Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

John Welsh

Male Bef 1640 - 1683  (> 43 years)

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  • Name John Welsh 
    Birth Bef 1640 
    Gender Male 
    Death 3 Mar 1683  Anne Arundel County, Maryland - probate Find all individuals with events at this location 
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    Family ID F15248  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

    Family 1 Mary Wyatt,   b. Bef 1649   d. Aft 1697, Anne Arundel County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location (Age > 50 years) 
    Marriage Abt 1680  Anne Arundel County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location 
     1. Sylvester Welsh,   b. Aft 1665, Anne Arundel County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this locationd. Aft 1720, All Hallows Parish, Anne Arundel County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location (Age > 55 years)  [Father: natural]
     2. Demaris Welsh,   b. 1669, Anne Arundel County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this locationd. Aft 1732, Anne Arundel County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location (Age > 64 years)  [Father: natural]
     3. John Welsh,   b. 1672, Anne Arundel County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this locationd. 5 Mar 1734, All Hallows Parish, Anne Arundel County, Maryland - Probate Find all individuals with events at this location (Age 62 years)  [Father: natural]
     4. Mary Welsh,   b. Aft 1673, Anne Arundel County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location  [Father: natural]
     5. Benjamin Welsh,   b. 1675, All Hallows Parish, Anne Arundel County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this locationd. 1 Jul 1727, Anne Arundel County, Maryland - inventory Find all individuals with events at this location (Age 52 years)  [Father: natural]
     6. Elizabeth Welsh,   b. Abt 1676, Anne Arundel County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location  [Father: natural]
     7. Sarah Welsh,   b. Between 1677 and 1679, St. James Parish, Anne Arundel County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this locationd. Between 1706 and 1710, St. James Parish, Anne Arundel County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location (Age ~ 29 years)  [Father: natural]
     8. Robert Welsh,   b. Bef 1682   d. 9 Mar 1762, Anne Arundel County, Maryland - probate Find all individuals with events at this location (Age > 80 years)  [Father: natural]
    Family ID F15429  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart
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    Family 2 Anne MNU Grosse,   b. Bef 1640   d. Aft 1677, Anne Arundel County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location (Age > 39 years) 
    Marriage Bef 19 Feb 1676  Anne Arundel County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Family ID F32564  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart
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      Welsh, John, A. A. Co., xxxx; 3rd Mch., 1683.
      To eld. son Sylvester and son John and hrs., plantation on South River equally, at 21 yrs. of age.
      To 3rd son Benjamin, plantation on Herring Ck.
      To 4 daus., viz: Mary, Eliza:, Sarah and Damaris and hrs., 1000 A. in Balt°. Co. at 16 yrs. of age.
      To unborn child, " Preston 's Inlargement;" in event of death of sd. child to pass to eld, son Sylvester.
      To wife Mary, exeex., personalty.
      Overseers: Henry Welsh, Edward Dawson, Edward Talbott.
      Test: Henry Hanslap, Hanslap, Woolfran Hunt, Samuel Warner. 4. 35.
      John Welsh (gentleman) 8.391 I AA £415.18.0 Jun 16 1684
      The inventory also included #25631.
      Servants mentioned: Richard Leach, Richard Fisher, John Simons, John Gough (boy), Jean Cooke, Sarah Smith.
      Appraisers: Nicholas Gassaway, Henry Hanslap.
      List of debts: William Watson, Frances Butler, John Thornbury , William Beetenson & Henry Ridgly & Philip Howard, John Spincer, Jeane Nailor, John Hawkins, George Cape, Robert Beck, Michaell Miller & John Baker, Abell Hill, Thomas Knighton, Thomas Gillock, Henry Welsh, John Radford, Edward Cotter, Wolfram Hunt, John Finly, John Watkins, James Cranford, George Yates, John Ashby, Samuell Chew.
      John Welsh 9.210 A AA £415.18.6 #25446 Jun 26 1686
      Mentions: Mr. George Parker, John Hawkins, George Yates.
      Payments to: Mathew Howard, Dr. Woolefrank Hunt, Benjamin Williams (cooper), Thomas Gullock (carpenter), Leonard Coates (taylor), John Longman (cooper), Robert Proctor (inholder), Joseph Naylor, Thomas Drifield (minister), Abraham Bird (cooper), John Larkins (inholder), Col. William Burges, Capt. Henry Hanslap, --- Kellett, William Meares, George Burges.
      Executrix: Mary Ellis, wife of James Ellis.
      Maj, John Welsh 13B.53 I £12.2.10 Apr 30 1695
      Appraisers: Lenard Wayman, Benjamin Williams.
      Mentions: Silvester Welsh.
      Maj. John Welsh 13A,373 I AA £201.17.11 Jun 15 1695
      Appraisers: Leonard Wayman, Benjamin Williams.
      Executrix: Mary Ellis.
      John Welch 14.103 A AA £201.17.11. £201.17.11 Feb 24 1696
      Payments to: Daniell Richardson and his wife Elisabeth, Benjamin Wech.
      Administrator: Silvester Welch.
      Evan Davis 1.503 A AA #6081 #6977 Feb 7 1675
      Payments to: John Welsh, Thomas Stanley, Mr. Henry Darnall.
      Administrator: Thomas Morrice.
      James White 1.353 A AA #59787 #59787 Jun 9 1675
      Payments to: Mr. Henry Stockett, Robertt Wade, John Porter, Philip Patch, Mr. Thomas Hanley, Mr. John Welsh, Robertt Franclin, Richard Arnold, James Boyd, John Colville
      Executrix: Susanna Walters (relict).
      Henry Hawkins 1.384 A TA #19787 #21070 Jul 26 1675
      Legatees: Richard Wollman's daughter (unnamed), Henry Costin, John Gurley, Thomas Hemfrey, Sarah Smith, William Smith, Henry Pratt, Robertt Noble, Mr, William Newbery, Mr. Richard Wollman's son (unnamed), Mr. Richard Wollman's daughters Mary, Rebecca, and Elisabeth, Mr. Richard Wollman's wife (unnamed), Dennis Sullivant, executor and executor's wife.
      Payments to: Mr. Edward Lloyd (father), William Smith for wife's wages, Mr. Edward Hoe, Mr. John Griffith,
      List of debts: John Welsh, Mr. Samuell Winslow, Mr. Edmund Webb.
      Executor: Capt. Philemon Lloyd.
      George & Frances Beckwith 2.319 1 CA £512.2,5 Oct 14 1675 Nov 18 1676
      Also amount of tobacco - 122440. Amount for debts in tobacco - 66726.
      Servants mentioned: Edward Compton, Thomas Abbot, William Davis, Samuell Nellthlop, Thomas Blacklack, Elinor Ward.
      Appraisers; Thomas Sprigg, John Griggs.
      List of debts: John Pollard, Thomas Bland, Thomas Knighton, Robert Buzle, Edward Dorsey, Matthew Ward, Henry Stockett, Kenelme Cheseldyne, John Hollins, Richard Hutchins, William Stacey, Jahn Foster, Edward Clerk, Robert Briant and Michaell Woollerton, Samuell Hatton, Thomas Cosden, Thomas Bland, Richard Hill, Joseph Tilley, William Hill, John Gittings, Thomas Bowden, Robert Fenwick, William Melton, William Turner, Thomas Banks, William Sedgwick, John Broome, John Creycroft, James Thompson, Thomas Cleget, Edward Dorsey, Richard Bridewell, Robert Cole, William Travers, Thomas Howell, Capt. John Allen, Thomas Bland, John Brooke, Jonathon Hopkinson, Simon Stacey, Hannah Pot, Richard Meakins, William Russell, William Morrogh (dead & insolvent), Francis Gunby, Mr. Beckwith, Thomas Howtan, Joseph Horseley, Richard Kendall, Henry Nelson, Capt. Howell, Richard Foster, John Collin, Capt. John Teach, Thomas Tacker, Richard Smith, Mr. Thomaa Cleget, Elisabeth Hopkins wife of Jonathon Hopkins, George Thompson, Francis Malding, Mr. Richard Ladd, Capt. Webber, Mr. Proctor of Anne Arrundell, Col. Chew, Mr George Parker, John Miles, Mr. Henry White of Anne Arrundell, Mr. John Creycroftr Mr, George Hawes, Capt. Darnell, Dr. Pierce, Mr. Henry Mitchell, Mr. Alexander Younger, Mr. Thomas Gaunt, Mr. Francis Hawkins, Mr. Dove, Mr. Guy White, Mr. John Gold, Mr. Michael Tawney, Mr. John Fenwick, John Wright, Mr. Love merchant}, Thomas Browne of Dorchester County, Mayor Jowles, William Parker comm.} Mr. Charles Askum, Mr. Richard Fenwick, Mr, Samuell Hatton, Mr, Robins of Choptank, Mr. Robert Carville, Mr. Simon Stacey, Mr. Thomas Cosden, William Bird, Mr, William Hill, Richard Gibbs of the Clifts, James Williams, Mr. Staines, Capt. Tregoe, Mr. Benjamin Lawrence, Mr. Massey, widdow Evans, Samuell Abbot, Mr. Jahn Gittings, Richard Hutchins, Mr. Thomas Banks, Mr. Henry Stocket, Capt. Hill, Henry Exon, Copt Burgess and Mr. Heathcoate and Mr. Hedge, Mrs. Hannah Pat, Mr, Edward Dorsey, Mr, Nicholas Sewell, Mr. Stephen Luff, Mr. William Dare, Capt. Quigleyy, Mr. Thomas Bamf field, Mr. John Foster, Mr, Joseph Tilley, Mr. Jahn Whinfell, Mr. Vanserin en Mr, Ninean Beate, Mr, Peter Joy, Capt. Charles Boteler, Mr. Kenelme Cheseldyne Mr, William Russell, Mr. Robert Clarke, Mr. John Nuthall, Mr. Thomas Chandler, Mr. Jonathon Haskins, Mr, Ralph Howard, Mr, William Parker, Mr. Mordecue Hunton, Mr. William King, Capt, Allen, Dr, Woottan, Mr. Thomas Tacker, Dr. Brookes, Mr, Henry Beckwithr the Publick, Dr, Jones, Mr. John Welsh, Peter Archer, Thomas Taylor, Esq., Mr. Thomas Paget, Mr. Thomas Bland, Mr. Thomas Francis, Mr. Thomas Morrice, Thomas Cleget, William Bould cooper}.
      Administrator: Thomas Banks.
      Nicholas Wyatt 2.246 A AA #154802 #120213 1676
      Servants mentioned: Mary Evans, John Mallett, Edward_Morgan.
      Payments to: Mr. Taylor, Henry Ridgeley, George Parker, John Browne, Capt. Burgesse, Richard Beade, Mr. John Body, Mr. Parker, John Hillen, Thomas Turner, Edward Wheellock, John Hamond, Mr. Standly, Mr. Constable, James Keele, Mr. Connaway, George Parker, Mr, Heathcote, Col. Samuell Chew at John Larkin, Mr. Boughton, Mr. Hallett, --- Davis, William Carpender, Mrs. Lambert, John Welsh, Thomas Francis, Richard Whackfield, estate of Francis Pyne, Nathaniell Evett, Vince Porter, --- Willett.
      List of suits: Thomas Francis, John Hallett, Edward Morgan, William Carpender, Vince Porter, Edward Dorsey.
      List of debts: Ralph Salmon, Christopher Denny, William Wake, Thomas King, Ralph Powell, George Robins, John Spilles.
      For confirmation of will: Mary Evans, Sarah Cooper, Nicholas Sheppard, Robert Gudgron, Mary Welch, Ellen Hall.
      Executrix: Damous Bland (relict), whose attorney is Edward Dorsey.
      Thomas Stocket 2.294 A AA #32986 #32986 1676
      Cites rent on land in Baltimore.
      List of accounts: Capt. Thomas Beeson, Esq. Chew, the Leany, James White, Richard Tydings, Mr. Glooper, William Crosse, Richard Cheincy, the Chancellor Robert Goldsbery, Mr. Francklin, William Sinick, Thomas Morris, Thomas Parsons, Abraham Birkhead, Mr, Thomas Taylor, Mr. John Welsh, Thomas Linthicum, Benjamin Wells, Mr. Yates, Mr. Maynard, Charles Seven, Henry Bennett, David Stewart, Thomas Besson, Jr., John Watkins, John Gray, Mr. Jenifer, John Larkin, Richard Snowden, Patrick Hall, William Mitchell, Nathaniell Smith, Henry Archer, Mr. Robert Willson, Henry Beedle for his predecessors, William Toulson, George Symons, James Hunter, Francis Smith, Leonard Weyman, Anthony Gongo, Henry Woolchurch, Dr. Henry Lewis, Henry Ridgely, Nathaniell Dolton, John Giles, John Browne, Sr. of New England, Patrick Hall, George Paskall, John Grange, James Frizell, Robert Goldsbery, William Jones, Oliver Hollaway, William Harry, William Russell, Thomas Chandler, Marin du Vall, John Shaw, Thomas Hooker, Anthony Demondidue, Thomas Daborne, William Leaver, Micall Offley, widdow Gardiner, William Roper, Mr. Pawson, Alexander Humphrey, Robert Proctor, Richard Davor, Ralph Hawkins, Henry Hall, Dr. Samuell Lane, Thomas Morris, Thomas Bucknam, Robert Goodwin, James Connaway, William Mitchell, John Crosse, Edward Selby, John Macubin, Samuell Rimiger, John Barnwell, Mr. Francis Holland, William Richardson, Capt. William Burgesse, Mr. Owens, Mr. Richard Ewans, John Hawkins, Nicholas Gazaway, Dr. Jones, Mr. Nathaniel' Heathcote, John Hillen, William Jones, Mr, Robert Ridgely, Matthew Selly, Richard Deavor, Robert Dauvers, Mr. Robert Carvile, Thomas Pratt, Nathaniel Smith, John Champ, Abell Browne, Mr. Thomas Hedge, Anthony Holland, Mr. John Welsh, Mr. Edward Maynard, Martin Sheppard, John Watkins, Henry White, Esq. Calvert, Marke Cordea, Nicholas Waterman, Mr. Christopher Rowsby, Mr, David Poole, Richard Keene, John Mercer, John Beaman, Mr. Daniell Jenifer, Richard Arnold, John Gunns.
      Executors: Francis Stocket (also Francis Stockett, gentleman), Henry Stocket
      (also Henry Stockett, gentleman).
      Mr. Roger Grosse 5.143 A AA Nov 13 1676
      Mentions: Mr. Thomas Taylor (also Thomas Tailor), Mr. Richard Ewen, Mr. Robert Francklin, Mr. John Watkins, Mr. John Welsh, John Edmurzdson, Pitts.
      Distribution to: John Grosse (son of deceased and guardian to other orphans), Elisabeth Grosse, Roger Grosse, William Grosse, Frances Grosse.
      John Grose 4.300 A £413.12.0 £268.17.11 Sep 16 1677
      Payments to: John Davies, Philemon Lloyd for Roger Grose his part his father's estate, Mr. Tilghman for John Grose, Christopher St. Tee for John Emerson, Samuell Lane, Edward Price, Henry Stocket, Nicholas Gassaway, Edward Dorsey,Thomas Hedge, John Welsh, Richard Snowden, George Parker, William & Francis Grosse their portion their father's estate, Roger Grosse part his division, Richard Snowden for Elisabeth (no surname_ given), Richard Snowden for Mr. Edward Lloyd of London.
      Executor: John Watkins.
      William Collier (planter) 4.299 A AA #11024 #6330 Sep 22 1677
      Payments to: Mr. John Welsh, Col. William Surges, Maj. Samuell Lane, Edward Parish, Richard Arnold.
      Legatees: Augustin Skinner, Richard Got, Abell Hill.
      Executor: Robert Francklin, Jr. (also Robert Francklyn ).
      Mr. Nathaniell Heathcoat 75.189 1 AA £277.10.0 Feb 20 1681
      The inventory also cites the following amounts of tobacco: #98115 and #53250.
      Servants mentioned: Daniell Shulavant.
      Appraisers: Nicholas Gassaway, John Gresham.
      Mentions: Mr. Richard Banckes & Mr. James Holland & Co. merchants in London.
      List of debts: Abr. Bird, John Lynam, Thomas Knigton, Ed. Searson, Benjamin Capell, Thomas Crouchley, Robert Franklin, Richard Deanor, Thomas Daburne, Richard Webb, Richard Wells, John Walters, Mr. George Parker, Mr. Henry Stockett, Mathew Hughs, Ed. Alleley, John Brewer, John Giles, Richard Gott, John Spencer, Robert Goldsbury„ Robert Lockwood, Paulus Roe, William Horne, Stephen Sevasnan, Thomas Ford, Richard Deanor, Jr., Thomas Leonard, Thomas Morgan, Robert Davis, William Cole, Ed. Tennehill, Robert Gover, Leonard Coates, John Francis Holland, Richard Bedworth, Thomas Pratt, Mr. Richard Boughton, William Harry, Abell Hill, John Nichollson, William Stafford, William Alcock, William Wollis.
      Administrator: John Heathcoat.
      Nathaniel Heathcott 8.6 A AA £277.10.8 £277.10.0 Mar 3 1682
      (gentleman). The inventory also included #151365.
      Payments to: Mr. Bankes, wife (unnamed) of Samuel Garland, Elisabeth Swalwell, Mr. Romas Dryfeild, Mr. Smithwicke, Col. Thomas Taylor, Robert Proctor, John Nicholas, Col. Burges, Nicholas Gassaway, Robert Clarkson, John Gressam, William Richardson, Mr. Carvile, Thomas Knighton, John Waters, Dr. Hunt, George Parker, Vincent Farcy, Edmond Cotton, James Peale, Maj. John Welsh, Henry Bennett, Mr. Nicholas Painter, Walter Carr, Mr. Richard Boughton & Mr. Hanslap, Morgan Jones, James Ellis, Mr. Bankes, Robert Francklin (dead), Edmond Allely (not to be found), Steven Sebastian (not to be found), William Stafford (not to be found), William Walley (not to be found), Henry Arthur.
      Mention: Mr Liname, Joseph Heathcott (brother of administrator), Samuell Heathcatt (administrator of deceased's estate in England).
      Administrator: John Heathcott (gentleman).
      George Symons 78.207 I AA #2662 Nov 1 1679
      Appraisers: Charles Abevan (also Charles Beven ), Richard Deanor.
      George Symonds 8.267 B (Both inv & admin} AA #12488 Jul 17 1682
      (also George Symons)
      Payments to: John Welsh, Lewis Granger.
      Distribution to: administrators.
      Executors: Samuell Lane (deceased) by Lane's executrix and relict Mrs. Margrett Evans, Nathan Smith.
      George Symons 7B.208 A AA #25168 #27830 1682
      A second inventory was filed for #2662.
      Payments to: Lewis Gongo, Maj. John Welsh, Thomas Meridal, Thomas Morgan, Abraham Nailor, John Wilson, Richard Bedworth, Maj. Samuell Lane, Abraham Bird, Thomas Stanley, Richard Deanor & Charles Beavers, Thomas Meridal for schooling deceased's son (unnamed), Robert Franklin.
      Thomas Howard 5.97 A AA #15I9 #1852 May 14 1678
      Payments to: John Welsh.
      Mentions: suit by Thomas Tasker.
      Administrator: Nathan Smith (gentleman).
      Thomas Ford 8.53 I AA #41038 Oct 25 1682
      Appraisers: Mr. John Welsh, Walter Carr.
      John Watkins 8.14 I AA £197.6.6 1682
      The inventory also included #149881.
      Appraisers: John Welsh, Thomas Francis.
      List of debts: John Helling, Thomas Hilicart, Edward Kerswell, Richard Boughton, Richard Brockden, Robert Wates, Thomas Hooker, John Larkins, John Langham, Robert Ward, Thomas More, John Hichcock, Edward Carter, Michaell (no surname given), John Carpender, Thomas Walker, John Nutton, Thomas Baine, William Alcock, William Fisher, Robert French, Richard Bard, Thomas Linton, William Watson, Thomas Driefeild.
      John Hillen 8.21 I £165.6.0 1682
      The inventory also included #15790.
      Appraisers: John Welsh, Woofran Hunt.
      Ellis, James, A. A. Co., 14th Apr., 1688 ; 25th Aug., 1693.
      To dau. Mary at 16 yrs. of age and hrs., 500 A., 'James' Parke" on Gunpowder R., Baltimore Co.
      To Robert, son of Maj. John Welch and of Mary Ellis (now wife of testator), at 21 yrs. of age and hrs., 210 A., " Ellis 's Chance. "
      The land to revert to dau. Mary afsd., sd. Robert dying without issue.
      To wife Mary, extx., dower rights.
      Test: Rich 'd Purnell, Al Chappey, Matthew Bellamy. 2. 238.

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