Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Anthony Jones

Male Bef 1604 - 1649  (> 45 years)

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  • Name Anthony Jones 
    Birth Bef 1604  England Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Gender Male 
    Death Aug 1649  Isle of Wight County, Virginia - will written Find all individuals with events at this location 
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    • https://alliedfamilies.wordpress.com/early-virginia-jones-families/

      Anthony Jones is first noted in Flowerdieu Hundred in 1624. Anthony Jones later transported in 1635 Ruth Anglin, Brinkley Michaild, and Jonathon Aram. Anthony Jones patented 500 acres on Pagan Point Bay, on the north side of Pagan Point Creek in 1635, and another 100 acres in 1636.

      Anthony Jones and Richard Death were the Burgesses of Isle of Wight in 1639 and again in 1642-43. [Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol II, p. 99; and 1 Henn, p. 244} Anthony’s land lay on the southernmost point of Cross Creek next to William Smith’s land, and the land of Tristram Norsworthy, Nicholas Smith and Captain John Upton. In 1637 in the High Court of Admiralty there was a suit Hutchinson versus Richard Bennett, Anthony Jones and Robert Sabine. John Rosier living at Warrosquoyacke in Virginia, clerk, aged 34 was the witness and the difficulty centered on the handling of Hutchinson’s estate after his death.

      The will of Anthony Jones
      In the name of God, amenm the 16th day of August 164
      I Anthony Jones, of Isle of Wight County, in Virginia being in weak estate of body but sound memory and perfect, do make my last will and testament as followeth:

      Item I bequeath to my Brother William Jones, if so be he comes to live in this country, four cows, one servant, one feather bed, one stear and corn sufficient for the year, with that Plantation where Thomas Parker lived, to be fitted up for him. But, and if he come in a single man, to live with my wife in this my new dwelling House plantation, or if in case he have a Desire to return home again with the shipping, to have Three Thousand Pounds Tobacco sent him Home the next year and Two Thousand this year.

      Item I give to my daughter-in-law Ann Smith, the plantation I now live on with the Dividend of land there to belonging after my wife’s decease.

      Item I give to my sister Catharine Jones Five Pound Sterling, to be paid her at the return of the ships if she be living. I bequeath to my Godson Anthony Bonford, one Heifer to be paid the next May.

      Item I give and bequeath to Thomas and John Smith all my land due to take up at The Black Water or elsewhere which is Two Thousand Acres as is recorded at James Town, and that it be divided into two parts, each to have a several Patent by himself.

      Item I make my wife Ann my whole & sole executor of all my goods & chattels whatsoever, after my Debts are paid.

      Signed, sealed and carefully perused: Anthony Jones
      Robert Watson, Edward Chetwood, and Thomas Brasee.
      Source: "Seventeenth Century Isle Of Wight County Virginia..." By John Bennett Boddie; Pub. 1938
      BOOK A

      JAMES ROCHE TO HENRY PITT, assignment of land lying in Chuckatuck, sold to Roche by Thomas Brice 14 Jane 1643, this 10 day June, 1647. Teste, George Fawdon, Anthony Jones, Thomas Wombrell, clerk of court.

      JAMES WATSON, tanner, and Mary his wife, they moving sell to Henry Pitt 200acres part of John Sparkes pat. of 750 acres and sold by said Sparks to Peter Hull and by Hull to my brother Robert Watson, adjoins the land of Anthony Jones where my brother Watson formerly lived and now the said Henry Pitt. 10 March 1655. Teste, Thomas Woodward.

      ANTHONY JONES sells, for 700 lbs. tbco. to Robert Winchell parcel of land next to me and Wm. Lewis. Teste, John Giles, Richard Jordan. (no date)
      1653-1657 Westmoreland County, Virginia Deeds-Wills; [Beverley Fleet];
      p.40. "Mr Anthony Jones his receipt of Bills due to Mr Fawknor A list of Bills due to be paid as followeth
      One Bill of Mr Stephens payable 10th Nov 1644 2000 and Ca
      One other Bill of Mr Geo Stephens payable 10th
      Novem 1644 2000 and Ca
      One Bill of Mr Sams Davies payable the 10
      Novem 1645 0850 and Ca
      One Bill of Mr Arthur Smith payable the last of
      Octo 1645 0530 and Ca
      One Bill of Nicholas Morris payable the 10th
      of Novem 1644 0450 and Ca
      One Bill of John Whites payable the 10th of
      Novems 1644 0250 and Ca
      One Bill of Wm Thorne for a hhead of Tob'oo as
      it shall weigh it being paid to Mr Watson
      by Mr Fawkner for the said Thorne 0320 and Ca
      One Bill of Humphrey Seawens payable in 1645
      upon demand 1500 and Ca
      One Bill of Henry Whites and Daniel Bowch'rs
      payable the last of Octo 1646 1600 and Ca
      One Bill of Mr Burleighs payable the 10 No
      1646 being for a - solde 1000 and Ca
      Sume is 10500
      More I owe for Hoggs praised 1000
      More for fower Calves 0600
      Teste me James Rooke
      By Bill to James Rooke 1200 and Ca
      For a Cow solde by Rocke to his man for the
      house 1400 and Ca
      For Mr Hawley for plantaoon 0600 and Ca
      All which is left in the hands of Mr Anthony Jones for which he is to be accountable either in Tobco or the - of the Bills Witnes my
      hand the second of March 1646 Per me Anths: Jones
      Recd by me Anthony Jones a lre of Atturney belonging to Mr Rosier to receive what pertaines to Mr Robert Fawkner this paper otherwise expressed I say R'd the day and yeare above specifyed by me Anth Jones
      Witnes The marke of Andrew Munroe
      20 Sept 1655 This Accompt was recorded "

      1623-1637 Cavaliers and Pioneers, Patent Book No. 1, Part 1; [Nell Marion Nugent]; Page 27
      MR. ANTHONY JONES, 500 acs., 2 June 1635, P. 238. Upon E. side of Pagan point Cr., beg. at the Cross Cr., Sly. to land of John Sparkes, W. upon the river & E. into the woods a mile. Trans. of 10 servts: Nich. Lee, Michaell Brinckley, William Richards, John Weston, Jon. Aram, Edward Page, Deborah Merrard, Rich. Austin, Jos. Bech (?), Tho. Randall.
      1623-1637 Cavaliers and Pioneers, Patent Book No. 1, Part 1; [Nell Marion Nugent]; Page 51
      ANTHONY JONES (Joanes), 100 acs. Warwicksquicke Co., 26 Nov. 1636, p. 402. Butting on Pagan point baye Wwd., into the woods E. on N. side of sd. Cr. & on S. side of the river. Trans. of 2 pers: Richard Loe ( (or Lee), Thomas Randall.
      1637-1643 Cavaliers and Pioneers, Patent Book No. 1, Part 2; [Nell Marion Nugent]; Page 143
      CAPT. JOHN UPTON, 3,289 ac. Isle of Wight Co., July 10, 1643, Page 876. Lying upon branches of Pagan Point Cr. & New Towne Haven, adj. Mr. Sparkes, Anthony Jones, Mr. Nevill, Robert Pitt, Mr. Seaward, Ambrose Bennett & Mr. Moone. 139 acs. for trans.
      of 3 pers.,• the remainder by several former patent
      1643-1651 Cavaliers and Pioneers, Patent Book No. 2; [Nell Marion Nugent]; Page 158
      WILLIAM SMITH, 700 an. Isle of Wight Co., Sept. 29, 1645, Page 38. Lying near Pagan Poynt, adj. Anthony Jones, Tristrum Norsworthy, Nicholas Smith called Pagan Poynt & Capt. John Upton, S. W. upon Hutchinson Cr. deviding the marsh from the marsh of Capt. John Upton, which said marsh is a perfect Isle. Also 225 an. of marsh land. 500 an. due for trans. of 10 pers. by his late father, William Smith,
      & 425 ac. by assignment of rights for trans. of 9 pers. unto him by Anthony Jones, 25 an. still due upon one name in the certificate. Names not given.
      1653-1656 Cavaliers and Pioneers, Patent Book No. 3; [Nell Marion Nugent]; Page 275
      NATHANIEL BACON, 1,075 ac. Isle of Wight Co., 23 Mar. 1652, p. 189. Upon a branch of Pagan Cr., beg. at Southermost point of Cross Cr. where Anthony Jones land begins &c. to where William Smiths lands begins &c. to miles end of John Sparkes land &c. Trans. of 22 pets: Richard Morganson, William Harwood, Henry Bisshop, Robert Hall, Robert Glan, Thomas Hyatt, Tho. Charles, John Grymes, Row. Happ, Hector Hutchinson, Wm. Crawle, Duning Glasse, Fra. Armstrong, James Wilson, Andre. Hutchinson, Oneale Stuart, John Ward, John Banks, Mary Walker, John Appleby, John Bridge, James Hunter, Dudgill Martin, William Parry. 125 acres due.
      1662-1666 Cavaliers and Pioneers, Patent Book No. 5; [Nell Marion Nugent]; Page 478
      COL. NATHANIEL BACON, Esq., 1075 acs. Isle of Wight Co., 16 Feb. 1663, p. (200). Upon a br. of Pagan Cr., beg. at S.most part of Cross Cr. where Anthony Jones' land begins, over the Cr. N.E. by N. & to where William Smiths line begins, thence N.E. by N. &c. to miles end of John Sparks land. Renewal of patent dated 23 Mar. 1652.

      === appears to be for a different Anthony Jones
      1662-1666 Cavaliers and Pioneers, Patent Book No. 5; [Nell Marion Nugent]; Page 509
      MR. JOHN PATE, 1000 acs. in Patomeke freshes, 31 Dec. 1662, p. 354, (374). 500 acs. part thereof about Pascataway, bounding upon land of Edward Wms. (Williams), extending up the river N.E. &c. 500 acs. on the Nwd. of the Cr. above Pascattaway, extending along the river N. by E. &c. Granted to Edward Williams, Sr. & Ewd. Williams, Jr., by two patents dated 5 June 1658, by them deserted & granted to sd. Pate by order of the Genrll. Court 27 Sept. 1661 & due for trans. of 20 pers: Tho. Crone, Jno. Conier, Tho. Fisher, Jno. Creed, Dann. Jones, Rich. White, Simon Stubb, Jno. King, Mary Bates, Eliz. White, Geo. Staines, Walter Brad (or Brae), Wm, Farmer, Susan Time, Mary Gtone, Timothy Fines, Anth. West, Wm. Crone, Ralph Lenor, Anth. Jones.
      === appears to be for a different Anthony Jones
      1662-1666 Cavaliers and Pioneers, Patent Book No. 5; [Nell Marion Nugent]; Page 548
      ROBERT TALIAFRO (Tallifro) & LAWRENCE SMITH, 6300 acs. Rappa. Co., 26 Mar. 1666, p. 481, (587). In the freshes, on S. side & about 4 mi. above Waire Cr., beg. on the E. side of Snowe Cr., running up sd. river on the N. side of sd. Cr. &c. to a vale nere the mouth of Nusaponucks Cr. &c. Trans. of 126 pers: Samuell Ratcliffe, Nathaniell Mott, William Lobb, Danll. Anderton, Robt. Thruston, Thomas Morgan, Samll. Burgis, Edward Sadler, Edward Graves, Jno. Seniore, Tom Negro, Wm. Trewin, Robt. Hull, Arthur Poell, Ambrose Hamon, James Walker, Xtopr. Tharnam, Richd. Mould, Abram Watts, Wm. Brett, Giles Lovell, Benj. Hall, Jno. Edwards, Thomas Jackson, Jno. Griffen, 8 Negroes; Jno. Jackson, Peter Malborne, Jno. Gore, Mary Williams, Thomas Hix, Jno. Burby, Georg Young, Georg Baker, Mary Parker, Robt. Merham, Ann Hardware (?), Jno. Davies, Dorcas, Young, Data Gouch (or Grouch), Eiz. Sharp, Wm. Gratwich, Georg Roke James Harrison, James Sewill, Thomas Bone, Wm. Pratt, Jno. Robertson, Leonard Cooke, 3 Negroes; David Jones, Jno. Motley, Jno. Hamerson, Jno. Lewas, Peter Frissoll, Mary Bake, Eliz. Griffin, 5 Negroes; Henry Cassell Jno. Hayward, James Berkert, Henry Powell, Humphry Thomas, Wm. Greene, Jno. Hunt, Peter Cozon, (or Cozin), Thomas Cheny, Mary Cheny, Robt. Edwards, Blanch Harding, Xpr. Edee Arabella Singleton, Lawrence Smith, Tho. Edward, Jno. Edwards, Wm. Greene, Peter Smith, Wm. Thomas, Jno. Nutt, Eliz Humphries, Henry Johnson, Anthony Baker, Martha Jones, Susan Hunt, Anthony Jones, Mary Greefore, Ann Townsend, Jno. Frissell, Mursin Lilly, Jno. Jones, Margtt. Tompson, Jno. Wray, Wm. Wright, Robt. Pate, Jno. Kelly, Jno. Farrell, Griffetlf Pratt, Edwd, Hoyte, Dant]. Adler (or Adlen), Eliz. Tooth, SamII. Baker, Arthur Skinner, Margtt. Tompson, Jno. Wray, Wm. Wright, Abram Stone, Martha Haimon (?), Wm. Batten, Wm. Stanly, Silvester Sparrow, Jno. Boucher, Wm. Thomas, Jonathan Nutt, Peter Wms. (Williams).

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