Jr., Richard Lanham, John Dawson, Samuell Smith, John Goddard, William Wheeler, John Welling, John Lane, Richard Wade, Francis Bird, Thomas Dawson, Thomas Stonestreet, Jr., John Brawner, William Rowe, Zephaniah Wade, Walter Bayne, John Kar, William Hunter, Nehemiah Wade, Edward Edelen, Christopher Rustain, Anthony Pinkey, Robert Wade, Jr., Enoch Jenkins, Thomas Applegate, Benjamin Norris, Elisabeth Rozer, John Ridgway, John Jackson, Mary Dawson, executor of William Hutcheson, Henry Barns, Jr., John Beall, Jr., Edward Brawner, John Acton, Benjamin Smallwood.. John Pretchett.
      Payments to: Susanna Bayley, Lingan Willson, John Harvey, Jos. Ponett, John Talbutt, Samuell Write, John Abbington, Richard Gilder, John Jackson, Thomas Middleton, Jr., Alexander Frazer, Thomas Brooke, Charles Calvert, Esq., Phill. Key.
      Heirs: none but administratrix.
      Administratrix (de bonis non): Frances Tolson. Former executor is Henry Tolson,
      Francis Tolson 12.212 A PG 34.7.2 Feb 26 1733
      Received from: William Chunlis, Thomas Wallace, Samuel Wright, William Dent, John Frazer, James Kendall, John Lowe, John Beale, Jr., Thomas Cawood, Robert Cloyd, Joseph Newton, Samuel Taylor, Francis Wheeler, Sr., Clement Wheeler, Lewis Willcoxon, Francis Wheeler, Jr., Charles Digges, Henry Dickason, John Brawner, John Jones, Robert Wade, Sr,, George Alder, Anthony Arvin, Francis Hudson, Robert Middleton, Nehemiah Ogdon, Peter Shinback, Richard Tubman, Thomas Thompson, Henry Barnes, Sr., Alexander Frazer (lawer), Robert Wharton on account of Elisabeth Galemore, William Huntsman, Robert Wharton, Walter Williams, William Stoddart, Lewis Willcoxon, Zephaniah Wade, Benjamin Talbut, Thomas Locker on account of John Evans, Thomas Jackson.
      Payments to: John Locker, Charles Calvert, Esq., Peter Dent due to Thomas Brooke, Anne Tolson (widow, 1/3).
      Legatees: John Tolson paid to his mother Anne Tolson.
      Heirs: none by administratrix,
      Administratrix (de bonis non): Francis Stonestreet wife of Butler Stonestreet,
      John Cade 11.514 A PG 6.16.7 Oct 26 1732
      Received from: John Davy, Samuel Southern.
      Payments to: Benjamin Wailes paid to Henry Massey, Robert Southern, John Cornwell, Humphry Deaverson, Francis Tolson, Leonard Holliday, Henry Massey. Mentions: 2 children (unnamed).
      Administratrix: Elisabeth Owen, wife of Thomas Owen.
      Marsh, Gilbert, Prince George's County, 11th Feb., 1724-5; 19th Feb., 1724/5.
      To Alice Page, John (son of Francis Tolson) and Margaret Gunn, personalty.
      To Catherine McClannon., personalty used by wife and her freedom.
      To grandson John, 1s.
      Francis Tolson ex. and residuary legatee.
      Test: Henry Massey, John Ireland. 18,344
      Gilbert Marsh 7,274 A PG 18.7.2 34.0.10 Feb 16 1725
      Received from: James Robinson.
      Payments to: William Cotton, Henry Massey, Margarett Guin, Dorman Walker, Col. Thomas Addison.
      Mentions: widow (dead, unnamed).
      Executor: Fran. Tolson (also Mr. Francis Tolson).
      William Brauner 3.85 A PG 20.18.3 41.0.7 Jul 25 1720
      Received from: Thomas Wilcoxon, John Brauner.
      Payments to: John Abbington, Samuell Weslly, John Dickeson, Franciss Tolson, Joseph Coleman, John Middleton, Luke Tomlinson, Prior Smallwood, John Fraser, Ralph Lannum.
      Distribution to: orphan (unnamed)
      Administrators: Daniell Delhofer and his wife Mary Delhofer.
      Howell, William, Prince George's Co. 30th Dec., 1718; 27th Jan., 1719.
      To Margaret and Mary Thacker, personalty.
      To wife Christian, "who ran away, " 2 s. and 6 p. for gloves; and she having been absent 5 or 6 yrs., testator renounces her from having any other share of personal estate.
      To Samuel Thacker, ex., entire estate, real and personal.
      Test: Francis Tolson, Jacob Jackson, Jane Jackson. 14. 723.
      Jeanes, Joseph,, Prince George's County, 14th Jan., 1719-20 19th Feb., 1719.
      To sons Joseph, Edward and William, daus. Mary and Ann, personalty.
      Sons to be of age at 18.
      Wife Elizabeth extx. and residuary legatee.
      Test: Francis Tolson, Edward Hollingsworth,, Joseph Woodro. 15. 295.
      Bally, William, Prince George's County, 22nd March, 1724-5; 26th March, 1725.
      To Jon. (son of Francis Toulson), 750 A. on Douge Ck., in Muddy Hole, Stafford County, Virginia.
      To Mary (dau. of William Cogwill) and hrs., 270 A. on Muddy Hole, joining land of Richd. Wist.
      To Francis Toulson, ex., residue of estate.
      Test: John Bronor (Branner), Jacob Jackson, Walter Bayne. MCW 19.44
      Andrew Toulson 15.167 KE 55.15.3 Aug 1 1729 Aug 20 1729
      Appraisers: John Tilden, Philip Rasin.
      Creditors: William Hume, Isaac Pirkins.
      Next of kin: Francis Toulson, Thomas Toulson.
      Administratrix/Executrix: Mary Toulson,
      Mr. John Ireland 110910 PG 9.16,1 Jan 31 1726 Apr 26 1727
      Appraisers: Walter Bayne, Nicholas Dawson,
      Creditors: Hen. Massey, Francis Tolson.
      Administratrix/Executrix: Elisabeth Ireland,
      William Marloe 10,386 A CH 116.7.4 9.11,8 Aug 6 1730
      Received from: John King, Henry Massey, Caleb Norris, John Middleton.
      Payments to: Charles Willet, John Middleton, Edward Henry Calvert, Esq., Samuel Hanson, Dr, Robert Junis, Joseph Noble, Francis Tolson.
      Executors: Henry Acton, Jr. and his wife Elinor Acton.
      Mr. Nicholas Dawson 12.285 PG 68.13.10 Jul 12 1727 Sep 29 1727
      Servants mentioned: Thomas Whitson.
      Appraisers: Walter Bayne, Thomas Stonstreet.
      Creditors: Francis Tolson, John Abbington.
      Next of kin: John Dawson, Thomas Dawson,
      Administratrix/Executrix: Mary Dawson,
      Robert Pearson 13,152 PG 19.6.9 Jul 11 1728 Jul 10 1728
      Appraisers: Edward Edelin, John Hawkins.
      Creditors: George Noble for Christopher Fearon, Francis Tolson,
      Administrator/Executor: Henry Massey.
      Notley Rozer 13,153 PG 210.2.2 May 28 1728 Jul 23 1728
      Appraisers: George Noble, John Abbington.
      Creditors; E. Addison, Francis Tolson.
      Next of kin: Charles Diggs, Walter Pye.
      Administratrix/Executrix: Mrs. Elisabeth Rozer.
      William Cotton 15.269 PG 68.16.9 Nov 25 1729
      Appraisers: John Hawkins, Thomas Middleton,
      Creditors: Francis Tolson, Thomas Smith.
      Adminiatratrix/Executrix: Elisabeth Cotton,
      William Cotten 10,360 A PG 66.16,9 5.1516 Jul 14 1730
      Received from: Joseph Adams (merchant in London), Daniel Lamport.
      Payments to: Francis Tolson, John Willson, Dr, Joseph Coleman, Edward Henry Calvert, Esq.
      Mentions: deceased left 1 child (son named John).
      Administratrix: Elisabeth Rowe, wife of William Rowe
      John Ireland 8.510 A PG 9.16.1 4.5.8 Dec 9 1727
      Received from: William Clark, Zephaniah Wade, James Bramele, Thomas Norton, Thomas Stonestreet, James Mills, Phillip Tippitt, Edward Perkins, Walter Bayne, Samuell Love, John Abbington, John Lanham, John Dickeson, William Cotten.
      Payments to: Francis Tollson, Henry Massey, James Ronald, William Cotten, William Ponson, Dr. John Whetenhall, William Wills, Col. T. Truman Greenfield.
      Mentions: "heirs if any are in London; deceased was a Londoner".
      Administratrix: Elisabeth Ireland.
      Christopher Scains 8.512 A PG 5.17.0 10.12.10 Dec 16 1727
      Payments to: Dr. Robert Jennes, William Presley, Francis Tolson, Henry Massey.
      Mentions: "heirs if any are in England; deceased being an Englishman".
      Administrator: Edward Edelen.
      Phillip Reley 8,514 A PG 8.6,0 l,6,7 Jan 15 1727
      Received from: Robert Clyd, John Lane, Nehemyah Wade, Thomas Norton.
      Payments to: Francis Tolson, Elizabeth Pamer, Thomas Brooke, Peter Dent.
      Mentions: "heirs are 2 brothers by mothers side namely Mason Pigman & David Cole (boys)".
      Administrator: Thomas Cole,
      Phill. Reley 8,515 A PG 9.11.5 Feb 6 1727
      Payments to: Edward Stonestreet, Thomas Stonestreet.
      Heirs: Masson Pigman (boy), David Cale (boy),
      Administrator: Thomas Cole.
      William Jervis 3.363 A PG 68.13.7 34.18.9 Jul 3 1721
      Payments to: Thomas Sprigg, Francis Tolson, William Tyler, Edmond Casteel, Mary Biddle, Isabel Dickison, Anne Beckwith, John Coulton, James Moor, Sr., John Bradford, Patrick Hepburn, Joseph Colemore, Robert Levet, Mr. Dulany, Thomas Bordley, Esq.
      Executrix: Magdalen Jervis.
      William Jervis 4.251 PG 68.13,7 Jun 8 1720
      Appraisers: Baruck Williams, Benjamin Berry.
      Approvers: John Willioxon, Lewis Willioxon.
      Approvers: Thomas Clagett, Thomas Sprigg, Jr,
      Henry Barnes 9.143 A CH 104.4.6 49,9.3 Jan 30 1727
      Received from: Madam Eleanor Addison, Christopher Packer.
      Payments to: Rev. William Maconchie, Mrs John Abbington, Henry Masey, Jos.
      Coleman, Thomas Stonstreet, Francis Tolson, George Hardy, William Penson. Heirs: (unstated). Executrix: Elisabeth Barns.
      William Broner 4,253 PG 20,18.3 Feb 25 1720
      Appraisers: John Prichett, John Jones.
      Creditors: John Abbington, Francis Tolson,
      Next of kin: Mary Ellitt (mother), John Broner (brother).
      John Green 7.273 A PG 1.2.0 3.0.6 Feb 16 1725
      Payments to: Henry Massey,
      Administrator: Fra. Tolson (also Mr. Fran, Tolson),
      Henry Tolson 16.470 PG 3.0.0 May 29 1732 May 29 1732
      Appraisers: Joseph Hatton, Thomas Middleton.
      Creditors: Joseph Noble, Thomas Middleton, Sr,
      Administratrix/Executrix: Mrs. Frances Tolson.
      Henry Tolson 11.567 A PG 56,5.9 32.14.8 Dec 21 1732
      Payments to: Thomas Middleton, Thomas Locker, Dr. Joseph Coleman, William Eilbeck, William Rose, Lingan Wilson, Alexander Frazer Smith, Charles Calvert, Esq., Anthony Oimkey.
      Payments to (per John Hyde & Co.): Henry Massey, John Harvey, Eleanor Addison, Jos, Ponett, Elisabeth Barnes, Jos. Noble, William Taylor, Susanna Baily, Mr, John Abbington.
      Mentions: inventory of Francis Tolson.
      Heirs: only the accountant.
      Administratrix: Frances Tolson.

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