Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Calvert County, Maryland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Abbington, Anne MNU  Bef 1675Calvert County, Maryland I19230
2 Abbington, Margaret  Bef 1690Calvert County, Maryland I65871
3 Abbott, Elizabeth  Bef 1713Calvert County, Maryland I95780
4 Abbott, Esther Parran  Abt 1737Calvert County, Maryland I98901
5 Abbott, George  Bef 1685Calvert County, Maryland I44229
6 Abbott, Greves  Bef 1701Calvert County, Maryland I100668
7 Abbott, Isabella MNU  Bef 1640Calvert County, Maryland I65924
8 Abbott, Jane  Abt 1717Calvert County, Maryland I97405
9 Abbott, John  Abt 1682Calvert County, Maryland I91274
10 Addison, Robert  Abt 30 Apr 1726Calvert County, Maryland I61000
11 Allen, Anne  Bef 1719Calvert County, Maryland I33390
12 Allen, Reynolds  Abt 1721Calvert County, Maryland I125877
13 Allen, Thomas  Bef 1752Calvert County, Maryland I101896
14 Allnutt, James  29 May 1713Calvert County, Maryland I53834
15 Allnutt, William  1711Calvert County, Maryland I53835
16 Anderson, John  Bef 1676Calvert County, Maryland I58293
17 Anderson, John  1676Calvert County, Maryland I44236
18 Armiger, Samuel  Bef 1675Calvert County, Maryland I93420
19 Armstrong, Charles  Abt 1681Calvert County, Maryland I91989
20 Armstrong, Edward  Abt 1680Calvert County, Maryland I91024
21 Armstrong, Edward  Bef 1736Calvert County, Maryland I98092
22 Armstrong, Female  Bef 1682Calvert County, Maryland I91991
23 Armstrong, James  Aft 1703Calvert County, Maryland I97486
24 Armstrong, John  Aft 1682Calvert County, Maryland I98097
25 Armstrong, Rhenes  Aft 1703Calvert County, Maryland I98094
26 Armstrong, Susannah  Aft 1703Calvert County, Maryland I98093
27 Arnold, Anne  Bef 1684Calvert County, Maryland I92912
28 Arnold, Elizabeth  Bef 1753Calvert County, Maryland I99345
29 Arnold, Jane  Aft 1697Calvert County, Maryland I59987
30 Arnold, John  Abt 1695Calvert County, Maryland I59986
31 Arnold, Margaret  Abt 1693Calvert County, Maryland I97452
32 Arnold, Thomas  Bef 1664Calvert County, Maryland I59979
33 Ashcomb, Anne  Between 1651 and 1654Calvert County, Maryland I23221
34 Ashcomb, Charles  1688Calvert County, Maryland I11959
35 Ashcomb, John  Bef 1687Calvert County, Maryland I64749
36 Ashcomb, Mary  Abt 1675Calvert County, Maryland I23193
37 Ashcomb, Nathaniel  Abt 1686Calvert County, Maryland I64747
38 Askew, Benjamin  Bef 1727Calvert County, Maryland I97818
39 Askew, Michael  Abt 1665Calvert County, Maryland I48621
40 Askew, Michael  Bef 1700Calvert County, Maryland I97817
41 Askew, Michael  Bef 1748Calvert County, Maryland I97819
42 Atchison, George  Bef 1661Calvert County, Maryland I59685
43 Atterbury, John  Abt 1705Calvert County, Maryland I63902
44 Atterbury, Thomas  1709Calvert County, Maryland I78891
45 Atterbury, Winifred  Abt 1703Calvert County, Maryland I63891
46 Austin, Elizabeth  1731Calvert County, Maryland I97308
47 Austin, Henry  Abt 1716Calvert County, Maryland I16156
48 Austin, Henry  Abt 1742Calvert County, Maryland I97307
49 Austin, James  Bef 1730Calvert County, Maryland I108582
50 Austin, James  Abt 1746Calvert County, Maryland I108598

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Abbott, Esther Parran  Aft 1771Calvert County, Maryland I98901
2 Abbott, Greves  Aft 1721Calvert County, Maryland I100668
3 Abbott, Isabella MNU  Between 2 May and 28 Jul 1694Calvert County, Maryland I65924
4 Abbott, Jane  Bef 1757Calvert County, Maryland I97405
5 Abbott, John  Aft 1 Jul 1702Calvert County, Maryland I91274
6 Abrahamson, Cornelius  Bef 1658Calvert County, Maryland I67016
7 Ackeby, Richard  Aft 1665Calvert County, Maryland I91596
8 Adams, James  Aft 1665Calvert County, Maryland I91592
9 Adams, Unknown  Aft 1712Calvert County, Maryland I92975
10 Adderson, John  Aft 1674Calvert County, Maryland I94709
11 Addison, Eleanor  Aft 1775Calvert County, Maryland I10071
12 Addison, Robert  30 Dec 1785Calvert County, Maryland I61000
13 Addison, Unknown  Aft 1765Calvert County, Maryland I98790
14 Allen, Anne  Between 1743 and 1758Calvert County, Maryland I33390
15 Alleyne, Rebecca  Bef 17 Mar 1679Calvert County, Maryland I64729
16 Allnutt, William  27 Aug 1781Calvert County, Maryland I53835
17 Ammon, Grace  Aft 1730Calvert County, Maryland I91248
18 Anderson, Mary MNU  Aft 1678Calvert County, Maryland I90406
19 Anketill, Francis  Abt 1720Calvert County, Maryland I39192
20 Ansill, Mathew  Aft 1724Calvert County, Maryland I93813
21 Archer, Sarah MNU  Bef 1684Calvert County, Maryland I74903
22 Armiger, Daniel  Aft 1758Calvert County, Maryland I93415
23 Armiger, Robert  Aft 1739Calvert County, Maryland I93417
24 Armstrong, Charles  Aft 1698Calvert County, Maryland I91989
25 Armstrong, Edward  Aft 1698Calvert County, Maryland I91024
26 Armstrong, Female  Bef 1722Calvert County, Maryland I91991
27 Armstrong, James  Aft 1745Calvert County, Maryland I97486
28 Armstrong, Rhenes  Aft 1757Calvert County, Maryland I98094
29 Armstrong, Susannah  Aft 1757Calvert County, Maryland I98093
30 Arnold, Anne  Aft 1711Calvert County, Maryland I92912
31 Arnold, Margaret  Abt 1740Calvert County, Maryland I97452
32 Arnold, Mary MNU  Aft 1741Calvert County, Maryland I95710
33 Ashcomb, Anne  1676Calvert County, Maryland I23221
34 Ashcomb, John  Bef 1685Calvert County, Maryland I23219
35 Ashcomb, John  Bef 1703Calvert County, Maryland I64749
36 Ashcomb, Mary  1710Calvert County, Maryland I23193
37 Ashcomb, Winifred MNU  Bef 1684Calvert County, Maryland I23218
38 Askew, Benjamin  Aft 1752Calvert County, Maryland I97818
39 Askew, Elizabeth MNU  Aft 1743Calvert County, Maryland I49905
40 Askew, Michael  Aft 1718Calvert County, Maryland I48621
41 Askew, Michael  Aft 1752Calvert County, Maryland I97819
42 Atchison, James  Abt 1661Calvert County, Maryland I59684
43 Atchison, Susannah MNU  Aft 1690Calvert County, Maryland I59683
44 Atterbury, John  Aft 1708Calvert County, Maryland I63902
45 Austin, Christian MNU  Aft 1752Calvert County, Maryland I108596
46 Austin, Elizabeth  Aft 1767Calvert County, Maryland I97308
47 Austin, Rachel MNU  Aft 1726Calvert County, Maryland I108594
48 Austin, Rebecca  Aft 1765Calvert County, Maryland I108603
49 Austin, Verlinda  Aft 1766Calvert County, Maryland I55923
50 Ayres, Benjamin  25 Oct 1682Calvert County, Maryland I90502

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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Abbington / Abbington  Bef 1690Calvert County, Maryland F2612
2 Abbott / Abbott  Bef 1682Calvert County, Maryland F10333
3 Adair / Sterling  Aft 1708Calvert County, Maryland F32311
4 Adams / Howe  Bef 1712Calvert County, Maryland F36883
5 Adderson / Coverthought  Bef 1671Calvert County, Maryland F44216
6 Addison / Cooke  Calvert County, Maryland F45184
7 Allen / Harris  Abt 1732Calvert County, Maryland F22013
8 Allen / Wright  Bef 1669Calvert County, Maryland F35982
9 Allnutt / Cobreath  Abt 1765Calvert County, Maryland F30701
10 Allnutt / Lawrence  Abt 1746Calvert County, Maryland F4765
11 Allnutt / Mears  Aft 17 Jul 1710Calvert County, Maryland F22326
12 Allnutt / Talbot  Abt 1731Calvert County, Maryland F30702
13 Anderson / Anderson  Bef 1675Calvert County, Maryland F43114
14 Anketill / Smith  Abt 1654Calvert County, Maryland F24701
15 Ansill / Simpson  Bef 1 Feb 1724Calvert County, Maryland F41827
16 Archer / Archer  Bef 1666Calvert County, Maryland F10290
17 Armstrong / Dangerman  Aft 1702Calvert County, Maryland F44316
18 Arnold / Arnold  Bef 4 Jun 1735Calvert County, Maryland F32667
19 Arnold / Boyce  Abt 1732Calvert County, Maryland F33415
20 Ashcomb / Kisbey  Abt 1668Calvert County, Maryland F15289
21 Askew / Askew  Calvert County, Maryland F29170
22 Askew / Dorrumple  Abt 1720Calvert County, Maryland F34964
23 Askew / Hollingshead  Bef 1747Calvert County, Maryland F44972
24 Askew / Lyles  Abt 1685Calvert County, Maryland F28668
25 Atchison / Atchison  Bef 1661Calvert County, Maryland F32580
26 Atterbury / Sheredine  Bef 1 Jun 1702Calvert County, Maryland F32261
27 Atterbury / Smith  Bef 18 Apr 1700Calvert County, Maryland F32260
28 Austin / Austin  Calvert County, Maryland F47209
29 Austin / Hilleary  1707Calvert County, Maryland F11032
30 Austin / Marshall  Abt 19 Feb 1731Calvert County, Maryland F21599
31 Austin / Newman  Bef 6 Sep 1729Calvert County, Maryland F21602
32 Bagnall / Vines  Bef 1703Calvert County, Maryland F36847
33 Baker / Coates  Abt 1748Calvert County, Maryland F44197
34 Ball / Freeland  1696Calvert County, Maryland F42521
35 Ball / Lyles  Bef 9 Oct 1696Calvert County, Maryland F26978
36 Banks / Banks  Bef 1675Calvert County, Maryland F9397
37 Banks / Cleverly  Bef 1677Calvert County, Maryland F40182
38 Barker / Fidoe  Bef 1 Jul 1709Calvert County, Maryland F36890
39 Barnard / Francis  Abt 1680Calvert County, Maryland F10421
40 Barton / Barton  Bef 1706Calvert County, Maryland F43597
41 Barton / Gray  Abt 1728Calvert County, Maryland F30998
42 Bates / Bates  Abt 1718Calvert County, Maryland F44464
43 Batson / Dare  Bef 1 Oct 1706Calvert County, Maryland F7232
44 Baxter / Cocknell  Bef 29 Apr 1702Calvert County, Maryland F15223
45 Beacham / Pascall  Bef 1700Calvert County, Maryland F43807
46 Beale / Beale  Aft Jul 1675Calvert County, Maryland F10079
47 Beale / Sprigg  Abt 30 Jul 1674Calvert County, Maryland F12352
48 Beall / Combs  Bef 1684Calvert County, Maryland F5344
49 Beanes / Brooke  1680Calvert County, Maryland F3254
50 Beanes / Higham  Abt 1689Calvert County, Maryland F3255

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   Family    Divorce    Family ID 
1 Fitzherbert / Brent  Bef 26 Apr 1672Calvert County, Maryland F4013