Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Monongalia County, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Evans, Coleman  1785Monongalia County, Virginia I56027
2 Evans, Dudley  30 Mar 1766Monongalia County, Virginia I56018
3 Evans, Enoch  23 Apr 1773Monongalia County, Virginia I56013
4 Evans, James  30 Apr 1782Monongalia County, Virginia I56025
5 Evans, John  31 Jul 1768Monongalia County, Virginia I56020
6 Evans, Marmaduke  7 Sep 1784Monongalia County, Virginia I56026
7 Evans, Nimrod  13 Jan 1770Monongalia County, Virginia I56021
8 Evans, Rawleigh  29 Dec 1777Monongalia County, Virginia I56024
9 Grigsby, Mary  2 May 1779Monongalia County, Virginia I93159
10 Williams, Anarah  Abt 1770Monongalia County, Virginia I56019


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Barnes, Anne  Aft 1827Monongalia County, Virginia I88947
2 Culver, Cassandra  Aft 1796Monongalia County, Virginia I80173
3 Dyson, Anne  1812Monongalia County, Virginia I42559
4 Edelen, Mary Anne  Aft 1793Monongalia County, Virginia I110902
5 Evans, Coleman  Bef 1800Monongalia County, Virginia I56027
6 Evans, James  9 Mar 1870Monongalia County, Virginia I56025
7 Evans, John  18 May 1834Monongalia County, Virginia I56014
8 Evans, John  19 May 1849Monongalia County, Virginia I56020
9 Evans, Marmaduke  10 Apr 1816Monongalia County, Virginia I56026
10 Evans, Nimrod  27 Feb 1828Monongalia County, Virginia I56021
11 Evans, Rawleigh  15 May 1859Monongalia County, Virginia I56024
12 Ferguson, Catharine  Aft 1793Monongalia County, Virginia I110684
13 Ferguson, John  4 Dec 1793Monongalia County, Virginia I45171
14 Ferguson, Margaret  Aft 1793Monongalia County, Virginia I107239
15 Ferguson, Rebecca  Aft 1793Monongalia County, Virginia I45172
16 Ferguson, Susanna  Aft 1793Monongalia County, Virginia I107236
17 Gallahue, Jeremiah  Nov 1828Monongalia County, Virginia I88946
18 Garrard, Honore Giroud  Aft 1785Monongalia County, Virginia I69686
19 Griffith, Bathsheba  1800Monongalia County, Virginia I45170
20 Hendrick, James  Aft 1786Monongalia County, Virginia I69689
21 Jenkins, Bartholomew  15 Oct 1785Monongalia County, Virginia I16410
22 Jenkins, James  Aft 1796Monongalia County, Virginia I21081
23 Jenkins, Mary MNU  Aft Dec 1784Monongalia County, Virginia I45265
24 Lanham, William  Aft 1793Monongalia County, Virginia I111698
25 Little, Elizabeth  Jun 1777Monongalia County, Virginia I40200
26 Macrae, Fauquire  Aft 1793Monongalia County, Virginia I107237
27 Marshall, Margaret  Aft 1800Monongalia County, Virginia I1381
28 Martin, Rebecca Anne  11 Nov 1827Monongalia County, Virginia I56015
29 Mullikin, Lucy  1820Monongalia County, Virginia I110100
30 Norris, William  5 Apr 1817Monongalia County, Virginia I56011
31 Pile, David  1824Monongalia County, Virginia I29724
32 Pindle, Jacob  4 Feb 1829Monongalia County, Virginia I64955
33 Pindle, Phillip  6 Dec 1804Monongalia County, Virginia I17767
34 Steele, Thomas  Monongalia County, Virginia I80183
35 Summers, Alexander  12 Apr 1847Monongalia County, Virginia I110702
36 Swearingen, Rebecca  Aft 1745Monongalia County, Virginia I20671
37 Thorn, Benjamin  Aft 1811Monongalia County, Virginia I80211
38 Thorn, Benjamin  Aft 1830Monongalia County, Virginia I80179
39 Thorn, Eleanor  22 Oct 1847Monongalia County, Virginia I62347
40 Thorn, Eleanor MNU  Aft 1811Monongalia County, Virginia I80212
41 Thorn, Mary  14 Jan 1859Monongalia County, Virginia I80177
42 Thorn, Thomas  12 Sep 1803Monongalia County, Virginia I31795
43 Thralls, Richard  26 Jul 1835Monongalia County, Virginia I80227
44 Turter, George Ludwich  Aft 1820Monongalia County, Virginia I19800
45 Watson, James Green  Aft 1810Monongalia County, Virginia I42608
46 Watts, John  27 Jan 1795Monongalia county, Virginia I88312
47 Wilson, George  1815Monongalia County, Virginia I107241
48 Wilson, James Smallwood  Aft 1800Monongalia County, Virginia I19793
49 Wilson, Lucy Ann  Bef 1824Monongalia County, Virginia I19792
50 Wilson, William  Aft 1800Monongalia County, Virginia I1382

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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Fortney / Pile  6 Feb 1805Monongalia County, Virginia F19651
2 Fortney / Pile  13 Feb 1811Monongalia County, Virginia F19653
3 Gallahue / Barnes  1778Monongalia County, Virginia F42596
4 Grigsby / Bradford  1778Monongalia County, Virginia F25143
5 Steele / Thorn  21 Mar 1801Monongalia County, Virginia F33548
6 Thorn / Sayrs  1 Jun 1799Monongalia County, Virginia F39832
7 Wilson / Thorn  1804Monongalia County, Virginia F39830
8 Wilson / Wilson  Abt 1780Monongalia County, Virginia F13075