Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Henry {Addl Records} Long

Male 1650 -

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  • Name Henry {Addl Records} Long 
    Born 1650 
    Gender Male 
    Person ID I117175  Tree1
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    Father Virginia Long 
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      1721-1735 King George County Deed Book 1, Part 1, (Antient Press); pp. 168
      Indenture 7th December 1723 between HENRY LONG SENIOR Parish of Hanover King George County and WILLIAM SISE of same .. for Deeds of Lease and Release .. sum of Twelve pounds and Sixteen hundred pounds Tobacco .. sold 50 acres beginning Spanish oak in SAMUEL WHARTON'S line; North end of Gingofoagne run; land of JOHN ESTES: JOHN REYNOLDS; main Gingofoage Swamp ..
      Presence of Wm. Marshall, Henry Long
      Charles Seale
      7th December 1723 .. Deeds of Lease and Release recorded.
      Know all men .. I HENRY LONG stand indebted to WM. SISE .. Thirty two pounds .. 7th December 1723 .. the condition .. if observe all covenants .. obligation to be void ..
      7th December 1723 .. Bond acknowledged. Henry Long
      King George County Inventories
      pp. 88 Inventory and appraisement of the Estate of SARAH JONES deced .. items valued and totalled, 20.17.6 ..made by appraisers RICHARD TANKERSLEY, WM. MARSHALL, HENRY LONG ..
      At a court held 2d December 1726 .. DANIEL JONES returned this inventory of the estate of SARAH JONES deced .. was ordered to be recorded.

      King George County Deed Book 1 pp. 291-292
      Know all men .. I HENRY LONG SENR. of Parish of Hanover County of King George Planter give unto my Daughter MARTHA WHARTON the wife of JOHN WHARTON this Deed of Gift .. one Negro boy called Toby ffive years of age last March 1724/5 .. 1st July 1725.
      Presence Sam'l. Wharton, Ann x Wharton Henry Long
      6th August 1725 . Deed of Gift recorded.

      1721-1735 King George County Deed Book 1, Part 1, (Antient Press); pp. 345
      The Deposition of HENRY LONG of King George County .. aged 76 years or thereabouts .. This Deponent saith that he knew JAMES KAY and WILLIAM KAY two Brothers who often told this Deponent that there were Lancashire men and that the said JAMES was the Elder and this Deponent saith that the said JAMES KAY intermarried with one --- Golson and had issue by her ffour children that this Deponent knew (to wit) JAMES who was the Eldest ROBERT ANN RICHARD and the said JAMES KAY the Son intermarried with one MARY PANNELL and had issue by her a Son named JAMES and other children which said JAMES was the Eldest son of the said JAMES KAY the Son and now Inherits all his said ffather's land within this colony and further this Deponent saith not ..
      Court 1st April 1726 .. this Deposition .. presented into court by JAMES KAY and the said HENRY made oath in open Court to the Truth .. at Instance of JAMES MARKHAM is admitted to record.
      1721-1735 King George County Deed Book 1, Part II, (Antient Press); pp. 391-393
      Indenture 2nd/3rd November 1726 between ROBERT JOHNSON Parish of Hanover County of King George and HENRY LONG SENR. of same .. by deeds of lease and release .. for 1300 pounds of good Merchantable Tobacco sold 100 acres on North side of the Gravelly Run .. land formerly belonging to HENRY LONG SENR. and by him sold to ROBT. JOHNSON the said land being all I now hold on that side the Gravelly run ..
      Presence Sam'l. Wharton,
      Robert Johnson
      Blomfield Long
      4th November 1726 .. Deeds of Lease and Release recorded.
      King George County Deed Book 1 pp. 393-395
      Indenture 3rd/4th November 1726 between HENRY LONG SENR. and BLUMFIELD LONG by deeds of Lease and Release .. for 4000 pounds of Tobacco sold 50 acres .. being part of tract taken up by HENRY LONG lying between the line of WILLIAM REYNOLDS aftd the line of SAMUEL WHARTON and the Main Road of this county of King George and down said Whartons line to ye main Swamp ..
      Presence Samuel Wharton, Robert Johnson Henry Long
      4th November 1726 .. Deeds of Lease and Release recorded.
      King George County Deed Book 1 pp. 624-627
      Indenture 24th/25th September 1729 between SAMUEL WHARTON of Parish of Hanover King George County & THOMAS TURNER of same .. by deeds of lease & release .. for One hundred pounds Sterling sold 150 acres .. on northside of branch of gingoteague creek called the Gravelly Run & in the line of HENRY LONG near the Ferry road &running thence down said branch to the main creek of gingoteague .. plantation whereon JOHN WHARTON now dwells; by a strait line to the Ferrys road; includes 150 acres - to back line it being the land whereon EDWARD TURBERVILE now dwells & part of a patent for 250 acres granted unto RALPH WHITEING
      11th March 1694/5 ..
      Presence Sam'l. Wharton, Isaac x Johnson, Edwd. Rowell Samuel Wharton
      3rd October 1729 .. Then came SAMUEL WHARTON acknowledged this Deed .. & BENJAMIN RUSH by virtue of a Power of Attorney from ANN WHARTON Wife of Samuel relinquished her right of dower ..
      I ANN WHARTON Wife of SAMUEL .. hereby impower BENJAMIN RUSH
      acknowledge my relinquishment . 25th September 1729.
      Presence Samuel Wharton, Edwd. Rowell Ann x Wharton
      3rd October 1729 .. Power of Attorney recorded.
      1721-1735 King George County Deed Book 1-A, (Antient Press); pp. 120
      December the 3d 1730. I HENRY LONG of Parish of Hanover King George County give unto my Daughter MARY TANKERSLY the wife of GEORGE TANKERSLEY a Negro boy named Ben the age of 5 years old the last day of June ..
      Presence John Wharton, Henry Long
      Christian x Long (her mark)
      4th December 1730 .. Then came GEORGE TANKERSLEY presented this Deed of Gift .. ordered to be recorded.
      1735-1752 King George Co VA Deed Book 3
      pp. 37-40 Indenture made 4th/5th April 1745 between FRANCIS BALTROP of Hanover Parish King George County & THOMAS TURNER Gent. of same .. by deeds of lease & release .. for sum Thirty five pounds current money doth sell Two peices of Land one whereof containing 33 acres .. beginning on North side of the Main Road just above said Baltrops Corn Feild .. Branch near Arnold's Spring .. line of Thomas Turner to Main Road .. the other containing 20 acres adjoyning the above mentioned .. beginning on Gingoteague run .. to Colo. Turners Line .. Arnolds Line .. Arnolds Spring .. to said two parcels are part of a tract of 200 acres formerly bought by sd Baltrop of HENRY LONG ..
      Presence Jos: Robinson, Jos. Strother, Wm. Longmire
      At a court held 5th April 1745 .. Deeds of lease & release recorded together with Receipt for consideration money .. (Antient Press)
      1743-1753 King George County Deed Book 3 (Antient Press); pp. 336-339
      Indenture made 22nd/23rd April 1750 between SARAH WEATHERS of Hannover Parish King George County & JOHN THORNLEY of same .. by deeds of lease & release .. for sum Thirty five pounds curt: money of Virginia sold 50 acres in Hannover Parish .. beginning Spanish oak in SAMUEL WHARTON'S line .. North side of Jingotague Swamp .. land of JOHN CARTER .. Red oak corner tree of JOHN REYNOLDS .. to Main Swamp .. all of which Tract was by deeds from HENRY LONG unto WILLIAM SAISE {sic SIZE} the Uncle of the aforesaid Sarah Weathers (unto whom by Lienal Descent it desended) ye said Deed 7th December 1723 in records of King George County ..
      Presence Stafford Lightbourn, Sarah x Weathers
      Isaac Arnold, Samuel Kendall
      Elizabeth x Kendall
      At a court held 4th May 1750 .. Then came Sarah WITHERS personally into Court & acknowledged this her Release to John Thornley together with Receipt for consideration money .. recorded.
      1753-1773 King George Co., Va - Deed Book; pp. 747-748.
      Indenture made 2nd June 1768 between WILLIAM MARSHALL and VERLINDA his wife (who was wife of FRANCIS BALTHROP deceased) of one part and JOHN THORNLEY one of the Inspectors at Gibson's warehouse in county King George .. for sum Thirty pounds current money .. sold the dower or one third part of & in 100 acres of land of her the said Verlinda of which the said Francis Balthrop deceased her late husband died seised .. which land lies on South side gravelly swamp or run commonly called Gingoteague and is part of a larger tract purchased by Francis Balthrop of HENRY LONG ..
      Presence Benj. Berry, Wm. Marshall
      Robert Strother, Baldwin Berry, Verlinda x Marshall
      Reubn. Berry
      At a court held 2nd June 1768 .. Deed acknowledged .. ordered to be recorded.
      1753-1773 King George Co., Va - Deed Book; pp. 747-748.
      ndenture made 9th May 1768 between BOLER TYER BALTHROP of Provinceof Maryland and ANN his wife and JOHN THORNLEY of county King George .. for sum One hundred pounds current money .. sold parcel of land in county King George containing 100 acres .. beginning at a white oak on south side Gingoteague Swamp a corner to the land of Col. THOMAS TURNER deceased .. land of ZACHEUS WHARTON deceast .. line of WILLIAN WREN deceast ..
      Presence Wlliam Pittman, Boler Tyer Balthrop
      Thos. Robins, Wm. Marshall. Ann Balthrop
      Wm. Thornton. Trhos. Lindrum
      At a court held 2nd June 1768 .. Deed proved .. admitted to record
      George the Third .. to Coll. JOHN TRIPLETT, WILLIAN THORNTON Gentn. and THOMAS LANDRUN Clerk .. Whereas BOLER TYER BALTHROP and ANN his wife have conveyed to JOHN THORNLEY 100 acres of land .. and Ann Balthrop cannot conveniently travel to our county court .. receive her acknowledgment .. 9th May 1768.
      Commission returned 9th May 1768 by William Thornton, Thos. Landrum

      Cavaliers and Pioneers, Patent Book No. 6, pg 159
      MR. JAMES HARRISON, JOHN BOWZEE; & ELIZ., MARGERETT, ANN& ELIN MOTT, the 4 Orphans of Mr. Geo. Mott; 9019 acs., on S. side of Rappa. Riv., about 6 mi. up the falls; 29 Nov. 1674, p. 546. Trans. of 180 pers: Jno. Gaile, Tho. Buckler, Edith Stable, Hen. Vincent, Tho. Bell, Wm., West, Eliz. Howell, Tho. Pittman, Jno, Frazell, Elin Thomas. Lewis Boyse, Jno. Williams, Jud. Cooper, Jno. Stephens, Wm. Williams, Jno. Fisher, Peter Holmes, Jno. Chase, Jno. Starky, Jno. Wilson, Robt. Sands, Jno. Vickers, Henry Long, Wm. Smith, Ann Crowch, Fowler Phillips, Doroth. Newcome, Jno. Ward, Jno. Dunn, Bartho. Chandler, Danll. Oneale, Jno, Sampson, Jno. Wiseman, Tho. Eliston, Wm. West, Jno. Sumner, Edwd. Parker, Wm. Steedman, Tho. Nowell, Adam' Hill, Robt. Davis, Jno. Witchell, Mary Knowles, Tho. Butler, Al. Jones, Theo. Piles, Jno. Lucy, Jno. Dugard, Rich. Wakelynn, Jno. Howard, Tho. Warner, Wm. Crostie (?), Wm, Wakelynn, Wm. Jordan, Jno. Bell, Tho. Bunting, Mary Wakelynn, Alice Randolph, Alexdr. Frizell, Wm. Staples, Mary Pettitt, Susan Cooke, Ralph Cole, Mary Williamson, Tho. Watts, Peter Chirpett (or Chripett), David Jnoson, Richd. Webly, Ja. Montron, Sym. Jermans, Rebecca Smith, Tho. Padge, Judeth Jones, Jno. Trelony, Antho. Peterson, Jno. Bickner, Francis Holmwood, Jno. Temple, Jno. Williamson, Robt, Young, Richd. Bickner, Peter Ridley, Rebecca Smith, Wm. Semons, Robt. Readman, Simon Williams, Jno. Paulin, Dorothy Stoakes, Eliz. Watkins, Sampson Eliott, Wm. Hewes, Susan Steele, Jno. Drayton, Hellen Thomas, Jno. Clarke, Mary Price, Peter Rogers, Richd. Hogsdon, Jno. Knowles, Simond Bland, Ralph Eliott, Tho, Averie, Thu. Wood, Ja. Price, Cha. Cox, Tho. Darnell, Wm. Lambe, Jea. Reanold, Darby Swillivant. Robt. Mosse, Tho, Jones, Tho. Well, Tho, Cox, Margerett Humstead, Abra. Moore, Sar. Wild, Jno. Snow, Tho. Duke, Lidia Dix, Fra. Smith; Robs. Howkes, Jno. Thomas, Jno, Dixy Hare, Andrew Greene, Wm. Wilson, Canute Williamson, Peter Peterson, Wm. Sherman, Stephen Meadows, Jo, Roberdson, Edwd. Travers, Timothy Wallington, Eliz. Sackler, David Marriott, Tho. Tunill, Stephen Fewell, Solom. Martin, Wm. Donolye (?), David Anderson, Hanna Knight, Eliz. Wilson, Jannett Brice, Tho. Reade, Wm. Harris, Susan Wells, Geo. Searles, Ann Middleton, Jno, Wood, Thu. Cadger, Gardner, Mary Pope, Jno. Yates, Tho. Franklynn, Jno. Hannah. Tho. Hudson, Mary Collomb, Tho. Jnoson, Adam Fryer, Antho. Williams, Peter Mills, Peter Gray, Ad. Turner, Jno. Carter; & Negroes.
      URL (Click on link) http://lvaimage.lib.va.us/cgi-bin/GetLONN.pl?first=59&last=&g_p=GA&collect ion=NN Grant
      Title Long, Henry, Sr.
      Publication 4 August 1724.
      Other Format Available on microfilm. Northern Neck Grants, reels 288-311.
      Note Location: King George County.
      Description: 113 acres 3ro. beginning &c on the north side of a Pockoson the said Pockoson, lying on Rappahannock River side, adjoining the land of Thomas Turner.
      Source: Northern Neck Grants A, 1722-1726, p. 59, folio (Reel 290).

      URL (Click on link) http://lvaimage.lib.va.us/cgi-bin/GetLONN.pl?first=144&last=&g_p=G3&collec tion=NN Grant
      Title Long, Henry.
      Publication 4 December 1706.
      Other Format Available on microfilm. Northern Neck Grants, reels 288-311.
      Note Location: Richmond County.
      Description: 162 acres adjoining land of Samuel Walton {Wharton}, and John Reynolds.
      Source: Northern Neck Grants No. 3, 1703-1710, p. 144 (Reel 288).
      Northern Neck Warrants and Surveys Vol IV, King George Co. Va {Peggy Joyner}
      HENRY LONG, SENR, no wart, date from surv, 21 Mar. 1723/24 -6 June 1724; 113 & 3/4 a. on Rappa; adj. Mr Thomas Turner, Samuel Whorton. Surv. John Savage.

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