Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Gallatin County, Kentucky



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Andrews, Lura Inez  8 Dec 1867Gallatin County, Kentucky I8525
2 Marshall, Charles  1876Gallatin County, Kentucky I4460
3 Marshall, Ethie  3 Oct 1866Gallatin County, Kentucky I658
4 Marshall, Maggie  1882Gallatin County, Kentucky I4461
5 Marshall, Robert Keene  4 Apr 1915Gallatin County, Kentucky I4462
6 Marshall, Tudor Harvey  7 Apr 1865Gallatin County, Kentucky I657
7 Spillman, George  Abt 1816Gallatin County, Kentucky I12436
8 Spillman, Rebecca  Abt 1814Gallatin County, Kentucky I12398
9 Turley, Mary Alice  May 1849Gallatin County, Kentucky I349


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ballard, Anne  Aft 1782Gallatin County, Kentucky I123195
2 Bledsoe, William  13 Oct 1817Gallatin County, Kentucky I123727
3 Browne, Mary  14 Jun 1822Gallatin County, Kentucky I32358
4 Castleman, Elizabeth  17 Oct 1854Gallatin County, Kentucky I50572
5 Clements, William  3 Apr 1876Gallatin County, Kentucky I74769
6 Hall, Marshall  1922Gallatin County, Kentucky I4469
7 Hance, Nancy  6 Feb 1876Gallatin County, Kentucky I74770
8 Haydon, William  27 Jan 1820Gallatin County, Kentucky I123183
9 Jacob, John  11 Feb 1831Gallatin County, Kentucky I80769
10 James, Elizabeth  Aft 1815Gallatin County, Kentucky I58609
11 Luckett, Juliet  Aft 1841Gallatin County, Kentucky I93152
12 Luckett, William Gassan  Aft 1824Gallatin County, Kentucky I93151
13 Marshall, Anna  31 May 1958Gallatin County, Kentucky I4463
14 Marshall, Charles  8 Aug 1895Gallatin County, Kentucky I4457
15 Marshall, Charles  1960Gallatin County, Kentucky I4460
16 Marshall, Edwin  7 Jul 1901Gallatin County, Kentucky I4455
17 Marshall, Emma  17 Mar 1948Gallatin County, Kentucky I4464
18 Marshall, Estella  25 Feb 1875Gallatin County, Kentucky I4458
19 Marshall, Hannah  6 Dec 1929Gallatin County, Kentucky I4465
20 Marshall, Maggie  1952Gallatin County, Kentucky I4461
21 Marshall, Margaret MNU  2 Sep 1924Gallatin County, Kentucky I4456
22 Marshall, Mary A.  14 Feb 1926Gallatin County, Kentucky I4466
23 Marshall, Mary L.  Aft 1850Gallatin County, Kentucky I4471
24 Marshall, MNU  Gallatin County, Kentucky I4459
25 Marshall, Nancy J.  13 Dec 1937Gallatin County, Kentucky I4467
26 Marshall, Robert Keene  26 Dec 1968Gallatin County, Kentucky I4462
27 Marshall, William  Aft 1850Gallatin County, Kentucky I4470
28 Read, Winifred  Abt 1838Gallatin County, Kentucky I81638
29 Simpson, James  Abt 1836Gallatin County, Kentucky I32443
30 Sleet, Marshall  1933Gallatin County, Kentucky I4468
31 Spencer, Edward  Gallatin County, Kentucky I127181
32 Spillman, William  Abt Apr 1810Gallatin County, Kentucky I32357
33 Thomas, John  2 Aug 1866Gallatin County, Kentucky I50571
34 Woolfolk, Eleanor  1850Gallatin County, Kentucky I127180
35 Wright, Sarah  Aft 1843Gallatin County, Kentucky I80770
36 Zachary, Elizabeth  Aft 1806Gallatin County, Kentucky I126385


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Marshall / Ambrose  19 Dec 1860Gallatin County, Kentucky F382
2 Marshall / Marshall  Gallatin County, Kentucky F3571
3 Marshall / Marshall  Gallatin County, Kentucky F3573
4 Marshall / Marshall  1876Gallatin County, Kentucky F3572
5 Marshall / Turley  22 Nov 1882Gallatin County, Kentucky F199
6 Ryle / Jack  14 Jun 1810Gallatin County, Kentucky F4621
7 Spillman / Stratton  17 Sep 1813Gallatin County, Kentucky F8551
8 Thomas / Castleman  9 Nov 1826Gallatin County, Kentucky F29419