Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Bristol, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cary, Miles  Bef 30 Jan 1622/23Bristol, England I028477
2 Crabb, John  Abt 1630Bristol, England I009506
3 Crabb, Osmond  Abt 1634Bristol, England I051587
4 Crabb, Richard  14 Dec 1609Bristol, England I051589
5 Deverell, Benjamin  Bef 1680Bristol, England I028420
6 Deverell, Hannah  Bristol, England I084694
7 Edwards, Thomas Rev.  Bef 1695Bristol, England I030887
8 Flower, William  Bef 1642Bristol, England I072673
9 Galbraith, William  Bristol, England I048843
10 Gregson, Thomas  Bef 1670Bristol, England I089413
11 Hollister, William  Bef 1660Bristol, England I116881
12 Johns, Richard  29 Mar 1650Bristol, England I037231
13 Lane, William  Bef 1639Bristol, England I024171
14 Lewis, Joseph  Bef 1668Bristol, England I089860
15 Matthews, Samuel Judge  1590Bristol, England I040295
16 Morgan, Anthony  Bef 1648Bristol, England I029481
17 Morgan, Charles  Bef 1658Bristol, England I083063
18 Nixon, Henry  Abt 1675Bristol, England I127698
19 Opie, Thomas  Bristol, England I051575
20 Pope, Mary  Abt 1690Bristol, England I084083
21 Pope, Nathaniel  Aft 1670Bristol, England I025764
22 Sanders, John III  Abt 1653Bristol, England I002847
23 Scandrett, Isaac  Bef 1715Bristol, England I108070
24 Scott, Dorothy MNU  Bristol, England I048841
25 Scott, Gustavus  Bef 28 May 1700Bristol, England I048842
26 Skinner, Robert  Abt 1640Bristol, England I015580
27 Smith, Alexander  Bef 1630Bristol, England I119123
28 Smith, Ralph Dr.  Abt 1645Bristol, England I048134
29 Thomas, Elizabeth  Bef 1651Bristol, England I040808
30 Thomas, Philip  Bef 1651Bristol, England I040805
31 Thomas, Sarah  Bef 1651Bristol, England I040807
32 Tucker, Samuel  1630Bristol, England I107652
33 Walker, John  Bef 1680Bristol, England I128982
34 Warren, David  Bef 1643Bristol, England I075809
35 Wathen, John  1645Bristol, England I011560
36 Webb, William  Bef 1680Bristol, England I092783
37 Williams, John  Bef 1710Bristol, England I123621
38 Williams, Ralph  Bef 1640Bristol, England I031961


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Biggs, Sarah  Aft 1712Bristol, England I092972
2 Crabb, Richard  29 Apr 1676Bristol, England I051589
3 Dowle, Joanna  Aft 1711Bristol, England I024392
4 Hardidge, Elizabeth  Bristol, England I025828
5 Hawkins, Henry  Bef 15 Feb 1705/06Bristol, England I089769
6 Jackson, Arthur  Aft 1712Bristol, England I116103
7 Nicholson, George  Aft 1735Bristol, England I090023
8 Pope, Thomas  Bef 30 Oct 1694Bristol, England I024393
9 Randolph, William  27 Jun 1791Bristol, England I114506
10 Scandrett, Pitman  Aft 1731Bristol, England I021850
11 Wynston, Robert  Bristol, England I025829


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Parker / Tomlinson  2 Dec 1712Bristol, England F50567
2 Randall / Pope  Abt 1706Bristol, England F36172
3 Thomas / Harrison  Bef 1651Bristol, England F11036
4 Webb / Biggs  Bef 1700Bristol, England F38126