Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

John Carter

Male Bef 1689 - 1732  (> 43 years)

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  • Name John Carter 
    Born Bef 1689 
    Gender Male 
    Died 23 Apr 1732  Baltimore County, Maryland - Inventory Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Person ID I46895  Tree1
    Last Modified 11 Oct 2021 

    Father Maryland Carter 
    Relationship natural 
    Family ID F11441  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

    Family Elizabeth Mills,   b. Bef 1693,   d. Aft 1736, Baltimore County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age > 45 years) 
    Married Bef 1710  Baltimore County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Last Modified 11 Oct 2021 
    Family ID F27959  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

  • Notes 
    • === most of the people mentioned are from Lancaster County, VA
      John Carter 16.593 BA £102.0.1 Apr 23 1732 Oct 4 1732
      Appraisers: James Moore, John Merriman.
      Creditors: Edward Fell, James Powell.
      Next of kin: George Coale, John Millar.
      Administrator: Thomas Green and his wife Elisabeth Green.
      John Carter 12.4 A BA £102.0.1 £55.2.9 Jun 23 1733
      Payments to: Edward Fell, James Powell (executor of Richard Colegate), George Walker, Charles Green, William Raymon, Thomas Carr, Thomas Hinckley, Henry Jonass, John Hall, William Tibbs, Sarah Merryman, John Fleming, Charles Calvert, Esq.
      Administrators: Thomas Green and his wife Elisabeth Green
      John Carter 15.50 A BA £37.0.1 Jul 28 1736
      Payments to: James Forward paid to Capt. Darby Lux, Robert North, William Andrews, Charles Calvert, Esq.
      Administrators: Mr, Thomas Green and his wife Elisabeth Green.
      Richard Samson 31.337 A BA £115.9.6 £73.17.6 Aug 7 1709
      Payments to: Richard Samson, James Read, Richard Samson, Jr., Mr. Arn. Tibbs, Dr. John Rattenbury, Jacob Meuris, Richard Colegate, John Carter, John Gay, John Eggleston.
      Administrator: Isaac Samson.
      Richard Samson 32A.86 A BA £115.9.6 £73.7.8 Nov 20 1710
      Payments to: Richard Samson, James Read, Richard Samson, Jr., William Tibbs, John Rattenbury, Jacob Mairis, Richard Colegate, John Carter, John Gay, John Eggleston.
      Administrator: Isaac Samson.
      Richard Mills {BA} 31.190 I £28.7.0 Apr 12 1710
      Appraisers: Isaac Sampson, John Barrit (also John Barret).
      Next of kin: John Carter, Elisabeth Carter.
      Tobias Standburrough 33A.242 A £246.11.6 £26.5.9 Jul 15 1712
      Payments to: Robert Gorsuch, John Hays, George Newport, Mr. Henry Ridgley, Richard Samson, John Guy, William Bladen, John Carter, Francis Dullahyde, John Brice, Mr. Richard Colegate, Mr. Francis Dullahyde.
      Administratrix: Sarah Spinks.
      Anthony Demotidier 36A.87 A BA £58.15.5 £8.7.5 Sep 18 1714
      Payments to: Richard Colegate per James Presbury, John Norton, John Carter. Executrix: Alice Demontidire.
      William Comings 36A.127 A BA £39.0.1 £29.3.0 Jul 29 1714
      Payments to: Mr. Alander Ronsinquist, Robert Freshwater, John Carter, Richard Colegate, John Israeli, John Dorsey, John Willmott.
      Administrator: Mr. James Gordon
      William Talbott 2.229 A BA £199.15.1 £172.0.8 Aug 31 1719
      Payments to: James Presbury, W. Bladen, Esq., Lord Baltimore, John Carter. Administrator: George Ogg
      John Gill 2.369 A BA £202.11.5 £170.7.7 Oct 15 1719
      A second inventory is cited in the amount of £1.10.0.
      Received from: Mr. Benjamin Haltey (merchant in London).
      Payments to: Robert Freshwater, estate of William Talbot, William Logsdon, John Talbott, Randall, George Bayly, Tobias Eminson, Dr. George Walker,
      Orlando Griffith, Thomas Prandell, Darby Lance, Stephen Gill, Benjamin Howard
      paid to Prandell, Henry Owings, William Houchin, Lance Todd, John
      Landis paid to Tobias Eminson, Benjamin Howard, Thomas Taylor, Thomas Docwra, Thomas Gwinn, John Norwood, Capt. Steven Yoakly, John Mash, William Brymer, Benjamin Hately & Co. paid to Thomas Worthington, Thomas Gorsuch, Thomas
      Phelps, Anne Green, John Carter, Simon Peirson, Ouchtertony, John
      Woolmot, Capt. Steven Yoackley, Thomas Hutchins, W. Bladen, Esq., Phillip Hammond, Steven Gill (brother and nearest of kin).
      Administratrix: Jane Vandeavor (widow).
      Henry Shilds 6.85 BA £48.13.1 Jun 17 1721 Jul 26 1721
      (also Henry Shields)
      Appraisers: Benjamin Bowen, Thomas Bidejon.
      Creditors: Aaron Fox, John Carter.
      Next of kin: Heugh Johnes, John Butrum.
      Administratrix/Executrix: Lawrana Shields.
      Hector Maclane 6.223 A BA £261.2.3 £53.10.8 Nov 19 1724
      Received from: Mr. Philip Smith, John Colesworthy.
      Payments to: Elisabeth Frazer, Christopher Randall, Mr. Philip Smith (merchant in London), George Walker, John Carter, John Israeli, Thomas Sheredine.
      Executors: John Townsend and his wife Amy Townsend.
      Marcy Pumphary 6.260 A BA £219.14.2 £36.6.7 Feb 4 1724
      Payments to: Alexander Mitchell, Lance Todd, Gilbert Fryffe, Nicholas Fitzsymons, Obediah Prichett, John Carter, Nathan Pumphary, John Earnshaw, William Cromwell.
      Administrator: Silvanus Pumphary.
      Petter Bond 3.205 A BA £134.5.9 £22.14.9 Sep 14 1720
      Payments to: Capt. John Bond, Nicholas Rodgers, George Middleton, John Wells, William Bladen, Esq., Thomas Gwinn, John Leaking, Luke Standsburry, John Beall, William Tibbs, Robert Freshwater, Patrick Murphy paid to John Carter, John Rawlings.
      Administratrix: Ellinor Savidge, wife of Hile Savidge.
      Peter Bond 6.403 A BA £77.13.1 Jul 7 1725
      Payments to: Mr. John Willis (merchant in London) per Capt. Stephen Yoakley, MM Henry Darnall & Co. paid to Loyd Harris, Thomas Hughes (planter), Stephen Gill, Stephen Gill (administrator of John Leakin), Mary Hamton, John Carter, Luke Stansborough, Col. Richard Colegate, James Catcham, Luke Raven, Sr., Thomas Brooke & William Holland & Thomas Addison, Esq.
      Legatees: Richard Bond (son).
      Administrator: William Parish (Quaker) as security for Elinor Bond.
      Accounts formerly passed by Hill Savage and his wife Elinor Savage.
      William Wilkinson 7.103 A BA £162.3.9 £51.12.2 Jul 4 1725
      Payments to: John Maccarty, Samuel Hinton, James Crook, Col. John Dorsey, Henry Darnall, Richard Colegate, Madam Ann Millner paid to John Talbott, John Carter, Thomas Bordley, Esq., George Middleton, William Bladen, Esq., Jos. Demett & Persivell Shepard & John Cragey, John Worton, John Roberts.
      Executors: Richard Lenox and his wife Thamar Lenox
      John Eager 7.251 A BA £242.13.6 £22.8.7 Sep 6 1725
      Received from: Mr. Phillip Smith (merchant in London), Mr. John Midford (merchant in London), Henry Jonass, Nathaniell Darby, Thomas Sheredine, John Carter, Francis Holland, Thomas Addison & Daniell Dulany, Esq., William Holland & Thomas Addison & Daniell Dulany, Esq., Thomas Brooke & William Holland & Thomas Addison, Esq., John Israeli, Benjamin Bowen & John Eggleston, Buckler Partridge.
      Executors: Phillip Jones and his wife Jemima Jones.
      Henry Sheilds 7.458 A BA £43.13.1 £4.2.9 Sep 2 1725
      Payments to: Buckler Partridge, John Carter.
      Administrators: Humphry Yeates and his wife Lawrana Yeates.
      Walter Pumphary 7.309 A BA £76.5.1 Apr 27 1726
      Payments to: James Mouat paid by Marcy Pumphary (executrix, dead), John Carter, John Hammond, Jr., John Ouchterlony paid to Patrick Sympson, Nicholas Fitzymons, Richard Young, William Robinson, John Hall, Esq. (administrator of Richard King), Thomas Worthington, William Marshall paid to John Hall, Jr. in behalf of executrix (unnamed) of said Marshall, Samuel Dorsey, John Earnshaw, John Garner, Thomas Cromwell, Jane Major, Mary Hearis, John Ouchterlony, Henry Ridgely, Abraham Child, William Cromwell.
      Administrator (de bonis non): Silvanus Pumphary.
      John Parrish 8.294 A BA £359.6.9 £48.2.1 Aug 9 1727
      Payments to: Edward Fell for bill drawn on William Lovell (merchant in London), Robert Freshwater, Joseph Thurman, John Carter, Thomas Hutchings.
      Administratrix: Sarah Parrish (Quaker).
      Hugh Johnes 8.497 A BA £76.3.11 £64.4.9 Feb 12 1727
      Payments to: William Green, John Gorsuch, George Walker & Co., George Walker, Dr. George Walker, Luke Stansburry, William Loyall, John Eaglestone, Edward Fell, Col. Richard Colegate, John Carter.
      Administrator: James More.
      Charles Merryman, Jr. 9.433 A BA £53.17.3 Aug 12 1729
      Received from: Samuell Maxwell, Baltimore County.
      Payments to: Mr. Thomas Colmore paid to Andrew Hillman, Mr. Edward Hall, John Carter, Mr. John Israeli, Thomas Addison & Daniel Dulany, Esq., Mr. Francis Holland, William Berney, Mr. William Hunt (merchant in London), per Mr. Bordley, Richard Gist, Thomas Carr, John Israeli from deceased as administrator of John Henderson & a note of John Henderson payable to Thomas Long assigned to Samuell Maxwell assigned to John Israeli, William Merryman (his portion).
      Legatees: Charles Merryman.
      Executrix: Jane Knight, wife of Benjamin Knight
      Jonathon Hanson 10.279 A BA £529.10.9 £278.17.9 May 28 1730
      Received from: John Duncan.
      Payments to: Lance Todd, Mr. William Hunt (merchant in London), Joseph Thurman, George Walker & Co., George Walker, Samuel Heighe, John Horton, Robert Freshwater, William Smith, Thomas Butter, William Wheeler, Jr., Robert North, Hyde Hoxton, Thomas Hughes (planter), Philip Lindel, William Rogers, John Carter, Richard Owing, Thomas Herron on behalf of orphans (unnamed) of Col. Richard Colegate, Edward Norris, Thomas Todd, Thomas Sheredine, Benjamin Price, Thomas Kerr, Philemon Lloyd, Esq.
      List of debts: Richard Owings, Thomas Jacks, Sarah Gardner (dead, insolvent), Joseph Presbury (dead, insolvent), Mary Hammond (dead, insolvent), Richard Middleton (runaway), Edward Cooke (dead, insolvent).
      Administratrix: Mary Walker, wife of George Walker (gentleman).
      Thomas Revis 11.146 A BA £78.19.5 £81.17.0 Jul 16 1731
      Received from: George Hitchcock.
      Payments to: John Boreing, John Carter, Nathaniel Wintle, Thomas Sheredine, John Harryman (accountant), George Harryman {accountant), Charles Calvert, Esq., Edward Henry Calvert, Esq.
      Executors: John Harryman, George Harryman.
      Sarrah Brice 11.422 A AA £10.2.3 Jun 30 1732
      Received from: Mr. George Hatley, Wiliam Yealdhall, Isaak Frizell, William Bennet, Nich. Grimes, Stephen Mason, Christopher Hollywood, John Carter, Ebenezer Pumphrey, Adam Shipley, Mary Boyce (1/3 portion of estate of James Boyce), James Govane, Will. Wilshair, John Buckingham, Mathew Ashley, John Cornelius, William Earnshaw, Richard Johnson, Ann Mead, William Robinson, William Smith, John Todd, Jos. George, Simervell Howard, Gidjon Howard, William Frizell, Elisabeth Hiliard for debt of Daniell Hiliard, John Roberts, John Beale.
      Payments to: accountants for suing John Hurd, accountants for suing John Cornelius, Charles Calvert, Esq., Vachel Denton, Esq.
      Executors: Thomas Worthington, John Brice.
      Hannah Randall 11.638 A BA £281.11.6 £281.11.6 Feb 19 1732
      Payments to: Christopher Randall, John Moale, Philip Hammond, Richard Gist, William Parrish, Henry Satur, Ebenezar Moss, John Townsend, John Carter, Sarah Heighe (executrix of John Israeli), Thomas Taylor, William Little, Edward Shoate, Samuel Stevans, John Moale for Jonathon Forward, William Smith, William Holland & Thomas Addison, Esq., William Holland & Philip Lee & Thomas Brooke, Esq., Charles Calvert, Esq., Richard Owings, Samuell Owings who married Urith (daughter, her filial portion).
      Distribution to: accountant (heir).
      Executor: Christopher Randall, Jr
      Nicholas Haile 13.174 A BA £197.11.4 £31.13.3 May 23 1735
      Payments to: Thomas Fidoe for protested bill on Jonathon Forward (merchant in London), William Fell, Richard Gist, George Walker, estate of Jonathon Hanson per George Walker who married widow (unnamed) of said Hanson, Robert North, Francis Hinkley, John Carter, Thomas Sheredine, Dunkin Coleman, Benedict Leonard Calvert, Esq., Charles Calvert. Esq.
      Executrix: Francis Haile.

      Baltimore County Circuit Court Land Surveys and Condominium Plats

      Carters Delight, 100 Acres; Certificate
      Developer/Owner: Carter, John 1717 Patent Record EE 6, p. 311 0 0 MSA S 1582-2003
      Carters Delight, 100 Acres; Patent
      Developer/Owner: Carter, John 1717 Patent Record EE 6, p. 312 0 0 MSA S 1582-2004
      Carters Delight, 100 Acres; Patent
      Developer/Owner: Carter, John 1717 Patent Record PL 4, p. 313 0 0 MSA S 1582-2005

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