Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Annapole Beall

Female Bef 1672 - Aft 1702  (> 32 years)

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  • Name Annapole Beall 
    Birth Bef 1672 
    Gender Female 
    Death Aft 1702  Prince George's County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location 
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    Family 1 Thomas Hook,   b. Bef 1648, Middlesex, England Find all individuals with events at this locationd. 26 May 1698, Prince George's County, Maryland - probate Find all individuals with events at this location (Age > 50 years) 
    Marriage Bef 1688  Prince George's County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location 
     1. James Hook,   b. Abt 1688, Calvert County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this locationd. 3 Jul 1738, Prince George's County, Maryland - admin Find all individuals with events at this location (Age ~ 50 years)  [Father: natural]
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    Family 2 John Wright,   b. Bef 1672   d. 1702, Prince George's County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location (Age > 30 years) 
    Marriage 1700  Prince George's County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location 
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      Thomas Hook 11B.72 A Page £43,9,4 #2388 Jul 14 ----(1700)
      Payments to: Mr. Greenfield, Capt. Sutton.
      Administratrix: Annapole Wright, wife of John Wright.
      From: "Robert Berenger"
      Subject: Re: Re:Hook(e) family
      Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2001 12:26:52 -0800
      References: < dot net>

      . 18 Jul 1718 - Lease
      From: Henry Lowe, esqr., of Kent Co., for Charles, Lord Baltimore
      To: John Madin, planter of Prince Georges Co.
      For 29 shillings, 8 pence a tract of land in WESTERN BRANCH MANOR formerly laid out for John Right; bounded by another parcel laid out for John Right and Jonathon Simmons; containing 74 acres; for the natural life of John Maddin, Elizabeth Hawkes, and Margaret Hooke; rent 7s/4p/ and half pence and two capons /s/Henry Lowe (seal)
      Wit: Cha. Worthington, Jo Beale, enrolled 11 Aug 1718

      The above lease shows that Margaret Hooke (the wife of James Hooke) is on a lease for life with Elizabeth Hawkes( which is very likely to be Elizabeth Hawker). In a lease for life a person usually names the younger members of the family in the lease so that they can have use of the lease for the children's life time as well. From this lease it would appear that Margaret Hooke is the dau. of John Maddin.
      What is peculiar here is that the John Right who was deceased at this time is the stepfather of James Hooke, Margaret's husband. And the Henry Lowe mentioned not only is the nephew of Lord Baltimore's wife at this time but also appears to be related to the Lee family that is related to James Hooke.
      Why is it that everything about this lease points to James Hooke and not his wife. Some have suggested that it is possible that Annaple Hooke married John Maddin. And that John Maddin is reclaiming land that his new wife had lost due to her ex husbands death. If Annaple Hooke did indeed marry John Maddin this may explain how James Hooke became aquainted with Margaret Maddin. Although not blood kin she would have been his new stepsister.
      However interesting this speculation is, it doesn't really matter. What does matter is this lease pretty much shows that James Hooke's wife as Margaret Maddin dau. of John Maddin. It is interesting to note that John Maddin's descendants later lived next to James Lee and the Hook's.

      Why have people said that her name was Margaret Thrasher? Because of the following:
      In the Will of John Hooke (son of Margaret Hooke) he has Thomas Thrasher as next of kin. Thomas Thrasher being the son of Benjamin Thrasher and his wife Mary. Also Benjamin Thrasher gave James Hooke Jr. a Dark Bay Mare as a gift.
      And James Lee who was bondsman on the estate of James Hooke in 1738 (see estate papers at bottom of this messge), signed as near kin on Benjamin Thrasher's estate. It is still not known what kin James Lee was to James Hooke. But since James Lee is some kin to James Hooke and near kin to Benjamin Thrasher it was thought that Benjamin Thrasher was the father of James Hooke's wife Margaret. Benjamin Thrasher did have a dau. named Margaret. She was the younger sister of Thomas Thrasher.

      So how do we know that Margaret Hooke wasn't Margaret Thrasher. Very simple. Thomas Thrasher the oldest child of Benjamin Thrasher was born in 1725. James Hooke and his wife Margaret have their first dau.'s birth registered in Queen Anne's Parish. She was born Nov. 1708. No way could Margaret Thrasher dau. of Benjamin be the mother of James Hooke's children when Margaret Hooke is old enough to be the grandmother of Margaret Thrasher dau. of Benjamin. I might add that Margaret (Maddin) Hooke was old enough to be Margaret Thrasher's grandmother because she WAS Margaret Thrasher's grandmother. And I'm sure got her name Margaret from her grandmother Margaret Maddin Hooke.

      Now having said that we need to step back for a second and look at the
      situation. In another lease for life listed below James Hooke mentions his dau. Mary. Who was born in 1708. So we know for sure that James Hooke had a dau. named Mary.

      Note: the following was taken from a book written in 1959 by a Hook
      researcher named James William Hook. It quotes the lease for life that James Hooke signed with John Bradford showing that James Hooke did have a dau. named Mary. Also her birth is registered in the Queen Anne's Parish. Nov. 1708.
      >From the book:
      "James Hook and his family lived in the vicinity of his parental home until 1714, when, calling himself a planter, he leased 150 acres of land from John Bradford on Hegoe Branch (probably Sligo Branch), located on what is now the northern part of the city of Washington, D.C., near Sligo Mill Road. He was to have and hold this land "for and during the natural life of him and said James Hook, Margaret his wife and his daughter Mary, and the longest liver of them" paying therefore the yearly rental "of 500 pounds of tobacco in casque, clear of all manner of trash and ground leaves." The lease was dated August 9, 1714. (Deed Book Liber E, page 393, Upper Marlboro, Md.) The fact that Mary Hook was designated along with her parents in the lease would indicate that she was the oldest child living at the time. James and his family were still living upon this lease in 1726 as indicated in the will of
      John Bradford."

      Then we look at the fact that Thomas Thrasher is listed as next of kin to
      John Hooke (son of Margaret Hooke Maddin). Also considering that Annaple Hooke is almost for a certainty a Beall, then we can see why the Beall's not only sold Benjamin Thrasher his first land called THE BENJAMIN, but also signed the bond for Benjamin Thrasher's estate. These two points shows us that Benjamin Thrashers family was kin to James Hooke's family. And since we know that James Hooke had a dau. named Mary that would have been 17 when Thomas Thrasher was born, it becomes very obvious that Mary Thrasher was Mary Hooke dau. of James Hooke and Margaret Maddin. Mary Hooke would be the grandau. of Annaple Beale Hooke. Thus she too would have been a Beale, which
      fits the situation. It was the Beale's connection to the Thrasher's that
      have caused many to believe that Benjamin Thrasher's wife was Mary Beale.
      She was of the Beale family thru the Hook's. But her name was Mary Hooke not Mary Beale.
      To confirm this further it is known that John Thrasher(son of Benjamin
      Thrasher and Mary Hooke) signed as next of kin on James Lee's estate in 1764. And James Lee signed the estate of Benjamin Thrasher as near kin. And James Lee signed as bondsman on James Hooke Sr.'s estate. This proves that the Thrasher's were kin to James Lee. And we know that James Lee was somehow kin to James Hooke.The only way that James Lee could be kin to the Thrasher's would be if James Hooke's dau. Mary was the wife of Benjamin Thrasher. When you include the Beale connection to the Thrashers it becomes very very evident that Benjamin Thrasher's wife was Mary Hooke dau. of James Hooke and Margaret (Maddin) Hooke because James Hooke was a Beale thru his mother Annaple and he was also kin to James Lee.
      I hope all of this makes sense. If you have any questions I will try and
      make it clearer. Thanks

      Administrators Bond
      Bond of Margaret Hook and James Lee dated July 3 1738.
      Margaret Hook administrator of James Hook estate late of Prince George
      County, Maryland. No heirs named.
      signed Margaret Hook (her mark)
      James Lee
      Mark of James Hook EH

      Inventory Accounts Liber PD Page475
      An inventory of ye goods and chattels Rights and Credits of James Hook
      late of Prince George County. dated March 27, 1739
      The following signed the inventory :
      James Hook E H (his mark)
      John Hook E H--------------- )kin

      John Magruder---------------- Creditor

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