Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Morris Miles

Male 1680 - Aft 1757  (> 77 years)

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  • Name Morris Miles 
    Born 1680 
    Gender Male 
    Died Aft Oct 1757  Prince George's County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location 
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    Father Morris Miles,   b. Bef 1657,   d. Aft 1680  (Age > 25 years) 
    Relationship natural 
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     1. Morris Miles,   b. Bef 1728, Prince George's County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 6 Aug 1788, Prince George's County, Maryland - probate Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age > 60 years)  [natural]
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      Prince George's Land Records 1730-1733 - Liber Q, Page 154
      Special petition of Clement Hill, Sr., Gent. 4th Tues Jun last: From Charles, Lord Baltimore, to Edward Sprigg, Jeremiah Belt,
      Benjamin Berry and Thomas Williams, Gent.; regarding the
      boundaries of Baltimore; depositions follow:
      Deposition of Edward Willson, age ca 38; mentions north east branch of Western Branch of the Patuxent; also mentions 15-16 years ago Morris Miles, Benja. Breshears & Col. Ninian Beall; also Benjamin Berry & Luke Barnett; 22 Sep 1730
      Deposition of Morris Miles, age ca 50; essentially same as above; also mentions Robert Tyler and His Lordship's Manor; 22 Sep 1730
      Deposition of Nathaniel Wickham, Sr., age ca 71; essentially same as above and mentions St. Andrew's; 22 Sep 1730
      Deposition of Benja. Breshears, Sr., age ca 64; essentially same as above; 22 Sep 1730; mentions Mr. Tasker's; 22 Sep 1730
      Deposition of Luke Barnard, age ca 44; essentially same as above; 22 Sep 1730
      Deposition of John Oliver, age ca 50; essentially same as above; 22 Sep 1730
      Deposition of William Tannihill, age ca 70; mentions Beaverdam Branch of the Eastern Branch of the Potomac; also Col. Ninian Beall, John Pottenger and Walter Evans; also Cabin Branch; 27 Aug 1730
      Deposition of Walter Evans, age ca 85; essentially same as Wm. Tannihill; 17 Aug 1730
      Prince George's Land Records 1739-1743 - Liber Y - Page 185.
      Page 186. Land Commission. From Lord Baltimore To Messrs Jeremiah Belt, Thomas Hilleary, Samuel Pottenger, and William Hilleary of PG, Gentlemen, Greeting. Whereas Morris Miles of PG, planter, on the 4th Tuesday of Mar, 1740, preferred his petition in writing to PG County Court held at Upper Marlborough Town, before Leonard Hollyday, Gent, and his associates for Commission to examine witnesses to prove and perpetuate the memory of the bounds of part of a tract of land in PG called Saint Andrew's, now in the possession of Major Edward Sprigg, know that we have give&you (not being anyway related to the petitioner or any contiguous proprietor, nor interested in sd land) power to examine all witnesses which shall be nominated to you by the afd petitioner or other person concerned, touching their knowledge of the bounds of the land afd or the bounds of any other lands whereon and whereto the afd land depends or relates, and therefore we command you to call before you, on a day you specify, on the land afd, all witnesses. Signed Mar 29, 1740 - A Contee, Cl Cur. Apr 1, 1740. PG. Jeremiah Belt, Thomas Hilleary, & William Hilleary were qualified to execute the Commission. Signed May 2, 1740 -
      Thos Gantt Jr*, a PG Justice.

      Deposition of Natt Wickham Sr, aged 82 years, says that about 40 years ago, It was in company with Willm Hutchison, who laid out part of a tract of land called St. Andrew's for Jno Hallum and begun at a bounded water oak for the beginning tree for sd Hallurn's part, which tree stood in a marsh of the Western Branch, and although the tree be down and great part rotten, yet the deponent says that part of the stump that is remaining is part of the tree afd. Note to the northward about 6 strides stands 6 birches growing out of I root. Signed Jun 5, 1740 - Jere. Belt, Tho Hilleary, Willm Hilleary.

      Deposition of Morris Miles, aged about 60, says that about 36 years ago, he was walking on the Western Branch in company with Natt Wickham, looking for some horses, and in a large marsh, Wickham showed him the afd water oak, which Wickham told him was the beginning tree of part of a tract of land called Sa. Andrew's, then belonging to Jno Hallum, but that the tree was down, and all but part of the roots of the stump rotten. Signed Jun 5, 1740 - Jere. Belt, Tho Hilleary, Will... Hilleary.

      Deposition of Joseph Brown, aged about 33 years, says that about 15 months ago, or thereabouts, Major Edward Sprigg told him and others that on a point on the east side of the Western Branch, about 20 strides and something, below Sprigg's old Ford, stood William Powel's beginning tree of a part of a tract of land called Sa. Andrew's, and that he heard Mr. Sprigg say that Willm Powel told him so. Signed Jun 5, 1740 - Jere. Belt, Tho Hilleary, Will Hilleary. Recorded Jun 26, 1740.
      Land Records of Prince George's County, 1743-1746
      Page 228. Special petition and commission. George Cross Jr of PC, seized of a parcel of land in PC called Orphans Gift, asked for a commission to examine witnesses to prove and perpetuate the memory of the bounds of the sd tract of land.
      The request for commission was addressed to PG Court, before Peter Dent, Gent, and his associates, on the 4th Tuesday of Mar in the 31st year of our Dominion. The order for commission, consisting of people unrelated to the petitioner or to any contiguous proprietor, was issued on Dec 19, 1746, and named as commissioners, Messrs John Contee, James Beck, Rignal Odell, and Benjamin Hall of PG, Gent. The 4 commissioners met at the dwelling house of George Cross Jr on the sd land On Friday, Aug 22, 1746 to execute sd commission.
      From sd Cross' house, we proceeded to a corn field, in possession of Abraham Clark, where there was a large stone about 100 yards westerly from the dwelling house of the sd Clark, at which place John Mullikin, aged about 43 years, declared that about 26-27 years ago, Luke Bonnet and this deponent cut down a bounded tree standing upon the knoll, where the sd stone now is, and that at the same time, there was a hickory sapling which had been cut and bent down, standing near the sd tree, and this deponent further says that somebody told him that it was the tree, that his father proved, and he thinks it was Thomas Prather.
      At the same place, Luke Barnet, aged about 61 years, declared that about 26-27 years ago, he or some of his people cut down a bounded red oak which stood where the sd stone now is, or thereabouts, and that there had been several disputes about the sd tree before it was cut down, some for having it to be the beginning tree of the Orphans Gift, and some not, and that a year or two before, it was cut down, Daniel Danielson and Thomas Lucas were brought to the sd tree, in order to prove it, and they declared that they carried the chain when the Orphans Gift was laid out, and the tree that Colo. Beall carried them to, to begin at, was a bounded tree before that time, and that it stood farther to the northward than this place. and the tree. they then began at seemed to be a larger tree at that time, when this red oak was at the time of making these depositions, and this deponent further says that, at the time the sd red oak was cut down, there was a hickory sapling that stood near the sd tree which had been notched in and bent down, and further, that he had heard before that time that James Mullikin had sworn that the sd red oak was a bounded tree and he believes of the Orphans Gift, and that he, this deponent was presented for cutting down the sd red oak {as a bounded tree of the Orphans Gift} and the indictment was "squashed", and that after this,-Mr. Clement Hill came into Court and desired that the place might not be left without a memorial, for the tree affected some other lands that he was concerned in, and the Court ordered him, this deponent, to place a stone at the stump of the sd tree, which he did, and that this is the same stone.
      At the same place, Morris Miles, aged upwards of 60 years, declared that he had heard that Luke Barnet was presented for cutting down a bounded tree, but that he never saw it, nor knew what tree it was.
      At the same place, John Prather, aged near 39 years, after being upon the Viore Diore(?) , was interrogated whether he was interested in the sd boundary, he answered no, and further, what he knew in relation to the sd boundary, answered that he was present when James Mullikin proved a tree, which [is1 where the sd stone now is, or thereabout, and he then heard him swear that the sd tree was a bounded [treel of Orphans Gift, and further, that the same day, afd Mullikin swore to the tree, he rode behind his father to the sd Mullikin'S house, and that he heard the sd Mullikin tell this deponent's father, before they came to the tree, that the tree stood near the head of a draught that made out of the North East, and that when the sd tree was bounded, he, the sd Mullikin, chopped a hickory sapling, near the sd tree, bent it down and sat upon it.
      At the same place, William Ray, aged about 62 years, declared that about 38 years ago, some person who he cannot rightly tell, but believes it was either Nathaniel Wickham, Luke Barnet, or Morris Miles, brought him to a bounded red oak, standing where the stone now is, or thereabout, and told him it was a bounded tree of a tract of land, but he has forgotten the name thereof, and that they also showed him a hickory sapling, which had been chopped in and bent down, near the sd tree, and told this deponent that James Mullikin chopped the sd sapling and sat down upon it.
      Then George Cross desired to adjourn, for that he had further witnesses to offer, which were not present, and we adjourned until Sep 5, 1746, when we met at the afd stone where Colo. Edward Sprigg, aged near 49 years, declared that about 8 years ago, he was with Samuel Brashear Sr, decd, at this place, and believes that the stone now lays in the same place, and that at the same time, sd Samuel Brashears told that, that was the place where James Mullikin proved, the beginning tree of the Orphans Gift, to stand. Signed _ Jno Contee, James Beck, Rignall Odell, Benja. Hall. Recorded Jun 15, 1747.
      Brasshear, Samuel., Prince George's County, 1st June, 1740; 27th Aug., 1740.
      To son Samuel, testator's interest, 150 A. "Orphan Gift coming from John Prather, son of Cathrine' son Basil, testators rights in 150 A. "Orphan Gift" and 50 A. "St. Andrews"' coming from Aran Prather and 300 A. tract in "Thorpland" with exception of bond of 3.00 A. testator gives Benjamin Wallingsford.
      Testator desires that son Basil make over one of these tracts to son Otho.
      to son Otho, 109 A, "'Hog's Harbor."
      to sons Samuel, John, Robert, William, Basil and Otho, exs, personal estate.
      to son Robert 50 A. "'Orphan Gift."
      Overseer cous. Benjamin Brasshear,
      Test: Morris Mills, Edward Holmes, Ralph Kearton, MCW 22.231.
      Prince George's County, Maryland Land Records 1757-1759; Liber PP {Abstract by Mike Marshall}; Page 43. At the request of Morris Miles, Jr. the following Deed of Gift was recorded October 28, 1757
      I Morris Miles, planter in consideration of the natural love and affection which I have and do bear unto my son Morris Miles, Jr., planter, and for and in consideration of 5 shillings current money have given all that tract called "Wickhams Purchase" containing 150 acres. Also Negroes, Sarah, Dinah, Sue, Fillis, Sarah, Lucy and Harry. Also all my stock of horses, cattle, sheep and hogs, household and kitchen furniture, provided that I Morris Miles shall peacefully and quietly enjoy the land, negroes and furniture during my natural life. In witness whereof I have set my hand and seal this October 5, 1757, Morris Miles in the presence of John Hepburn, Leonard Oliver and acknowledged before John Hepburn

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