Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Thomas Weston

Male 1584 - 1647  (60 years)

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  • Name Thomas Weston 
    Born 21 Dec 1584  Rugeley, Stafford, England Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Gender Male 
    Died Between 3 Jan 1644/45 and May 1647  St. Mary's County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location 
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    Family Elizabeth Weaver 
     1. Elizabeth Weston,   d. Aft 1684, Marblehead, Essex County, Massachusetts Find all individuals with events at this location
     2. Mary Weston,   b. Bef 1644,   d. Aft 1655, Northumberland County, Virginia Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age > 13 years)
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  • Notes 
    • revised edition of his Wikipedia page in case it may be of interest:

      by Alton Rogers
      Proceedings and Acts of the General Assembly January — March 1647/8; Volume 1, p 228
      2 March 1647/8
      Jno Hatch in the behalfe of Willm Ediffe & Mr Jno Rosier Attorney of Capt Stone desyre to have their causes heard & determined by the howse of Assembly agst the admistratoy of the estate of Mr Tho: Weston deceased, ut supra
      The howse consented thereunto
      In the case of Thomas Weston, he left a will naming only one daughter who lived in New England and married Roger Conant. Weston was sly enough to have had two families, but Walter Bayne's brother, Ralph, acted on the estate , and the Baynes would have known the truth.

      Volume 4, Page 184 Court and Testamentary Business, 1643.
      Liber P. R. 15. Thomas weston gent demandeth of Thomas Games, 580 l cask, due by bill warrt to arrest defdt retornab 1st march next, or els 1st Aprill.

      Eod: Thomas weston demandeth of ffrancis Rabnett, 200 l tob & cask due by bill. warrt to arrest deft retornab 1st march or els 1st Aprili.
      Volume 4, page 245 Court and Testamentary Business, 1643.
      Liber P. R . p137
      y william marshall, attorny for Thomas weston, sheweth that there is a iudgmt (as he is informed) given in Kent by mr John wyatt agst the said Tho. weston for 2. barrells of corne at the suit of mr neale to the vse of Rob. vaughan; from WCh iudgmt the said will. marshall appealeth, & therefore prayeth no exequution be awarded till he be heard to shew cause.
      Volume 4, Page 253 Court and Testamentary Business, 1643.
      Liber P. R. p 20Feb; william Marshall demandeth of James Cloughton mariner 225 l tob, due vpon accot for goods &c.
      21. febr: Thomas weston p attorn william Marshall demandeth of Thomas Sterman 600 l tob & cask due by bill.
      warrt to Court first March next, vpon pill iudgmt this action retracted by the plf Mar. 16. 1643.
      Volume 4, Page 261/262 Court and Testamentary Business, 1643.
      Liber P. R. p149

      - Thomas weston p attorn will. marshall demandeth of Thomas Boys 580' tob & cask due by bill.
      - will. marshall attorny of Tho. weston demanded of Capt Tho. Cornwaleys 450 l tob due vpon bill to mr weston for the vse of Tho. Boys; & the said Tho. Cornwaleys vndertook to discompt so much to Tho. bushell by the appointmt of the said will. marshall, vndertaking that mr weston was not yet satisfied of the said bill of 450 or any part of it: & to repay if he were.

      Volume 4, Page 282 Court and Testamentary Business, 1643.
      Liber P. R 18. whereas there is an exequution awarded by the Leiut Gen: agst the goods & chattells of mr Tho. weston, for the levying of 1000 l tob assessed &c. wch tob cannot be levied, as you say &c in regard the servt refuseth to pay or open the house &c. now because the publique govermt wch is party in this cause, ought to be assisted agst any private right or priviledge if any such be; these to authorise you in the pnce of 2. freemen to demand the said servt to deliver tob or goods of the said tho. weston in his custody to the value of the said Exequ: or els to open the house or doore where the goods are, & if he shall refuse so to doe, then to open the house or doore yor selfe, & to serve your exequution thervpon. J. L.

      To sheriff St mar: Copie of exequution. decemb 30th 1643.
      Levie 1000' tob on any the goods debts or chattells of Tho. weston rnrcht; for so much assest vpon him by the L. G. & C. for defraying the publique charges incured for defence of the pv: this last somer: and the somme so levied pay into the hands of John Genalyes &c. levie therewth the fees for the exequution. levie more assest as abovesaid on the estate of Robt Glover deceased 100 l tob & on the estate of will: marshall 35. tob.
      Volume 4 page 287/288 Court and Testamentary Business, 1644.
      Liber P. R. p 181
      Oct18 1644; Thomas weston demandeth of Henry Lee, 5901 tob; wth cask due p acct attachmt retorn 1st dec next; wth cita1644
      Nov 26,1644;Thomas weston demandeth of widdow Basha and derrick Geritzon 1000 l tob & cask due from the estate of Giles Basha deceased. attachmt 26 dec; cum citaone sub piculo: ret 2d Jan: next. 10cl morn.
      Volume 4 page 309 Court and Testamentary Business, 1647. 31May
      Willm Marshall demandeth 3067 l of Tob: due to him (for 2 yeares wages, & other disbursmts for mr Westons servts layd out by him) out of the Estate of Thomas Weston deceased
      As allso bb. Corne & 2 p shoes.
      Volume 4, Page 356 Court and Testamentary Business, 1647.
      Willm Marshall demandeth of Marks Pheypo Vt supra, out of the estate of Mr Weston 1300 l Tob: 7 barrells of Corne & 2 pr shooes dew for wages.
      Summons to the Sheriffe ret. 30 Jan:

      Nicolas Cawsin demandeth of Marks Phevpo Ut supra out of the estate of Mr Weston 3 bushells of salt.
      Sum: to the Sheriffe ret. 30 Jan.
      Volume 4, Page 360/361 Liber A. Court and Testamentary Business, 1647/8.
      Upon the demand of Wm Marshall plf agst Marks Pheypo
      Attorney of Mr Hansford deft The deft acknowledgeth 1300 l Tob to be dew to the plf & bb Corne. And the Court fownd for the plf accordingly. As for the 2 payre shooes, the Court fownd one payre to be dew. & gave further time to proue the other.
      Vppon the demand of Capt Giles Brent Esqr Edw: Packer then High Sheriffe of St Maries deposed sayth That Ano 1643 hee had exequuon to serue vppon the estate of Mr Weston of 1000 l Tob: to satisfy a Leuy towards the satisfaction of the charge of ffort Conquest. And that he did Leuy 800 l Tob: And tht there is still remayning 200 l Tob: besides the charge of the leuying of the whole. Giles Brent Esqr demandeth to haue an exequuon renewed is lost from the Records for 200 l Tob: & charges of exeqn agst the admistrator of Thor Weston. The sd summe being the remainder of 1000 l Tob: wher wth the sd Tho. Weston was charged by Leuy towards ffort Conquest garryson. Vppon the sd demand Marks Pheypo Attorney of the admistrator of Tho: Weston claimeth Liberty of an admistrator of a tweluemonth & a day. The exequuon being granted in the life time of the sd Mr Weston & only the renouaon of the same thing requyred. The opinion of the Court was tht the priuiledge of an admistr extended not to this case. And therefore ordered tht the exeqn should be reuyued
      Volume 4, Page 376/7/8 Liber A. Court and Testamentary Business, 1647/8.
      March ffeb. 40 Nouerint uniuersi per prntes me Thoma Weston ciuem et Ironmonger London teneri et firmiter obligari Thomae Stones Ciui et habr London in quadragintis libris bonae et legalis moneta Angliae. Soluend eidë Thomae Stones, aut suo certo attorn. executor. vel admistrator suis. Ad qua quidë soluone bene et fideliter faciend. Obligo me, hered. executor. et admistrator. meos per prntes Sigillo meo Sigillat. Dat. Vicesimo die Julij Annis Regni Dni nri Jacobi Dei grä Angliae ffran: & Hibern. Regis fadei Defensoris &c: decimo nono. Ac Scotiae quadrigesimo quarto 1641 Tho: Weston Sigillat. et delibrt. in prntia mei Henr. Lawrence Ser John Hutton.

      The Condicon of this obligaon is such That if the wthin bownd Thomas Weston his Exequutors admistrators or assignes doe well & truly pay, or cause to be payd to the wthin named Thomas Stones, his exequutors admistrators or assignes, the sume of Three hundd pownds of lawfull money of England, att Thomas Stone of London Merchant aged 68 yeares or there abouts deposeth tht Thomas Weston formerly of London Ironmonger standeth indebted unto the sd Tho: Stone principall debt besides interest the summe of one hundd & thirty fiue pownds by Bond, as by accompt sent Capt Willm Stone prme Thomas Stone Jurat. 100 August 1647.
      Robt: Aylett MaryLand the 3d January. 1644
      Copy Mr Weston's lre as far Sr I haue receiued yor lre of the 2 as concernes &c: past: Besides what is uppon yor Vncles accompt yor Brother Mr Jno Stone had of me many yeares past a parcell of Tob: wch though I never saw him since, I had notice from him made 70 & od pownds. I desyre you will write to yor Vncle, & uppon his informaon, what tht was, & what is due, I will by gods help make you satisfaction. I haue bene in great care of tht Bond. But the last yeare when I thought to haue gone to London, I had all my goods taken from me by Bassett the Vice-Admirall of Cornwall. wch though hitherto detayned by him, I hope is not lost, for I had order from the King to stop his proceedings. And the Country being troublesome I could not travell to make an end of the busines. But the goods is yett in his hands, in a howse whereof he hath one Key, & I another. By reason whereof I was forced to come over meanely
      prouided, & the little goods I had was forced to engage for hyre of the ship I came ouer in, whereof I haue not any thing left, worth speaking of. &c: Yor Louing ffreind to command
      Tho: Weston
      To Capt William Stone this dd. Accomack.
      Know all men by these prnts tht I Thomas Stone of the Citty of London haberdasher, haue made assigned, & in my steed & place by these prnts haue putt & constituted my louing Cossen, Capt Willm Stone of Accomack in Virginia Marcht my true & lawfull Attorney, for me & in my name, to ask, demand, sue, recouer & receiue of the Exequutors Admistrators or As- signes, of Thomas Weston, formerly of Virginia deceased all such somme or sommes of money wtsoeu dew to me the Thomas Stone, by Bond, Bill, or Accompt from the sd Tho: Weston Gyuing & granting to my sd Attorney full power & lawfull authority to sue, arrest, imprisone, & condemne, & forth of prison againe to deliur & giue a full discharge, & generally to doe all things requisite in the premisses. Or to make or more Attorney vnder him for the recouery of the abousd debt or debts, as if I were in person. And I doe confirme & ratify, all tht my sd Attorney shall doe, or cause to be done by uertue of these prnts. Wittnes my hand & seale the last of July Ano Dni 1647. And in the three & twentith yeare of the reigne of Or Souereigne Ld King Charles. Loco + Sigilli per me Thomas Stone Sealed & deliuered in the prflce of Rich: Chandler John Edwards.

      Bee it knowne unto all men by these prnts tht I Capt Willm Stone of the County of Northampton in Virginia Mercht by uertue of a lre of Attorney from Tho: Stone of the citty of London haberdasher haue made, assigned, & in my stead & place by these prnts haue putt & constituted my louing ifreind John Rosier of Appamattucks Clark my true & lawfull Attorney, for me & in my name to ask, demand sue, recour of Thomas Weston formerly of Virginia deceased, due to the aforesd Tho: Stone, all such somme or sommes of money, by bond bill, or accompt from the sd Tho: Weston deceased. Gyuing & granting to my sd Attorney full power and lawfull authority, to sue, arrest, imprisone & condemne, & forth of prison againe to deliur & giue a full discharge, & generally to doe all things requisite in the prmisses. And to make one or more Attorney under him, for the recouery of the abouesd debt or debts, as if I were in person. And I doe confirme & ratify all tht my sd Attorney shall doe, or cause to be done by uertue of these prnts. Wittnes my hand & seale the 22 day ffeb. Aiio Dni 1647. & in the 23 yeare of the Reigne of or Souereigne Ld Kinge Charles &c: Sealed & deliuered in the prnce of Lo: + Sigilli Mathew Stone. William Stone Rand + Revell.

      Volume 4, page 400 Court and Testamentary Business, 1648.
      July 15th 1648
      The Accompt of Mr Jno Hunsford Admistrator of the Estate of Mr Tho: Weston exhibited in the Court att St Maries. The Estate of Mr Weston Debr

      By Tob: pd by order to Willm Marshall 1820
      By Tob: pd to Capt Brent 0200
      By Tob: pd to the Appraysers 0300
      By Tob: pd to Jno Hatch 0100
      By Tob: pd to Willm Edisse 0337
      By pd to Mr Hebden for phisick 0200
      By Tob: for Court charges 0082
      By pd to marks Pheypo 0250
      By Tob: ffee for my SSallary att 10 pr cent 0630
      By Tob tht lies in Mr Westons howse, 0950
      tendned to the Credrs
      By Tob: pd in seuerall yeanes for the Kin s rent
      for Mr Tho: West: land tht is in Virg. 0620

      By a money Debt, dew to the admistrator by 2024
      Specialty of twelue pownds thirteene shillings
      in Tob: att three halfe pence the pownd commeth to
      Summe is 7513
      There remaines dew to the admistrator out of the estate
      of Mr Tho: Weston, wch he hath payd beyownd assetts
      the Som of 1184 l
      John Hansford
      Volume 4, page 468 Court and Testamentary Business, 1648/9.
      Came Capt Willtm tone & demanded to haue Exeqn issue out agst the Estate of Mr Tho: Weston deceased for 21600 l Tob. according to a Judgmt recouered agst the snl Estate, by the sd Capt Stones Attorney in the Assembly held att St Maries 2d March 1647 wch was graunted. Exeqn ad satisfaciendü. & to make Certificate what is done therein wth all possible conueniency. January 16th Sheriffe made returne, That the Records being searched & Veiwing the Admistrators acct of the Estate of Mr Weston exhibited in the Court att St Maries 18o July last. He findeth tht the Estate is Debr to the Admistrator 1184 l Tob. & therfore Assetts are not fownd whereon to lay the Exeqn January 1 7th Whereas Capt Willm Stone hath recouered Judgmt in the last grall Assembly held att St Maries 2d March1647 agst the Estate of Mr Tho: Weston for 21600' Tob: where uppon Exeqn was issued out, on the 15 day of Jan: 1648. Vppon wch writt returne is made tht Assetts are not fownd uppon wch to serue it. These are therfore further to appoynt & authorize you to gather together 1 2 Sufficient ffreemen Inhabts of yor County, & deliur unto them an oath, according to the best of their skill & conscience, to enquyre, apprayse, & returne unto you, the yearely ualew of such Lands, as you shall find apprteyning to the sd Estate wthin yor County. & the same Lands, att the same appraysmt by uertue of this writt, to deliurouer in Extent, unto the sd Capt Wm Stone or his Attorney, att the yearely ualew shall amount unto the whole Recouery in Court & noe longer.
      To the Sheriffe of St Maries or his Deputy.

      Volume 4, page 518 Court and Testamentary Business, 1649.
      LiberA. 22 No:
      I Thomas Weston doe hereby rernise and release and acquit Robert Cager of and from all manner of Accons suites debts and demands whatsoever from the beginning of the World vnto this prsent day And I doe hereby promise and binde my self & exrs to discharge the said Robert Cager from one obligacon of 25 l sterling wherein hee is bound to John Hansford of Virginia Witnes my hand and Seale the first day of May 1641 Tho: Weston
      Witnes Willm Palmer
      Rich. Hansford



      1. The National Genealogical Society Quarterly, 62:163-172, "Thomas Weston, Ironmonger of London and America"

      2. Good News from New England, by Edward Winslow, 1624.

      3. Plymouth Colony: Its History and Its People, 1620-1691, by Eugene Stratton, 1986.

      BAPTIZED: 21 December 1584, Rugeley, Stafford, England

      DIED: before 7 November 1647, Bristol, England

      MARRIED: Elizabeth Weaver

      PARENTS OF THOMAS: Ralph Weston and Anne Smith

      PARENTS OF ELIZABETH: Chistopher Weaver and Alice Greene


      1. Elizabeth (b. unknown; d. unknown; m. Roger Conant Jr., c1655, Marblehead, MA)

      Thomas Weston is an interesting character in relation to his importance to the Mayflower's voyage to America. He was the man almost entirely responsible for organizing and funding the joint-stock company which was how the Pilgrims managed to pay the enormous costs of removing to America. Without Weston's help, the Pilgrims probably never would have made it to America. But at the same time, Weston's self-serving interests and sometimes illegal and immoral business deals would cause the Pilgrims much distress and worry.

      In 1609, Thomas Weston joined the Ironmongers' Company (akin to a union). He became a merchant, and made a number of early investments. In 1615, Thomas Weston sent an agent by the name of Edward Pickering to Holland to trade goods, made by the Pilgrims, such as cloth. In 1617, Weston came to understand the Pilgrims wanted to remove to America, and he saw a potential profit to be gained by the utilization of American resources. Weston and the Virginia Company organized a joint-stock agreement with the Pilgrims. In 1619 Weston was arrested for an unrelated customs violation, and fell into some legal trouble. However, the plans of the voyage continued.

      He also got a group of "strangers" together to also make the Mayflower voyage to America for additional labor and to help defray expenses. Christopher Martin was appointed treasurer and ordered to buy provisions, which he did--but without anyones consent, help, or permission, and he later refused to say how he spent all the money.

      After many disagreements, Weston and the Pilgrims finally were able to get things organized enough to get the Mayflower underway to America. The first winter of 1621 was so hard on the Pilgrims, that the Mayflower when it returned was not loaded with trade goods as had been planned, so the investors were quite disappointed. Another ship, the Fortune came in November 1621, and was loaded with goods--but Spanish pirates took over the ship and stole everything on its return to England, so again the investors were left without a return.

      Meanwhile, in March 1621, Thomas Weston was found to have done a much more serious crime--selling an English cannon to some Turkish Pirates. In July 1622 all his assets were seized by the King's officers. But Weston had fled to America, on the ship Charity just months before. In 1624, the trial proceeded without him. Weston planned to start the Wessagussett Colony, settling in Massachusetts Bay, and brought with him a number of colonists.

      Weston and his colonists arriving on the Charity and Swan came totally unequipped for their environment, and spent some time begging off the Plymouth Colony.

      Once the Wessagusett colony started, they had another problem. Weston's men had no regard for the Indians, and treated them very poorly--often stealing rather than trading, killing rather than talking. When the Indians complained to Plymouth, the Pilgrims sent Myles Standish to set the settlers straight. He was not too successful, for they did not change their ways. Famine set in, and the colonists began stealing even more corn from the Indian's fields.

      A group of angered Indians decided in early 1623 they would rid the entire region of Englishmen, both Wessagussett and Plymouth. Massasoit, always a friend and ally of the Pilgrims, warned them of the plot, and so the Pilgrims sent Captain Myles Standish to Wessagusett to stop it before it . His men found and killed Wituwamat, Pecksuot, and captured one other conspirator who was hanged. The coup was over. But the Wessagussett settlers had had enough, and packed up and went home or to other occupations. Weston had already abandoned Wessagussett for present-day Maryland in the Virginia Country.

      Weston continued to be wanted by English authorities and for several outstanding civil suits which he had avoided by staying away from English authorities. Weston was in England for a short while in 1643 during the English Revolution making tobacco trades with merchants in London. He spent some time in Cork, Ireland as well, where his daughter became a member of the church there. Weston lived out the remainder of his years on his 1250-acre estate in present-day Maryland, dying in 1647.
      Charles River, Virginia
      URL (Click on link)
      http://lvaimage.lib.va.us/cgi-bin/GetLONN.pl?first=198&last=&g_p=P1&collec tion=LO
      Title Weaver, Samuell.
      Publication 2 July 1635.
      Gen. note At the foot of the record of this patt. are the foll.g words. "This patt. is recorded in the name of Thomas Weston, Marind."
      Other Format Available on microfilm. Virginia State
      Land Office. Patents 1-42, reels 1-41.
      Note Location: County location not given.
      Description: 650 acres lying easterly upon a creeke called Capt. John Wests Creeke. .
      Source: Land Office Patents No. 1, 1623-1643 (v.1 & 2), p. 198 (Reel 1).

      Joane Bennett Land Grant, 1636 - York Co. VA

      Land Office Patents and Grants - Library of Virginia
      Patents No. 1 p. 346

      Joane Bennett
      450 Acres

      To all to whome these prsents shall come I Capt John West Esq. Governr &c send greeting &c Whereas by letters bearing date the 22nd day of July 1634 from &c Now Know yee that I the said Capt John West Esq. doe wth the consent of the Councell of State accordingly give and grannt unto Joane Bennett widow fower hundred and fiftie acres of Land situate lying and being in the Countie of Charles river upon the new Poquoson river East towards the Baye West into the woods North upon the Pinye Swamp & South upon Robert Thresher The said fower hundred fiftie acres of Land being due unto her the said Joane Bennett as followeth (Vizt) [videlicet] fiftie acres for her owne psonall [sic]adventure and fower hundred acres by and for the transportaton at her own pper1 costs and charges of Eight prsons into this Colony whose names are in the records mentioned under this pattent To have and to hold the said fower hundred and fiftie acres of land & to bee held of or [our] Soveraigne Lord the King &c Yeilding and paying unto or said Soveraigne Lord the King &c Provided alwaies that if the said Joane Bennett her Heires or assignes &c Given at James City the 6th day of May 1636 Ut in alij’s
      Joane Bennett widd:
      Anne Winter Jon Rocto Jon Marshall
      Tho: Prewitt Andrew Chant Jon Morris Pole

      1. Unknown contraction.

      Submitted by Ron Reid

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