Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Kent County, Maryland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Abbott, John  Bef 1630Kent County, Maryland I71649
2 Asbury, Henry  May 1650Kent County, Maryland I28672
3 Bayley, William  Bef 1707Kent County, Maryland I105123
4 Beck, Edward  19 Nov 1670Kent County, Maryland I130379
5 Beck, Rosamond  5 Sep 1695Kent County, Maryland I130378
6 Bellicum, Elizabeth  Aft 1715Kent County, Maryland I42881
7 Blackistone, Ebenezer  Abt 1681Kent County, Maryland I85223
8 Blackistone, John  1669Kent County, Maryland I46207
9 Blackistone, Rosamond  Abt 1717Kent County, Maryland I66854
10 Blay, Rachel  24 Oct 1703Kent County, Maryland I20618
11 Bordley, Thomas  22 Oct 1704Kent County, Maryland I66806
12 Brent, Richard  Bef 1635Kent County, Maryland I22710
13 Brooke, Emanuel  Bef 1649Kent County, Maryland I30624
14 Browne, Peregrine  1 Oct 1727Kent County, Maryland I66858
15 Butler, Nathaniel  Bef 1645Kent County, Maryland I28354
16 Canaday, John  Bef 1686Kent County, Maryland I93663
17 Chandler, John  Bef 1695Kent County, Maryland I93108
18 Codd, Anne  1716Kent County, Maryland I51652
19 Codd, Beatrix  Aft 1690Kent County, Maryland I37891
20 Codd, Berkeley  Bef 1689Kent County, Maryland I51655
21 Codd, James  Aft 1688Kent County, Maryland I51594
22 Codd, Mary Sarah  Bef 1682Kent County, Maryland I51654
23 Comegys, Cornelius  28 Jul 1704Kent County, Maryland I57720
24 Comegys, Edward  Aft 1676Kent County, Maryland I96147
25 Comegys, Jacob  1736Kent County, Maryland I57715
26 Comegys, John William  29 Dec 1784Kent County, Maryland I57714
27 Comegys, Mary Anne  Aft 1665Kent County, Maryland I96151
28 Comegys, Nathaniel  Aft 1676Kent County, Maryland I96149
29 Comegys, Rebecca  Aft 1676Kent County, Maryland I96150
30 Comegys, William  Bef 1665Kent County, Maryland I96145
31 Comegys, William  Bef 1742Kent County, Maryland I17589
32 Comerford, George  Kent County, Maryland I34889
33 Copper, Cyrus  1747Kent County, Maryland I134340
34 Coursey, William  Aft 18 Jan 1661Kent County, Maryland I44214
35 Covington, Nehemiah  2 Dec 1709Kent County, Maryland I68966
36 Crow, Edward  Bef 1710Kent County, Maryland I52629
37 Crow, Isaac  Bef 1716Kent County, Maryland I109559
38 Crow, James  Bef 1714Kent County, Maryland I37065
39 Crow, Martha  Bef 1711Kent County, Maryland I109565
40 Crow, Thomas  Bef 1720Kent County, Maryland I109556
41 Crow, William  Bef 1725Kent County, Maryland I109558
42 Earle, Carpenter  26 Dec 1697Kent County, Maryland I94385
43 Earle, Elizabeth  17 Feb 1693Kent County, Maryland I94384
44 Earle, James  17 Feb 1694Kent County, Maryland I33602
45 Erickson, Amy  Aft 1668Kent County, Maryland I90556
46 Erickson, Elizabeth  Bef 1665Kent County, Maryland I23420
47 Farrell, Daniel  1719Kent County, Maryland I112863
48 Foster, Elizabeth  19 Feb 1658Kent County, Maryland I47061
49 Frisby, Anne  1721Kent County, Maryland I104582
50 Frisby, James  1725Kent County, Maryland I104583

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Asbury, Francis  1682Kent County, Maryland I25827
2 Ashbrook, William  Aft 1642Kent County, Maryland I71623
3 Austin, John KE  Aft 1736Kent County, Maryland I141748
4 Barnes, Christopher  Aft 1668Kent County, Maryland I70973
5 Barnes, Francis  Aft 1708Kent County, Maryland I10082
6 Beck, Rosamond  11 Mar 1754Kent County, Maryland I130378
7 Blackistone, Ebenezer  Nov 1746Kent County, Maryland I85223
8 Blackistone, John  1679Kent County, Maryland I46205
9 Blackistone, Rosamond  30 Mar 1790Kent County, Maryland I66854
10 Blackistone, Susan MNU  1683Kent County, Maryland I46206
11 Boulton, Thomas  22 Sep 1655Kent County, Maryland I57806
12 Bowles, Anthony  Bef 1750Kent County, Maryland I63451
13 Brooke, Francis  Aft 1660Kent County, Maryland I57807
14 Brooke, Thomas  Bef 26 Oct 1666Kent County, Maryland I30449
15 Browne, Edward  29 Jun 1678Kent County, Maryland I90414
16 Browning, Mary MNU  Aft 1715Kent County, Maryland I94479
17 Browning, Rosamond MNU  Aft 1715Kent County, Maryland I94477
18 Caine, Peter  1 Dec 1708Kent County, Maryland I20576
19 Canaday, John  Aft 1734Kent County, Maryland I93663
20 Chamberlain, Anne  Aug 1786Kent County, Maryland I97846
21 Chancellor, William  Aft 1732Kent County, Maryland I66834
22 Comegys, Edward  Kent County, Maryland I96147
23 Comegys, William  Aft 1710Kent County, Maryland I92754
24 Cooke, Giles  Aft 1762Kent County, Maryland I110831
25 Coursey, Anne  Bef 1668Kent County, Maryland I70971
26 Coursey, Anne MNU  Aft 1707Kent County, Maryland I92363
27 Covington, Rachel MNU  Aft 1710Kent County, Maryland I92765
28 Crow, Isaac  Aft 1757Kent County, Maryland I109559
29 Crow, Martha  Aft 1746Kent County, Maryland I109565
30 DeLaRoche, Peter  Aft 1676Kent County, Maryland I39997
31 Douglass, Valentine  Aft 1770Kent County, Maryland I129121
32 Earle, Richard Tilghman  Mar 1788Kent County, Maryland I97843
33 Erickson, Amy  Aft 1684Kent County, Maryland I90556
34 Erickson, Matthew  Aft 1684Kent County, Maryland I90555
35 Falconer, Abraham  1754Kent County, Maryland I57721
36 Falconer, Hannah  1791Kent County, Maryland I57716
37 Frisby, James  1807Kent County, Maryland I104583
38 Frisby, William Dr.  Bef 1792Kent County, Maryland I105695
39 Gale, Rasin  Aft 1771Kent County, Maryland I69357
40 Gilbert, Richard  1638Kent County, Maryland I30335
41 Grafton, Anne MNU  Aft 1705Kent County, Maryland I66749
42 Granger, Thomas  Aft 1794Kent County, Maryland I105704
43 Granger, William  Kent County, Maryland I105694
44 Green, Lucy MNU  Aft 1710Kent County, Maryland I75916
45 Gresham, Sarah  Abt 1752Kent County, Maryland I104585
46 Hackett, Elizabeth  Kent County, Maryland I42884
47 Hall, Elizabeth MNU  Aft 1685Kent County, Maryland I107966
48 Hall, Unknown  Abt 1664Kent County, Maryland I107958
49 Hanson, Andrew  Jun 1655Kent County, Maryland I37756
50 Hanson, Anne  Bef 1733Kent County, Maryland I51640

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Hanson, Hans  2 Sep 1703Kent County, Maryland I37755


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Bayley / James  Bef 1707Kent County, Maryland F46373
2 Berry / Berry  Kent County, Maryland F44911
3 Blay / Ringgold  Bef 16 Jul 1695Kent County, Maryland F35197
4 Brooke / Wickes  Abt 1664Kent County, Maryland F20053
5 Browning / Browning  Bef 1713Kent County, Maryland F44147
6 Browning / Writson  Kent County, Maryland F44143
7 Bruinton / Ricaud  Kent County, Maryland F47079
8 Comegys / Clarke  Kent County, Maryland F31959
9 Comegys / Falconer  Abt 1771Kent County, Maryland F31956
10 Comegys / Tyler  Abt 1685Kent County, Maryland F15137
11 Coppedge / Erickson  Bef 1681Kent County, Maryland F15398
12 Coursey / Thomas  Aft 18 Jan 1661Kent County, Maryland F25040
13 Covington / Covington  Bef 1709Kent County, Maryland F43754
14 Davis / Ricaud  Bef 21 Sep 1714Kent County, Maryland F39046
15 Earle / Carpenter  27 Dec 1690Kent County, Maryland F21755
16 Edwin / Ricaud  Between 29 Jan 1675 and 24 Jan 1685Kent County, Maryland F47080
17 Erickson / Erickson  Bef 1659Kent County, Maryland F15399
18 Evans / Clarke  Kent County, Maryland F44571
19 Frisby / Gresham  1748Kent County, Maryland F46258
20 Frisby / Hanson  Kent County, Maryland F46506
21 Frisby / Ringgold  Kent County, Maryland F46257
22 Frisby / Thompson  Kent County, Maryland F38401
23 Frisby / Wilmer  Abt 1777Kent County, Maryland F41559
24 Glanville / Hynson  Abt 1702Kent County, Maryland F28678
25 Grafton / Grafton  Bef 1683Kent County, Maryland F35185
26 Granger / Hanson  Kent County, Maryland F46511
27 Graves / Hynson  Abt 1738Kent County, Maryland F36397
28 Graves / Tolley  Abt 1700Kent County, Maryland F23872
29 Hanson / Hanson  Abt 1713Kent County, Maryland F29873
30 Hanson / Hanson  Bef 1740Kent County, Maryland F44589
31 Hanson / Hanson  Abt 1744Kent County, Maryland F44970
32 Harman / Covington  Bef 17 Jun 1710Kent County, Maryland F43755
33 Harris / Harris  Bef 1695Kent County, Maryland F35202
34 Harris / Harris  Abt 1704Kent County, Maryland F35205
35 Harris / Wickes  Bef 13 Oct 1668Kent County, Maryland F20056
36 Holeger / Hynson  13 Jul 1700Kent County, Maryland F35183
37 Howard / Browning  Bef 27 Jun 1715Kent County, Maryland F43736
38 Hynson / Grafton  Bef 8 May 1694Kent County, Maryland F29889
39 Ingram / Jenkins  10 Aug 1669Kent County, Maryland F9931
40 Ingram / Ricaud  1704Kent County, Maryland F56900
41 Jackson / Crow  Bef 14 Oct 1736Kent County, Maryland F47415
42 Kennard / James  8 Dec 1708Kent County, Maryland F46372
43 Lamb / Lamb  Kent County, Maryland F17488
44 Lamb / Lamb  Kent County, Maryland F17496
45 Lamb / Lamb  Abt 1755Kent County, Maryland F32838
46 Lamb / Lamb  1777Kent County, Maryland F32836
47 Lanham / Ringgold  18 May 1686Kent County, Maryland F12822
48 Marsh / Marsh  Abt 1663Kent County, Maryland F21148
49 Marshall / Shepherd  Bef 26 Jul 1706Kent County, Maryland F9186
50 Massey / Johnson  Bef 11 Oct 1725Kent County, Maryland F47290

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