Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Jeremiah Chapman

Male Bef 1682 - 1733  (> 51 years)

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  • Name Jeremiah Chapman 
    Birth Bef 1682 
    Gender Male 
    Death 5 Mar 1733  Anne Arundel County, Maryland - probate Find all individuals with events at this location 
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    Family Anne MNU Chapman,   b. Bef 1686   d. Aft 1733, St. James Parish, Anne Arundel County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location (Age > 49 years) 
    Marriage Bef 1706  St. James Parish, Anne Arundel County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location 
     1. Margaret Chapman,   b. 15 Jul 1706, St. James Parish, Anne Arundel County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this locationd. Aft 1745, Anne Arundel County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location (Age > 40 years)  [Father: natural]
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      Chapman, Jeremiah, Joyner, A. A. Co., 20th July, 1732; 5th Mch., 1732.
      To wife Anne, entire real estate during life, at her decease to pass to dau Margaret Simmons, and after her decease to grandson William Simmons and hrs. ; should sd. Wm. die without issue sd. lands to pass to grandson James Simmons and hrs.
      to dau. Margaret Simmons, grandsons William and James Simmons and next child born to eld. dau. Margaret, personalty,
      1/3 certain personalty to wife, residue to dau Margaret during life, and after her decease to be divided among her child. Certain personalty to be divided between wife and
      dau. Margaret and grandson William Simmons, but if sd. grandson should die during minority, his portion to pass to grandson James Simmons and hrs. If sd. James should
      die during minority afsd. part to pass to next male child, and if no male to eld. female child born to dau. Margaret.
      Extxs.: wife and dau. Margaret Simmons.
      Test : William Worrell, Abraham Simmons, Samuel Simmons. 20. 794.
      Jeremiah Chapman 17.451 AA £719.10.9 Apr 25 1733 --- 29 1733
      Appraisers: Samuel Smith, Roger Crudgenton.
      Creditors: Jo. Camilton (also Dr. Hamilton).
      Next of kin: Martha Simmons, Samuel Simmons.
      Executrix: Mrs. Margaret Simmons.
      Joseph Chew 29.131 A AA £2043.14.4 £1456.14.5 Aug 1 1708
      A second inventory was cited in the amount of £93.7.3. A list of debts was cited in the amount of *14888.
      Received from: James Macclanan.
      Payments to: Dr. John Rea, James Macclanan, Nicholas Roades, William Chew, Thomas Davis, Dr. Mordecai Moore, Joseph Kery, Jeremiah Cox, Richard Johns, James Heath, Thomas Chalkley, Henry Child, Col. William Holland, Jeremiah Chapman, Thomas Bartlet, Thomas Burroughs, Nathan Smith, Ephraim Gover, Morgan Jones, Dr. Frederick Claudius, Samuel Batty for portion of estate of his father Seaborne Batty, Edward Warner, Capt. John Hyde, Dennis Kelley, William Bladen, Esq., John Dike, John Gresham Jr., William Harriet Walter Smith, Edmond Evans, Joseph Wilson, Joseph Owen, Christopher Vernon, Thomas Bordley.
      Mentions: Jonathon Scarth.
      Legatees: William Chew, Samuel Batty.
      Executrix: Elisabeth Chew (widow).
      Darnell, Henry,, A. A. County, 28th Apr., 1711; 17th July, 1711.
      To wife - dwelling plantation and 1/3 personalty during life.
      son-in-law Charles Carroll and hrs,, 3 tracts in Prince George's County, viz., 1726 A., "The Girl's Portion,"' 925 A., "The Outlet"' at head of Western Brack of Patuxent R. and 406 A., "The Concord," also 400 A., on Patuxent R.., purchased from Philip Gitting, having been purchased by him from Cuthbert Fenwick.
      To son-in-law Clement Hill, tracts, each of 400 A. in Prince George's Go., one on lower side of Clement Brooks' land on east side of Piscataway Branch, and the other lying below afsd. tract but separated by- land taken up by Thomas Brook; also such estate as was agreed upon between testator and Clement Hill, Sr., upon his marriage with dau. Anne.
      To son-in-law Edward Diggs and hrs., 1000 A., in Cecil County, conveyed to testator by exs. of Col. Vincent Low; also 2 tracts in Prince George's County, viz., 250 A., "Kingstone." purchased from Peter Joy., and where sd. Diggs now lives, and 125 A. adjoining,. purchased from Nathan Veitch, these tracts being given in lieu of 1000 A., " The Reserve" and 400 A., " Conveniency, " which were promised to him at his marriage with dau. Elizabeth.

      Sales Ratified.
      To Arnold Levet of 200 A., Jno. Miller 194 A., the sons of John Summers 130 A., and to Henry Calvert
      150 A., tracts in Prince George's Co
      To son-in-law Clement Brooks, 46 A., adjoining his quarter, about 2 miles from former dwelling place, "WoodYard,"
      To grandson, eld. son of son Henry (Darnall) and hrs., 200 A., "Knot's Neck," also " Burroughs" in Calvert County, 2000 A., "Land of Promise" in Balto. County, 500 A., " St. Jerom" in A. A. Co.? all that land part of "Portland Manor" where his father, testator's son Philip, lived, on east side Cabin Branch.
      To grandson Philip, young son of afsd. son Philip, and hrs., lands bequeathed his brother Henry should he die without issue, also 3 tracts in Balto. County, "The Reserve" and "Conveniency" afsd., 800 A.;, "Rich Levels" 250 A., "Portland Landing" and that part of "Portland Manor" on West side Cabin Branch where his father Philip lived. Should son Philip die without issue, his brother Henry, afsd., is made reversionary legatee; and to grandsons at 15 yrs., personalty.
      To granddau. Eleanor Darnall, eld. dau. of son Philip, and to Sarah, his young. dau., personalty at 15 yrs. of age.
      To grandson John (Darnall), 2nd son of son Henry and hrs., dwelling place, 1000 A., "Portland Manor" in A, A, County, at decease of wife.
      To daus. Mary Carroll and Anne Hill, personalty, and to Robt. Brooke, Wm. Hunter, Thos. Mansell and Leo Thorould., Personalty.
      To son Henry,, ex,., residue of estate., real and personal including tracts" in Prince George's County, viz, that on which testator lived, 1100 A., "Mark's Place," 310 A. "Elizabeth" 150 A.: "Hale's Adventure," 200 A., "Charles Hils," 1900 A., Darnall's Delight," 948 A. "Addition", 262 A., "Darnall's Last Addition.," 7000 A., "His Iordship's Kindness;" also 2 tracts., viz., 105 A.., "Darnall's Chance" and 105 A., adjacent on both of last named tracts, part of Marlborough Town, and to sd son, 1 lot in Charles Town, alias Mount Charles; also right in lease of 1200 A. obtained from Charles., Lord Baltimore, for 21 yrs., and right in two mortgages given by Aaron Rawlings upon 563 A., "Bridge Hill" and 150 A., "Jones Lott," A. A. Co,

      Test: Benjamin Hall,, Jeremiah Chapman., Cornelius Wildman, Webber Clark.

      By codicil, 28th Apr.,, 1711., after setting forth that, he has been his lordship's agent, for a term of years, mentions that the acreage of lease afsd. devised to son Henry is 2300 A. instead of 1200, as stated.
      Nathan Smith 34.215 A CA £772.8.5 £238.0.10 Jul 10 1713
      Payments to: Dr. Patrick Hepburn, Thomas Lingham, Thomas Miles, Ann Skinner, Samuell Chew, Jr., William Dowell, Andrew Webster, Edmond Major, Mary Rose per John Sothorn, Roger Wheeler per Midlemore, William Jones, William Bladen, Esq., Richard Harrison, Jr., John Moore, Thomas Neale, Jeremiah Chapman, Dr. Claudius, Thomas Bartlet, Mr, Thomas Gant, Maj. Josiah Wilson.
      Legatees: William Smith, Elisabeth Selby wife of William Selby.
      Executor: Joseph Smith (Quaker, son).
      John Batie 39C.184 A £170.3.10 £45.11.3 Apr 25 1718
      Received from: Jeremiah Chapman.
      Payments to: Ann Seckworth, Roger Roberts, Capt. Burbidge, Dr. Hepburn, James Perry, John Docwra, John Docwra (executor of James Robinson), Dr. William Lock, Mary Bedle, Mr. Benjamin Tasker.
      Executrix: Sarah Batie.
      Dr. William Fisher 3.81 A PG £274.0.0 £308.5.8 Jul 11 1720
      of Anne Arundel County.
      List of debts: Joseph Chew, John Constant, Madam Rachell Smith, Samuell Maccubin, John Goldsberry, Jeremiah Chapman, Richard Hall, Thomas Ratclif, Elisabeth Pearce, Nehemiah Brikhead, Sr., Gerrard Hopkins, Elisabeth Hutchins, Sr., Abraham Brikhead, Edward Reynolds, Thomas Richardson, John Powell, Franciss Tayler, John Hutton, Thomas Lingan, Mr. Edward Butler (dead), Edward Carter, Hennry Eden, John Chalk, James Mauldin, Marry Kentt, William Dealer Jacob Holland, John Scriviner, Thomas Stocket, Richard Rake, John Brooks, William Gardiner, Madam Dorothy Smith, John Stewart, John Darumple, Robertt Gott (in the swamp), Christopher Vernon, Francis Wilkinson, Madam Sarah Hall, James Dorsey, Ann Demillion, Gerrard Ball, Hennry Chew, Francis Hollondshead, William Grace, Richard Scrivener, William Harry, Josiah Willson, Jr. (executor of Josiah Willson Sr.), Jacob Holland, John Hutton, John Lang, Francis Neighbours, Jacob Duhaduway.
      Payments to: Daniell Dulany for Job Mathews (apothecary in London), Daniell Dulany, Samuell Harrison, Ellias Roberts, Robert Solliers, John Giles (planter), William Chapman for Mr. Phill. Smith (merchant in London), Turner Wooten, Thomas White, John Cooke, Pattrick Sympson, Edward Mobberly, John Giles (merchant at West River), Robertt Franklin.
      Executor: William Smith.
      Liber C W, No. 1, 1719-1722, Anne Arundel County Deeds, September 25,1719. Robert Brown of Anne Arundel County, bought from Jeremiah Chapman a tract of land called Wrighton, surveyed for Ishmael Wright Witnessed by William Lock, Samuel Chambers, Jeremiah Belt.
      Bedworths Addition, Jeremiah Chapman, 89 Acres 1718/10/04 Unpatented Certificate 80 4 0 MSA S 1212-80

      Bedworths Addition, 89 Acres; Unpatented Certificate
      Developer/Owner: Chapman, Jeremiah 1718 Unpatented Certificate 80 0 0 MSA S 1581-553

      Bedworths Addition, 89 Acres; Certificate
      Developer/Owner: Chapman, Jeremiah 1718 Patent Record FF 7, p. 377 0 0 MSA S 1581-554

      Bedworths Addition, 89 Acres; Patent
      Developer/Owner: Chapman, Jeremiah 1718 Patent Record FF 7, p. 378 0 0 MSA S 1581-555

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