Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

John Jordan

Male Bef 1695 - 1729  (> 34 years)

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  • Name John Jordan 
    Born Bef 1695 
    Gender Male 
    Died 20 Sep 1729  Anne Arundel County, Maryland - Probate Find all individuals with events at this location 
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    Family Margaret MNU Kennedy,   b. Bef 1695,   d. Aft 1730, Anne Arundel County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age > 37 years) 
    Married Bef 12 Feb 1723/24  Anne Arundel County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location 
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      Jordan, John. innholder, Annapolis, 6th Sept., 1729 ; 20th Sept., 1729.
      To dau. Mary and hrs., all real estate in Province, except such as hereafter excepted; and personalty, including white servants named Timothy Collahone, Jacob Merrifield and Mary Hungerford (portion of personalty desc. as in poss. of Wm. Beckingham).
      To wife Margaret, extx., 1/2 of afsd. real estate during widowhood; shd. she marry, use of 1/2 thereof during life, and use of house wherein Ralph Smith now lives until dau. afsd. arrives at age of 16 (provided sd. house is not sold for payment of debts). Shd. dau. die during minority, sd. house to wife and hrs. absolutely, and 1/2 of sd. lands and personalty to pass to Edmond and Walter and their hrs. (sons of bro. William, Athlone, Ireland) at such time as they arrive in Maryland. Exs.
      instructed to sell a lot in pt. of city called "Newtown," bounded at one end by Scotch St. and at other by Severn R.; also house in city called Kentish House, and land bet. it and water; and if necessary, house where Ralph Smith now lives for benefit of estate.
      Overseers : Daniel Dulany, Charles Carroll, chirurgeon; Robert Gordon and John Galloway. Shd. wife die during minority of dau., or marry, overseers are instructed to care for education of sd. dau.
      Test: William Cumming, Robert Alexander, John Beale, Robert Gordon.
      1st Nov., 1729. Widow claims her thirds, f. 807. 19,800.
      John Jordan 15.563 AA £336.1.5 Feb 9 1729
      Appraisers: Thomas Williamson, Thomas Jobson.
      Creditors: D. Dylany, J. Beall attorney for Mr. Amos Woodward.
      Executrix: Margaret Jordan.
      John Jordan, Esq. 10.390 A AA £386.1.5 £374.17.9 Aug 15 1730
      Received from: Capt. Dunscomb, Mrs. Sarah Crooke, Mr. Alexander Contee, Mr. Benjamin Clouds, Capt. Martin, Capt. Major, William Digges, Charles Digges, George Plater, Esq., Michael Miller, William Parks, John Beck (?)„ James Harris, Esq., Peter Hume, Bartholomew Millhughs, Roger Boyce, William Ghiselin, Charles Worthington, Aaron Rawlings, Rev. Mr. Cox, Joshua Doyne, Abraham Johns, Roger Mathews, John Beale, John Moale, John Gibson, Rev. Mr.
      Cawthreen, Samuel Hastings, Thomas Hynson Wright, Dr. George Stuart, Capt. William Rogers, James Sims, Rezin Hammond, Ebenezar Cook, Humphry Hogan, John Bradford, Basil Beckwith, John Courts, Dr. Buckler Patridge, Thomas Clark, Rev. Mr. Humphrys, James Carrol, Esq., Col. Ephraim Aug. Herman, John Welch, Daniel Carrol, Jr., Charles Carrol, John Loemas.
      Payments to: accountant for her 1/3 portion of estate of her former husband Hugh Kennedy & other 2/3 to Margaret Kennedy & Elisabeth Kennedy (daughters of said Kennedy), James Stephens, George Thorpe, Patrick Creagh, Leonard Robinson, Dr. Charles Carroll, Christopher Hollywood, Mordecai Hammond, John Smith, George
      Neilson, Henry Donaldson, Charles Hammond, John Wamsley, Christian Geist per George Plater, Esq., Thomas Williams, James Sudler, Ralph Smith, John Thompson, William Nicholson, Alexand Fraser (alias Dr. Alexander Fraser), Vachel Denton, Edmund Jennings, Ashbury Sutton, Richard Tootell, Alexander Stuart, Mordock Dowlin, Amos Woodward, estate of Amos Garret, Esq., Daniel Dulany, Esq., MM Robert Ritchie & Walter Dallas, Robert Ritchie paid to Walter Dallas, William Thomas, Charles Cole, Henry Hill, John Headsworth, John
      Tunstall, Henry Fishbaugh, Moses Maccubbin, Richard Gist, William Wootten, Richard Gresham, Daniel Carrol, William Rose, John Beale, Esq., Mr. William Cumming, Philemon Lloyd, Esq., the Governour, Edward Henry Calvert, Esq., Stephen Higgins, Mr. Thomas Clarke.
      Executrix: Margaret Jordan (widow, relict).
      Mr. Hugh Kennedy 9.173 AA £239.3010 Jul 10 1722 Nov 10 1722
      Appraisers: Robert Gordon, Thomas Jobson.
      Creditors: Amos Garrett, Benjamin Tasker.
      Administratrix: Margret Kennedy.
      Hugh Kennedy 5.13 A AA £239.3.10 (unreadable) Dec 1 1722
      Payments to: Daniell Carroll, Thomas Cocke on account of Thomas Watson, Capt. John Lux, City of Annapolis, Timothy Sullivan, Capt. Andrew Joad, Mr. Edward Smith, Lord Proprietor paid to Humphry, Esq., Capt. George Letton, Robert Jub, Thomas Bordley, Esq., Thomas Ringgold paid to Richard Tilghman, Esq., Capt. Philip Wilkinson, Benjamin Tasker, Esq. for bill from ship Laywe (?) (merchant of Bristol where Thomas Longhorn was master), Sarah Hile.
      Administratrix: Margarett Kennedy.
      Hugh Keneday (innholder) 5.138 A AA £73.16.5 Jun 20 1723
      Received from: Thomas Bordley, Esq., John Beale, Esq., Vachel Denton, Thomas Humphrys, Esq., Capt. Philip Gribble, Mr. Charles Hammond, Mr. John Caldwell, Robert Jones, John Baldwin, Maj. James Harris, Morris Cartee, William Hitchcok, Lancelot Pockley, John Gold, Mr. James Carroll, Gustavus Nesselius, William Chiffen, John Caldwillf Capt. Thomas Larkins, Mr. Joshua Doyne, Mr. Christopher Geist, Mr. John Baldwin, Mr. John Smith (of Cecil County), Mr. Edward Smith due from estate of Davison, Mr. Charles Carroll, Mr. Richard Evans, Dr. Alexander Fraizer,
      Payments to: Charles Carroll, Dr, Charles Carroll, Dr. Charles Carroll (administrator of Thomas Magrah), Timothy Sullivan, Amos Garrett, Esq., Elisabeth Worthing, Joseph White, Capt. Richard Smith, Dr. Alexander Fraizer, Philip Riely, Capt. Thomas Cockey.
      Administrators/Executors: John Jourdan and his wife Margarett Jourdan (late Margarett Kennedy).
      Hugh Kenneday 10.125 A AA £189.1.6 £42.11.9 Dec 20 1729
      Received from: Moses Adney, Capt. William Reynolds, Capt. Patrick Sympson, John Payn, John Lawson, Rev. Samuell Skippers, Joshua George, Thomas Brooke, Esq., Otho Coursey, Benjamin Batter William Hamilton, Stephen Hollingsworth, Col. Ephraim Augustine Herman, Gilbert Falconar, Alexander Falconar, Mr. Worley, Rev. Christopher Wilkinson, Buckler Partridge, William Hemsley„ Nathan Rigby, Thomas Sweringen, Capt. William Rogers and his wife Mary Rogers, Nathaniel Wright, Capt. William Richardson, Merrick Ellis, Richard Tootle, William Forster, executor of James Wilkinson, Mr. Chambers, John Earnshaw, Michael Piper, Mr. Stoughton, Mr. Snowden, Edward Griffith, Capt. Jenifer, Christian Giest, Gustavus Hevelins, Alexander Contee, William Cummings Mr. Overard, Phillip Hammond, Mr. Jobson, Mr. Jubb, John Hawkins, Nathaniel Hynson, Col. Young, Mr. Sands, Charles Calvert, Esq., Samuel]. Chew, Rev. Mr. Hall, Mr. Francis, John Caldwell.
      Payments to: Mr. James Govane, Patrick Coyle, John Beale, Esq., Samuel Marvin, Francis Bowes, Peter Wills, Joseph Hill, Samuel White & Rachel White, Stephen West, Rees Hinton paid after debt to John Smith discounted, Rees Hinton, Mr. Isaac Landsdale, Phelimon Lloyd, Esq., Benjamin Pemberton.
      Mentions: orphans (unnamed).
      Administratix: Mrs. Margeret Jordan (widow, relict, formerly Margeret
      Kenneday). Accountant's husband John Jordan is since dead.

      Thomas Holmes 5.334 A AA £88.17.3 Feb 12 1723
      Received from: Richard Young.
      Payments to: Amos Garrett, Esq., Mr. Joseph Hill, Mr. John Gresham, Jr., Cornelius Brooksby, Mr. Michael Piper, John Jordan, Thomas Bordley, Esq., Anne Hutton, Mary Newall, Hugh Kennedy paid to John Jordan who married administratrix of Hugh Kennedy.
      Administrator: Thomas Jobson

      John Talbott 6.100 A AA £109.3.1 £99.18.9 Sep 9 1724
      Received from: Richard Tootell, Susan Puckam, Mr. John Lawson, Ann Conaway, Mr. Christian Geist, Elisabeth Williams, John Cornelius, Mr, Benjamin Tasker, James Batterson, William Maria Farthing, Abraham Howard.
      Payments to: Richard Tootell, Mark Watson, Robert Jubb on note drawn by James Batterson payable to William Ward, James Batterson, James Bozman, Christopher Williams paid to Charles Carroll, Mary Tobey, Dr. Samuel stringer, Samuel Peele, Darby Callahone, Isaac Knight paid to Daniel Dulany, Esq., Dr. Alexander Frazier, James Baldwin, Patrick Creagh, Hugh Kennedy paid to John Jordan who married Kennedy's widow (unnamed), Philip Reily, Mr. Bordley for prosecuting administrator of Daniel Larke, Amos Garrett, Esq., Francis Bowes,
      Mr. Caleb Dorsey, Mrs. Mary Hemsley, Robert Jubb. Legatees: Mary (no surname given, daughter of wife), Richard Bickerdick. Mentions: widow (unnamed, dead), William Bickerdick (also William Buckerdick,
      son-in-law, dead).
      Administrator: Thomas Williams.
      Edward Griffith (gentleman) 7.399 A AA £91.7.3 £48.15.5 Jul 7 1726
      Mentions items in Anne Arundel County, Cecil County, and Dorchester County.
      Received from: John Falconer (merchant in London), William Lovell (merchant in London), Thomas Jobson, Philemon Lloyd, Esq.
      Payments to: Joseph Hill per Henry Hill, James Sims, Fran. Bowes, James Donaldson, William Pontany, Peter Overard, Charles Cole, Hugh Kennedy paid to John Jordan who married Kennedy's administratrix, John Jordan, Richard Evans per Nathaniell Palmer who married Evans' executrix, Nathaniell Palmer, Cesar Ghiselin (administrator of Thomas Read).
      Executrix: Mrs. Sarah Griffith.
      Philemon Hemsley, Esq. 8.45 A AA £512.7.? £1253.0.3 Oct 20 1726
      A second inventory is cited in the amount of £116.8.0. A third inventory is cited in the amount of £178.2.4. A fourth inventory is cited in the amount of £161.18.2. Payments to: Amos Garrott, Esq., William Rogers and his wife Mary Rogers, John Hollinsworth, John Gresham, Esq. paid to Patric Simpson, Hugh Kennedy paid to John Jourdain who married Kennedy's administratrix.
      Executor: William Hemsley.

      Thomas Gresham 11.694 A AA £164.2.9 £173.0.7 Jun 7 1733
      Received from: Humphry Meridith.
      Payments to: Mrs. Sarah Gresham, Robert Ward, Rev. Mr. John Humphreys, estate of Ralph Smith, William Wootton, Onorio Rozolini, John Samuel Minskie, Rebecca Johnson, estate of John Jordan, Thomas Gassaway, Dr, Charles Carroll, William Chapman, John Reynolds, Dr. Samuel Stringer, William Sanders, Nicholas Hammond, Richard Normansell, John Gresham, Joseph Young, William Tidmarsh,
      Zachariah Maccubbin, Charles Calvert, Esq.
      Mentions: parties (unnamed) interested are at age.