Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

John Barron

Male Bef 1674 - 1701  (> 27 years)

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  • Name John Barron 
    Born Bef 1674 
    Gender Male 
    Died 8 Sep 1701  St. Mary's County, Maryland - Inventory Find all individuals with events at this location 
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    Mother UFO Barron 
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  • Notes 

      Oct. 1693 - Maryland Provincial Court, held at the City of St. Mary's.
      "Upon reading the petition of John Barron servant to Mr. Carbey [sic] praying his freedom and for that Col. Henry Jowles his material evidence? not being here, humbly prayeth summons may issue for him to appear here next Court granted by the Court and the consideration of the petition is refered till next Court."
      "To the Honorable the Justices of the ProvinCial Court, the humble petition of John Carberry showeth that John Barron now servant to ye petitioner came into this province an indented servant and was sold unto Henry Jowles and from the said Jowles ran away to Carolina. from whence, to the vast charge and trouble of the said Jowles. he was brought [back] and for his runaway time by Calvert County Court was adjudged to serve till Apr. 21, 1694. for which time the said Barron was sold by the said Jowles to Cuthbert Scott, late of St. Mary's County, after whose decease, the said Barron refused to serve the executrix of the said Scott and in order to obtain his freedom, presented his petition to St. Mary's County Court where, after a due hearing, he was adjudged to serve till the aforesaid Apr. 21, 1694 as by the record hereunto annexed may appear, notwithstanding in contempt of the judgments of Calvert and St. Mary's County Courts still continues at all Courts since and now at this
      Court he gives your petitioner perpetual trouble and vexation to the unknown prejudice of your aggrieved petitioner as well by the great loss of time and service of the said John Barron at the vast cost and charge your petitioner is daily put to, to defend himself against the most unreasonable and frivolous of the said Barron .... [Y]our petitioner humbly prays the order of this Honorable Court that the said Barron by service or otherwise be adjudged to satisfy your
      petitioner for the lost time of his service and charges [that] your petitioner has been at by the illegal and unreasonable proceedings of the said Barron."

      "At a Court held at New Town [St. Mary's Co.] Nov. 15, 1691."
      "Amongst the records of the St. Mary's County Court was this : Came Elizabeth Scott, widow, and made appear to the Court here that John Barham [sic], her servant, hath 2 years to serve the 21st day of April next. Therefore it is ordered by the Court here that he serve the time aforesaid. Recorded in Liber 9, folio 87. True copy."
      "Which said petiton and order of St. Mary's County Court being read, heard, and fully understood and examined by the Court here. It is ordered that in case the said John Barron at the next Provincial Court does not his petition
      and obtain a Judgment of this court for his freedom that then the said John Barron to be adjudged by this Court to such satisfaction to his said master John Carberry as well for his loss of time as other charges and expenses he? has been? at, intending to answer his complaint, to be made either by servitude or otherwise as this court then shall consider .,
      Source: Maryland Provincial Court, Judgment Record, Book D.S.C., p. 329.
      Apr. 17, 1701 - William Hayden and John Barrow [sic] appraise the St. Mary's Co., Md. inventory of Peter Gray.
      Source: Skinner, V. L., Jr., "Abstracts of the Inventories
      and Accounts of the Prerogative Court of Maryland, 1699-1704," p. 9.

      Apr. 21, 1694 - Maryland Provincial Court. St. Mary's County. These are to certify that John Baron a Frenchman shoomaker [sic] hath been my servant and now may go where his occasions call him in Maryland he being free therefore to do and at his request have testified the same under my hand this April 21, 1694. Signed John Bta. Carberry. Recorded May 8, 1694.
      Source: Archives of Maryland, Vol. 717, p. 680.

      Sep. 6, 1701 - The St. Mary's Co., Md. Administration Bond of John Barron by Mary Sissell, administratrix, sureties James French and George ~Ietcalfe. Bond filed Nov. 23, 1701.

      Source: Maryland Prerogative Court, Testamentary
      Proceedings, Liber 19A, p. 31.
      Comment: In the usual case, an administratrix with a different surname is the decedent's widow who has remarried (or perhaps his widowed mother who has remarried, his married sister or a married dau.) But Mary Sissell/Cecill was the dau. of James French (her surety) and the widow of both Robert Thompson and Thomas Cissell (d. Oct. 1700-Mar. 1701) and Mary was administering Thomas Cissell's estate at this time.
      Sissell/Cecill biographers do not suggest any relationship between Mary (or Thomas Cissell) and John Barron, or offer any reason why Mary would be the administratrix of his estate.

      Sep. 8, 1701 - The St. Mary's Co., Md. Inventory of John Barron.
      Inventory value: 14/15/6.
      Appraisers: John Sanders and John Marritt.
      Source: Skinner, V. L., Jr., "Abstracts of the Inventories
      and Accounts of the Prerogative Court of Maryland, 1699-1704," p. 28.

      Sep. 11, 1702 - The St. Mary's Co., Md. Administration Account of John Barron.
      Assets: 13/11/6 (payment received from Jeremiah Sparke.)
      Payments made by the estate: 15/1/0 (payments to Mr. Guibert and Richard Voules.)
      Administratrix: Mary Cecill.
      Source: Skinner, V. L., Jr., "Abstracts of the Inventories
      and Accounts of the Prerogative Court of Maryland, 1699-1704," p. 53.
      Comment: If the figures given by Skinner are being interpreted correctly, John's estate was insolvent.

      === Contributed by Ralph D. Smith
      (1) The new 1758 "Higdon's Chance" record you found and I posted under John Higdon, Jr. also goes under the John Barron who d. 1701 in St. Mary's Co. I just posted Barron's 1706 patent of "Dogwood Fortune" there. This corrects a mistake in my Barron book. Because one John Barron d. 1701 in St. Mary's Co. and another John Barron d. 1719 in Charles Co., I assumed (wrongly it turns out) that the 1706 patent belonged to the John who d. 1719. Your new 1758 "Higdon's Chance" record shows that it was patented to the John Higdon who died intestate with no heirs. That is John Higdon who d. 1701. The John Higdon who d. 1719 left a will and names 2 sons in it. I was further thrown off because the land was in Charles Co. It not infrequently happens (because the patent process took so long) that a patent is not finally issued until after the man is dead.

      Charles County Circuit Court
      Land Survey, Subdivision, and Condominium Plats
      MSA S1195: (Certificates, Patented, CH)
      Index by Reference

      Reference: Patented Certificate 533
      Date: 1775/12/12
      Description: Higdons Chance, John Higdon Jr, 280 Acres
      Storage Location: 01/25/03/23
      Image(s): Direct Scan(s):
      MSA S1195-544, p. 1 From SL 21,605 (File Size: 256 kb)
      MSA S1195-544, p. 2 From SL 21,605 (File Size: 295 kb)
      MSA S1195-544, p. 3 From SL 21,605 (File Size: 228 kb)
      MSA S1195-544, p. 4 From SL 21,605 (File Size: 244 kb)

      http://plato.mdarchives.state.md.us/msa/stagser/s1500/s1529/cfm/dsp_unit.c fm?county=ch&qualifier=S&series=1195&unit=544&p_ds_value=4&p_ms_value=0

      Aug. 28, 1758 - By virtue of a special warrant out of His Lordship's Land Office bearing date Dec. 2 last granted unto John Higdon, Jr., of Charles Co. to resurvey a tract or parcel of escheat land called "Dogwood Fortune" lying and being in Charles Co. aforesaid (originally granted unto a certain John Barron for the quantity of 210 acres who died seized thereof intestate and without heirs by which means the same became escheat unto His Lordship as it is set forth in the said Warrant) with liberty to add any contiguous vacancy. These are therefore to certify that I have resurveyed and laid out for and in the name of him the said John Higdon, Jr. the aforesaid parcel of land according to the ancient metes and bounds, viz., Beginning at a locust standing where a boundary of "Bowlings Plains" formerly stood the original beginning of the said "Dogwood Fortune," running thence ..., then to the beginning, containing 230 acres, and have left out thereof 99 acres lying within elder survey and have added thereto 140 acres of vacancy, now called "Higdon's Chance," and bounded as follows: Beginning at the aforesaid locust post a boundary of "Bowlings Plains" and the beginning of the said "Dogwood Fortune," running thence ..., to the first beginning, containing and now resurveyed and laid out for 280 acres to be held of Calvert Mannor. William Hanson, Deputy Surveyor.
      Source: Charles County Circuit Court; Land Survey, Subdivision, and Condominium Plats; MSA S1195: (Certificates, Patented, CH). Index by Reference. Reference: Patented Certificate 533.
      John Barron 21.160 I SM 14.15.6 Sep 8 1701
      Appraisers: John Sanders, John Marritt.
      1642-1753 Rent Rolls Charles County, Maryland Hundred - Newport: Rent Roll page/Sequence: 377-11: DOGWOOD FORTUNE: 210 acres; Possession of - 210 Acres - Barron, John : Surveyed 1 April 1705 for John Barron beginning at a bound Red Oak a bound tree of a tract of land called BOWLINGS PLAINE: Other Tracts Mentioned: BOWLING PLAINE; Conveyance notes - {mm Note; not identified to a specific Hundred. Location identified by watercourse or nearby tract.}
      Dogwood Fortune, 210 Acres; Certificate
      Developer/Owner: Barron, John 1706 Patent Record DD 5, p. 231 0 0 MSA S 1587-1183

      Dogwood Fortune, 210 Acres; Patent
      Developer/Owner: Barron, John 1706 Patent Record PL 2, p. 76 0 0 MSA S 1587-1184

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