Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Elbert County, Georgia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Shackelford, Elizabeth D.  10 Jul 1792Elbert County, Georgia I133853
2 Shackelford, Judith M.  20 Nov 1794Elbert County, Georgia I133855
3 Shackelford, Polly F.  15 Jan 1796Elbert County, Georgia I133852
4 Shackelford, Rueben E.  19 Apr 1790Elbert County, Georgia I133854
5 Shackelford, Sally  1 Mar 1797Elbert County, Georgia I133856
6 Shackelford, Sarah W.  9 Nov 1801Elbert County, Georgia I133857
7 Shackelford, Thomas Jefferson  23 Feb 1805Elbert County, Georgia I133858


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ballenger, Mary  28 Sep 1804Elbert County, Georgia I133001
2 Ballenger, Mildred Thornton  2 Sep 1840Elbert County, Georgia I132999
3 Bradley, Elizabeth  6 Nov 1818Elbert County, Georgia I91061
4 Bradley, William  26 Sep 1805Elbert County, Georgia I85292
5 Christian, Elizabeth  1810Elbert County, Georgia I91054
6 Clarke, George  Aft 1812Elbert County, Georgia I116006
7 Clarke, Larkin  2 Jan 1853Elbert County, Georgia I115997
8 Cleveland, Jacob  Abt 1799Elbert County, Georgia I132997
9 Collins, Tabitha  1806Elbert County, Georgia I113592
10 Diskin, Margaret  Aft 1787Elbert County, Georgia I95545
11 Eastin, Judith  20 Nov 1836Elbert County, Georgia I131187
12 Gaines, Hiram  19 Oct 1805Elbert County, Georgia I131491
13 Harbin, William  Aft 1791Elbert County, Georgia I15236
14 Haynie, Bridger  Aft 1787Elbert County, Georgia I95548
15 Head, James  26 Oct 1795Elbert County, Georgia I105084
16 Head, William  1821Elbert County, Georgia I105085
17 Jones, John  Abt 1797Elbert County, Georgia I133014
18 Kidd, Webb  Apr 1805Elbert County, Georgia I133004
19 Kirtley, Margaret  7 Oct 1807Elbert County, Georgia I105092
20 Maxwell, Thomas  12 Dec 1838Elbert County, Georgia I135585
21 Pemberton, Mary  18 Dec 1827Elbert County, Georgia I135587
22 Plunkett, Jane  Between 1821 and 1822Elbert County, Georgia I105078
23 Riddell, Lewis  Between 1794 and 1800Elbert County, Georgia I131154
24 Shackelford, Sally  28 Mar 1797Elbert County, Georgia I133856
25 Sharman, Martha  24 Nov 1821Elbert County, Georgia I25624
26 Sydnor, Elizabeth  Aft 1769Elbert County, Georgia I124522
27 Vawter, John  Abt 1817Elbert County, Georgia I124659
28 Vernon, Joanna  1826Elbert County, Georgia I131637
29 Vernon, Sarah  18 Aug 1840Elbert County, Georgia I135694
30 Ward, William  12 Mar 1850Elbert County, Georgia I135573
31 White, Daniel  7 Nov 1806Elbert County, Georgia I133000
32 White, Elizabeth  Aug 1804Elbert County, Georgia I132993
33 White, John Martin  6 Feb 1833Elbert County, Georgia I132998
34 White, Mildred  5 Nov 1805Elbert County, Georgia I132995