Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Clark County, Kentucky



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bush, Jennie  1795Clark County, Kentucky I037114
2 Bush, Jeremiah  20 Jan 1789Clark County, Kentucky I037113
3 Cummins, John  1802Clark County, Kentucky I009736
4 Goffe, Sarah  Abt 1802Clark County, Kentucky I069279
5 Quisenberry, Jackson  16 Dec 1799Clark County, Kentucky I092684
6 Rawlings, John W.  22 Dec 1789Clark County, Kentucky I037078
7 Rawlings, Owen F.  3 Oct 1796Clark County, Kentucky I037081
8 Rawlings, Susannah  20 May 1792Clark County, Kentucky I037079
9 Simpson, Benjamin  16 Nov 1809Clark County, Kentucky I092677
10 Simpson, Charles Francis  4 Mar 1806Clark County, Kentucky I092675
11 Simpson, Elizabeth  16 Aug 1825Clark County, Kentucky I092683
12 Simpson, Frances  6 Apr 1802Clark County, Kentucky I092673
13 Simpson, Gabriel  19 Dec 1807Clark County, Kentucky I107435
14 Simpson, Israel  27 Nov 1811Clark County, Kentucky I092678
15 Simpson, James  17 Jan 1799Clark County, Kentucky I049838
16 Simpson, Joseph  26 Feb 1814Clark County, Kentucky I092679
17 Simpson, Julian  18 May 1804Clark County, Kentucky I092674
18 Simpson, Mary Anne  1 Feb 1824Clark County, Kentucky I092682
19 Simpson, Reason  2 Feb 1816Clark County, Kentucky I092680
20 Simpson, Sarah Anne  26 Jan 1822Clark County, Kentucky I092681
21 Simpson, Sophia  9 Sep 1800Clark County, Kentucky I092672
22 Stuart, Elizabeth Stewart  14 Oct 1805Clark County, Kentucky I000336
23 Stuart, John Stewart  10 Mar 1770Clark County, Kentucky I000280
24 Stuart, Mahala Stewart  2 Apr 1801Clark County, Kentucky I000334
25 Stuart, Rachel Stewart  10 Apr 1803Clark County, Kentucky I000335
26 Wilson, Leticia  19 May 1820Clark County, Kentucky I004341


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allen, Catherine MNU  27 Jan 1811Clark County, Kentucky I043634
2 Atchison, Letitia  26 Oct 1830Clark County, Kentucky I046279
3 Beall, Leonard  1804Clark County, Kentucky I052436
4 Berry, Anne  18 Feb 1809Clark County, Kentucky I101952
5 Boone, Rebecca  14 Jul 1805Clark County, Kentucky I055614
6 Bush, Jeremiah  22 Dec 1842Clark County, Kentucky I037113
7 Bush, John Gholson  Bef 1850Clark County, Kentucky I037108
8 Bush, Mary  Mar 1828Clark County, Kentucky I037109
9 Chapman, Anne 'Nancy'  Clark County, Kentucky I037175
10 Durrett, Frances  3 Jun 1831Clark County, Kentucky I062639
11 Fishback, Jesse  9 Jul 1839Clark County, Kentucky I049753
12 Frank, Sarah 'Sally'  14 Oct 1861Clark County, Kentucky I041890
13 Gholston, Martha  Aft 1820Clark County, Kentucky I041861
14 Gibbs, Anne Fenley  13 Aug 1831Clark County, Kentucky I018216
15 Halley, Sarah  13 Nov 1809Clark County, Kentucky I117563
16 Haynie, William  7 Dec 1816Clark County, Kentucky I083464
17 Holladay, Nancy Anne  13 Jan 1800Clark County, Kentucky I037050
18 Holloday, John  21 May 1819Clark County, Kentucky I113588
19 Moore, James  Aft 1758Clark County, Kentucky I021901
20 Neale, Polly  Clark County, Kentucky I001135
21 Ogden, Aquilla  1846Clark County, Kentucky I021775
22 Porter, Mary  1828Clark County, Kentucky I113315
23 Richards, Elizabeth  Aft 1804Clark County, Kentucky I032112
24 Scott, Charles Gov.  22 Oct 1813Clark County, Kentucky I107627
25 Scott, James  Bef 25 Sep 1825Clark County, Kentucky I001133
26 Settle, Martha Polly  1843Clark County, Kentucky I049754
27 Settle, Sarah  1793Clark County, Kentucky I049752
28 Shipp, Joseph  24 Dec 1819Clark County, Kentucky I046278
29 Shropshire, Anne  3 Dec 1827Clark County, Kentucky I006221
30 Simpson, Francis  6 Mar 1837Clark County, Kentucky I041888
31 Taliaferro, Nicholas Hay Battaile  Clark County, Kentucky I114597
32 Taylor, Jonathan Gibson  26 Jun 1803Clark County, Kentucky I101944
33 Tutt, Elizabeth  Clark County, Kentucky I114602
34 Vivion, Elizabeth  Bef 1798Clark County, Kentucky I041789
35 White, Jonathan  1803Clark County, Kentucky I113279


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Adams / Lancaster  Abt 1786Clark County, Kentucky F04157
2 Fishback / Settle  1810Clark County, Kentucky F26134
3 Marshall / Scott  12 Mar 1826Clark County, Kentucky F00214
4 Quisenberry / Simpson  Abt 1819Clark County, Kentucky F38119
5 Rawlings / Bush  31 May 1800Clark County, Kentucky F21440
6 Simpson / Frank  1798Clark County, Kentucky F23568
7 Stuart / Jennings  Jun 1800Clark County, Kentucky F00182
8 Sweatnam / Goffe  20 Oct 1818Clark County, Kentucky F32054
9 Young / Durrett  11 Feb 1800Clark County, Kentucky F50203