Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

York County, Virginia



Matches 151 to 200 of 206

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
151 Moss, Rebecca  Bef 1694York County, Virginia I133293
152 Mountfort, Joseph  Bef 1675York County, Virginia I115498
153 Nelson, Thomas  1716York County, Virginia I33752
154 Nutting, Catherine  31 Mar 1692York County, Virginia I78685
155 Palmer, Martin  1660York County, Virginia I135314
156 Parke, Daniel  1669York County, Virginia I25302
157 Pate, Sallie  1652York County, Virginia I105913
158 Pettus, Thomas  Aft 1672York County, Virginia I115771
159 Poindexter, George  Abt 1676York County, Virginia I114488
160 Poindexter, Jacob  Abt 1687York County, Virginia I133205
161 Poindexter, Thomas  Abt 1664York County, Virginia I109926
162 Powell, Anne  York County, Virginia I54970
163 Power, Elizabeth  Abt 1696York County, Virginia I27030
164 Read, Anne  1668York County, Virginia I145578
165 Read, Elizabeth  Bef 1646York County, Virginia I24442
166 Read, Margaret  Abt 1682York County, Virginia I33848
167 Read, Mildred  2 Oct 1643York County, Virginia I24346
168 Read, Robert  Bef 1661York County, Virginia I15936
169 Read, Thomas  Bef 1654York County, Virginia I20430
170 Ring, Sarah  1696York County, Virginia I76767
171 Rogers, Thomas  Bef 1659York County, Virginia I90302
172 Sallis, Samuel  1640York County, Virginia I40738
173 Scarbrooke, Elizabeth  Abt 1655York County, Virginia I46558
174 Scarbrooke, Jane  Abt 1654York County, Virginia I46555
175 Singleton, Mary  23 Dec 1737York County, Virginia I124097
176 Smoote, Anne  13 Aug 1641York County, Virginia I2860
177 Smoote, Edward  1660York County, Virginia I2856
178 Smoote, Thomas  1634York County, Virginia I7696
179 Thomas, Anne  Abt 1634York County, Virginia I62136
180 Trotter, John  Bef 1715York County, Virginia I126405
181 Turner, George  Bef 1652York County, Virginia I82360
182 Tyler, Anne  Abt 1694York County, Virginia I116160
183 Tyler, Elizabeth  Abt 1686York County, Virginia I116158
184 Tyler, Francis  Abt 1687York County, Virginia I32725
185 Tyler, Francis  Abt 1722York County, Virginia I25271
186 Tyler, Henry  1655York County, Virginia I71519
187 Tyler, Henry  Abt 1684York County, Virginia I116157
188 Tyler, Henry  1701York County, Virginia I116159
189 Tyler, Henry  Abt 1715York County, Virginia I25269
190 Tyler, John  Abt 1685York County, Virginia I114189
191 Tyler, Thomas {Unproven}  Bef 1686York County, Virginia I123552
192 Utie, George  Abt 1626York County, Virginia I37898
193 Utie, Nathaniel  Abt 1624York County, Virginia I37897
194 Vincent, Henry  Bef 1630York County, Virginia I43559
195 Walker, Joseph  1660York County, Virginia I81675
196 Walker, Mary  1708York County, Virginia I33713
197 Warren, Mary  Abt 1640York County, Virginia I62613
198 West, Anne  Abt 1656York County, Virginia I45396
199 West, Nathaniel  1665York County, Virginia I45393
200 Wormley, Christopher  Abt 1646York County, Virginia I55151

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