Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Amelia County, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ball, Edward Porteus  28 Jan 1774Amelia County, Virginia I109044
2 Black, John  Abt 1767Amelia County, Virginia I012589
3 Booker, Judith  Aft 1740Amelia County, Virginia I113832
4 Booker, Judith  24 Nov 1748Amelia County, Virginia I113869
5 Booker, Richard  23 Jul 1747Amelia County, Virginia I113868
6 Chambers, Hugh  Bef 1751Amelia County, Virginia I069441
7 Cocke, Rebecca  Abt 1769Amelia County, Virginia I012590
8 Ellington, Anne  Abt 1740Amelia County, Virginia I012564
9 Fuqua, Moses  1738Amelia County, Virginia I105203
10 Goode, Lucy  1760Amelia County, Virginia I000113
11 Hatchett, Mildred  1759Amelia County, Virginia I012587
12 James, Frances  Amelia County, Virginia I086798
13 Ligon, William  Abt 1710Amelia County, Virginia I022446
14 Ligon, William  1750Amelia County, Virginia I022441
15 Mann, Patience  Abt 1771Amelia County, Virginia I012591
16 Mann, Robert  7 Feb 1731/32Amelia County, Virginia I105220
17 Marshall, Abraham  Abt 1760Amelia County, Virginia I012583
18 Marshall, Anne  28 Jan 1732/33Amelia County, Virginia I012576
19 Marshall, Anne (Susanah)  28 Jan 1732/33Amelia County, Virginia I000938
20 Marshall, Elizabeth  13 Jul 1731Amelia County, Virginia I012575
21 Marshall, Elizabeth  Abt 1762Amelia County, Virginia I012584
22 Marshall, John  Abt 1753Amelia County, Virginia I012581
23 Marshall, Robert  Abt 1729Amelia County, Virginia I000929
24 Marshall, Robert  Abt 1754Amelia County, Virginia I012582
25 Marshall, Robert  1784Amelia County, Virginia I021640
26 Marshall, Robert Rev.  23 Dec 1729Amelia County, Virginia I012573
27 Marshall, William  Aft 1735Amelia County, Virginia I012563
28 Marshall, William  Abt 1751Amelia County, Virginia I012580
29 Neal, Mary  1729Amelia County, Virginia I012579
30 Osborn, Elizabeth  Abt 1765Amelia County, Virginia I012586
31 Osborn, Margaret  Abt 1761Amelia County, Virginia I012585
32 Vaden, Phoebe  1736Amelia County, Virginia I105222
33 Wood, Mary  Bef 1751Amelia County, Virginia I105061


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anderson, James  1773Amelia County, Virginia I007481
2 Ball, Thomas  Between May 1814 and Feb 1816Amelia County, Virginia I073537
3 Batte, Virginia Elizabeth  Aft 1764Amelia County, Virginia I022444
4 Booker, Edward  23 Dec 1759Amelia County, Virginia I113825
5 Booker, Jane MNU  Aft 1758Amelia County, Virginia I113836
6 Booker, Lucy  1761Amelia County, Virginia I113826
7 Booker, Mary  3 Nov 1756Amelia County, Virginia I113827
8 Booker, Purify  Aft 1756Amelia County, Virginia I113852
9 Booker, William  10 Feb 1755Amelia County, Virginia I113851
10 Chiles, Henry  1746Amelia County, Virginia I114045
11 Cobbs, Anne  Aft 1750Amelia County, Virginia I113859
12 Cobbs, Samuel  10 Jul 1757Amelia County, Virginia I113863
13 Cocke, Rebecca  Amelia County, Virginia I012590
14 Cralle, William Matthew  1800Amelia County, Virginia I083967
15 Creel, Absolom  Aft 1769Amelia County, Virginia I087610
16 Crowder, William  Abt 1805Amelia County, Virginia I012578
17 Downman, Mildred  Abt 1806Amelia County, Virginia I082641
18 Griffin, LeRoy  Abt 1795Amelia County, Virginia I024250
19 Gustavus, Peter  Aft 1739Amelia County, Virginia I124705
20 Hardaway, Stith  1765Amelia County, Virginia I113874
21 Hinson, Christopher  14 Aug 1744Amelia County, Virginia I059729
22 Ligon, Elizabeth  Aft 1781Amelia County, Virginia I000918
23 Ligon, William  1764Amelia County, Virginia I022443
24 Ligon, William  26 Oct 1796Amelia County, Virginia I022446
25 Marshall, Abraham  1805Amelia County, Virginia I012583
26 Marshall, Robert  Abt 1735Amelia County, Virginia I000929
27 Mayo, Elizabeth  Bef 1735Amelia County, Virginia I074109
28 Mayo, Joseph  Amelia County, Virginia I085761
29 Morton, Frances  Aft 1770Amelia County, Virginia I029429
30 Neal, Anne  1764Amelia County, Virginia I012574
31 Neal, Mary  Amelia County, Virginia I012579
32 Oldham, Richard  26 Nov 1761Amelia County, Virginia I117851
33 Osborn, Elizabeth  Amelia County, Virginia I012586
34 Pryor, Samuel Dr.  Amelia County, Virginia I068064
35 Richeson, Grace  1755Amelia County, Virginia I113860
36 Royall, John  1785Amelia County, Virginia I113854
37 Stokes, Unknown  Bef 1750Amelia County, Virginia I074082
38 Stone, William  1749Amelia County, Virginia I028539
39 Tabb, John  1798Amelia County, Virginia I113856
40 Tarry, Samuel  10 Jun 1765Amelia County, Virginia I113828
41 Thompson, Mary  Amelia County, Virginia I000903
42 Vaden, Phoebe  1795Amelia County, Virginia I105222
43 Walthall, Anna  1793Amelia County, Virginia I000983
44 Willis, Judith  Aft 2 May 1790Amelia County, Virginia I012577
45 Worsham, Elizabeth  Bef 1785Amelia County, Virginia I113873
46 Worsham, Martha  Abt 1756Amelia County, Virginia I113872
47 Worsham, Phoebe  1784Amelia County, Virginia I113867


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Anderson / Ligon  Bef 1728Amelia County, Virginia F00552
2 Anderson / Stokes  1768Amelia County, Virginia F04874
3 Bibb / Wyatt  12 May 1762Amelia County, Virginia F42613
4 Bland / Booker  6 Nov 1761Amelia County, Virginia F45112
5 Bolling / Tabb  11 Apr 1758Amelia County, Virginia F23650
6 Booker / Archer  Aft 1740Amelia County, Virginia F19199
7 Booker / Cobbs  21 Feb 1738/39Amelia County, Virginia F45115
8 Booker / Cobbs  12 Oct 1745Amelia County, Virginia F45113
9 Booker / Cobbs  17 May 1746Amelia County, Virginia F45117
10 Booker / Marot  Abt 1734Amelia County, Virginia F45116
11 Booker / Worsham  8 Aug 1748Amelia County, Virginia F45114
12 Clarke / Booker  10 Apr 1736Amelia County, Virginia F45103
13 Crowder / Marshall  11 Jul 1764Amelia County, Virginia F08257
14 Hardaway / Booker  5 Dec 1756Amelia County, Virginia F45111
15 Ligon / Rogers  Abt 1744Amelia County, Virginia F13622
16 Ligon / Woodson  Abt 1768Amelia County, Virginia F13621
17 Mann / Vaden  Abt 1751Amelia County, Virginia F41180
18 Marshall / Cocke  1787Amelia County, Virginia F08250
19 Marshall / Ellington  Abt 1758Amelia County, Virginia F08245
20 Marshall / Green  1763Amelia County, Virginia F00545
21 Marshall / Hatchett  1796Amelia County, Virginia F00548
22 Marshall / Marshall  23 Dec 1783Amelia County, Virginia F08248
23 Marshall / Neal  1728Amelia County, Virginia F08247
24 Marshall / Neal  Abt 1750Amelia County, Virginia F08255
25 Marshall / Osborn  Abt 1779Amelia County, Virginia F08258
26 Marshall / Osborn  1 Jan 1783Amelia County, Virginia F08259
27 Marshall / Willis  19 Feb 1765Amelia County, Virginia F08253
28 Moody / Marshall  1745Amelia County, Virginia F00555
29 Muse / Crenshaw  4 May 1784Amelia County, Virginia F41095
30 Tabb / Booker  10 Apr 1736Amelia County, Virginia F23652
31 Tabb / Peyton  17 Feb 1770Amelia County, Virginia F45106
32 Tarry / Booker  Bef 1740Amelia County, Virginia F45102