Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

William Price

Male Bef 1632 - Bef 1668  (< 36 years)

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  • Name William Price 
    Born Bef 1632 
    Gender Male 
    Died Bef Dec 1668  St. Mary's County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location 
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    Family Hannah Cooper,   b. 1614, Rippon, York, England Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Aft 1674, Northumberland County, Virginia Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age > 61 years) 
    Married 25 Dec 1660  Northumberland County, Virginia Find all individuals with events at this location 
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  • Notes 
    • From: Dennis Hubscher
      Subject: Re: [MDSTMARY] Walter Pake's Death
      To: mdstmary@rootsweb.com
      Date: Thursday, January 21, 2010, 11:42 AM

      I have two dates of death for Walter Pake, who was hung in Leonardtown for murder {of William Price}: November 2, 1668 and December 17,1668. Can anyone give me an authoritative source regarding the correct date?

      http://aomol dot net/000001/000057/html/am57p--28.html
      Proceedings of the Provincial Court, 1666-1670
      Volume 57, Preface 28 xxviii

      William Price, the murdered man, a former indentured servant, who had married his mistress Hannah Lee, was a most unsavory fellow who had spent much of his time in Maryland prisons and had been forbidden by the Court to interfere in his wife's affairs. His death must have been a relief to the community. Pake had acted as attorney for Price in the St. Mary's County Court in 1666 (p. 78).
      Much about him will be found in the records of the Charles County Court (Arch. Md. LIII; xliv) and in the earlier records of the Provincial Court (ibid., XLIX, LI).
      1650-1652 Deed-Will Book Northumberland Co Va; Antient Press: Pg 74
      At a Court held for the County of Northumberland the 22th of Aprill 1652
      Wee whose names are subscribed doe promise & ingage our selves to be true & faith full to the Comonwealth of England as it is now established without KING or HOUSE of LORDES

      Contributed by: James Hughes

      URL: http://www.mdarchives.state.md.us/megafile/msa/speccol/sc2900/sc2908/00000 1/000049/html/am49--222.html
      URL title: Proceedings of the Provincial Court, 1663-1666 Volume 49, Page 222
      Note: Liber B B
      That upon the 11th Augt 1659 Sampson Cooper maketh his last will and Testament and Constituteth Major George Colclough Collonell Jno Trussell Ouerseers of his will and to take Care of his sonn Samuell and of his debts here in Virga willeth that during his Sonn Samuell's stay in this Country he in noe wise Liue att Hugh Lees howse nor that the said Hugh Lee meddle wth any part of his Estate and Constitutes his two Sonns Samuell & Jonathan Cooper, Bridgett wife to the testator, Executors Mr Nicholas Ketchmade & Anthony Branthwayte to bee Ouerseers of his two Sonns and this will wth Mr Cooke of London Silkman, And that Major George Colclough and Samuell Cooper administer of all his Estate in Virga and recouer Debts and send for England as by his will more att large appeareth. Now soe it is may it please yor Honors the said Hugh Lee hauing in his life time an intent to defraud the said Cooper not only of the twenty thowsand pounds of tobaccoe awarded him by the Arbitrators aforesaid, but allsoe of the specialty of flue hundred pounds sterling aforemenconed and all other debts due to the said Cooper to the uallue of 8000th tob: and other Goodes as will appeare by the Inuentory to the Court of Northumberland in Virga exhibited, And Surreptitiously Seizes takes and Caryes away a trunke of writeings and Goods belonging to the saide Sampson Cooper decd and left in the Possession of Mary Trussell whereby yor Orator is left remediless in the law, unles releiued by this honble Court for which unjust and illegall proceedings of the said Lees hee was by warrt brought before Mr John Rogers one of the Commrs of Northumberland County in Virga to giue security to answere the law And att a Court held for the said County of Northumberland 21th May 1660, It was Ordered that the sherriffe forthwith take bond of the said Lee with sufficient security for his appearance before the Gouernor and Councell of Virga to answere his aforesaid Crime, att which time the said Lee puts in for his security Richard fflint and John Hayne of the said Collony who were accepted and allowed by the Court but neuer made his appearance flying from the Justice of that Collony into this Prouince and moreouer Contrary to the last will and Testamt of the said Cooper procures Letters of Administracon in this Prouince and Administers upon the said Estate, and soon after dyes Whereupon Hannah Lee the Relict of the said Hugh Lee upon the 25th of December Admters upon the Estate of the said Hugh Lee her deceased husband, and marryes William Price agt whome as well as the said Hannah Lee his wife yor Orator humbly prayes Writt of Subpa that as well the said Hannah as the said William Price her husband may sett out upon Oath what bonds or other writings they now att this time haue or att any time heretofore had belonging to the Estate of the said Sampson Cooper as also what Contracts Couenants or agreemt passed betweene the said Hugh Lee and the said Cooper in theire life times that the Letters of Admcon to the said Hugh Lee granted of the Estate of the said Sampson Cooper be reuoked and other Letters of Admcon granted to yor Oratr of his said ffathers Estate according to the tenor of his ffathers will hee being the only Suruiuor of the prsons therein willed to Administer upon the debts &c in this part of the world and that the said Price may bee obleiged to deposite in the handes of this honble Court as well the 200000lb tob: due by the award aforesaid as alsoe the said Sume of 8oooth tob: due for debts and Goods illegally by the said Lee Conueyed out of the hands of Mary Trussell aforesaid And yor Orator shall pray &c
      Charles County Circuit Court, Liber B, 5 Mar 1663/4, Page 265
      Mr. John Meekes, by his atty. William Price, presents this petition: Whereas your petitioner being a stranger and having obtained an order against the estate of Humphery Haggat to the value of 3935# of tobacco; begs that this business may be heard between the sheriff and that action take place
      Sheriff produced the ensuring: An appraisement of 2 servants of Anne Haggat, admn. of Humphery Haggat taken on execution by order from John Meekes 10 Feb 1663; the appraiser Henry Franchom and Nehemiah Little

      James Williams appraised at #2000
      Daniell Russell appraised at #3000

      10 Feb 1663/4 /s/ Henry Franchom; Nehemiah Little before Joseph Harrisson,
      Meekes requests re-appraisal by any indifferent men, all he had heard that one or both of the appraisers should say, in case he or they had known what they have known since they would have appraised them at 7000# of tobacco
      Court orders Mr. John Nevill and Alexander Smith to re-appraise the said servants after being sworn in court to make a true appraisement of James Williams and Daniell Russell; James Williams had about
      1 and 3/4 years to serve and Daniell Russell almost 6 years;
      James Williams reappraised at #1500
      Daniell Russell reappraised at #2000
      The opinion of the board was that this was a just appraisal
      Charles County Circuit Court, Liber B, 10 Jan 1664, Page 396
      Mr. William Hollingsworth demands warrant against William Price and Hanna Price, his wife, relict of Hugh Lee, dec'd, action of debt of 1532# of tobacco
      Archives of Maryland, Volume 49, Provincial Court Proceedings, 1665. Page 476;
      Att a Provinciall Court held att St Maries on Twesday the Tenth day of Octobr 1665: Ordered tht the sheriffe prouide a messenger to goe forthwth & wth what speed hee can up to Portobacco in Charles County & bring downe from thence Elioner the wife of Edmund Lindsey to testify Viua Voce in Court what shall bee demanded of her concerning Hannah Lee, the Wife of Willm Price & Mary Marler, And bee here againe in Court her the sd Elionor by Saturday next.
      Charles County Court and Land Records, Volume 1 page 398-401 Liber B - January 1664/5
      William Hollingsworth, Plt. by his atty. William Calvert, Esq.; William and Hanna Price, as relict of Hugh Lee, dec'd, Def.; plaintiff petitions the court that this case for debt of 1532# of tobacco has been delayed and payment has not been satisfied; defendants claim they are not liable for the debts of Hugh Lee, dedd; Esq. Calvert alleges that the plaintiff had at his going home for England last year given all his bills to be recorded to the clerk of the Provincial Records and that some of his, the said Calvert's, had been lost; request Mr. Humphery Warren of Poynton be swon before a jury; granted; Warren swore in open court to deliver the truth of his knowledge in this business to the way which he to them did as they affirmed; jury impaneled as follows:

      Mr. Humphery Warren, foreman; John Cage, Francis Wine, Thomas Baker, Richard Dod, John Douglas, Ignatius Causeene, George Harris, John Lambert, Thomas Allonson, Nicholaus Emerson, Thomas Allcoke Mr. Henry Adames, judge of the court, demanded each juror be polled; before giving a verdict the jury demanded order of payment for 30# tobacco per man; granted; plaintiff non-suited and to pay costs; not having proved debt by specialty; [Court costs listed]

      Court Adjourned till 11 Jan 1664, 8 o'clock in the morning
      Charles County Court and Land Records, Volume 1 page 422-425 Liber B - 12 Jan 1664

      Richard Dod by his atty. Mr. William Price, Plt.; Robert Robins by his atty. Mr. Abraham Rows, Def.; plaintiff declares the defendant has a deed dated 7 May 1664 to deliver to the plaintiff a firm bill of sale for a mare and her increase from 6 Apr 1664 plaintiff seeks damage of 1500# of tobacco and cask; obligation in the record folio 153; Thomas Hussey swore that he offered Richard Dod 1500# of tobacco "ready down" or 2000# that is 1000# this year and 1000# next year for the mare which was non-suited in the Provincial Court at St. Mary s; James Hays swore that about the 1st week of December Thomas Hussey made the above offer;

      Richard Lamb swore same; Thomas Crackson (Craxon) swore he heard Thomas Baker, Richard Dod and Robert Robins speak together regarding bill of sale;

      Andrew Ward swore he heard them in dispute about a bill of sale; James Hays swore that at the last court he heard dispute between them over the bill of sale; Both parties consented to arbitration and plaintiff withdrew his action
      Charles County Circuit Court, Liber B, 10 March 1664/5, Page 448
      Henry Moore demands warrant against John Lambert and William Price admns. to John Nevill; action of debt value 1200# of tobacco; subpoena for Jacob Peeterson
      Charles County Court and Land Records, Volume 1 page 448 Liber B - 13 Jun 1665
      Henry Moore demands warrant against John Lumbroso and William Price; debt value of 2570# of tobacco and cask; subpoena for Daniell Johnson and Francis Wine; 13 Jun 1665
      Charles County Circuit Court, Liber B, 12 Sept 1665, Page 484
      Bartholmew Gartherell demands warrant against William Price and John Boyden in action of assault and battery; subpoena for John Price and John Flemine; 12 October1665
      Hannah Lee of St. Mary's, widow, appoints her servant William Price as her attorney to collect all sums of money owed her in St. Mary's and Charles Counties; 8 Sep 1662; /s/ Hannah Lee (mark); wit. Anne Land (mark), Samuell Cooper
      Charles County Circuit Court, Liber B, 15 Nov 1665, Page 496
      Mr. Walter Story, Plt.; Mr. William Price and John Lambert, admns. of John Nevill, Def.; list of items on account totaling value Of 1386#;
      defendants Ordered to pay out of estate
      Mr. William Price, admn. of John Nevill confesses judgment to Mr. Thomas Mathews as atty. of Walter King for 400# of tobacco; court orders payment
      Charles County Circuit Court, Liber B, 15 Nov 1665, Page 502 - 503 - 504
      John Lumbroso, Plt.; Jheromie Frost, by his atty. Mr. William Price, Def.; defendant unable to prove his claim for 530# of tobacco; non-suited and to pay court costs
      John Lumbroso, Plt.; Jheromie Frost, by his atty. Mr. William Price, Def.; action of debt; depositions given: George Harris swore he saw a bill of 400# of tobacco from Frost to Lumbroso; John Boyden swore he demanded 1000# of tobacco for the plaintiff and the defendant said it was not ready but plaintiff should have it when it was ready; Plaintiff non-suited and to pay charges
      John Lumbroso, Plt.; Mr. Wm. Price, atty. of Jheromy Frost, Def.; action of debt value of 180# of tobacco; plaintiff disowned the action George Harris demanded 10# tobacco for I day's attendance; Dr. Lumbroso ordered to pay John Boyden claimed 5 days loss of work; Dr. Lumbroso ordered to pay 150# of tobacco
      Charles County Circuit Court, Liber B, 16 Nov 1665, Page 505
      Mr. William Price, atty. of Jheromy Frost submits his charges against Dr. Lumbroso for 600# of tobacco; court orders payment
      Charles County Circuit Court Liber C, Page 136; 12 Mar 1666;
      Indenture from Roger Dickinson, planter, to John Lambert, planter; for 7,000# of tobacco; a parcel of land on the north side of the Potomac River and the east side of Avon River; containing 100 acres; bounded by Edmund Lindsey late in the possession of Roger Dickenson but now in possession of John Lambert; /s/ Rog. Dickenson (mark); wit. Will Price, Thomas Allanson
      Charles County Circuit Court,Liber C, Page 1; 24 Jun 1665;
      Indenture from Henry Moore and Elisabeth, his wife, to Johannah Nevil, widow; a parcel of land lying on the west side of Zachia Swamp; 500 acres according to patent; now occupied by Johannah Nevill; /s/ Henry Moore, Elisabeth Moore; wit. William Price, Thomas Hussey
      Charles County Circuit Court Liber C, Page 18; 30 Mar 1665;
      Indenture from Thomas Allonson, Gent., to William Boyden, planter; for 16,000# of tobacco a parcel of land of 450 acres according to patent called DOAGE'S NECK; bounded by the river, Chingamuxon Creek; /s/ Thomas Allonson; wit. William Price, Garrard Browne
      Charles County Circuit Court Liber C, Page 112; 8 Jan 1666/7; John Glosse binds his son to Owen Jones to age 21 years; /s/ George Glosse (mark); wit. William Price, Thomas Allanson
      Charles County Circuit Court Liber D, Page 27
      11 Aug 1668; Indenture from John Tompkinson, carpenter, to James Mackey; for 6,000# of tobacco; a tract of land called THOMPKINSON'S LONG LOOKED FOR containing 200 acres; patent dated 27 May 1667; /s/ John Tompkinson; wit. William Price, George Thompson
      http://image.lva.virginia.gov/cgi-bin/GetLONN.pl?first=555&last=&g_p=P4&co llection=LO Patent
      Title Price, William.
      Publication 9 December 1662.
      Other Format Available on microfilm. Virginia State Land Office. Patents 1-42, reels 1-41.
      Note Location: Northumberland County.
      Description: 300 acres in Potomac River. N. Et. on Potomac River, N. Wt. on the land of John Rosier.
      Source: Land Office Patents No. 4, 1655-1664, p. 555 (Reel 4).
      Chancery Court Proceedings, 1671.
      http://aomol.net/megafile/msa/speccol/sc2900/sc2908/000001/000051/html/am5 1--66.html

      An Inquisition Indented taken at Portobacco in Charles County this 13.th of December in y,e 40.th year of ye Dominion of Caecilius &c.a before Henry Adams Gent & Thomas Mathews Gent by virtue of a Commission in the nature of a writt of Mandamus to them directed to this Inquisition Annexed to Enquire after the Death of Simon Oversee Late of Charles County deced by the Oath of Edmond Lindsey, John Courts Alexander Smith, Archibald Wahob, John Paine Clement Theobald, James Littlepage Banthe: Coates, ffrancis Heyden John Alward, John Kimberrow Samuell Eaton which Said Jurors upon their Oaths Say that the Sd Symon Oversee was Seized of his Demeasneas of ffee upon the day of which he dyed which was about the Beginning of ffebruany Anno Domini 1659 of one Thousand acres of Land Lying Scituate and being on the (fol. 71) East Side of Portobacco Creek in Charles County aforesaid being the Southermost part of two thousand acres of Land Granted by the Lord Prop :ry of the province of maryland unto Lieuten.t William Lewis according to his Grant under the Broad Seale of this province bearing date the 26.th day of Octob.r Anno Domini 1649 as by the Said Grant Recourse being thereunto had doth and may appear and by the s.d Lieutent William Lewis Sold unto Job Chandler and the Said Simon Oversee of which two Simon Oversee was the Survivor w.ch Said Land was holden of his Lpps manno.r of West S.t maries in free and Comön Soccage by ifealty only for all manner of Services yeilding & paying yearly unto the Lord Proprietary forty Shillings Sterling or Twenty Bushells of Good Indian Corne And the aforesd Jurors do further find that the aforesd Simon Oversee at the time of his decease as aforesaid was Seized and Dyed possessed of five hundred and fifty acres of Land called Rotterdam Lying on the East Side of the Eastermost branch of Nancemy Creek And further the Said Jurors Say that the S.” Simon Oversee at the time of his Death was Seazen in his Derneasne of Six hund.d acres of Land Called Stoopside whereon John Caine Lived then & doth Still live and that the sd Land (as they humbly conceive were held of his Lpps mannor of West St maries and by Such Services as was usually Expressed in his Lpps Grants about that time and further the said Jurors do find no heir that the Said Simon Oversee had, And the s.d Jurors do find further that the thousand acres first mentoned bought of William Lewis is in the possession of Edmond Lindsey by virtue of a Lease from Isaac Allerton who married the Relict of the Said Simon Oversee Granted to him the Said Edmond Lindsey for Twenty one years whereof there is about Eight years (fol. 72) Expired out of Thousand acres there is two hundred acres or thereabouts now in the possession of m.rs Ann ffowke by virtue of aLease Granted by the Said Edmond Lindsey unto George English late of this County in whose possession it was three years or thereabouts and then Sold by him unto Coll.° Gerrard ffowke late husband of the Said m.rs Ann ffowke in whose possession it hath been four year or thereabouts and also four hundred acres or thereabouts now in the possession of ffrancis Kilborne & Elizabeth his wife the Relict of Daniell Johnson of Charles County by virtue of a Lease Granted by the Said Edmond Lindsey unto William Price late of this County deced in whose possession it was one year or thereabouts & then purchased by Dan.” Johnson in whose possession it hath been this five years or thereabouts and also one hundred & fifty acres or thereabouts now in the possession of m.r Benjamin Rozer by virtue of a Lease Granted from the Said Edmond Lindsey in whose possession it hath been this three years or thereabouts as also one hundred acres of Land more or thereabouts now in y.e possession of Phillip Brown by virtue of a Lease Granted by the Said Edmond Lindsey in whose possession it hath been this four years or there- p. 58 abouts the profitts and benefitts thereof hath been Enjoyed & Re- (fol.72) ceived as we humbly conceive by the parties before menconed andmore over the Said Jurors do find that the Six hundred acres before menconed was at the time of the Death of the Said Simon Oversee in the possession of John Cane and doth Continue in his possessionto this day & we do Conceive the Said John Cane hath & doth Enjoy the profitts and benefits of the Same & the other five hundred & firty acres of Land is not Seated & we do humbly conceive that the Said Lands may be worth forty three Shillings Sterling p Annum, In Testimony whereof as well the Commission.rs as the Jurors afore- (fol. 73) said in the present Indenture have Interchangeably Set their hands& Seales the day and year first abovewritten
      Henry Adams (sealed)
      Tho: Mathes (sealed)
      Edmond Lindsey (sealed)
      markJames Littlepage (sealed)
      John Courts (sealed) Bartholomew Courts . . (sealed)
      his ffrancis Heyden (sealed)
      Alexand: Smith . . (sealed) John Alward (sealed)
      mark his mark
      Archibald Wahob . (sealed) John Kimberrow . . . (sealed)
      his mark his mark
      John Price (sealed) Samuell Eaton (sealed)
      Clement Theobald . . . . (sealed)

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