Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

John Hughes

Male Bef 1676 - Bef 1702  (< 26 years)

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  • Name John Hughes 
    Born Bef 1676  Northumberland County, Virginia Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Gender Male 
    Died Bef 1702  Northumberland County, Virginia Find all individuals with events at this location 
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    Father Thomas Hughes,   b. Bef 1644,   d. 17 Apr 1678, Northumberland County, Virginia - probate Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age > 34 years) 
    Relationship natural 
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      1680-1683 Order Book - Northumberland Co Va; (Antient Press): Page 157
      - At a Court held for Northumberland County the 18th January 1682/3 Annoque Regni Regis Caroli secundi 2d, 34th &c.
      JNO: HUGHES Servant to JNO: WEBB
      JOHN HUGHES a poor Orphant is bound by this Court an Apprentice to JOHN WEBB and ordered to serve his Master untill he attaynes the age of one and twenty yeares his said Master allowing him duringe the said tearme all such things as are necessary for an Apprentice to have and to instruct him soe farr as he is able in the mistery of a Miller
      1683-1686 Northumberland County, Virginia Order Book, Part 3; [Antient Press]; Page 260
      Northumberland County Court 19th of March 1684/5
      - HUGHES's land to be devided
      Whereas THOMAS HUGHES [who being at age] petitioned this Court that the land devised unto him by the Last Will and Testament of his deceased Father and his Brother, JOHN HUGHES, might be devided between them according to the tenor of the said Will, it is ordered that Capt. JOHN HAYNIE some time between this and the next Court devide the same
      1699-1706 Northumberland County, Virginia Order Book, Part 1; [Hamrick]; Page 303/1
      At a Court held for Northumb'I'd County the 20th day of July Anno Dom. 1704
      JOHN GRAHAM was Attached to Answ' THOMAS BARNES at Aug't Court 1702 of A Plea why he by force and Armes into One Certaine Plantac'on & tract of Land Conteyning about One hundred Acres of Land with the appurtenances now or late in the possession of NICHOLAS LISCOME lying & being in the Parish of St Stephens in the said County which RALPH HUGHS by his Prochein Amy MARY HUGHS demnifed to him the said THOMAS BARNES for a Terme not Yett Expired did Enter and him from the said Plantac'on Land & p[re]misses did Eject & other Enormities to him did doe to the Great Dam'age of him the said THOMAS BARNES and ag't the Peace of o'r Sou'gne Lady the Queen that now is etc. And whereupon the said THOMAS BARNES by GEORGE ESKRIDGE his Attorney Complaines that whereas the said RALPH HUGHS by his Prochein Amy afores'd on the Twenty first day of March last past being the Day of the Annunciac'on of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the s'd County did Demise unto the s'd THOMAS BARNES the plantac'on Land & p[re]misses aforemenc'oned with the appurten'ces to be held by him the said THOMAS BARNES & his Assignes from the first day of March then last past untill the Terme & time of three Yeares then next comeing should by fully Compleate & ended by Vertue of which demise the afores'd THOMAS BARNES into the Plantac'on Lands and p[re]misses afores'd with the appurten'ces did Enter and was thereof possessed and being soe possessed the aforesaid JOHN GRAHAM afterwards (to witt) on the Second day of May last past with force and Armes etc. into the said Plantac'on Land & p[re]misses with the appurtenances which the said RALPH HUGHS by his Prochein Amy aforesaid to the said THOMAS BARNES in manner as afores'd did Demise for the Terme afores'd which is not yett Expired did Enter and him the said THOMAS therefrom did Eject & other Enormities to him did do to his great Dam'age etc. And Ag't the Peace etc. Whereupon he saith that he is damnified & dam'age hath to the sum'e of fifty pounds Sterl. and thereof hath brought suit etc. as alsoe for her Matjes Writt of habere facias possessionem. And at a Court held for the said County the Seventeenth day of September 1702 HUGH CALLAN made Oath in Court that on the Eighteenth day of Aug't then last he had served the said NICHOLAS LISCOMB Tenant in possession with a Coppy of the Plts Declaracion & Endorsem't thereon It was then Ordered that unless the said NICHOLAS LISCOME Tenant in possession of those under whome he Claimed should appeare at the then next Court haveing notice of the said Order by the Sheriffe and make himselfe Deft in the Stead and place of the said JOHN GRAHAM & Confesse Lease Entry & Ouster & insist only upon the Tryall of the Title that Judgm't should then pass ag't him by Default. And att a Court held for the said County the twenty third day of October 1702 the said NICHOLAS LISCOME Tenant as afores'd appeared & prayed by DAN'LL MCCARTY his Attorney to be admitted Deft in the Roome of JOHN GRAHAM afores'd and was accordingly admitted and Confessed Lease etc. as afores'd And pleaded that he never had any Notice of the Cond'll Judgm't neither doth it appeare by any Returne by the Sheriffe into Court that he had any notice thereof as by Law he ought to have had Conceived himselfe therefore not obleidged to Answ' the Suit etc. And Whereupon RICHARD ROBINSON the then Subsheriffe at the Plts request made Oath that the Order of the Last Court BARNES Lessee etc. ag't GRAHAM in an Acc'on of Ejecc'one firme he did give NICHOLAS LISCOME the Tenant in possession notice thereof by readeing it to him the day before the Succeeding Court on which Attestation the Court Conceived that the Def't had sufficient Notice And the Deft thereupon prayed Speciall Imparlance till the next Court which was granted and at a Co't held for the said County the Eighteenth day of March 1702/3 the suit was Continued the Justices then sitting in the Court being devided in their Opinions One halfe Conceiveing that the Minor by his procheine Amy or any other was & the other that he was not Qualified to give a Lease And in May and February Courts then next Succeeding the said Suit was againe Continued for that the Justices were then alsoe divided-it their opinions for likeCause & in like manner as before And at a Court held the Sixteenth day of March 1703/4 the Court then adjudged that the Acc'on was well brought & well lay etc. And Ordered that the Deft should plead over whereupon he prayed further day to Answ' which was granted till the next
      Court to be held in June Court 1704 (the Defts Attorney being Sick) the said Cause was Continued till the following Court And now at this Co't Came aswell the said THOMAS BARNES etc. the Plit as the afores'd NICHOLAS LISCOMB Deft And the said Def't by his said Attorney said that he was not Guilty in manner and forme as the Plt ag't him hath declared And of this putt himselfe upon the Country and the said THOMAS BARNES likewise Therefore it was Commanded the Sheriffe to sum'on a Jury etc. And the Sheriffe hath returned twelve etc. Who: (to witt) THOMAS HUGHLETT, PITTS CURTIS, DENNIS VOLLEN, DAVID STRAUGHAN, RICHARD TULLOS, THOMAS DOWNING, HENRY DAWSON, JOHN LAURENCE, THOMAS MILLER, RICHARD NUTT, BARTHOLL' SCHREEVER and JOHN POPE honest and lawfull men etc. Impannelled and Sworne to deliver the Truth in the p[re]misses upon their said Oaths doe say Wee of the Jury being sworne to try a matter depending betweene THOMAS BARNES Plt and NICHOLAS LISCOME Deft Wee doe find the above s'd LISCOME is on and upon the said Land which THOMAS BARNES by the Right of RALPH HUGHS Layeth Title too And the Councell on both Sides having argued matter of law the Plt in Court produced the Will of THOMAS HUGHS the Elder father of THOMAS HUGHS the father of RALPH HUGHS who by his Procheine Amy etc. as afores'd brought this Suite Which said TOMAS HUGHS the Elder by his said Will devised his Land Equally to be divided betweene his two Sons THOMAS and JOHN HUGHS only without any further Estate the Court Conceives (the said THOMAS being the Elder brother) that the words of the said Devise in the said Will amounts noe further then an Estate for life to JOHN HUGHS (under whose title the Deft Claimes) who being dead his title is determined & the fee remaines to RALPH HUGH (the Son'e of THOMAS HUGHS the Younger dec'ed) who by his said Procheine Amy brought Suit as afores'd by Right of Inheritance It's therefore Considered that the said THOMAS BARNES Lessee etc. as aforesaid Recover ag't the s'd NICHOLAS LISCOMB his Terme of time Yett to Come & unexpired in the plantac'on afores'd with the appurten'ces together with his Dam'ages thereby occasioned and it is Com'anded the Sheriffe of this County of Northumberland that without delay he give unto the said THO. BARNES the Plit afores'd the possession of his Terme afores'd yett to Come of and in the Plantac'on with the appurten'ces afores'd and make due returne thereof etc. And because it is unknowne to the Court what dam'ages the afores'd THOMAS hath Susteyned by Occasion of the pr[e]misses therefore it is Com'anded the said Sheriffe that by the Oaths of Honest and Lawfull Men of his County he dilligently Enquire what dam'ages the said THOMAS hath Sustained as well by Occasion of the p[re]misses afores'd as of his Costs and Charges by him in and about this Suit Expended And alsoe that he make due returne of the Inquisic'on afores'd Together with the Writt of o'r Sou'gne Lady the Queene directed to him therefore etc. from which Ord'r the Deft Appeales to a heareing before his Excellency the Gov'r and the Honor'ble Councell the Second day of the next Generall Court which is granted he giveing Caution to prosecute his said Appeale.
      1687-1698 Northumberland County, Virginia Order Book, Part 2; [Hamrick]; Page 752/8
      At a Court held for Northumberland County December 16, 1696
      JOHN HEWES this day acknowledged a Deed of Sale for one hundred acres of land (more or less) to NICHOLAS LISCOME And the said Deed is by the Court to be recorded.

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