Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Edward Sadler

Male Bef 1665 - Aft 1701  (> 38 years)

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  • Name Edward Sadler 
    Birth Bef 1665 
    Gender Male 
    Death Aft 1701  Kingston Parish, Gloucester County, Virginia Find all individuals with events at this location 
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    Last Modified 22 Apr 2024 

    Father Family Sadler 
    Relationship natural 
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      1701-1704 Essex County, Virginia Deed & Will Book; [Antient Press]; Page 93
      THIS INDENTURE made the thirtieth day of December in ye yeare of or: Lord God Seventeen hundred Betweene EDWARD SADLER of KINGSTON Parish in County of GLOCESTER & FRANCIS SHACKEITORD of PETSOE Pish both of the County of GLOCTR Witnesseth that the said EDWARD SADLER in consideracon of Thirty pounds of good & lawfull money of England path granted unto the said FRANCIS SHACKELFORD his heires and assignes forever all that tract of land purchased by me of JOHN FRY scituate & being in Essex County betveene the Maine Swampe of PUSCATTAWAY CREEKE & HOSKINS
      CREEKE but touches nor abutts on neither of the said Maine Swamps & is part of Five thousand one hundred acres granted by Pattent to Mr. HENRY AWBREY date the 19th of March 1677 & by him sold unto the aforesd. FRY & since the said FRY his decease confirmed unto the said SADLER by a Deed beareing date the 23th day of April', 1689 from Mr. BEN JA: GOODRICH, Adminstr. to the said FRY, as by the said Deed may more fully appeare, being bounded beginning at a Stake betweene a Hickory corner of Mr. THO: TODs land & runing thence North West to a white Oake by a branch of HOSKINS CREEKE, thence South West to said branch & crossing to a white Oake, thence North West to a red Oake on a hill, thence South West to a white Oak marked, thence South East to the land of JOHN BRUSHWOOD to a stake by a red Oake, thence by his Wile North East to a Chesnut Oake in a branch, thence South East to a lyne of Mr. THOMAS TODD to a Stake by a red Oake and lastly thence by his line East to the place it began, with all woods wayes and comodities belonging
      To have and to hold unto the said FRANCIS SHACKELFORD his heires & assignes forever And the said EDWARD SADLER for him his heires doth grant ye sd FRANCIS SHACKELFORD his heires & assignes att all times hereafter quietly to hold & enjoy the said land without the disburbance of the said EDWARD SADLER or any clayming under him In Witness whereof the said EDWARD SADLER to these pr:sents his
      hand & seale have putt
      Signed sealed and delivered in the pr:sence of us
      Acknowleged by EDWARD SADLER in Essex County Court the 10th day of Xber: 1701 as alsoe JAMES BOUGHAN then by vertue of a Letter of Attorney from MARY SADLER, Wife of ye sd EDWD. SADLER, relinquished her the said MARIEs right of Dowr: to the land men coned in this Deed which is truely recorded Test FRANCIS MERIWETHER, Cl Cur
      KNOW ALL MEN that I MARY SADLER ye Wife of EDWARD SADLER of GLOUCESTER County do appoint my trusty & well beloved frend, Capt. JAMES BOUGHAN, of Essex County Gent. my lawfull Attorney to acknowledge a Deed of Sale of 300 acres of land in Essex County sold to Mr. FRANCIS SHACKELFORD dated ye 30th day of Xber: 1700 as Witness my hand this 17th day of 9ber: 1701
      At a Court held for GLOUCESTER County the 17th day of November 1701, MARY SADLER acknowledged the above Letter of Attorney to he her act and deed which upon her motion is admitted to record and is recorded
      P: BEVERLEY, Cl Cur

      1637-1643 Cavaliers and Pioneers, Patent Book No. 1, Part 2; [Nell Marion Nugent]; Page84
      WILLIAM CRANAGE, 400 acs. Up. Co. of New Norf., 10 Feb. 1637, p. 538. Ely. side of Pagan point Cr., Nly. upon the red point, S. into the woods, W. upon the Cr. & E. upon James Riv. Due for his own per. adv., the trans. of his wife Elizabeth Cranage, 4 children: Margarett Ctanage, Eliza. Cranage,
      Mary Cranage, & Edmund Cranage, & 2 servts: Edward Sadler, Richard Garner.
      Note: This pattent surrendered & another made for 300 acs. elsewhere.
      1637-1643 Cavaliers and Pioneers, Patent Book No. 1, Part 2; [Nell Marion Nugent]; Page124
      WILLIAM CRANAGE, 700 acs. Isle of Wight Co., Aug. 8, 1640, p. 735. About Pagan Creek, sd. Joseph Cobb & his own land. 300 acs. part of former patent dated 1 Oct. 1639 & 400 acs. for his per. adv. & trans. of 7 pers: Edmund Sadler, Sr., Eliz. Sadler, Sr., Edmund Sadler, Jr., Eliz. Sadler, Jr., Margt. Sadler, Mary Sadler, Peter Allerentia, Richard Garnum, Annis Page, David Powell, William Godfrey,
      William Atkins, Robert Parkin
      1662-1666 Cavaliers and Pioneers, Patent Book No. 5; [Nell Marion Nugent]; Page 548
      ROBERT TALIAFRO (Tallifro) & LAWRENCE SMITH, 6300 acs. Rappa. Co., 26 Mar. 1666, p. 481, (587). In the freshes, on S. side & about 4 mi. above Waire Cr., beg. on the E. side of Snowe Cr., running up sd. river on the N. side of sd. Cr. &c. to a vale nere the mouth of Nusaponucks Cr. Stc. Trans. of 126 pers: Samuell Ratcliffe, Nathaniell Mott, William Lobb, Danll. Anderton, Robt. Thruston, Thomas Morgan, Samll. Burgis, Edward Sadler, Edward Graves, Jno. Seniore, Tom Negro, Wm. Trewin, Robt. Hull, Arthur Poell, Ambrose Hamon, James Walker, Xtopr. Tharnam, Richd. Mould, Abram Watts, Wm. Brett, Giles Lovell, Benj. Hall, Jno. Edwards, Thomas Jackson, Jno. Griffen, 8 Negroes; Jno. Jackson, Peter Malborne, Jno. Gore, Mary Williams, Thomas Hix, Jno. Burby, Georg Young, Georg Baker, Mary Parker, Robt. Merham, Ann Hardware (?), Jno. Davies, Dorcas, Young, Data Gouch (or Grouch), Eiz. Sharp, Wm. Gratwich, Georg Roke James Harrison, James Sewill, Thomas Bone, Wm. Pratt, Jno. Robertson, Leonard Cooke, 3 Negroes; David Jones, Jno. Motley, Jno. Hamerson, Jno. Lewas, Peter Frissoll, Mary Bake, Eliz. Griffin, 5 Negroes; Henry Cassell Jno. Hayward, James Berkert, Henry Powell, Humphry Thomas, Wm. Greene, Jno. Hunt, Peter Cozon, (or Cozin), Thomas Cheny, Mary Cheny, Robt. Edwards, Blanch Harding, Xpr. Edee Arabella Singleton, Lawrence Smith, Tho. Edward, Jno. Edwards, Wm. Greene, Peter Smith, Wm. Thomas, Jno. Nutt, Eliz Humphries, Henry Johnson, Anthony Baker, Martha Jones, Susan Hunt, Anthony Jones, Mary Greefore, Ann Townsend, Jno. Frissell, Mursin Lilly, Jno. Jones, Margtt. Tompson, Jno. Wray, Wm. Wright, Robt. Pate, Jno. Kelly, Jno. Farrell, Griffetlf Pratt, Edwd, Hoyte, Dant]. Adler (or Adlen), Eliz. Tooth, SamII. Baker, Arthur Skinner, Margtt. Tompson, Jno. Wray, Wm. Wright, Abram Stone, Martha Haimon (?), Wm. Batten, Wm. Stanly, Silvester Sparrow, Jno. Boucher, Wm. Thomas, Jonathan Nutt, Peter Wms. (Williams).
      1666-1679 Cavaliers and Pioneers, Patent Book No. 6; [Nell Marion Nugent]; Page 22
      COLL. EDMOND SCARBURGH, 3000 acs. Accomack Co., at Pockomoke Riv., 9 Oct. 1667, p. 78. Beg. below Hogg Quitter, up sd. river & including all necks & branches to the uppermost extent of this devdt., S'ly. to severall extents as by the swamp & unhabitable parts admitts this. Trans. of 60 pers: Thomas Hobbs, Arthur Tomlin, Timo. Heldersby, Godfrey Nowell, Jno. Walsington, Jno. Wrath, Mathew Bishop, Henry Shirly, Edward Sadler, Owen Lewis. Edmond Hollis, James Golding, Ja. Whitehead, Lewis Ball, Arch. Williams, Edmd. Hungarth, Ja. Gollington, Margaret Smith, Jeffrey Hollingsby, Hen. Chishester, Mary Chandler, Jane Moseley, John Dole, Tho. Carpenter, Micha. Rouse, James Gray, Joseph Cox, Jane Murry, Joane Kettlesby, Lewis Washford, Tho. Crosse, Morris Jones, Natha. Blackleigh, Lewis Roe, Rowland Monke, Edmd. Holt, James Bagnall, Mathew Foreland. Simon Orthar, Rowld. Oxley, Jeffry Ryland, Godfrey Bewfield, Hen. Cooper. Jno. Winsley, Tho. Yeamans, Rowland House, Jno. Denbigh, Win. Richley, Joseph Nurse, James South. John Lewin (or Lewiss). Morgan Lewis, Mary Esterfield, Joane Roberts, James Rowles, John Fowler, Hen. Warren, Maurice Vaughan, Hutchfeild Beechan, Magl. Southfeild.
      1666-1679 Cavaliers and Pioneers, Patent Book No. 6; [Nell Marion Nugent]; Page 149
      3553 1/2 acs., Rappa. Co., in the freshes of sd. Riv., on the S. side; adj. land of Jno. Prosser called the Golden Vale; Beare the new roade to Mr. Taliaferro, land of Moone—, over br. of a sw. running into Pewomenseen (?), &c; 19 Sept. 1671, p. 518. Trans. of 71 pers: Em. Ratclife, Nath. Mott, WM. Lobb,
      Dan. Anderton, Robt. Thruston, Tho. Morgan, Samll. Bargess, Mary Williams, Ja. Barkhust, Robt. Edwards, Jno. Jones, Tho. Kings, Tho. Ramsey, Edwd, Sadler, Tho, Hix, Dor, Young, Hen. Powell,
      Blan. Harding, Jno. Warry, Edwd, Kerrick, Reynold Robinson, Edwd. Graves. Jno. Busby, Dan. Grouch, Hump. Thomas, Xper. Eddy. Marg. Tompson, Too. Jones, Jno. Robinson, Jno. Senecay, Geo.
      Young, Eliz. Sharp, Wm, Greene, Arb. Singleton, Wm. Wright, Wm. Alexander, Isabell Tompson, Geo. Barker, Wm. Geadwith, Jno. Hunt, Mary Grefor, Robt. Rayt, Richd. Bradshaw, Anna Pattison. Wm. Travis, Mary Parker, Geo. Brooke, Peter Cosens, Ann Townesend, Jno. Kelly, Tho. Hall, Robt. Hull, Robt.
      Beecham, Hen. Castell, Tho. Chainy, Jno. Frissell (Frisprell ?), Jno. Farrell, Jno. Tuty, Rich. Clay. Arthur Powell, Ann Hardacres, Jno. Hayward, Mary Chainy, Mus. Silly (or Lilly), Jno. Davis; Negro Tom.


      1679-1689 Cavaliers and Pioneers, Patent Book No. 7; [Nell Marion Nugent]; Page 269
      MR. BENJA. FOSTER, 833 acs., Ches. City Co; Wayonoake Par., on S. side of James Riv., 20 Nov. 1683, p. 312. Beg. at the White Medow: along Thomas Chapel!: to Mr. Pawl Williams; Ward's Cr; to the Mill Path; crossing Poles Runn; to James Jones; on Cherry Br; to CM. Archer; to Col. Edward Hill, &c. Trans. of 17 pers: Richd. Gardner, Ed. Sadler, Ed. Cranane, Xpher. Hammond, Wm. Spackford, Tho. Kirk, Tho, White, Isa. Ablesons, Tho. Sayer, Wm. Denson, Ed. Hartwel, Richd. Gent, Ed. Butler, Fra. Barley, Netha. Carter, Hen. Symonds, Wm. Seldome.

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