Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

John Thornton Fitzhugh

Male 1749 - 1807  (57 years)

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  • Name John Thornton Fitzhugh 
    Birth 24 Sep 1749  'Bellaire' Stafford County, Virginia Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Gender Male 
    Death 9 Feb 1807  Prince William County, Virginia Find all individuals with events at this location 
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    Father John Fitzhugh,   b. 30 Jun 1727, Bedford, St. Paul's Parish, Stafford County, Virginia Find all individuals with events at this locationd. 11 May 1809, 'Bellaire' Stafford County, Virginia Find all individuals with events at this location (Age 81 years) 
    Relationship natural 
    Mother Alice Thornton,   b. 21 Aug 1729, "Crowes" King George County, Virginia Find all individuals with events at this locationd. 5 Mar 1790, 'Bellaire' Stafford County, Virginia Find all individuals with events at this location (Age 60 years) 
    Relationship natural 
    Marriage 30 Oct 1746  St. Paul's Parish, Stafford County, Virginia Find all individuals with events at this location 
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    Family Margaret Helm,   b. 21 Jan 1758, Prince William County, Virginia Find all individuals with events at this locationd. 13 Feb 1814, Prince William County, Virginia Find all individuals with events at this location (Age 56 years) 
    Marriage Bef 4 Sep 1780  Prince William County, Virginia Find all individuals with events at this location 
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      Prince William Co VA Will Book G 1778-1791; Pages 93-94.
      Division of Richard Foote estate
      Dated: Sept. 4, 1780:
      We set apart to the late widow of Richard Foote now Mrs. Margaret Fitzhugh 1/3 part of the estate and as touching 2 tracts of land both lie in sd. co. & co. of Fauquier on n. side of Cedar Run and have allotted to Mrs. Fitzhugh the upper part in the following manner from a large stone by Cedar Run to Col. Grayson's line....to mouth of Town Run ... and to the Slaves: David, Moses, Peter, Will, Bob & Sarah
      Signed: Scarlet Madden, Wm. Whitledge, Wm. French.
      Recorded: Nov. 6, 1780.
      Prince William Co VA Will Book G 1778-1791; Pages 504-532.
      Estate Accounts of Richard Foote dec. with Margaret Foote exorx.:
      To: Saml. Jackson for weaving, Cuthbert Harrison store acct., Thomas Johnson overseer his share of tob., Adon Wharton, Capt. Lawrance Washington, land tax, D. Hooe for weaving, Capt. Blackwell for wagonage, Capt. Hoton for smith work, Robt. Garratt for wearing, Wm. Orear, Capt. Helm for smith work, Wm. Foote for making 14 pair of shoes, Lawrance Washington for building a barn, Skinker for repairing watch, Thomas Johns, Mrs.
      Banister for delivering a negroe women, Alexander Lithgows acct., Litthrow to my brother William Helm, tax on Fauquier land, tax of negroes & overseer.
      Estate of Richard Foote dec. was not divided till after a marriage was solemnized between John Thornton
      Fitzhugh and my self. Mr. Foote left 4 children, the expenditures in above acct. were for the common benefit of us all....will adjust and settle them (accts.) in such a manner as to do equal justice to my self and my children.
      To: Making shoes, to schooling children, to Walker for teach.g Caty, Entering Caty and Richard to danceing, school, to pair of shoes for Caty.
      To: James Keelth? for teaching the children, 6511 lbs. tob. after deducting Thos. Johnson share vizt. 810 the made in 1779, pd. Thos. Green for corn, Thos. Beach/Reach for do., Daniel Triplett for hummums for Miss Catharine Foote, pd. apprehending of negro Charles, James Toms, for money he lent the estate, recd. of Wm. Banister for rent, Enoch Orear for weaving, crop tob. after deducting Jas. Williams share made in 1780, Borough for rent 1780, Capt. Moffott for making two surveys to set apart the thirds, Stephen Lee additional tax, Richd. Neal, for hat for Richard Foote, Stephen Lee for substitutes, John Matthew for teaching Richard Foote in 1780, Wm. Helm for his father, Robt Graham clerks fee, Jas. Roach smith acct., Richd. Neale April tax, for levies for 1780
      Boarding Richd. & Haywood Foote for 1781, Wm. Dobson for teaching Richd.& Haywood Foote for 1781, Wm. Hartshorne, to Col. Jesse Ewell for boarding & teaching Caty & Betsey Foote for 1781, Danl. Triplett, Rawleigh Hegan smith work, Mrs. Borough for laying Rachel & Sarah, John Hogan for mending a buckle for Miss Caty, Benj. Scandland for smith work, cash for Ribb and for Miss Caty, John Redman for raising a substitute for class no. 14, Wm. Pearson for making shoes for Miss Caty & Miss Betsy, exchange of 1/3 of 223 lbs. tob. sold Mr. Anderson, Enoch Orear for weaving, Wm. Peam for mending shoes.
      To: Robt. Whitledge for waggonage to Mr. John MaCrae, cash del. Richd. at Alexdr. for his use, Henderson Ferguson, expences in Alexandria where I went in order to get Rich. into a store as a clerk, Col. Jesse Ewell for Richs board & schooling for 1785, John Bowyer overseer his part of crop of tob 1785, cash sent Miss Caty by Jno. Bowye for her use while in Fairfax, H. D. Hooe in part for work done for 1784 & 1785 was paid my drawn in favour of Wm. Curtace overseer for the sd. Hooe by Robert Brent Nov. 1787, Rev. Thos. Harrison for teaching Betsey, Hayward for 1785, Jas. Reid for linnen, expenses in attending Ct. in Dumfries, James Pair, John Taylor for smith work.
      Wm. Fitzhugh for boarding & schooling of Hayward for 1786, Miss Caty & Miss Betsey board for 1786, N. C. Hunter pr. acct., S. Maddin for , C. Bullitt in a suit agt. William Foote, cash sent Caty by Wm. Stewart, Thos. Montgomonie for hummumes for Miss E. Foote, Wm. Nay, Wm. Fitzhugh for boarding & schooling of Hayward for 1787, English overseer, F. Whiting for mares to his horse, Wm. Stuart for carpenters work, David Blair for silk for Miss Caty, Wm. Fitzhugh for boarding & schooling Hayward 1788, Betsys board for 1788, John English overseer his share of crop tob 1788, James Musekett for silk for Caty, Barthw. Fuller teaching Hayward, expense in Frederickburg in procurring board & getting Hayward in the Acadamy, Wm. McDaniel, Rachel Jeffries for visiting negro wench, Hugh Ferguson pr. acct., Wm. Barns.
      Betsey board for 1789, Thos. Fry overseer his share of crop for 1789, Sam. Borough for a bull, P. Daw for hat, Mich. Burrough for making shoes, Thos. Fry for wife who spun cotton for Miss Betsey, Wm. Glasswell pr. acct., F?, T. Fitzhugh for making negroes shoes for Celia & Ned, Anthony Minter for waggonage, Bernard Gallaghers acct., Philip Fitzhugh, Jno. T. Fitzhugh, William Hereford, Bernard Gallagher.
      1778: By: Richard Foote, William Foote, Thomas Johnson.
      1779: By: Lawrance Washington for rent 1778.
      1780: By: Thomas Johnston overseer in 1779, Wm. Banister for rent, by goods & chattles sold names, vizt: Wm. Foote, James Williams, William Fitzhugh, John T. Fitzhugh, John Prossen.
      1781: By: James Wililams overseer 1789 share, John Borough his rent 1780, Rossell Hill his rent for 1781, Reuben Horton overseer, Wm. Hartshorne,
      1783: By: Reuben Horton overseer his crop of tob 1781 & 1782, Rossell Hill rent for 1782, John Harrison school master.
      1784: By: Reuben Horton overseer, Ressell Hill his rent
      1785: By: Rossell Hill rent, Saml. Bridwell overseer, Thomas Jett.
      1787: By: Rossel Hill his rent, John Bowye overseer 1785.
      1788: By: Rossell Hill his rent, John Bowye overseer, John Borough his rent 1787, Wm. Harvey, Robert Dunbar, Stonnell, Wm. Pearson, Benj. Hide.
      1789 By: Rossell Hill for rent, Sam. Borough for rent, John English overseer, Rachel Jeffries for corn, Hugh Feguson, John Banes, John Hardia.
      1790 By: Thos. Fry overseer, Sam. Groves a bull in part for rent for 1788, Roger the butcher, Wm. Hereford, Joshua Barker.
      1791 By: Thos. Fry overseer share of crop, Richd. Graham for pork, Rossell Hill for rent
      Dated: Sept. 5, 1791.
      Signed: John Thornton Fitzhugh
      Recorded: Sept. 6, 1791.
      1778-1791 Prince William Co VA Will Book G; Pages 55-60.
      Estate Accounts of Richard Foote dec. with John Thornton Fitzhugh exor. in right of his wife:
      To: Katharine Footes board, shoes purchased of Mr. Mansfield, merchant at Newgate for Elizabeth Foote, gloves purchased of detto. for E. Foote, expense to get H. Foote with Mr. Sweny, merch. as a clerk, Wm. Sidebottom for waggonage of corn to E. Smock, Mr. Davis for waggoning, Richard Brent attorney for fee to prevent a mill rd. passing through the plant., Ben. Mattison for waggonage wheat to Miller and Gallaher, finding J. Calverts waggon, John Williams smith acct., H. Footes cloth from Henderson, Farguson and Gibson, Michael Burrough for making a pr. shoes, George Scissen for mending a pr. shoes, Richard Foote for pr. shoe for Celia, Joseph Blackwell land tax in Fauq. for 1791, by R. Foote to Marshall and Washington attorneys as a fee to defend a suit in chancery exhibited by J. T. Alexander and Catharine his wife to recover a legacey devised to sd. Katharine by her father, Wm. Fant for waggoning, Thos. Fry overseer, Cumberland Wilson, Wm. Randolph waggoning to T. Brundige,Ishmael Pritchets part of tob. 1791, John Byrum, Ellender Randolph widow of Wm. Randolph for waggoning, Abraham Highwarden, John Williams, smith acct., pf. shoes got by Edward Maddox overseer, Joseph Brady, shoes for E. Foote while at Mr. Talieferos, Thos. Montgomerie.
      By: Stifle the butcher, Robert Miller, by negroes Charles hired to J. T. Alexander, corn del. by John Calvert, Russell Hill for rent 1790, 1791, Neet sold to Miss Buckan Patton & Co. of Alexander, D. E. Smock deld. by George Hunt overseer.
      Dated: April 2, 1793.
      Signed: John T. Fitzhugh
      Recorded: April 2, 1793.

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